Sweetie Crush

by Ceehoff

Chapter VII

Sweetie Crush

Written and drawn by Ceehoff




Sabotage Connor and Fluttershy's relationship...

But how??

Lovesick Sweetie Belle rhythmically tapped her head with the pencil, trying to come up with some plan to break the two lovebirds apart. She should have been paying attention to Pony History. However, the thought that they were still together kept distracting her. Why should Fluttershy have him? He belonged to Sweetie Belle! Why? Because the little filly needed him more than the yellow pegasus did. Without him, days just felt worse for her. He made her happy and feel protected. He was always there for her, unlike her sister, Rarity. It was always, "Oh, sorry, Sweetie Belle. I've got a lot of work to do because I've wasted so much time at the spa, fixing every millimeter of my body, so I wouldn't look as boring as a bagel." Connor, however, was like "Sure! I'll help!", "Sure! I'll play!", "Sure! I'll go with you!".

"Sure! I'll be your coltfriend!"

Well, okay, he did not say that last one exactly...

Not yet, that was...

Well, he did say he liked her. He said she was cute, funny, amusing, smart...

She nearly fainted from joy when he mentioned, "cute". However, she knew it was not enough. There was just not enough meaning to it. He only said that as a friend. She wanted him to say that as her coltfriend. Ah, now there was a thought.

What should she do?

Meanwhile, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo could not help but notice Sweetie Belle's lovey-dovey expression. Their eyes skewered through her soul in intent suspicion. It was weird. They thought that the reason for the white filly's strange attitude was because of her sickness. She was not sick anymore now, yet she was right back to where she was, sighing and smiling goofily. Something was definitely screwing with her little head.

The little, white unicorn sighed as she blankly looked out the window. Nothing interesting or inspirational. Just clouds. She looked on the windowsill to see a folded copy of the school paper, printed when she was part of Gabby Gums with the other Crusaders. She only see the warped image of Big Macintosh looking at the camera like a deer. He was caught playing with Twilight Sparkle's foalhood toy, Miss-Smarty-Pants, when the picture was taken. She knew at first that the Gabby Gums ordeal was cruel, but she still could not help but snicker at his startled expression. Ha, he really got caught that time. Redhoofed... caught with his saddle down... his hoof was in the cookie jar...

Wait a minute...

"That's it!" she squeaked.

"What's it, Sweetie Belle?" Cheerilee asked.

All eyes in the classroom turned to look at the outspoken filly, who was blushing.

"Umm... Er, uhhhh..." She noticed the clock. "Th-that's it! That's the time for recess, right?"

The schoolteacher craned her neck around to look at the clock.

"Oh, goodness! It is! I'm sorry, students. I guess I just got carried away with talking about Sir Issac Neighton," she giggled. "Isn't he just magnificent?" She blushed when she looked at the portrait of a rather dignified stallion with a face that looked like it was carved by angels.

"Oooookay," Scootaloo said, shifting herself off of her desk.

Soon, the classroom was empty, except for Cheerilee, who was smitten by the portrait of her historic dreamboat.

Sweetie Belle darted directly past Scootaloo and Apple Bloom, who had just asked her if she wanted to play hopscotch. She did not even have the time to answer. She had business to do. Her head twitched left and right like a bird as she looked for somepony to assist her. To her delight, she saw the pony she wanted to see. A scrawny, small pegasus with a brown bowl-cut was taking a photograph of a caterpillar chewing on a leaf.

"Hey! Featherweight! Psst! C'mere!" she hissed.

Even though the little colt looked as if he was lost in his work, he still had an open ear. He snapped the picture and galloped over to Sweetie Belle immediately.

"Can you do me a really big favor?" she asked, straining her voice. "I want you to meet me at Town Hall after school for a photoshoot."

"Okay," the white colt nodded. "What kind of photos am I going to be shooting for you?"

"Oh, just something paparazzi-related..."

"Paparazzi?? You mean the kind of photography that involves celebrities caught in their worst moments?"

"Well... y-yeah, somewhat."

Featherweight meekly dribbled a stone with his hoof. "Oh, I don't know, Sweetie Belle. I'm not sure if I want to go through that again. Ever since the Gabby Gums incident, I've felt so ashamed of myself. It nearly made me abandon my dreams as a photographer. I never thought I would stoop so low then..."

