Chaos Never Takes a Break

by FlashFoward

Green Induced Nightmare

“Applejack, have you ever had nightmares?” Applebloom asked.

“Who doesn’t?” Applejack replied.

“Eeyup.” Big Mac answered in his usual drawl.

The Apples were enjoying a pleasant dinner when Applebloom brought up the subject. Granny Smith was sleeping soundly
at her rocking chair.

“Why you ask anyway?” Applejack questioned.

“Some of the ponies at school have been having nightmares…about Discord.” Applebloom answered sheepishly.

“Discord you say? Don’t worry about him; he is in stone right now. That won’t change for a long time.” Applejack quickly

“I guess you’re right. Whelp see yawl tomorrow then.” Applebloom waved her family a good night as she went upstairs to her bed.

“Should I be worried?” Applejack asked her brother nervously.

“Nope.” Big Mac shrugged.

“I guess you’re right.” Applejack replied with a sigh. She hoped her brother was right on this one.
Discord was in his usual domain, the dream world. Now that the young foals no longer had to be in their sleep to be paranoid about him, it was time to move onto bigger projects. No, the princesses were still too much to handle. If anything, now was time to pay a visit to the holders of the Elements of Harmony. But, which one would be his first victim? Fluttershy took a freakish amount of effort to crack, so she would have to wait. Twilight can only fail when all hope around her seems to be gone.

It would take all of Twilight’s friends to be disgruntled to the point of no return for her to truly submit without a big fight. Now, who would be the easiest mare to crack in the group? Fair Rarity came to mind. True she was generous. But her hunger for lavish things overshadowed her generosity and she seemed very uptight about criticism when ponies made a comment about her cloths. Discord wandered through his dream world, which now included a swimming pool filled with chocolate milk.
Finally, the dark atmosphere became present and soon the all too intimidating door appeared before him. As usual, Discord grabbed the door knob and focused on trying to remember Rarity’s cutie mark, three diamonds. Slowly, the very door knob start to twist and morph. Discord was pleased to see that the door knob took that shape of three diamonds once he let go of it.

Opening the door a little cautiously, Discord wondered if the Elements of Harmonies magic might kick in to defend Rarity from his antics. Nothing happened as Discord opened the door to its fullest extent. The sight that waited for him was quite overwhelming. Fabulous gems and dresses a plenty were around. The surroundings resembled something of a very large shop. Perhaps this is how Rarity pictured her perfect boutique?

Speaking of the fashionista, she was trying on an assortment of luxurious dresses and tiaras. This was perfect; she was too distracted with herself to notice him. Discord clicked his talons together and disappeared into the mirror that Rarity was looking into. As Rarity tried on new hat, she noticed Discord was standing right behind her in the mirror.

“What are you doing here?” Rarity yelled, turning back to see her rival. He wasn’t there.

“Please, Rarity, that hat doesn’t match well with your dress.” Discord playfully teased, turning her hat green.

“I hate green!” Rarity snapped impatiently, throwing the green hat at the reflection of Discord. The hat actually was absorbed into the mirror and Discord caught it, and then promptly wore the hat himself.

“On me though, it fits rather well.” Discord tipped his hat and winked at Rarity.

“Get out!” Rarity yelled shrilly. The glass of the mirror shattered and Discord features lingered on ever fragment of broken glass.

With a flash, Discord appeared standing over the pile of glass. He then casually scooped up a handful of glass and crushed it into a fine dust, then blew the dust at Rarity. As the dust snagged against her fur and mane, it started to merge into her fur and mane. Soon, Rarity was a walking mirror.

“They say beauty is fragile.” Discord crooned before knocking Rarity over and making her shatter.

Rarity found herself back in her boutique, still whole. This didn’t mean she was a awake though. The walls of thee boutique were painted green, which is the color Rarity is repulsed to wear.

“I do enjoy the change of décor.” Discord said, eyeing the new paint job with approval.

“This can’t be happening! You’re supposed to be incased in stone right now!” Rarity snapped angrily.

“Being in stone is dull dear. Also, who said I wasn’t still a statue?” Discord hinted before disappearing from sight again.

“Show yourself coward! Fix this place at once!” Rarity demanded shrilly.

“Fix? Don’t mind if I do.”

The room went upside down in a flash, thus making Rarity flipping over and hitting the roof. The floor, which was now the roof, became covered in soap and Rarity found that her dress became cotton candy. As Rarity struggled to stand upright on the soap, Discord was chuckling cheerfully.

“Like it?” Discords voice echoed throughout the room.

“No, I hate it!” Rarity retorted with as much spite as she can muster.

“Aw, you hurt my feelings. I think that was the last one I had too.” Discord replied sadly.

Rarity found herself on a stage now, long gone from the chaotic scene in the boutique. The audience only consisted of Discord, who was munching happily away at popcorn. Once Discord took notice to Rarity though, he snapped his talons together and summoned a crowd of ponies. With another flash, Rarity noticed Discord made her wear a dreadful green dress. The crowd went on an uproar and Discord’s evil snicker could be heard over the loud laughing of the crowd.

“Stop laughing at me.” Rarity whimpered, trying to hide her face from the laughing crowd.

“Dear, we aren’t laughing at you. No, we are laughing at that atrocious dress.” Discord replied, wiping a happy tear from his eyes.

“Make it stop!” Rarity yelled shrilly.

“But that wouldn’t be fun, now would it?” Discord chuckled evilly as he snapped his talons again.

The crowd ceases their laughter and started too proceeded toward Rarity, turning a faint shade of green as they got closer to her. Discord teleported by Rarity’s side and summoned cotton candy to chew at.

“What are they doing?” Rarity asked, eyeing the proceeding crowd frightfully.

“Want some cotton candy?” Discord offered Rarity a purple colored cotton candy.

“What? No. Stop avoiding the question!” Rarity snapped angrily.

“Relax, they are after you.” Discord replied slyly.

“Why?” Rarity demanded impatiently, the crowd growing ever closer.

“Heavens if I know, but they look awfully hungry. You should have taken that cotton candy that I offered.” Discord replied before disappearing in another burst of light.

The hungry crowd surrounded Rarity, there was no escape. Suddenly, the crowd grabbed and started to pull at any part they could grab. The last thing Rarity saw was a bunch of hoof’s covering her face.

Rarity eye’s snapped open in horror. She was back in her lavish bed, safe from the prying hoofs of strangers. A cold shiver went up her spine, the whole ordeal felt so real. Rarity tried to fall back to sleep, but the hoard of ponies would be waiting for her when she finally managed it. Discord would be there to, laughing his head off at the sight of Rarity being surrounded.