Journey through Alola

by darkmage1997

Chapter 8: Using Z Moves?! Ultra Recon Squad: Friend or Foe?

Morning came, and our heroes were getting ready to head out on their next adventure, "Ok gang, what'll our next move be?" Will asked.

"Why, you should take on Hala," they saw Kukui walking towards them, "You should return to Iki Town and challenge Hala. You four are now qualified to battle him in what is known as the Grand Trial," Kukui explained.

"Another trial?" Toby asked.

"Yes, but this one's different, because you must battle and win against the Island Kahuna. Since you guys now have Z Crystals, you should be able to use Z Moves now," Kukui said, stepping into a nearby batch of grass, where he was jumped by a Pikipek, "Allow me to demonstrate. Go, Rockruff!" Kukui said, releasing Rockruff, "If you have a Normal Type Z Crystal equipped to your Z Power Ring, and your Pokémon knows a Normal Type Move," Kukui said, doing the pose for Normal Type Z Moves, "And strike a pose like this, your Pokémon will be able to unleash their Z Power!" Kukui said, as energy flowed out of him, and into Rockruff, "Now, watch as Rockruff uses Breakneck Blitz!" Kukui said, as Rockruff began charging full force at Pikipek, knocking it out in on shot. Kukui leaned against a tree, out of breath, "Phew, using Z Moves, even with a Z Power Ring takes it's toll on both trainer and Pokémon. For now, you guys will only be able to handle one Z Move per battle," Kukui explained, recalling Rockruff.

"That was incredible!" Will commented.

"These Crystals pack some kind of punch," Lisa said, examining the Z Crystal in Toby's Z Power Ring.

"I guess before we take on Hala, we should go and train up along that northern route you just came from?" Will asked.

"Ah, right! I was so caught up in demonstrating Z Moves, it was like I was hit with Amnesia! I need your guy's help. Lillie's gone missing, again," Kukui replied.

"We'll search along this northern route. She can't be too far off, can she?" Will asked.

"You know, I think I heard her stop talking when we passed Melemele Meadow," Kukui said.

"Melemele Meadow isn't very far from Iki Town. I've taken the liberty of locking in the coordinates for the Meadow," Rotom said.

"Well, we'd better get going," Will said, as they ventured further up towards the cliff area.

Waves crashed on the rocks bellow, as our heroes hiked along the steep cliffs on the northern area of Melemele Island, "Phew, I must be out of shape. Cliffs like this never wore me out this fast back in the day," Will commented, as they all stopped to take a break. Fluttershy, Leni, and Luan took this moment to look out onto the horizon.

"I can't believe how beautiful it is," Fluttershy commented.

"Yeah, nothing but clear skies, and blue oceans as far as the eye can sea, *chuckles*, get it?" Luan joked. It took a moment for everyone to get her pun. Her siblings all groaned, and their new friends only gave weak chuckles.

"Well, this is one of the reasons I love visiting islands, just for that endless view. I remember when I first visited the Whirl Islands and Seafoam Island," Will commented.

"What does that mean, 'Whirl Islands'?" Lori asked.

"They're a group of Islands in the sea between Olivine City and Cianwood City in the Johto Regions, that are surrounded by a lot of whirlpools. They're also home to the Legendary Pokémon, said to be the guardian of the sea, Lugia," Will said.

"'Legendary Pokémon'? What are they like?" Lola asked.

"They're some of the most powerful Pokémon that exist, each one in control of some kind of element. Each region has at least three of them," Will explained.

"Ok, but what about that 'Lugia' Pokémon you mentioned?" Lincoln asked.

"That's my cue! Lugia, the Diving Pokémon, a Psychic and Flying Type, and of the Legendary Pokémon. It sleeps on the bottom of an ocean trench. It is said that a flap of it's wings can cause a 40 day storm," Rotom said, displaying a picture of a silver dragon like Pokémon, with hand shaped wings.

"A 40 Day storm? Wicked," Lucy commented.

"Hey you!" they turned to see a boy and a girl, who both looked like trouble. The boy was dressed like a heavy metal rocker, not like Luna. he had a brown mohawk. The girl was dressed in a yukata dress, with floral print. She had dark, blue hair, done up in a bun, "What are you doing hanging on our training grounds?" the girl asked.

"We didn't mean anything by it!" Will defended. The two then noticed something about the group.

"Hey, aren't you that group that has the red Vulpix that Busujima keeps yapping about?" the boy asked.

"Busujima?! Then, you guys are friends of his?" Toby asked.

"Yeah, we're members of the Bandit Star Pirates, like him. The name's Davis," the boy said.

"And I'm Delila," the girl said.

"AND WE ISSUE A CHALLENGE TO YOU!" they both said, pointing to Toby and Silver Spoon.

"What?!" Toby exclaimed.

"Why us?!" Silver Spoon added.

"We may not look it, but we happen to be a couple ourselves," Delila said.

"And we prefer battling in double battles!" Davis added.

"Y'know, it would be a good idea to get in a warm up before battling Hala," Will whispered to the two kids, who then nodded to one another.

"Alright, we accept," Toby said, as he and Silver Spoon took their places opposite of Davis and Delila.