"But, this time, it's different!" Sweetie Belle coaxed the white pegasus. "You're going to be doing this for somepony's sake. You'll be doing somepony a really big favor. A really big one!"

"Oh, I don't know..."

"Pleeeease? Look, I'll pay you! After that, I will never, ever, ever, ever, EVER ask you to do something like this ever again!"

"Just how much do you have?" the young photographer's face twisted in skepticism.

"Hold that thought," Sweetie Belle said as she looked into her saddlebag. She dug through books and papers until she came across one coin.

"A quarter bit?" she sheepishly smiled.

"Well, thanks for the offer, Sweetie Belle, but..."

"And my last coupon for a free giant lollipop at Sugarcube Corner!" she desperately added in, waving a caramel-colored slip of paper.

"Sweetie Belle, you just got yourself a deal!"

"Oh, thank you, Featherweight! Now, remember: Town Hall after school."

"Got it. Now, let's see that coup--."

"Uh-uh, Featherweight! After you do the photoshoot..."

"Oh, sorry, Sweetie Belle. I just really love lollipops! They taste so good!"

"It'll taste even better once you get the job done, too."

"Ooooooooh!" the colt's eyes widened as he dribbled.

"Town Hall, after school."


The colt galloped away, shutting his eyes and daydreaming about his future lollipop. He tripped over his own camera.

Sweetie Belle pumped her little hoof in the air. "Yes!" she said to herself.


"All right, class! Time to come back insiiiide!" Cheerilee warbled.


Sweetie Belle sat in her chair, tense and ready like she about to do a rodeo with a manticore. Her back was arched and her little hooves pushed down against the desktop of her desk. Her flanks clenched, ready to leave her seat in an eye blink. Her brows furrowed in focus and she licked her lips to moisten them and prevent any cracks. She knew she was going to leave in a huge hurry. Her eyes shifted over to the clock over the blackboard.

Just two more minutes until the end of class. She would be gone the instant that bell rang.

Her outward appearance was not at all subtle to the foals around her. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo eyed her suspiciously. First, she came back as she was after her sickness, she blew right past them during recess, and now she looked like she was ready to leave without waiting for them. They did not like it one bit. Plus, since the white filly was not sick anymore, they bore the right to mentally throw suspicions at her. Plus, Diamond Tiara noticed as well. The way the white filly looked so determined and ready for something that was a complete mystery to the pink filly made her hungry to know what was on her mind. She thought that it could be some secret that Sweetie Belle did not want to share with anypony else. A vision of the unicorn's reaction to her dark secret being revealed made the pink brat laugh in her breath. Whatever she was hiding, she wanted to find. Plucking the white unicorn's heartstrings was just way too much much fun for her.

"And that was how the Griffon Kingdom came to be," Cheerilee concluded her lesson. "Oh! Look at the time! Did it really pass by that quickly? My goodness, that was fast! I've got to go to the Carousel Boutique to pick my dress for Miss Red Wine's baby shower. Oh, but first, class dismissed!"

A white blur zipped across the classroom floor and out the door. Sheets of loose notebook paper scattered in the air in its wake.

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom exchanged looks as they climbed off of their desks in frustration. There she went again, leaving her friends and fellow Crusaders behind for her own pursuit.

"Apple Bloom," Scootaloo said to her country friend. "I think it's time that we assumed the worst."

"Ah'm afraid ah'd hafta agree with ya, Scoot. She's officially up to somethin' and ah don' like it."

"I told you it was hard to forget a crush that easily."

"Now, hold on, Scoot. We're not exactly sure if it's a crush or not."

"Are you blind? Have you seen her sigh, the blushing, or that goofy smile on her face? It's definitely a crush, all right."

"Okay, maybe so. Still, ah'd like to see more proof."

"Just how far are you going to stretch this? It's official! I know a smitten look when I see one. She's still in love! Can't you just give it up with having more evidence?"

"She's our friend, Scootaloo! We can't just call her off on the spot. Especially without her knowin'. Besides, what if we're wrong and we kicked her out fer doin' nothin harmful? The more evidence, the better."

"Fine, Apple Bloom, fine. Just to let you know, if it is a crush, I have every right to say, 'I told you so!'."

