Clever Like a Fox

by Badwolf1175

Chapter 3 The Unexpected Friend

It was a wolf and no I am not talking about a timber wolf or a dog but a real wolf with rugged fur and silver pelt.

I must have had my brain fried during that process of getting rid of that other Keaton. I mean there's no way a real physical wolf is standing at the door. Could there be a real wolf, I mean I guess it could be just another thing that surprise me but I didn’t know theirs different races that were not shown in the show.

Well to be honest I should've probably guessed this world wouldn’t be like the show but still I was not expecting a wolf but hey I just dropped into a world full of ponies I should probably start to expect the unexpected.

Well I guess I should let this wolf in but how do I reach the door handle wait if I can shrink then I bet I can grow alright all I have to do is think grow right well let’s try okay first picture a pony. “Their we go now let’s try to grow wait I am growing” and so I grew but what I didn’t know was I would soon regret it.

I have started growing wait what “Ow” ok I can’t focus what is happening to me. I can barely see and feel like I am about to faint wait take that back I am going to faint.

Wolf’s point of view

Well I guess that prayer has been answered and so I can rest and have some time to myself. Ugh and I have help Keaton today because today is when he first comes to Equestria . Why do I have to be so honest, well I have a old promise to keep I guess I have to go to Zecora’s to see a old friend.

While approaching the door I could see my old friend in the corner drinking out of a dog bowl. Mhm I remember Keaton use to tell me that he hated to be treat like a dog but then again that was after he stopped calling himself chance and started calling himself Keaton. He probably has already started calling himself Keaton.
I was about to knock on the door but then it came to me I have meet him before but he’s has not meant me yet so this is what Keaton meant by “when you see me it won’t be the same person you know”. Hmph I miss Keaton but I can’t worry about that now so I guess I should knock.

I knocked but I can’t see Zecora but I saw Keaton jump up on a table that was near the door. He of course just look at me as if he thought I was the strangest thing he has seen all day.

Well I know that isn’t true, I mean I have heard his stories of how he came to Equestria before and I have to admit that his story sounds like a joke compared to how I ended up here.

When I found myself in Equestria as a wolf and not human I learned how wild Equestria can get and how dangerous it is if you don’t know what your doing and I should know because the first time I land here i was attacked by timberwolves and almost died.

I was just lucky that Keaton was nearby to save me but to be fair I was handling the timberwolves just fine but to tell you the truth I wasn’t expecting a giant timberwolf to form from the other timberwolves and when I used my powers at its peak while wound well it left me critically wounded but Keaton found and saved me by a healing spell that he said he learned from an old friend but since I was transported to Equestria in 2018 and since Keaton transported into Equestria in 2011 I figured that he would know more about what was happening with the god like powers then me and was I ever right.

I snapped out of my memories when I heard a yell followed by Keaton fainting and that’s when I opened the door and found out that he grew of course he had not gotten used to his new powers yet I mean really Keaton why couldn’t you tell me that your younger self hadn’t learned how to use his powers yet.

I check his pulse but he had a very small pulse but he spent himself by using his powers while he was weak which put a strain on his Kitsune form and with that also put a strain on the anchor that keeps him in Equestria and if that anchor gets strained to a point of non existence the god will die and go into a comatose state but I think I know away to save him.

“Oh my what in unexpected person who has come to visit me today how are you doing dear and what my I ask has happened to the newer version of your older friend?” inquired Zecora.

He’s hurt bad and the only way I can save him is by transferring some of my magic energy to him which I hope will stabilize the anchor and will save him but if I am not careful it could kill me in the process. At that point I really couldn’t tell if I was talking to zecora or myself but this had to be it the spell that he saved me with was taught to him by me but if I am wrong it will kill me.

I can’t just let him die like I did before no, I will save him even if it kills me okay cross my paws over one another that's it and now the moment of truth. I call upon the Azura god and the Selene goddess give me your strength tonight and allow me to serve you in this plane of existence and allow me to transfer some of my power to the god Keaton.

The moon shined brightly with understands and a bright light engulfs the room and when the flash is gone I knew it had worked but I seemed to pay a bit of a toll for using that spell and my body and mind was not gonna let me forget it and while I stood their my head was dizzy and my legs gave out from under me and I could only swear I fainted from pure exhaustion.

Keaton’s point of view

As I woke up I could smell tea and I could really go for some tea but as I got up I looked into the corner and saw the wolf that was at the door on the floor with a tiger blanket over him and so I looked at Zecora’s bed only to find that the blanket was gone and so I came to the conclusion of Zecora putting the blanket on him.

I walked over to the table noticing that I was at ponies height and length but I decided to dismiss it for now I mean this is just the tip of the frozen kool aid ice brig and as I previously stated I hate kool aid and so I am just going to ignore it for know as I walked in the kitchen I am greet by a zebra that start speaking in rhyme.

“I see the younger novice is awake even before thee master is?” inquired Zecora as she poured a second cup of tea.

I wanted to ask her what she meant by that but I think she knew what I was think even before I said anything. As she started to talk to me about the wolf that was resting on the floor while she gave me the tea cup.

“You see younger one your are no mere mortal and so the older one of your kind must teach you the ways of your kind.” explained Zecora

“May I ask you a question Zecora” I asked as she nodded her head in approval.

Well you keep calling him the older one but can you tell me his exact name and please don’t say you don’t know who he is because I know you wouldn’t give up your blanket for just an acquaintance?

“Well you see the older one is named Silver and is a friend of mine from way back and so I think he will be a great mentor for you.” answered Zecora as she stopped rhyming.

Why did you say your kind and that I am not a mortal?

“Such trivial is not for me to reveal to you but to trust in your new mentor.” answered Zecora flatly.

I noticed that Zecora wasn’t gonna say anymore then that so we just talked until it was time for bed I decided to sleep on the window and Zecora used a spare blanket for herself and so I fell asleep.