"We'll each use one Pokémon. The battle will be decided if both of either side's Pokémon can no longer battle," Delila stated haughtily.

"Here's my star rocker, Geodude!" Davis said, sending out a gray, rock Pokémon, with just two arms, and what looked to be eyebrows.

"Wait, that's a Geodude? It looks different than the ones I know," Will commented.

"Here's what you want to know. Geodude, Alola Form, the Rock Pokémon, a Rock and Electric Type. Magnetic sands cling to this Pokémon's body, allowing to use Electric Type Attacks. If someone were to step on one, they will receive a shock," Rotom said.

"Never heard of a Rock and Electric Type Pokémon," Will commented.

"I would try to figure out house magnetic sands give something electric powers, but I just can't," Lisa said.

"And now, Mankey, appear with grace," Delila said, releasing a tan monkey Pokémon with a pig nose, and a really angry look.

"Mankey, the Pig Monkey Pokémon, a Fighting Type. When one get's angry, the others also get angry. AS a result, silence is a rare occurrence in a troop of Mankey," Rotom said.

"So, they're using Geodude, a Rock and Electric Type, and Mankey, a Fighting Type. I know what Pokémon I'll use," Toby said, holding a Luxury Ball.

"Me too, sweetie pie. Butterfree, go!" Silver Spoon said, sending out her Butterfree.

"You go too!" Toby said, releasing, to everyone's surprise, the Bounsweet that Busujima had abandoned.

"Wait, is that..." Will started.

"The same Bounsweet Busujima abandoned? Yeah, it joined my team along with Litten," Toby replied.

"When did this happen?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well..." Toby began, going into a flashback.

Flashback, last night,

"Litten, Bounsweet, what are you two doing here?" Toby asked. Litten jumped on Toby's leg, like a begging cat would do, while Bounsweet jumped into his arms, "I'm guessing you guys want me to be your trainer, am I right?" Toby asked. The two Pokémon snuggled closer to him. Toby went over to his bag, and pulled out a Luxury Ball and a Level Ball. He then tapped Bounsweet and Litten, respectively with the Pokeballs, encapsulating them. They rocked three times before clicking.

Real Time

"And that's what happened," Toby finished.

"But what if those two mess your team up? They could be bad luck!" Lynn warned. Bad choice of words on her part.

"Lynn, do we need to have ANOTHER one of THOSE talks again?" Lincoln threatened, a pitch black aura surrounding him, causing his sisters to flinch.

"N-no," Lynn replied meekly, hiding behind Leni.

"If you dweebs are done with your trip down memory lane, we got a battle that needs doing!" Davis reminded.

"The most graceful of trainers go first. Mankey, use Fury Swipes on Butterfree," Delila ordered. Mankey charged at Butterfree, and started scratching Butterfree repeatedly.

"Fly away, and use Psybeam!" Silver Spoon instructed. Butterfree took to the air, and fired the psychic blast at Mankey, causing major damage.

"That wasn't graceful at all!" Delila seethed.

"Geodude, use Rock Throw on Butterfree!" Davis ordered. Geodude chucked a nearby rock at Butterfree.

"Bounsweet, use Magical Leaf on that rock!" Toby instructed. Bounsweet then fired rainbow colored leaves at the rock, smashing it to smithereens, "Now, redirect the attack at Geodude!" he added. Bounsweet then fired Magical Leaf at Geodude, causing major damage.

"Why you.... Geodude, use Thunder Punch!" Davis ordered. Geodude lunged at Bounsweet, and, with electricity coated fists, punched Bounsweet, "Just like the weakling it is," Davis said.

"Bounsweet was never weak...." Toby said, as Bounsweet got back up, stumbling a bit, "Busujima's methods of raising her were the reason he never drew out her hidden potential. But I managed to do what Busujima couldn't!" Toby declared, as Bounsweet began evolving. It became a human shaped Pokémon, with long, ponytail like sepals on it's head.

"Wow, whose that Pokémon?" Will asked.

"Steenee, the Fruit Pokémon, a Grass Type, and the evolved form of Bounsweet. The sepals on it's head are very hard. Bird Pokémon can peck as much as they want, and Steenee won't be bothered," Rotom said. Steenee then started slapping Mankey with it's sepals, knocking Mankey out.

"That's Doubleslap!" Will commented.

"Why you.... how disgraceful! Mankey, return," Delila said, sounding most displeased, as she recalled Mankey.

"Geodude, use Focus Punch on that Steenee!" Davis ordered. Geodude then began gathering energy in it's fist.

"Quick, you guys need to attack! Focus Punch takes a while to charge up, and if you attack now, the move won't work!" Will called out.

"Butterfree, use Psybeam!" Silver Spoon instructed. Butterfree then fired Psybeam at Geodude, causing it to loose focus.

"Steenee, use Magical Leaf!" Toby instructed. Steenee then fired Magical leaf, finishing off Geodude.

"NO! Geodude, return!" Davis said, recalling the Rock Pokémon.

"How did we loose to the likes of such weak Pokémon and trainer?" Delila questioned.