Diamond Tiara heard the two fillies as they parted. "A crush," they said?

A crush on who?

One of the sheets of notebook paper that fluttered in the air from Sweetie Belle's speed flew directly into her face. She sputtered as she tried to peel the sheet off. It was sticky with crayon. When she got the sheet off of her face, she looked at the written contents.

It was a drawing of two ponies. One appeared larger and looked like a colt while the other was a head smaller and looked like a filly. From the white, periwinkle, and light pink fillings, the small filly looked like Sweetie Belle. Who was the other pony? Wait, that cutie mark she drew onto his flank... that looked very familiar. She held it farther away from her face to see a giant red heart encircling the two ponies. Diamond Tiara realized the backside of the sheet was greasy and lumpy with lines. Apparently, Sweetie Belle drew something on the back as well. The tiara-wearing pony flipped the page to see a prose written in black pen.

"Dear Connor,

If you have found this, then you already know how I feel about you. Yes, I know, it's all so silly. Me falling in love with an older colt like you when I could be falling in love with a colt more my age, but please know this. Ever since you started hanging out with me and my friends, it felt like somepony actually cared about us. You were so nice to take the time to be around us. However, that's not the only thing you did for me. When you helped me with my math homework and helped me with my problems with that snot-nosed, bratty, blowhard, Diamond Tiara, it really touched my heart. For the first time, I felt like I was no longer a burden. You were always there for me. You always made me feel happy. You are like my iron shield, helping me get through all of the bad things in life. You're like a big brother I've never had. Only, I want you to be more than my big brother.

I love you, Connor. I love you so much. I just wish that you could see it. However, I can't let Apple Bloom and Scootaloo know about it, though. They will kick me out of the Cutie Mark Crusaders Society if they find out. I wish I hadn't written that stupid rule in the rulebook, let alone come up with such a stupid penalty. I can't give up getting my cutie mark, but I can't give you up either. You are too important and precious to me. I can't lose you. So please... PLEASE, PLEASE keep this a secret between you and me.

I want to be your favorite little filly.

I love you.

From all of my heart,
Sweetie Belle."


Diamond Tiara sat in shocked silence when she looked up from the note.

Wait... she was in love with him?? Connor, Equestria's First Human?? But, why? He was older than she was!

"Snot-nosed"? "Bratty"? "Blowhard"??

Ooh, Sweaty Butt, she thought menacingly. You should be really careful with what you say...

She folded the sheet of paper and placed it in her book bag.

Otherwise, I will be less careful of what I am going to do.


"Where is he? I told him to meet me here after school!" Sweetie Belle said to herself.

She raised a hoof just above her eyes to shade them from Celestia's sun's bright light. Her twisted her head left and right, looking for the young photographer frustratedly. So far, no sign of him. Oy, wonderful...

She heaved a huge, frustrated sigh and fell onto her haunches. Well, as long as she was there waiting for her assistant, she would might as well find a pony to set Connor up with. Luckily for her, there was a good amount of ponies in the streets. Now, she just had to single out the attractive ones. She noticed Carrot Top sitting on a bench, taking a breather from carrying her huge basket of freshly plucked carrots. Should she frame Connor with her?

No. It looked too normal of a setting. Even if Connor offered to help her with carrying the basket, she still would not get a very convincing shot. Plus, she seemed to catch her breath again and was starting to leave.

Bon-Bon? No, approaching her would be too random. Plus, she was only sitting next to her friend, Lyra, who was sitting directly on her rump.

Daisy? Well, she looked busy with her planting. However, Sweetie Belle doubted that she would get a very convincing shot with her. Pictures of helping other ponies was not very convincing when it comes to framing a colt for cheating.

Mayor Mare? A little old for him. The pony she had to choose had to be more about his age.

Green Hearts? No, she was already accompanied by a colt.

Mint Leaf? No, she was into mares.




Now, Sweetie Belle was getting frustrated. None of these ponies were perfect enough to frame Connor with.

"Sweetie Belle!" called a voice.

"There you are, Featherweight! Where have you been? I've been waiting for you for, like, forever!" the filly waved her hooves in the air, emphasizing her impatience.

"Well, I'm sorry I wasn't able to keep up. You were gone in a flash and I had to carry this heavy camera around. Not very easy for me to do, if you ask me."

