My Past Is Today

by Hawker Hurricane

Chapter - 3 - New Discoveries

Flash and Axle stood in Luna's office, their sports gear covered in mud, bruises on their face and blood dripping from their noses, having had an altercation in football practice. The pair continued to give sideways glares at each other as a stern faced Luna looked at the pair from behind her desk, her arms folded.

"Why have I been told by Mr Head Wind that you two have been fighting?"

"Fighting?" queried Axle, "We weren't fighting."

"No," added Flash, "Definitely not."

"We were just recreating the scenes of the match last weekend when Golden Shot chipped the ball over the Shadowbolt goalkeeper to win the game in the 94th minute."

"I don't recall Safe Hands smashing the face of Golden Shot with a freshman's lunch box," Vice Principal Luna quipped.

"He would have if he had one," Axle replied, only to receive a stern glare from Luna.

"You have only been here one week Mr Rod, and yet you have been in more fights in that one week than many students have in their entire school lives."

"But we weren't fighting," Axle insisted, "And we don't hate each other, honest."

Luna raised an eyebrow sceptically.

"Look, we'll prove it," Axle said, turning to Flash, "Manechester United are a dreadful club and only ever won trophies because the refs were on their payroll."

Flash looked at Axle with no emotion, albeit there was the smallest of twitches from his right eye, "I can see why you think that, in all honestly we have been fortunate on many occasions."

The pair looked back to Luna.

"See?" Axle said, "We don't hate each other."

"I'm in two minds as to what to do to them Mr Wind," Luna said, looking over to the former footballer turned teacher, "I don't know whether to put them both in detention, or congratulate them on their relationship."

"It was a most viscous and unprovoked attack," the middle aged and soft spoken Head Wind stated.

"Alright, fair enough," Axle replied, raising his hands, "I'll concede that our re-enactment may have gotten out of hand but-"

"But nothing Mr Rod," Luna said, "You both could have been seriously injured. I'll be informing my sister of this incident and if I hear any more problems between the two of you, I will be writing home to your parents."

Flash recoiled in fear, while Axle showed no obvious response.

"Now, both of you leave."

Flash and Axle both quickly left and made their way to the canteen, given that it was almost dinner time.

"Could have gotten off worse," Axle said.

"If I get a bad report home, my parents will ground me indefinitely."

"Then you just need to make sure your parents don't see it."

"I don't lie to my parents."

"Hmm," Axle muttered.

"What do you mean 'hmm'? Do you lie to your parents?"

"I used to, a lot of the time."

"Used to?"

"It's not important."

They entered the canteen together but quickly separated upon Flash seeing his friends over at their usual table. On his own again, Axle joined the small queue at the food counters and began piling his plate with bacon, sausages, chips and some toast. After paying for his dinner he went to sit down at an empty table and was just about to start eating when he was joined by an unwanted presence.

"What do you want?" Axle snapped.

"Look," replied Sunset, "I know we got off on the wrong foot, but do you think maybe we could start over?"

"Why would I want to do that? I'm not the one who began being hostile."

"I'll admit that maybe we overreacted; but must we continue to be at each other's throats?"

"Why not? I'm no stranger to hostile environments."

Sunset held herself back from enquiring further, as much as Axle's reply intrigued her, and was about to reply with another question until Axle cut her off.

"And how long before my honest opinion hurts your fragile feelings again?"

"Look," Sunset said firmly, clenching her fists, "Do you at least want to try and get along cordially?"

"If we must," Axle lazily replied, "If it means having fewer headaches caused by annoying teenagers who think they know everything."

Yet another odd remark further intrigued Sunset and she was about to ask what he meant until she was cut off, again.

"Hey Sunset," Rainbow yelled, "Who are you talking-...oh, it's you."

"Fuck you too, bitch."

"Hey!/Axle!" Rainbow and Sunset yelled respectively simultaneously.

"If she's going to greet me like that, don't expect me to be a gentleman in my response."

"You still shouldn't call her a bitch," Sunset replied.

"What do you want? Are you just going to stand there or do you have something you wanted to ask?"

"I was going to ask you if you wanted to watch us during band practice after school?"

"What?!" Axle and Rainbow replied in unison.

"Do you want to hang out with us during band practice after school?" Sunset repeated.

"Why would I want to hang out with people who hate me?"

"We don't hate you," Sunset replied, "We off on the wrong foot."

