Clever Like a Fox

by Badwolf1175

Chapter 4 Becoming Sliver's Student

(Keaton's point of view)

It's been hard becoming Sliver's student. Every morning is filled with meditation and then after lunch he shows me some spells and helps me learn to do them. I like having help at this whole god thing but I am getting increasingly suspicious of him. I know he's a older god but he seems to trust me in a way that you would trust your best friend but I don't even know him that well. I have asked him about his past but he just reply's all in due time. I am not sure what he's playing at but if Zecora trusts him then he must not be that bad of a guy right?

I closed my journal for the night. I started to keep a journal after meeting one of Sliver's friends which was the REAL Twilight sparkle. She was pretty much the same as she was in the show but at the same time had a little bit more of a social life than she did in the show. She suggested that I start keeping my thoughts down on paper. I am lucky to have already learned the levitation spell so I could write easily. I poured over my journal entries and I noticed that I been in Equestria for about 4 months now.

I have thought about trying to get back to my old life back on earth but when I always thought about it. I noticed that I didn't really have a life on earth. My mother and father died while serving in a war and as for friends I was never really social enough to make many close friends. So I guess I was a obvious choice to take up the mantle of the last Keaton. I find it strange that I have gotten used to people calling me Keaton.

I won't lie though and say that I don't prefer Keaton to my old name. Sliver said that his master told him that if you go by your God name then it's easier to forget about your old life on earth and I have to say that it works. I have barely thought of my old life and I would perfer to keep it that way.

"Keaton Zecora says that dinners ready!"

"Okay Sliver I will be right down."

I of course don't have a place to live by myself in Equestria but Zecora allows me and Sliver to live here while he trains me. I will have to remember to thank her with some exclusive favors when I am a God. I was thinking as I was walking down stairs and took a seat at the dinner table.

"I see two hungry gods looking at me but believe me dinner is going to be the treat that you seek." said Zecora as she placed a pot on the diner dinner table.

Thank you Zecora for dinner I have been hungry all afternoon. I started to get my share of the stu from the pot when I heard Sliver thank Zecora for the food. So I started to eat the stu in my bowl. It's was funny because I started to remember when I first met Sliver. That was a mess in of it self.

After dinner we started cleaning the dishes when Sliver asks if Zecora could finish up so he could talk to me privately of course Zecora says yes. So I walking with Sliver outside and once we were out of earshot he told me that tomorrow training would be different because I was finally going to help Sliver on one of the favors quests he gets to go on. I am of course excited because every god gets there own favors quests and going on a favor quests with you're master is one of the final trials that a God in training has to go through to become a legitimate god them selves. Sliver saw that I was excited and told me to go get some rest for tomorrow's journey. Which I of course accept that advice and so I run over to my my bed and flip over the the covers and get into bed I then pull the covers over me and I try to go to sleep despite the excitement I felt.

(Sliver's point of view)

I just told Keaton that his final trial
was tomorrow and of course he was excited about it but still is he truly ready?

Some of these quests will throw him into danger and I wouldn't be able to help him once we are in battle. I have tought him as much as I can in order to prepare him for this but he's still going to have to rely on just his magic in order to stay alive I mean at least I have my sword Harmony Bringer but Keaton has no weapons at all. No! I know Keaton's ready in fact I am confident that he is ready for this he has learned fater then any god I have ever seen incept me well looks like I won the bet against my old friend. I won't lie Keaton is as amazing as he was when he trained me. Although I didn't think I would be training the younger version of him when his older self trained me.

I guess even if you're a God life works in strange ways. I enjoy seeing Keaton again that's for certain. It's been years if not decades since I seen him last. I enjoy having his company again even if it is his younger self. If No! When Keaton finishes his final trial I will have to take him to the council of the God's.

They will have to approve all of the new Gods who have completed the final trial. Not a lot of gods die on their final trial but there have been instances where the master or his apprentice is killed and that scares the hell out of me but I will be there to protect Keaton. I will protect him with my life because he did the same thing for me when I first came to Equestria as a God.