A Blossoming Star

by Blood_rose_doll

Chapter 2

Comet Flower paced slowly, her tail brushing the ground rapidly. She was in the hall of the castle in Canterlot. Every nerve in her body was on edge. Everything was telling her to run away but she knew that wasn’t possible. Celestia had found her so quickly after all. She had to have some method. She hated this. She had ruined everything just because she wanted to fulfill a selfish desire. She glanced at the guard ponies watching her. With a heavy sigh, she sat on the ground with a thud and hung her head.

She couldn’t disobey Celestia and so because of that, she was trapped in this miserable fate. Her bat wings spread wide and glowed softly pink. It would be so easy to get out of here. She looked sideways through an open door to see a window. She stood and tucked her wings back in. She walked over to the window and looked out at the world beneath the castle. Then her eyes focused on her reflection in the glass. A new reflection appeared in the window and she spun around to come face to face with Celestia. The princess tilted her head towards the door to the room.

“Come along young one,” Celestia said in the same regal manner she seemed to always use. It wasn’t an order. Yet Comet knew she couldn’t refuse. She knew that would only hurt her family. With a sigh, she followed the princess out of the room. She was lead into a new room, a bedroom. The decorations made it clear that this was Celestia’s private quarters. Standing in the room waiting for them was Luna. Comet stopped just inside the doorway as she heard the door shut behind her. Celestia joined her sister on the other side of the room. Comet took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry,” Comet blurted in a rush. Celestia gave a slow nod at that as if she had expected it. This irked Comet. Why did she have to say sorry? Did she really do anything wrong? Celestia took a step towards Comet as she began to address her.

“You left the barrier. You used your magic where anypony could have seen you. Do you understand what that could mean?” Celestia asked like a disappointed mother. This caused Comet’s temper to flare.

“What it would mean for you!” Comet yelled with a stomp of her hoof. The princesses seemed quite shocked at her tone. This only gave Comet more confidence. “You are the entire reason we have to hide! You made my parents into alicorns. You are the one who is ashamed of us. You are the one who would be affected if everypony found out we existed. After all their perfect princess could never mess up. You force us to hide away just to save your own skin. Well, I am tired of hiding. I want a normal life!” Celestia and Luna looked completely taken aback. They were probably so used to everypony bending over backward to please them. Luna was the first to shake off her shock and take several steps towards Comet.

“That is no way to speak to us,” Luna said in a very unregal angry voice. Comet only glared at her.

“This is all your fault in the first place. The spell was to help YOU. I see that Celestia must have found somepony else to use it on. You seem to be just fine again. Miss princess alicorn. You both aren’t the only ones. What makes you so special?! You get to be princesses of all of Equestria and what does my family get? I’m an alicorn as well! Where’s my crown? Where’s my respect?” Comet looked over to the open balcony doors. She ran over to them turning back to look at Celestia. “You want my respect? Earn it.” With that Comet took to the air and flew off as fast as she could. Not caring what direction she had chosen.

Comet flew at top speed for several minutes before finally slowing as she realized she wasn’t being followed. Did they send nopony after her? Did they expect her to come back?! Did they think she would bend so easily? She wasn’t just anypony they could boss around. She had a right to be who she wanted to be. With renewed determination Comet continued to fly away from the castle. She was going to live her life as she wanted. She wasn’t going to let Celestia tell her that she had to hide.

Comet continued to fly until her wings started to ache. Not used to so much flying she looked below her. On the ground, she saw a bunch of buildings and lights. Her curiosity peaked and sorely needing a break she headed for the ground. As she neared she could hear the sounds of the ground. She had never heard so many ponies altogether. As she landed on the sidewalk and looked around her mouth fell open. It almost seemed impossible. All of the buildings were so tall and almost all of them were covered in lights and signs. Everywhere she looked there were ponies. Chatting, eating, and walking. There was no way they all lived here. She started to trot down the street in wonder. How could a place like this exist?

With her eyes up at the buildings and her mind elsewhere Comet never even saw the pony she ran into at full force. Comet shook her head to clear the stars and started to get back on her hooves. She looked to the blue unicorn she had knocked down. She had an orange mane and a lot of bags with her. She had yet to recover from the collision. Comet stepped over to help her.

“I’m so sorry,” Comet said as she helped the unicorn up off the ground. She lightly dusted her dress with a hoof. Comet began picking up her bags with her teeth and setting them together as the unicorn regained her bearings.

“Oh my seams and sequins, what happened?” The unicorn asked as she rubbed her head softly. Comet kicked the ground softly and hung her head slightly.

“I ran into you. I’m really sorry about that. I got your bags together though,” Comet said as she indicated the bags on the ground. The unicorn looked down and picked them up in her yellow magic. She looked them over seeming to make sure they were all there. With a small sigh of relief. “I’d like to make it up to you. I’m Comet Flower by the way.” Comet stuck out a hoof to the mare. She looked back to Comet and shook her hoof gently.

“Sassy Saddles. I really am pressed for time. I must get back to the boutique. There is still so much to do before the show tonight and I am already behind.” Sassy spoke quickly and was gearing up to take off.

“Let me help you,” Comet said in a rush before she could bolt off. “It’s the least I can do.” Sassy thought for a minute and then nodded.

“Come with me quickly then.” With that, she trotted off and Comet followed her.

Meanwhile back at Canterlot castle, Luna was angrily pacing.

“How dare she speak to us in such a manner! We are royalty!” Celestia was not her usual calm self either. She was clearly upset but was keeping herself in check. With a hard sigh, she looked out at the balcony. She knew Comet wasn’t coming back.

“We’ll just have to observe her for now. We can’t force her to go back without potentially causing a scene. It would be best if we just wait until the time is right. We can’t afford for anypony to find out about her. Equestria can’t handle any more alicorns.”