Sparks of hope

by Midnight_Song95

Chapter 2

“I hate you!”

Luna really didn't want to know what she had just walked into as she saw the teen rush from the kitchen and up the stairs. As a matter of fact, Luna contemplated just slowly backing out of the door until Celestia walked in looking slightly irritated but surprisingly calm.

“Uh...I brought you that stuff you wanted for your greenhouse, it's in my car.” Luna began, trying to gauge the situation before she asked: “What's wrong with Sunset?”

“she's a teenager. That's what's wrong.” Celestia responded, rolling her eyes though Luna just laughed.

“She's starting to get used to you. That's why whatever that was happened.” Luna retorted before adding “What did you two start arguing about any?”

“Why don't you guess?”

Luna chuckled at how tired her sister sounded before taking a seat on the couch.

“Motorcycle?” Luna guessed, earning a dirty look from her sister.

“Don't you dare tell me that I'm being overprotective or something!”

Luna bit the inside of her cheek to keep from bursting out in laughter.

“You are. I mean, seriously Tia. She's not made her permit yet and I'm pretty sure she doesn't want her Mom or aunt driving her everywhere!” Luna retorted, earning a sigh.

“It's not that I don't trust her, but I know how it was for us at that age and how many times you and Chrysalis landed in the hospital because of one of those things! I know how crazy teenagers can get...I just don't want her to get hurt.” Celestia reminded her, earning a smirk.

“Tia, Relax...She's a smart girl and unlike me and Chrissy she isn't dead seat on proving she is invincible. Perhaps after you two are calmer you can sit down and set some kind of rules for her if you allow her to drive one.”

With that Luna headed back outside to unload everything from her car, leaving Celestia with her thoughts. Maybe I should go talk to her? No...She'd probably still be angry. Perhaps I'll wait and help Luna unload the car before I go talk to her.


“Need any help?”

It was thirty minutes later that Celestia's attention was shifted from her plants to the doorway. Taking note of Sunset's timid tone and how she seemed almost afraid to approach Celestia offered a slight smile.

“If you want.”

Silence hung in the air as they worked, which made Sunset beyond uneasy about this whole thing. Had she crossed a line? Did Celestia hate her now? She couldn't help but wonder however before she could summon up enough nerve to say anything Celestia spoke again.

“I'm sorry I lost my temper with you earlier. I'm supposed to be the rational one and yet...” she trailed off, giving Sunset enough time to speak.

“I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have ever said what I did...and I don't hate you....I....” her voice wavered as she thought about how it felt to hear someone say those words to you “I know that it doesn't make a difference but I'm sorry.”

she half expected to be lectured or something, however, something cold and wet suddenly hit her, causing her to yelp and jump up, even though the leather jacket kept most of it from soaking her.

now I forgive you.” Celestia stated, chuckling slightly as the teen glared at her.

“I wish that it wasn't cold out or I would totally own you!” Sunset stated, her mood lifting as she realized that the woman wasn't angry.

“sure you would, Sunny.”

Sunset arched a brow at the sudden use of the nickname although she couldn't stop the warm feeling that was building in her chest.

“I don't understand why you're not mad...I mean besides soaking me with the water hose.” the teen said, only to have to dodge another stream of water.

“I know you sometimes lose your temper and do things you regret. Besides, I should have explained myself better besides losing it like I did.” Celestia responded, earning a blush from the amber-skinned girl.

“We both lost it...but I still feel terrible.” the former pony stated, only to get sprayed once again.

“Hey! You know what? Cold or not I am going to get you back for that!”

Luna didn't know what she expected when she walked into the greenhouse to check on Celestia after hearing what she thought was a scream, but getting hit in the face by water was not it.

“What the hell?” she grumbled, taking note of how Sunset had partially hidden behind the older woman.

“You two do realize that it's freezing out?” she added before shaking her head “I'm going to go inside and dry off...I'll bring you two some towels and dry clothes...I swear Tia, you're worse than a child yourself!”

At least they're both able to relax around each other...Sunset has so many walls built up and Celestia holds everything back anymore...I think their arrangement will be good for both of them in the long run. Kinda funny seeing little miss billy badass hiding behind Celestia like that.