The Journal of a civilized Parasprite

by Psycho-genius brony

Week 4( That is, what's left of this week)

Day 23

They suspect nothing............ Oh hello there. The didn't suspect me to be the source of the maces. They thought that Twilight was doing it with her "freaky magic". Well, manifesting medieval weapons is somewhat freaky. I made them bleed. I've tried manifesting more weapons, and now I have a sword, a mace, a whip, a cat-o-nine-tails, a sledgehammer, a buzzsaw, a sythe, a scimitar, a dartanian, a falcata, a bow, a slingshot, a battle axe (they're double-sided) and a hand. The hand isn't really a weapon, but it can be used like one. It also is slightly harder to wield, but has better results than a lasso. I can curl it into a fist, I can slap with it, and I can wield other things around. So it's somewhat multi-purpose. Not entirely multipurpose because it can't really do any long range arracks unless I make it extend. Even then it's actually very vulnerable. It's a bond of magic extending from my magic, so if it gets hit I get magic recoil. Magic recoil is a way to make your enemy take damage from an attack, by counter attacking the spell. normally you aim a mage missle at the spell, or if they're attempting telekinesis, aim for whatever is giving off magic, and it should be possible for them to let go of the spell inducing a shock.Technically, this is a way for you to make your opponent take damage. The more powerful the opponent, the more damage they take. It's a very efficient tactic for taking down extremely powerful magic using enemies. By the way, I tested my magic limits, and I can summon at least 6 magic weapons at a time. So I pick, the dartanian, two battleaxes, a buzzsaw, a scimitar, and the hand. That's my pick for a fight. The battleaxes, if I lay them one over the other, it makes a circular shield. As my magic power gets better, I can get my weapons more sharp, precise, and I may just add a few special things, like perhaps... flaming swords? Electrified swords, an icy dartanian that freezes the opponent, an quaking sledge hammer, and a bow that shoots arrows with no air resistance. I've got a lot of plans for all these weapons. Now if you'll excuse me I have to finish the medieval section in the library.

Day 24

Oh, hello there journal. Back again? Today was quite eventful. It took me 3 hours, but I convinced Twilight to join me in a magic spar. Here are the details in third person.

In a clearing in the Everfree forest a parasprite and a unicorn prepared to fight. The parasprite was elated that Twilight the unicorn agreed to this fight. The terms were, no killing, and no holding back. Twilight started by manifesting magic wards to protect herself from the Vex's attacks. Vex started by manifesting weapons connected to him by tendrils of magic. He took two battleaxes, laid them over one another and put them in front of him. The weapons were manifested from crystals born of magic. They were impervious to damage and if they were cracked, a continuous flow of magic from the parasprite healed them. Vex took his first weapon, a sword, and slashed at Twilight. She stopped it with her magic, but a magic shock from Vex made her drop her concentration. Next, he whipped out his buzzsaw, made it start spinning, and launched it straight at Twilight. Twilight blocked it with a magic shield, but it slowly cut through. At the last moment, Twilight jumped to the side. Attempting to defeat him, she shot a volley of high power mage missles at him. Most of which he allowed his double-edged axes take, but a few smashed into some of his other weapons, causing magic to travel down his tendrils of magic, shocking him. Surprised, he dropped all his weapons on the ground. Twilight took this chance to arm herslef and did something that she soon regretted. She threw his weapons at him at dangerous velocity. Since they were made from his magic so he broke them into magic, and made a different assortment of weapons. Two hands, two scimitars, and two battleaxes. He used his battleaxes as a shield, and shot out his hands to grab Twilight by the horn and neck. He put a strong electric charge into the hand that was grabbing her horn and she reacted by screaming in agony. He, from there did the seismic toss. Twilight saved herself by making a parachute out of magic. Vex cut the parachute strings and she fell hard on to the ground. Uncrossing his battle axes, he swiped them at her neck, leaving himself vulnerable. Charging up the most powerful attack yet, Twilight shot him in the face with a beam of pure magic, smashing him through 582 trees before stopping. Having sustained heavy damage, Vex surrendered, proving that Twilight had more advanced magical prowess.

Yeah, I lost. I'm actually still coughing up bits of leaves. But I'm going to keep studying my magic, battle tactics, and how to increase my power, so next time, I can win!

Day 25

What I sent today doing was reading, swimming, and eating. None of these were enjoyable except for reading. I ate some gems, which apparently increases your capacity for magic. Which is why I believe dragons covet gems so powerfully. It is apparent that magic flows through the veins of all creatures, some more than others. Dragons grow astronomically so my theory is that they use magic to help them grow, and they eat gems to make them grow faster. If that's true, then I'm going to put hese special sprinkles in Spike's food every time he tries to eat. These sprinkles are made from gems. Actually, each sprinkle is a combination of 78 gems compacted together. It does wonders. I put these sprinkles in his lunch, dessert, breakfast, and dinner. As well as all his snacks! When Twilight sees Spike in the morning, she's going to flip. It's probably going to result with her waking up and finding her face stuck under his tail. then she'll travel down the length of his body, and find his head downstairs under her prize statue of Starswirl the bearded. That is if she can get past his wings. Hah hah! She'll have a nasty wake-up call. Anyway, I spent today eating my way out from below the magma. I was messing around with a quaking sledgehammer, but it had too much power and I pretty much made a large fissure that went all the way down to the mantle. I fell in and before long, Twilight sealed it back up, because she didn't want anyone to fall in. Too late! I fell in and had to eat my way back up to the surface. It's almost midnight. Good night!

