Journey through Alola

by darkmage1997

Announcing rewrite

Hey guys, darkmage1997 here, coming to you with an announcement. I've hit a bit of a roadblock with the next chapter of this story. Which is why I am here to tell you guys that for the time being, until I come up with something to advance the story, the only "new chapters" that will come out will be rewrites of the majority of the previous chapters. These rewrites will be known as "Ultra Rewrites", as to keep things even with the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games.

They will have new characters, including a particular group of siblings from another dimension who are very "Loud", if you get what I'm saying. So anyhow, I will be attempting to rewrite the chapters here in a few days when I get the chance.

In addition, the five trainers will catch Pokémon they hadn't previously caught in the existing chapters. Any new Pokémon they catch will be put in bold letters, in order to signify that they are new Pokémon. So until then, this has been a darkmage1997 news report!