"Okay, okay. Sorry. It's just that I really need to get this done."

"Apology accepted. So remind me again what we are shooting?"


"Evidence? For what?"

"Relationship problems."


"Yup! We're doing somepony a favor," she smiled proudly. Doing me a favor, that is.

She waved a hoof at Featherweight for him to follow her.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"To find the lovebirds."

She gulped. I hope.

As she walked with the little colt, her eyes traced back and forth desperately to find the perfect setting. However, everypony just looked too normal and happy. Dang it!

They walked for a good two miles around Ponyville until they reached the park.

"So where are they?" Featherweight asked impatiently. "This camera's really taking the wind out of me, it's so heavy. I can't carry this thing forever. If you don't know where they are, just say so! We could find them tomorrow. Another thing, my mom gets really anxious if I don't make it home in time."

"We'll find them," she answered cooly, though her face was scrunched with worry.

Sniffle! Sniffle!

Sweetie Belle's ears perked up, hearing the sound. "Shh!" she hissed as she stopped the colt in his tracks.


The sound was coming from the other side of the bushes. By the high-pitched whimpering, it sounded like a mare was sitting there. They quietly pushed their heads through the leaves of the bush to see a pink earth pony with blonde hair sitting on a park bench directly across the dirt road. By the cutie mark on her flank matching the flower stuck in her hair, this pony was Lily. She was crying. Her head was hung low, and her face was in her hooves. Her shoulders shook after each sob she made. She sounded as pitiful as a yelping puppy and looked pathetic like a dying flower. Through the sadness of the scene, Sweetie Belle smiled brightly. This was perfect!

"Okay, Featherweight," she whispered. "Stay here and lie low."

"Okay," he nodded, glad that he finally had a chance to lie down and rest from carrying his bulky camera.

With that, the filly dashed away toward the Guzzling Gallop to get Connor.

After five minutes of running, she had finally reached the bar.

SLAM! She pushed past the door, which had smacked against the wall as loud as thunder.

"CONNOR!!" she shouted.

"Gah!" the colt shrieked, startled. "Sweetie Belle?? What--?"

"You've gotta come with me! Quick! It's an emergency! You've gotta help me!"

"What? What happened? Did something happen to Fluttershy? Rarity? The Crusaders? What?"

"No time to explain! Come on! Come on, come on, come on, comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon!"

"Just go, Connor!" Cherry Limeade pushed the colt toward the door. "You go on! I'll take care of things here."

"Show me the way, Sweetie Belle!" the colt said as he tossed his apron and mop aside.

"Follow me! Quick!" the filly squeaked.

The colt rushed out of the bar, following the little white unicorn.

"What's going on? What's the emergency?" he asked as he ran beside her.

"I'll show you when we get there!"

The two ponies sprinted past other ponies walking on the streets in tan and white blurs. They furiously pumped their legs until Sweetie Belle braked to a stop.

The colt nearly ran into her as he stopped. When he recollected himself, his head darted left and right, looking for the "emergency". He did not see anything.

"Well? Where's the emergency?"

"Over there," Sweetie Belle said in a calmer tone. She pointed to the crying Lily.

"What's wrong with her?"

"She's crying!"

"Oh... Uhhh, Sweetie Belle," the colt said. "Crying is not an emergency. It's a natural thing."

"But, this is an emergency! Something is bothering her!"

The colt groaned. "Ugh, Sweetie Belle! You scared me half to death! I thought someone was badly hurt or worse! You dragged me all the way over here just to--?"

"Please, Connor? I've tried talking to her, but my words couldn't reach her. Besides, the other Crusaders are waiting for me. I promised I would meet them in two minutes. I don't have much more time to stay and help her."

"You know--."

"Pleeeeeeease?" she pleaded.

The colt rolled his eyes and sighed. "Oy, fine."

"Thank you, Connor!" she said as she hugged around his neck. "You don't know how much this means to me."

The colt raised an eyebrow in surprise. She seemed very enthusiastic by this. A little too enthusiastic.

"Good luck, Connor!" she squeaked as she trotted in the other direction.

She walked just over the hill and then crouched low to the ground. She shuffled over the ground and up next to Featherweight in the bushes across the grown ponies.