Day 26

Spike was too big for the library, so we had to move him to a cave outside of Ponyville. Every so often, he comes into Ponyville to help everypony out. Mostly by digging gems up for Rarity. Even though he's the size of a full-grown dragon even at 6 years old, he still has a crush on Rarity. D'awww. Isn't that cute? Every so often, I feed him a bunch of gems. I still use the sprinkles! At this rate, he'll have wings big enough to block out the sun! I learned about a race of dragons. They're rare, but have the are extremely good magic power. I believe that Spike is a descendant of this race. He is a mix between that race, and the purple dragons. Purple dragons seem to make up his corporeal appearance, but this race of dragons takes his ethereal being. He is pretty magical. That race of dragons can actually cast spells. I wonder if Twilight has ever considered teaching him some spells. It would be nice. The race of dragons are called Praecantation wyrms. They're land based at birth, and later they grow huge wings. If they grow up too fast, they're wings don't come in properly. So that pretty much explains why when Spike got a growth spurt, he had no wings. Spike is now a fully-grown dragon so he has to become territorial to survive. I decided to teach him how to fight. I taught him a basic attack spell. Summon sword. Since he now is the size of a large boulder, he made a sword the size of 3 ponies lying down. That's impressive. We had a contest of who could make the biggest sword, and I won with a sword that was the size of Spike. Despite its size, I had to sacrifice a few details. I made it with serrated edges to save size, and I also had to sacrifice making it out of magic-made crystal. I made it out of pure magic and I can't really pick it up. I sort of dropped it on the ground. Spike was impressed, but I only taught him how to make it out of crystal, which takes more power than a pure magic. So he had no chance from the start. Muahahaha! I really should have taught him how to do that with pure magic. It doesn't do as much damage, and it also it's magic so it's not hard enough to cut flesh. I'm very sure you'll get more results on blunt weaponry. I'm very sure you can smash ones face if you get the club up to speed. It's not effective if you use cutting edges that are made out of pure magic. Still, it takes less energy to make. Muahaha! Spike had to leave and it's all my fault! G'night.

Day 27

I challenged Rainbow Dash to a spar. She enjoys fighting, but she's a little cocky. I'll tell you all about the fight, right now.

A parasprite and a pegasi prepared for a spar. The pegasus said, "Don't make me laugh! You think you can beat me? I'd love to see you try Vex!" Undoubtedly, said pegasus is the Rainbow Dash. To start off the duel, Rainbow flew at him at Mach speeds. She flew at him... and crashed into a pair of crossed battleaxes that formed a shield. From there, Vex took a magically crafted hand, curled it into a fist, and whacked Rainbow dash in the head. "Nice try, Rainbow Crash!" Vex taunted. Making three more hands, he put two hands to incapitate her wings, and used the other two to toss her into the sky. Forming a rope of crystallized magic, he made it so that she could not fly. So she smashed into the ground. He took his battleaxes and clapped their flat edges against her head. Dealing a brutal blow, the clang resonated for what felt like an eternity. Vex pulled a troll face and then manifested a pair of cymabls. Clashing them over and over again, he put her through an enormous amount of pain. Shaking her head out, she got back her concentration. Enraged, she threw a volley of powerful punches at his weapons cracking them slightly, but he quickly healed his weapons and retailiated with a volley of punches from his magical fists(Dang, dat sounds weird. Dat also sounds nice). Grabbin his fists, she tied them together. Dispelling his arms, he made 4 cat-o-nine-tails in their place. Then he used them to whip her relentlessly, making bloody scars everywhere. Since you're not allowed to kill, he stopped before he made her get majorly beat up. Then he had to teleport her to the hospital.

Yeah, sorry about that. I sort of covered Rainbow with bloody scrapes. Bye!

Day 28

I visited the Parasprite plains. I brought some food of course. I also brought a fungi that's edible, grows extremely fast, and is somewhat nutritous. I think that I can temporarily solve the hunger problem with this fungi. If they follow my instruction on maintaining both hunger and how much fungi there is, they can postpone the next famine indefinitely. The Everfree isn't as threatening from the air. So I flew over the forest and landed in the plain. I caught up with my friends and showed them my journal. It's a shame they never learned to read. i basically spent the day in the plain chatting, showing everyone my spells, and then I left. G'night.

You shouldn't expect me to update this commonly. It helped that I only had to do 6 days in this one.