"And stalked me around a supermarket."

Sunset groaned and rolled her eyes, "Yeees, and that was stupid of us. But must we be at each other's throats all the time?"

"I'm not the one looking for problems."

"So why did you fight Flash in football practice?" asked Rainbow.

"What?!" Sunset shrieked, "You fought Flash?"


"You hit him in the face with a freshman's lunch box because he chipped a shot over you, scoring a last minute goal to win the game," Rainbow replied.

Axle sighed tiredly, "You're grossly exaggerating the situation."

"I saw what happened!"

"The goal should never have stood!" Axle replied, gesticulating with his hands aggressively, "That blue haired toss pot was offside by a country mile!"

"Maybe, but getting into a fight and then sent off doesn't exactly help us in our school league games or you getting into the team."

"What?" Axle replied, confused by the latter part of the Rainbow's reply.

"Coach wants you to be in the school team, as a goalkeeper. Despite conceding three goals today, he said you're quite good and we could do with someone like you between the sticks."

"Well," Axle began to reply, feeling a sense of pride and satisfaction, "I suppose I could give it a try."

"Good. I happen to be the school team captain, and a good word from me will help wonders."

"What are you saying?"

"Join us in band practice after school, and it will improve your currently low standing in CHS."

"I'm not interested in what other students think of me," Axle replied dismissively, "I couldn't care less what my social standing is in this school."

"Maybe not, but if you want to play in the school team you need to have the coaches think well of you. And by hanging out with us, you can achieve that more easily."

"Well, you girls do seem to be the darlings of CHS......fine, I'll join you after school, but only to watch."

"That's fine with us," Sunset replied, "Wanna join us at our table?"

"Sure," Axle replied reluctantly, "May as well get used to spending time with you."

Axle stood up and walked with Rainbow and Sunset to where their other friends were sat near the windows overlooking the playing fields. Whilst the girls gave their friends a welcoming smile, they looked at Axle like one would dog dirt on shoes.

"Ladies," Axle said, "How are you all?"

"We invited Axle to join us," Sunset replied, wanting to avoid another scene, "We persuaded him to watch us in band practice after school."

"Well," Rarity huffed, folding her arms, "If he's going to be like he was before then he needn't bother."

"Yeah!" Pinkie added, "We don't need a Meanie McMeaniepants ruining our vibes!"

"I'm just going to watch," Axle replied sternly, trying to keep a lid on his emotions, "Nothing more."

"Can you play?" asked Fluttershy.

"You mean an instrument?"

Fluttershy nodded.

"Not really. I've tried guitar but couldn't get the hang of it."

A faint snort could be heard from Rainbow, an act not gone unnoticed by Axle.

"I much prefer the piano."

Another, louder snort left Rainbow, prompting a disapproving glare from Rarity.

"How long have you been playing, darling?" Rarity asked, cutting off any chance for Rainbow to make a snide remark.

"A few years."

"You must play something for us sometime, why not later?"


"Afraid to look bad?" asked Rainbow.


"Then why not play us something?"

"Maybe I just don't want to."

"Rainbow!" Fluttershy said slightly sternly, "If Axle doesn't want to play us something, then he doesn't have to."

"But I wasn't- fine!"

The trio finally sat themselves down with Axle sandwiched between Rarity and Sunset, and directly facing Rainbow.

"Didn't you think to change before getting lunch?" Rainbow asked, looking at Axle's still dirty P.E. kit.

"I'll go after I've finished this. I haven't eaten all day."

"Didn't you have any breakfast?" asked Fluttershy.

Axle shook his head, "Didn't have time and I only got away with being late to registration because Harshwhinny was late too."

"The other students didn't rat you out?" asked Rainbow.

"No. Why would they? While we may have...differences, there's still us and them. I don't know about you lot, but I'm no snitch."

"Were there snitches at your old school?"


"What happened to them?"

"They got the shit beaten out of them when no one was looking."

The girls looked at Axle with stunned expressions, not only at what he said happens, but also at the calm manner in which he told it.

"That doesn't bother you?" asked Sunset.

"No. If you're going to snitch to the 'enemy', you should expect there to be consequences. 'Snitches get stitches'."

"That's a bit gruesome," Sunset grimaced, "Not even I sank that low."

"Let's just say that I grew up in a rather rough area and snitching was dealt with severely."

