The I's Might Have It

by Nico-Stone Rupan


Indigo lay across the silk sheet. She felt the softness of it caressing every inch of her body. Her smile was happy, and maybe a little seductive, as she looked toward the other person in the room. The clicking sound of Iconic’s camera was welcomed, and she couldn’t help but want to laugh at what she was doing. Here she was, taking a few provocative pictures for her boyfriend. In truth it was her idea, and besides it seemed like fun.

He finished up, and then he looked at her and smiled. “That’s the roll.”

She slowly got up, feeling the air caressing her skin. She moved not toward her clothes, but instead over to Iconic and gave him a kiss. It was one he returned, and then she broke it for a moment while she walked over to her cutoff shorts and tank top. She pulled her clothes on and walked out of the room with him. As she walked out she looked around at the studio itself. It had been a couple of months, but they fit together.

He tried to come to as many of her events as he could, either as a photographer, or as a spectator, and she hung out with him at some of the photo shoots he did. She quickly learned that his words of affection for the models were just ways of getting them to pose without a fuss. The two of them also continued to play games and, at least in Iconic's case, improve with practice. It would forever remain one of Iconic's deepest regrets that he did not have a camera there to capture the look on Indigo's face the day he had actually won at skeeball against her.

She watched as the door opened and a slightly older woman walked in. She looked far younger than Indigo knew she was. The woman walked toward Iconic and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. She then turned toward Indigo and did the same. She breathed out a sigh of relief and looked around her. She was obviously someone that held herself very high, a powerful woman in her own right, and certainly the kind of woman that knew how to get what she wanted done.

“Iconic, precious, this is too much! I’m so glad that you agreed to do this shoot for me!” She looked at Indigo. “Although I feel that your reasoning might be because your lovely friend was in it.”

Iconic nodded. It was the truth regardless. “I’m afraid that’s the truth of it. Although I will say that doing a calendar to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity didn’t hurt either. It’s nice seeing you, Ms. Image.”

She gave him a smile. “Well, I shan't keep either of you. Go have a wonderful day.”

The two of them walked out. Iconic slipped his hand into Indigo’s as they walked toward his Mustang. The fact that he got to choose which picture went into the calendar made him happy. There was several he took, that he planned on making an art book just for her with them, but the one he wouldn’t mind sharing with the world was the one that had the same fierce look of confidence he fell in love with. He wasn’t sure what waited for them, but he was certain of something. He was certain of them.