"Pokémon are only as strong as the bonds of friendship you have with them," Toby said, giving Steenee a Pokebean, as Silver Spoon did with Butterfree.

"Bah! That's a load of crap!" Davis said, as he and Delila took their leave.

"Trainers like them will never learn," Will said, as they continued on their way.

"By the way Lincoln, what was that about 'bad luck'?" Silver Spoon asked. The sisters all tensed up.

"I won't go fully into details, but let's just say there was an 'incident'," Lincoln replied. His sisters all knew Lincoln was still rather sore at them for what happened, especially towards Lynn.

"Melemele Meadow is right around this corner," Rotom said, as they reach he entrance of a cave. Each of them entered, while Fluttershy got sidetracked by something.... interesting.

"Nebby! Come back!" Lillie called from a nearby ledge, leading into the yellow, lilac like flowers.

"Hey Lillie!" she turned to see Will and friends.

"Something wrong?" Toby asked.

"Yes! It's Nebby! It wandered off into the meadow somewhere!" Lillie exclaimed.

"Wait, I think I see Nebby!" Toby exclaimed, pointing off in the meadow. They all saw Nebby going through a small, cave entrance.

"Why would Nebby go into that cave?" Lillie wondered.

"Whatever the reason, we'd better go and get it back," Will said, as he, Fluttershy, Toby, and Silver Spoon all ventured over to the cave entrance, while Serenity decided to wait for them with the Louds.

"Hmm, I doubt I'll be able to get in through there," Will commented, seeing how small the entrance was.

"We could probably fit through. We can try and find Nebby," Toby offered.

"I don't know. We don't know what's in that cave," Fluttershy pointed out.

"Rotom, could you go with them?" Will asked.

"Leave it to me!" Rotom saluted, as it, Toby, Silver Spoon all crawled through the entrance.

The two kids and Rotom had just entered the cave, "Brr, does it feel colder all of a sudden?" Toby questioned.

"My sensors indicate a 15 degree decrease in temperature," Rotom said.

"We'd better find Nebby, fast. I don't handle the cold all that well," Silver Spoon commented, as they began searching.

"Rotom, are there any Pokémon here that can lower the temperature?" Toby asked.

Searching: The Seaward Cave is home to a number of Ice Type Pokémon, including Smoochum, the Kiss Pokémon, and it's evolved form, Jynx, the Human Shape Pokémon, both are Ice and Psychic Types. Smoochum is very self-conscious about how it looks. If it finds that it has been dirtied, it finds a stream to clean itself. Jynx evolves from Smoochum. It sways it's hips in a rhythm, which can often lead humans to dance along with it," Rotom replied, displaying a picture of two human shaped Pokémon with large lips. Just then, Toby noticed something.

"Oh look! Nebby!" Toby exclaimed, as they rushed over.

"Oh Nebby, you had Lillie worried sick!" Silver Spoon scolded. Nebby seemed lost at what they were saying.

"Wow, you guys sure know your way around Pokémon, huh?" they saw the small girl and the tall man in the same outfits as Phyco and Soliera, "I don't think we've met, I'm Zossie!" the girl introduced.

"I go by the designated identification, Dulse," the man said.

"So, what brings you guys here?" Toby asked carefully.

"The answer is simple. We wish to engage one of you two in the sport of Pokémon Battle," Dulse said, holding a most peculiar Pokéball. It had a net like pattern, and four horn like protrusions.

"We caught this Pokémon with our patented Beast Balls. Just taking a note from how you use those, 'Pokeballs' as you call them," Zossie said, as Dulse released a white poodle like Pokémon.

"Whose that Pokémon?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Furfrou, the Poodle Pokémon, a Normal Type. It only allows those it trusts to trim it's hair. As a result, if left alone, it's hair will continue to grow longer and longer," Rotom said.

"You. You will battle me, if you wish," Dulse said, pointing at Silver Spoon.

"Huh?! Me?!" she exclaimed.

"Don't worry. You have Pokémon that are resistant to Normal Attacks, remember?" Toby asked.

"You're right. And by the sounds of it, they don't seem to experienced in battle," Silver Spoon whispered back, as she turned back towards Dulse. Toby scooped up Nebby, and got out of the way, "Ok, and here's my Pokémon! Go, Magnemite!" Silver Spoon said, releasing the Magnet Pokémon.

"Furfrou, commence Sand Attack," Dulse said. Furfrou then swatted some sand at Magnemite.

"Dodge, then use Thundershock!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite got out of the sand's way, and fired Thundershock at Furfrou, knocking it out in one hit, "Huh?! Just one hit?" Silver Spoon exclaimed.

"Hmm, it would appear that we need to do more research into the art of Pokémon Battle. One thing before we leave," Dulse said, as he recalled Furfrou, and turned to Toby, "That creature is not native to Alola. It doesn't have any combat abilities, but it has been known to teleport when it feels threatened," Dulse said, as he and Zossie left.

"Those guys... we should tell the others about this," Toby commented.

"Agreed," Silver Spoon said, as they exited the cave. But as they did, they couldn't help wondering about the Ultra Recon Squad.... Just what is it they're trying to achieve?