"Where did you grown up?" asked Fluttershy, "It isn't that long since you were in that horrible place, was it?"

Axle paused momentarily, looking vacant if only for a brief moment, but a long enough pause to not have gone unnoticed by the girls, and for Sunset to look at Axle with more suspicion, "I grew up in an place called Toxteth."


"That's as much detail as I'm giving right now."


"I barely know any of you. Would you tell people you barely know everything about you?"

"I guess not," Sunset replied, looking up to the girls, "I know I kept quiet about my background when I first came to CHS."

"Where are you from?"

"Canterlot. And that's as much detail as you are getting. I wouldn't want to tell someone I barely know everything about me now, would I?" Sunset asked, winking at Axle.

"Nope," Axle replied, "That would be foolish."

"Why did you leave home?" asked Fluttershy.

"Reasons," replied Axle cryptically, "I'm not so bothered by it though. It's not the worst part of it."

"What is the worst part of you leaving home then?!

"I lost my scouse accent."

"Your what accent?" Rainbow asked, her face a sea of confusion.

Axle tapped the side of his nose.

Rainbow groaned, "Of course, you don't want to tell us because you barely know us."

"Good thing probably, you probably wouldn't have been able to understand me otherwise."

"How did you lose it?" asked Sunset.

"Moved away from home. That's it now though, no more probing for info. I just want to have my dinner."

"Fine," Sunset groaned, "You're just like Rainbow, always thinking about food."

"I need to eat to keep my energy levels up," Rainbow replied, defending herself.

"And I eat because I like to," Axle added.

"Maybe you're not so bad after all," Rainbow replied, looking satisfied, "Put one here Axle."

Rainbow held up her fist, inviting Axle to bump it. After a moments hesitation, he did so, much to Rainbow's satisfaction.

"I know some pretty good places, if you're interested?"

"Sure. Fried chicken is my usual."

"There's plenty of places like that."

"Speaking of visiting places," Axle continued, "What's this 'simulator world' trip we're apparently going on about?"

"You've never heard of it?" asked Rainbow, "It's been in the news a fair bit over the past few weeks."

"As I said, never heard of it."

"Well," Sunset began, "Basically it's a theme park but instead of roller coasters and such, you have simulators which allow you to experience what it would be like to be in control of various types of vehicles and the like."

"You mean like trains, planes and boats?"

"Yep. Interested?"

"Mostly in the trains. What's the point in the trip anyway?"

"A mix of education and fun, according to Principle Celestia," Sunset replied, "We learn how to work and communicate together, while having fun doing so. If you're not interested in driving, you can be a railway or air traffic controller."

"So it's like online gaming?"

"More or less. You like gaming?" Sunset asked, a glint of desperate hope in her eyes.

"Love it. I game quite regularly, though I do prefer the older consoles from yesteryear."

"You're telling us all this?" Sunset queried, despite being pleased with the new info and prospect of a gaming buddy, "What happened to having to wait?"

"This is about gaming. It's an exception."

Sunset couldn't help but agree.

"What about music?"

"I doubt you'd like what I do."

"What do you like?"

"Not telling."

"Well we know you don't like what we do," Sunset replied, a slight scowl etched across her face, "I don't see how though."

"At least you can sing," Axle commented, much to Sunset's pleasant surprise, "Which is far more than I can do."

"You can't sing?"

Axle shook his head, "It's never interested me."

"Maybe we'll change your mind on the matter?"

"Unlikely. I'm rather set in my ways."

The rest of dinnertime went by without incident, with Axle and the girls managing to make it to fourth period without wanting to throttle each other. School was now over however, and Axle was making his way to the auditorium to meet the girls as he said he would.

"So long as it's not like before," he muttered to himself, "Thank fuck I saw Freddie Mercury when I did."

He approached the auditorium door and pushed it open, going inside. Up on stage where the girls, already set up and waiting and wearing to his surprise, spandex outfits clearly to be worn during a concert. No-one on their right mind would wear those kind of clothes for everyday use. Sunset, holding her own guitar and in front of the mic, was centre stage.

"Axle!" she yelled, a smile on her face, "You made it!"

"Yeah, I said I'd come," Axle replied, surprised at Sunset's good mood.

"Well," Sunset continued, "Wanna join in? Or just watch?"

"I'll just watch."

"Sure thing. pull up a seat."

"I'm gonna do 'My Past Is Not Today', if that's OK?" asked Sunset, looking back to the girls.

