Queen Fluttershy's Kingdom 4

by Polaris Solarmoon

Chapter 1.

(Chapter one)

*Queen Fluttershy P.O.V.*

Yesterday was so much fun, I had a nice tea party with my friends as an apology for what I did when I was drunk, let me tell you how it went...

"Oh my..." I say as I watch my friends.

"Are you alright Mistress?" Celestia says to me as she appears in the room with a tea kettle, cups and saucers in her magical aura.

"Oh Celestia! Your just in time. Here place those down and come join us." I said.

"Of course your h-highness right away!" Celestia says as she puts everything in there proper places.

"Oh, is Luna coming?" I asked her.

"I'm right here your highness...." Luna said.

"Oh right, sorry Luna." I said.

"It's okay your highness." Luna said.

"Why am I here again?" Chrysalis asked.

"Because it's been a whole year since I well... Became Queen and I wanted to celebrate and apologize for my behavior for that day." I remember explaining to them.

"I see but that wasn't really your falt you know, besides your the Queen of all Equestra now Fluttershy. I have no say otherwise." Chrysalis said.

"Oh okay well shall we begin?" I asked.

"Hey! What about me!?" Candence says as she trots in.

"Oh sorry Cadence, I almost forgot about you." I said.

Cadence sighs then joins the party.

"Ok now that we have everyone let's begin!" I say cheerfully.

"Yeah!" Rainbow Dash said.

"Yay! This is gonna be a blast!" Pinkie says as she summons her party cannon out of nowhere.

"Ah hope ya don' fire that thing..." Applejack said.

Chrysalis simply chucked at the party mares antics.

Cadence simply stayed out of Pinkie's way.

"Huzzah!" Luna said.

"Luna..." Celestia said.

The only one not happy even a bit was Discord, he seemed rather irritated at the joyful scene.

"Discord? Is something wrong?" I asked him.

"No. No, I'm just a little upset that I ended up as a lowly janitor that's all." he said.

"I'm sorry Discord but you knew that was just a punishment for that prank you did." I told him.

"And I do apologize for that My dear Flutters." Discord said " But I should at least do one prank right?"

"Discord..." I had said in an unamused tone of voice.

"Oh your no fun..." Discord said.

"I have to be Discord I'm not just a normal pony anymore." I said in an attempt to calm him down.

"Oh I guess your right , you are the Queen of Equestra now and you got to be all assertive and such to rule this place right." Discord says before summoning a pair of ice creams. "Want one?"

"Thank you Discord" I say as I take the ice cream.

"M-mistress I'm very sorry to interrupt your conversation but your friends request you to come to Ponyville." Celestia would say.

"Oh dear! I forgot to go get food for my animals." I say suddenly.

"Um that means you'll go correct?" Celestia said in response.

"Yes I will Celestia, go tell the girls that I'm going to Ponyville." I said.

"O-of course mistress I mean your highness. " Celestia says before she leaves to find my friends.

I then sigh to myself and then get myself ready to go to Ponyville.

Once I got ready, I hopped on to to the carriage and told the guards pulling it where to go.

When we were about to leave Capt. Chrysalis gave me my list.

"oh,thank you Chrysalis. " I say to her as she salutes.

I was very excited to see my friends and I hoped that they were excited to see me too.

The carriage would eventually land in Ponyville and I would then step out, not without thanking the guards of course.

I saw many ponies bow to me and to be honest I wasn't comfortable with them doing that so I told them that they don't have to bow.

I would find my way over to the vegetable stands and stand in the carrot line where only a few ponies were.

It didn't take long for me to be second in line but the stallion in front of me ended up getting ripped off.

"What do you mean twenty bits! " he said.

"I said it's twenty bits take it or leave it! " I heard the vendor say, I recognized that vendor and remembered just how rude he was to me in the past. So I went to help the poor stallion in front of me.

"excuse me sir but aren't you over charging this stallion?" I asked the vendor.

"Well, Well, if it isn't the doormat from a year ago. What you here for carrots too? Listen lady I don't think you should boss me around got it? " the vendor said.

"Hey you can't treat her that way! Do you even know who this is!? " the stallion said.

"it's okay sir, I'll handle him. " I said.

The stallion would then step back a bit and let me deal with the vendor.

"oh you'll handle me huh? What do you think you are? The Queen of the world? " the vendor said.

It was then that I would tell him that I indeed was the Queen of Equestria and he should try to remember that next time.

The look on the vendors face was priceless, as it almost seemed like his eyes would almost come out of thier sockets.

"Y-your joking right!? " the vendor said.

"No I'm not. " I said.

"Oh my Celestia! I-I'm so sorry your highness here some carrots on the house! " the vendor said before giving me some carrots.

The stallion that was in line before was shook but recovered quickly.

"Wow. " he said in awe.

"I don't like doing that but that vendor left me no choice." I told him.

"That's awesome, oh by the way the name's Valiant Rhythm. " The stallion said before getting his carrots at the actual price this time.

"oh nice to meet you, I'm Fluttershy. I going to go and get more food. See you later. " I say before I went to finish off my list.

Thankfully the other vendors were very nice to me but I made sure to leave some bits behind.

Once I got everything I needed I went to see what my friends wanted.

Upon making to Twilight's castle I saw Valiant Rhythm in front of it. I asked why he was there and he told me to just go inside so I did.

When I went inside I was met by a huge party all for me.

"Oh my.. " I said as I looked around.

"Fluttershy, you made it just in time. I see you met our newest friend. " Twilight said.

"What is all of this? " I asked her.

"It's a party celebrating your official coronation that happened a year ago. " Twilight said.

I had forgotten all about the coronation I had a year ago so to hear that was a surprise.

The party was really fun and I enjoyed it, I told the girls that thier welcome to visit me at the castle if they needed to. They seemed happy to hear that.

Once I said my goodbyes I headed back to Canterlot to continue my unusual role as Queen of Equestria.