Journey through Alola

by darkmage1997

Chapter 5: A trip to the Mall?! Team Skull and Malasadas (Ultra Rewrite)

After leaving the schoolgrounds, our heroes, along with their friends, Lillie, and the Louds, ventured further down the street, "That must've been rough, battling all those trainers," Lillie said.

"Yeah, but it was only one at a time," Will replied. They heard mooing. Looking ahead, they saw the same Tauros from before, with Hala and Hau, trying to wrangle it in.

"Now calm down, old friend!" Hala said, grabbing Tauros by the horns, trying to keep it from moving.

"Get'em Tutu!" Hau cheered.

"I take it Tauros is still causing problems?" Lillie asked.

"Well, it's not that Tauros is causing problems. Tauros was feeling bored, and wanted to play around," Hala said. Tauros threw off the Kahuna, and ran off somewhere, "Oh, a game of tag is it? Alright, this old kahuna hasn't lost his edge yet!" Hala said, running off after Tauros.

"Well, the beach is coming up! I'm gonna continue to Verdant Cavern," Hau exclaimed, running off in the same direction as Tauros and Hala.

"Ah, right, the Alola Region is an Island Region, so we're bound to see some beaches," Will said, as his group continued on.

"Welcome to Hau'oli City, the biggest city on Melemele Island! There are a variety of shops and restraunts to choose from," Rotom said.

"Ooh! Is there a mall?!" Leni asked in excitement.

"Leni, I hardly think this is the time to do some shopping," Silver Spoon replied.

"Actually, maybe a visit to the mall would be good for us. We need to get some supplies," Lincoln stated. His sisters looked shocked at their brother.

"But, you hate the mall," Lisa stated.

"Only because there's nothing for me there. In this case, we need clothes, toiletries, etc.," Lincoln replied.

"Well, maybe a quick shopping trip will do us all some good," Will added.

"Oh, before I forget, can we stop off at the tourist bureau? They have a special gift for trainers with a Rotom Pokedex," Rotom asked.

"Sure, if it's along the way," Will replied.

"It's actually right there," Rotom said, floating over to a building. Will followed after it.

"Why call it a 'Rotom Pokedex'?" Lisa asked.

"See, it's a Pokedex, which is a device that has information on Pokémon, that has a Pokémon called Rotom living inside it," Toby replied.

"What kind of Pokémon is Rotom?" Lori asked.

"We don't really know. We'll need to ask Will and Rotom," Fluttershy replied. Just then, the aforementioned duo returned.

"Alright, we got a new update. Rotom here's been upgraded with a PokeFinder," Will said.

"It's basically an application that allows me to take pictures," Rotom proudly stated.

"By the way, Rotom, I hope this doesn't sound rude, but can you tell us about yourself? The Pokémon, I mean, that it," Lincoln asked.

"Of course! Rotom, the Plasma Pokémon, an Electric and Ghost Type. Rotom's body is surrounded by a mysterious plasma like substance. This allows it to infiltrate various appliances, and take new forms," Rotom said.

"I encountered all the different Rotom forms back in my days in Sinnoh. Man, that was crazy," Will reminisced.

"Anyways, the mall is straight down this road," Rotom said. They all eventually came upon a large building, that looked very much like a mall.

"Alright, it is 10 o'clock now, so let's all try to meet back here at.... 12 o'clock," Will said, as they all ventured off to do their own thing.

2 Hours Later,

"Ok, so we got clothes, backpacks, toiletries. Looks like we're set," Lori stated.

"By the way, I found this," Lola said, holding up yellow sticker of some kind.

"Let's have a look at it," Will said, as Lola gave him the sticker. Will examined it, "Hmm, can't say I've seen anything like it. But I have a gut feeling that something will happen if we hold onto it," Will said, as they exited the mall, and continued onward. They eventually saw Illima in front of a Pokémon Center, putting a stickers on the side of it.

"Oh, hey there! I see you've caught me in the middle of putting up one of the Totem Stickers," Illima said.

"'Totem Stickers'? What're they?" Will asked.

"They're put up by the captains to help trial goers on their adventures. Collect all 100 stickers, and something good will happen. But I must stay vigilant. I received reports of some thugs from Team Skull lurking about," Illima said seriously.

"'Team Skull'?" Leni asked.

"They're just a group of petty thugs who gave up on the Island Challenge, and they want to mess up everyone else's trials," Illima replied.

"We'll keep an eye out for them too," Will said.

"Goo show. I saw your friend Hau heading down that way to the Malasada Shop. Malasada's are Alola's specialty fried bread. Pokémon absolutely adore them," Illima said, taking his leave.

"I could go for a little snack myself," Lynn commented. The others voiced their agreement.

"Alright, then let's go and treat ourselves," Will said, as they walked down the path that Illima pointed out. After a few minutes, they saw what looked to be a dinner. Will recognized the symbol of a crème puff like Pokémon. They saw Hau exiting the building.