"Go ahead, sister," Rainbow replied, "It's your song."

Sunset grabbed a mic and placed it in the slot on the stand, giving it a test tap. She gave Rainbow and the girls the thumbs up and the band began to play one of their signirute tunes. Sunset, had her eyes closed and was bobbing her head slightly in tune to the music, waiting for her cue.

Right on time, she began to sing.

Was all I desired
But all that grew inside of me
Was the darkness I acquired

When I began to fall
And I lost the path ahead
That's when your friendship found me
And it lifted me instead

Like a phoenix burning bright
In the sky
I'll show there's another side to me
You can't deny

I may not know what the future holds
But hear me when I say
That my past does not define me
'Cause my past is not today

Is what I believed
Would be the only way
To set me free

But when it disappeared
And I found myself alone
That's when you came and got me
And it felt like I was home

Like a phoenix burning bright
In the sky
I'll show there's another side to me
You can't deny

I may not know what the future holds
But hear me when I say
That my past does not define me

'Cause my past is not today

Axle continued to watch as the music faded away, somewhat impressed by what he saw. Particularly in Sunset.

She's not so bad, to be honest.

"Good show," he said aloud.

"Did you just compliment us?" Sunset giggled, "Are you feeling well?"

"Yes and Yes."

Axle went up the steps at the side of the stage to join the girls, "So, any more hits you want to entertain me with?"

"Several. If you're interested."

"Well, I may as well stay a while then."

"One day we may invite you to join in for a dress rehearsal."

"Not likely," Axle scoffed.

"What's wrong Axle?" Rainbow asked in a mocking tone, "Afraid to wear spandex leggings?"

"Afraid is the wrong word. Besides, I'd look ridiculous."

"I'll be the judge of that darling, thank you very much."

Axle looked over to Rarity, "I take it you designed them then?"

"Of course I did. Do you like them?"

"Well they're certainly...eye catching."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Rarity replied, rolling her eyes at Axle's half arsed answer.

"Hey, Axle!"

"Yes, Pinkie?"

"Wanna see photos of us rocking on stage?!"

"Not partic-"

He was cut off as Pinkie shoved her phone in his face.


Axle reluctantly looked at the photos on Pinkie's phone. There were multiple photos of the girls, all sporting cool outfits for their rock concert which, from the look of things had every student at CHS attending.

"Looks like you girls have had a good time," he said to them flatly, "I know I've never performed at a rock concert in my teens."

"Why?" questioned Sunset.

"Because he sucks at music."

"Rainbow!" Rarity scolded.

"Well to be fair she's not entirely wrong," Axle began to reply, much to Rainbow's smug delight, "Considering I spent a lot of my early teen years smacking coppers."

"Coppers?" questioned Pinkie, "You hit coins together?"

"Noooo," Axle replied, "I mean I hit pigs in the face."

"You hit poor defenceless pigs?!" Fluttershy scolded, getting right into Axle's personal space, "How could you do that to a defenceless animal?!"

"What are you..." Axle began to respond, looking confused and backing away slightly from an angry animal lover, "For crying out loud, have you people seriously not heard of those terms for the police?"

"The police?" Sunset replied, "Why would...."

It was then that the penny dropped for the girls.

"You're a criminal!" Rainbow yelled in a feeling of shock and fear.

"You hit police officers?!" Pinkie shouted, "People who protect you?!"

Axle shrugged his shoulders, "Where I grew up, the police were not at all interested in 'protecting' us. The dirty pigs deserved all they got, they get no sympathy from me."

"How can you say that?!" Sunset asked, at a loss to Axle's disposition, "Police officers are good people who do a very difficult job!"

"Maybe here in the squeaky clean city of Canterlot, but not where I'm from."

"You mean Toxteth?"

Axle nodded, "Tough times. Anyway, I have to go, things to do."

"Like what?" Rainbow snapped.

"Go home and cook some food to eat."

"Can you ever answer a question without being a smart arse?" asked Sunset.

"Goodnight girls."

Axle left without another word, watched on by the girls. He shut the door behind him and headed for the school entrance, desperate to get to his next, and unexpected destination. Primarily to ask a question to someone he recently become friends with. Before seeing a picture, he could have put it down to simply having the same name, but a picture speaks a thousand words.

Twilight has never been to CHS. So who the fuck was that impersonating her?