The I's Might Have It

by Nico-Stone Rupan


Indigo walked out to her the bike that was waiting for her. She touched the motorcycle as she neared it. It wasn’t new, but it shined like the sun. The soft lavender paint job was mixed with blue stripes that went down the frame of the bike. It was something her dad had found, and the two of them had gotten it running before sending it off to be painted. When it came back her dad was upset because the paint job was supposed to be the same color as her hair, but she had liked the way it looked anyway. Besides, it was just a getting around bike. She began to crawl on when the studio door opened.

“So, you really want to tell me what’s bothering you?”

She looked back toward Iconic, and what she saw was someone she honestly wanted to know. The problem was she wasn’t like those models. Her body wasn’t perfect. Oh, she was slim, and she was in pretty good shape, but she wasn’t a walking goddess. She began to shake her head, and Iconic moved out toward her.

“I thought that maybe we could hang out. I’m sorry if this was too boring. Believe me, I know how old it gets.”

She almost wanted to laugh at that. She wasn’t sure how getting to take pictures of girls like that could ever get old. She looked at him and she noticed that he looked disappointed, and concerned, as his eyes went to the ground. It made her feel bad for him, but at the same time she didn’t want to keep hanging around. There was just so many reminders that she wasn’t the kind that could really impress him. She started to use the kick start on the older motorcycle before she looked back up at him. He walked closer to her.

“It’s a nice bike.”

Iconic almost cursed himself for those words. He wanted to make sure that she was okay, because she seemed really uncomfortable after the shoot. He was racking his brain, trying desperately to figure out what was going on, but at the same time he didn’t want this to end before it really even began. He dug for something, anything, that would get her attention long enough to talk for just a little longer.

“T...Thanks.” Her eyes looked down at the bike and not him. “It’s a fifty-five Harley. Dad and I found it at an old salvage yard. We bought it and got it running again.”

It wasn’t what was wrong, but she was still here. He breathed out in relief. “It looks like you spent some serious time on it.”

She nodded. “Yeah, we spent an entire summer getting it to run, and then he sent it to a shop to get painted and the finishing touch ups for the engine.” She looked up at him, and there was the slightest smile. “I’m okay. I... it doesn’t matter.”

He shook his head. “It does to me. Indigo, I really would like to spend some time with you. Just the two of us, if you’re okay with it.”

She looked at him, trying to figure out what it was that he could want from her. Finally she nodded. “Sure, but maybe not right now.”

She cursed at herself as she dug into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone. “What’s your number and I’ll text you real quick. That way you’ll have my cell.”

He smiled and pulled his own phone. “Five, five, five, six, eight, seven, one.”

She quickly texted him, and then gave him a small smile. “Maybe give me a text or a call tomorrow?”

With that she headed off. As she drove she headed not toward her house, but instead she headed to the closest person she could think of to talk to about all of this. Granted she wasn't exactly sure what she was going to say to Sunny Flare, but she really needed to talk to someone, and at least she was fairly sure that Sunny might be able to help her sort some of this out. She neared the estate and once more she was taken in awe at the presence of it. Sunny’s place looked as big as Mistress Marevelous’ home from the Mistress Marevelous comics. That was something that she didn’t exactly discuss with her friends either.

Sure, she was an athlete, but she also her geeky side. Like she enjoyed reading some comics, and she did enjoy playing Ogres and Oubliettes. It was actually kind of fun to create a character and send him, or her, on an adventure with other adventurers. It had been something she had started with her friends, and it was because they had nothing better to do on a Friday night. Afterward things just progressed until she had read up on the game quite a bit.

Of course she didn’t let everybody know about it either. It was a guilty pleasure, and it was one that she indulge in when she could. She pulled up to the gate and pressed the intercom. For a moment there was nothing, and then she heard the sound of some static before she heard the sound of Sunny’s voice.


“Sunny, got a few minutes?”

“Indigo? Is everything okay, dearie?”

She started to nod, and then she caught herself. Sunny didn’t have a way to see if she nodding or not.

“Kinda, do you mind if I come in?”

The sound of a click echoed slightly, and Indigo watched as the gate opened. “Sure. I’ll meet you.”

She silently thanked God as she began to move forward. She slowly rode up to toward the mansion, and as she neared she parked her motorcycle. She watched as Sunny stepped out. It had been a gamble on Sunny being here. She had known that, but then she had hoped that she would be visiting her parents.

“Indigo, this is a surprise, but it’s a welcomed one. How have things been going, dearie?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Pretty good, I mean I’m kicking some ass in motocross, but… Sunny, do you remember Lemon Zest’s cousin?”

Sunny nodded. “Of course. He seemed like a nice enough person, although first impressions being what they were I can’t say that I have went out of my way to becoming friends over an acquaintance.”

Indigo smiled. “Yeah, it’s just… We’ve hung out a little bit. He came to my competition and took some pictures of everyone, and then we went for pizza. And then today I hung out with him at his studio… I kinda like him, but I don’t think that I really fit.”

Sunny motioned toward the door and they walked inside. She followed Sunny toward the kitchen where she was treated to glass of iced tea. Once the tea was had Sunny offered a seat, and she took it. Sunny then looked at her. “Why wouldn’t you fit into his world?”

Indigo sighed. “Maybe because he’s around girls that make me look pathetic.” She caught Sunny looking at her. “I’m serious. I was there while he was shooting pictures for an advertisement, and these girls had zero fat on them.”

Sunny shook her head. “Indigo, dearie, do you remember where he said he worked before he began doing what he is doing now?”

Indigo nodded. “Sure, he worked for Socialite Magazine, but…”

Sunny held her hand up. “I want you think about this for a moment, dearie. He was taking pictures for Sultry Image. If he was the kind of man you are implying he is then wouldn’t it be safe to assume that he would have never left Ms. Image’s employ?”

Indigo nodded. “I guess. It just feels like I might not be good enough.”

Sunny sighed. “You do realize that you’re perfectly fine as you are. The way that you speak about him tells me that you’d like to get to know him better. And dearie, if he took the job photographing your competition then I dare say he is interested in the same thing.”

“But that could have just been a job.”

Sunny shook her head. “Indigo, the price difference between shooting for a fashion show or an advertisement is far different than shooting a sporting event. Especially if the person shooting it is mainly someone who does fashion work.” Sunny smiled at her. “What I’m saying dearie is that he took the job to see you, obviously, and it is something of a discredit to him to think that he wouldn’t be interested in getting to know you better.”