Redemption Does Not Come Easily

by Ashen Heart

The First Night

“--And over there is where your room will be,” Princess Twilight says, waving a hoof to one of the many doors that litter the palace. Grunting I walk forward to open the door and look in the room. It’s was sparse; only having a bed, a desk, a mirror, and a set of drawers. There was another door off to the left that I’m assuming leads to a bathroom. Walking inside, I look over the desk seeing a couple of scrolls and quills, along with what appears to be a journal on top. I hold up looking it over, it was a dark purple with a lighter purple hoof having 5 gems lining the horseshoe, finally having a 6 pointed star in the middle. I look over to Princess Twilight with a raised eyebrow, silently asking what the book was.
“Oh, that, that is my friends and I journal that we wrote in a long time ago. I figured it would help you with your reformation,” Princess Twilight says, cantering over taking the book in her magic.
“Uh-huh. So what exactly does this reformation entail?” I ask her, walking over to the bed deciding to lay down. The bed was the comfiest I had laid on in years, it almost felt like a cloud bed. The blue satin sheets felt like smooth __. Sighing I lay my head down closing my eyes to relax. This is so much better than those cots made of sheets attached to rods at the prison. Princess Twilight walks up giggling, quickly I perk back up pretending like nothing had happened. Clearly from the look in her eyes I had not succeeded.
“Comfy huh? I thought the same thing when I first laid on my bed. Anyways, the reformation isn’t that hard. You just have to show an understanding of harmony and friendship. And judging on how you acted during the celebration, you should learn pretty quickly. Honestly, I never wanted to put you in prison, seeing that you had already saw the spark of friendship. I thought that sending you to prison would only take that spark away and turn you into a cold, unfeeling pony again. I guess we’ll see how you’ll fair soon enough. For right now though you should probably get some sleep. It has been a long day, and to be quite frank I’m tired myself.” Princess Twilight explains, holding back a yawn.
“Alright, good night Princess Twilight,” I say, shrugging so as not to show her how tired I was myself.
“Good night Tempest,” she says, before walking out of the room. After the door closes I get back up, and walk over to the desk. Picking up the quill and ink, I start taking notes on the castle and everything that had happened today. After all, notes are always helpful later on. Putting the final words on my notes, I yawn and walk over to the bed. Climbing up onto the silky sheets again, I quickly fall into the realm of dreams.