"Okay! You ready, Featherweight?" Sweetie Belle whispered.

"You bet! Lollipop from Sugarcube Corner, here I come!" he replied.

Connor slowly took a few steps nearer the crying mare.

He gulped.

Oh, great. Of all the mares that need to be comforted, it had to be Lily. Why her?? He did not hate her or anything; he was just intimidated by her.

Intimidated by what? Her charm. Yes, he had to admit, he did have a small crush on the pink, blonde-haired pony. Somehow, to him, she looked just as pretty and charming as Fluttershy. Plus, he had a small thing for blondes. He did not want to spend too much time with her. It could endanger his steadfast feelings for the yellow pegasus. However, that did not mean that he was not going to help a pony in need.

He slowly walked up to the whimpering mare. Her shoulders shook as she sobbed.

Connor cleared his throat. After hearing the sound, Lily's head instantly perked up to see the colt standing in front of her.

"Oh," she said, her voice shaken by tears. "Connor? I'm sorry. This is your bench? I-I'll move to a different one, if--."

"No, no," he said. "It's just... a little bird told me something was up with you."

"Oh, the pain! The pain! I don't want to waste your time telling you."

"No, no, no! What is it? You can tell me."

"Well, I..." she sniffed. "I just found out... (Sniff!) that my boyfriend... (Whimper!) was cheating on me!"

"Ooooh..." the colt hissed through his teeth.

"And that's not all," she said, meekly adjusting the lily pinned in her mane. "I also found out... that he was enjoying it!"


"He was enjoying cheating on me! He told me so! In my face! Wahhhhhh!"

"What a bastard!" he gasped, furrowing his eyebrows in disgust. He sat himself next to the mare. "Who was he cheating with?"

"He didn't say," she sniffled. "All he did say... is that she was hotter than I am."


"He said that I looked too boring! I looked too plain! Uninteresting! Bland! Oh, the pain! The pain!! Wahhhhhh!"

She buried her face in her hooves. Connor's face twisted in disbelief and disgust. What kind of lowlife would say such things to a pretty mare like her? The nerve!

The colt gripped his hooves on her shoulders as he pushed her torso up to face him. "Now, you listen to me. Everything that that bag of garbage said is all bull. You're nothing like that, I assure you. You're pretty, you're cute, and you're definitely not bland! Who would not love a mare like you, other than that scumbag? He may insult you, but do not let him bring you down with him. You have far much more worth than he does. He is not worth all of this sorrow."

"But he was the one! He was the one for me! He had everything I ever wanted in a stallion!"

"Well, you now know that he is not. At times like this, you just got to stick your nose up in the air and put it behind you. Besides, there are plenty of stallions out there. Thousands, millions! If you just stay the course, then that perfect one will come to you. Or, you might come to him. Whichever way goes, but either way, you will be happy. You'll see."

What was he doing? Why was he feeling so comfortable doing this? He wanted to help her, but why was he getting the warm, fuzzy feeling? Lily stared at him with welled, swollen, red eyes.

To Connor's surprise, the pink mare leaned into him, hugging him around his chest just below his foreleg pits. Her tears stained his tan coat. The colt felt frozen. You better stop this, Connor. This is getting too intimate. Remember Fluttershy.

"Thank you. Thank you so much, Connor, for saying that. I'm still going to miss him," her voice croaked with tears.

"Ohhh, he must've been a really nice colt in the beginning before all of this, huh?"

The colt could feel by the brushing of his fur that she nodded.

"I just wish I could be kissed again..." Lily whimpered.

Oh, God... What was happening? Connor could feel his chest clench. He could feel himself hug her back. It was like he was hypnotized. Like he was being controlled by somepony else. Only, he was not being controlled by somepony else. No, he was being zombified by her charm. Why was it that he would lose it every time he was near a pretty mare? Had fate cast a cruel spell on him? Why was he enjoying it? Whatever it was, it caused him to break the hug and lift the mare's chin. Two shimmering, buttercream-colored eyes stared at him in wonder on what would happen next. It was mesmerizing just staring into them.

Then, it happened.