"Hey guys! If you've come for good eats, you came to the right place! Malasada's are the bomb!" Hau exclaimed.

"We were told that Pokémon adore Malasadas," Fluttershy said.

"They do! Feed a Pokémon a Malasada, and they'll grow closer to you!" Hau replied. Just then, trouble came.

"Yo, yo, yo, where ever you go, Team Skull don't even greet ya!" a bunch of teenage trainers in black tank tops and shorts, skull beanies, and bandanas covering their faces surrounded the group.

"Are these guys from Team Skull?" Lana asked.

"Yeah, these jerks always try stealing Pokémon and messing up everyone's trials," Hau said.

"You make us sound like bad guys. We're a legitimate business, yo!" the lead grunt said, as he and the rest of the grunts readied their Pokeballs.

"If it's a battle you want, it's a battle you'll get!" Will declared, as he, his students, and Hau readied their own Pokeballs. Team Skull sent out Alolan Grimer, Salandit, Mareanie, a mantis like Pokémon, and a lizard Pokémon that had what looked like baggy pants.

"Fomantis, the Grass Sickle Pokémon, a Grass Type. It sleeps during the day, taking in as much sunlight as it can. Scraggy, the Shedding Pokémon, a Dark and Fighting Type. Scraggy pulls the skin it sheds up to block attacks. It's most prominent form of attack is headbutting," Rotom said.

"Alright guys, let's go!" Will said, send out Rowlet. Fluttershy sent out Popplio, Toby sent out Vulpix, Silver Spoon sent out Caterpie, and Hau sent out a Pikachu of his own.

"Who, a Kantonian Vulpix and a shiny Caterpie! Those can bag us big bucks!" one of the grunts said.

"Rowlet, use Peck on Fomantis!" Will instructed. Rowlet then started pecking Fomantis, causing major damage.

"Popplio, use Disarming Voice!" Fluttershy instructed. Popplio fired of a sound wave at Scraggy, knocking it out.

"Vulpix, use Extrasensory on Salandit!" Toby instructed. Vulpix then used the telekinetic power to slam Salandit on the ground, knocking it out.

"Caterpie, use Tackle on Grimer!" Silver Spoon instructed. Caterpie then slammed into Grimer, sending back a few feet.

"Go Pikachu, use Thundershock on Mareanie!" Hau said, Pikachu then fired Thundershock at Mareanie, sending back at Grimer, knocking both out. Team Skull quickly recalled their Pokémon.

"WE WON'T FORGET THIS!" Team Skull yelled, as they ran off.

"Good riddance. Those Team Skull punks are always stirring up trouble," Hau commented. Caterpie then began spraying thread into the air above it. It fell around it, forming a hard shell. Caterpie had evolved into Metapod.

"Cool! Caterpie evolved!" Silver Spoon said, looking at Metapod.

"It may not be long before it evolves again," Will said.

"What do you mean?" Lisa asked.

"See, Pokémon can evolve multiple times, up to two times. Caterpie is one such Pokémon that evolves twice. Other Pokémon can only evolve once, or not at all. It all depends on the method a Pokémon is raised," Will explained.

"There are methods to evolving Pokémon?" Leni asked.

"Quite a few actually. Why don't we get some malasadas, and I'll tell you all about it," Will suggested.

"I'll catch up with you guys later at Verdant Cavern! I'm going to spend some more time with my Pokémon!" Hau said, running off. With that, our heroes entered the malasada shop.

"Welcome to Alola Malasada! How can I be of assistance?" the cashier asked.

"Well, why don't the ten of you go find some seats, while we order?" Will suggested.

"Alright. C'mon guys," Lori said, leading her siblings over to the seating area.

"Big group," the cashier commented.

"Yeah. They're some students of mine," Will said.

"Well, what can we get for you today?" the cashier asked.

"Well, we should let our Pokémon decide," Will said, releasing Rowlet and Grimer.

"Good idea," Fluttershy said, as the others released their Pokémon themselves. Overall, they got two and a half dozen malasadas, which were divided up evenly between the group and the Pokémon.

"Wow! This is amazing!" Silver Spoon commented, eating her malasada.

"I see why the Pokémon really like them," Toby added, eating his malasada.

"Hey Rotom, is there anything else in this vicinity that we can do?" Lisa asked.

"My map doesn't have any information on other available activities. I have information about an Alola Photo Club, but that's not open yet," Rotom replied.

"Ok, so what's that?" Luna asked.

"The Alola Photo Club is where trainers go to commemorate moments with their Pokémon in photographs. I have information that some trainers with a Rotom Pokedex get special packages," Rotom replied.

"That might be something to look into," Will commented, as they finished their malasadas, and made their way back up the street, and headed north, to the Verdant Cavern.