He dipped his head down and with his hoof touching her cheek, reeled Lily's head in until their lips had met. A surprised sound escaped the pink mare's throat as she felt his lips slid further onto hers. Her eyes were wide open, still wet with tears. However, feeling the passion in the kiss, caused them to roll back and shut. The way this colt was kissing her... she loved it. It was damp, but not wet. It was gentle, but not airy. The passion... oh, yes. Plus, he was polite to not skip toward the tongue action immediately. Her shoulders perched up, feeling like she was being lifted. She leaned into him, pushing her kiss deeper into his, returning the generosity. A smooth, content moan purred from her mouth.

Soon, the kiss was broken. Lily's expression, however, lingered for two seconds longer after Connor pulled away. Reluctantly accepting that the kiss was over, her eyes fluttered open, looking at the colt in a whole, new light. Her cheeks turned a brighter hue of pink.

"I, uh... hope that helped," Connor meekly stated. "With your problem."

"It did..." was all she could say in surprise at the very moment. She blushed even more. He mentioned something about meeting the right colt, didn't he? What if..?

The colt sat back on the bench, dazing out in front of him. Oh, God... What did he just do? What had he done? He... he just kissed another mare... behind Fluttershy's back! All because he could not control himself around another lovely mare. Oh God, he felt nauseous.

"I mean," Lily said. "Thank you... for doing that. I... nearly forgot how nice it felt to be kissed like that. I really needed that. Thank you."

The colt could not speak. His throat was being strangled by guilt. All he could do to reply was nod meekly.

"Well, I'd better be on my way," the mare spoke again. "The newlyweds expect their delivery of these framed pressed flowers to decorate their new home."

The colt only nodded, his throat still not allowing him to speak.

"Well... Good-bye, Equestria's First Human. We'll meet again some other time? I mean, we'll meet again some other time."

Connor said nothing, but stare into the distance. His eyes were bagging with intensity as his mind thrashed in his head.

Lily picked up her saddlebag and started walking. She was passing in front of him as she left. It gave her the perfect time to throw a loving gaze at him, grateful for making her feel wanted, appreciated, and respected. Above all of that, she was grateful for him making her feel loved. However, the colt was so caught up in his haunting guilt, that he failed to see her expression.

She walked as if her hooves were lively springs as she trotted happily away. Back on the bench, Connor's back was arched as his head sank between his shoulders in guilt.

What have I done? he wondered.

However, he shook himself out of his guilt.

No, Connor! NO! You were just helping her get out of her funk. That kiss was nothing mutual. It was just an drastic attempt to make her feel better because nothing else seemed to work. The words were not enough. In case things get awry, I will keep this a secret. Hopefully, Lily will, too. Wait, was anypony watching?

His head darted left and right like a bird, looking for any nearby ponies. Luckily for him, there were none. Not one single trace.

Thank God! Nopony saw. This will be our secret. Nopony else will know except me and Lily. What Fluttershy don't know won't hurt her. Man, I feel so cruel and disloyal just by saying that. Damn it all to hell! Why did I do that? Why couldn't I control myself? Just why?? Well, as long as this secret doesn't go out, it will all be fine. That still doesn't mean that I am going to forget it.

Connor stood up from the bench and shifted his limbs, getting all relaxed and loose. This was the perfect time for him to get his poker face on (even though he never played poker in his life).

He took a deep breath and walked out of sight.

Inside the bushes, however, two foals had their mouths hung open in surprise. Sweetie's Belle's expression, however, was mixed between shocked and elated.

"I... had no idea that he was going to do that. I seriously had no idea!"

"Ewwwwww!" Featherweight retched. "Kissing. Bleah!"

Huh, what a little colt.

"Well, Featherweight, you had done your job and done it well. Here's my quarter bit and coupon for a free giant lollipop at Sugarcube Corner," she said, lending him the reward.

"Sweet!" he exclaimed as he hungrily grabbed his reward.

"Now, just lend me these photos."

After the white pegasus lent her the candid photos, he happily hopped away heading directly toward Sugarcube Corner.

Sweetie Belle looked at the photos. These were absolutely perfect, especially the one of Connor's make-out session with Lily. She sighed, lost in love. Soon, those lips of Lily's would be replaced with the little filly's cheek. Her cheek felt warm and tingly as she imagined the colt's lips kissing her cheek like that.

She slid the photos into her saddlebag and cracked a cheeky smile.

"Now, to show these to Fluttershy..."

To be continued...