by BubblePuff

All grown up pt 1

The entire Whooves family was seated at the dining room table for breakfast. Doctor Whooves was reading the newspaper and enjoying some tea and toast while Dinky had pancakes and Derpy suckled on a bottle of formula. Then,there was a sudden knock at the door. “I wonder who that could be this early in the morning?” Doctor Whooves asked. He got up and answered the door where he was greeted by Twilight, Starlight, and Trixie.

“Doctor Whooves, we’ve got wonderful news!” Twilight said excitedly. “We’ve found the spell that will turn Derpy back into an adult!”

“That’s great news! Where did you find it?” Doctor Whooves asked.

“In Las Pegasus of all places.” Starlight explained. “A magician had it in his personal collection.”

“The magician is my father, to be exact.” Said Trixie. “We don’t communicate much. But if we did you would have had Derpy back to normal much sooner. I am so sorry.”

Doctor Whooves smiled and waved it off. “Don’t worry about it. The important thing is that Derpy will finally be back to her old self.”

Twilight then bit her lower lip. “Well, that’s the thing Doctor Whooves. The spell requires the combined magic of three unicorns. One tiny slip up, and the results could be disastrous.”

Starlight nodded in agreement. “It’s true. Derpy could be turned into a tea cup.”

Trixie shot Starlight a nasty look. “Hey!”

“So, how long will it take the three of you to master the spell?” Asked Doctor Whooves.

“About a day.” Twilight replied. “The spell should be ready by tonight.”

Dinky then came into the front hall with Derpy riding on her back. “What’s going on?” She asked.

Doctor Whooves explained everything. “A spell has been found that will make Derpy a grown up again. But it’s going to take Twilight, Starlight, and Trixie a day to get it right.”

Dinky thought for a moment, then she had an idea. “I know! Why don’t we celebrate moms last day as a foal?”

Doctor Whooves tapped his chin. “Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Your mother works so hard as an adult. Being a foal must be like little vacation! And since she has been so well behaved, I think it’s only fitting that we celebrate her last day of foalhood.”

Derpy giggled and clapped her hooves. “It looks like mom agrees.” Dinky said.

“Alright then. Starlight, Trixie, and I will head back to the castle to work on the spell. You can bring Derpy over tonight after your fun little day.” Twilight said. She then waved goodbye as she left with Starlight and Trixie.

Doctor Whooves picked up Derpy and placed her on the floor in front of him. “Okay Derpy, today is your day. What would you like to do first?”

“Pwaygwound!” Derpy said.

“Then the playground it is!” Doctor Whooves strapped Derpy into her stroller and grabbed her foal bag. The whole family then set out to celebrate Derpy’s last day as a foal.

Their first stop was the playground located at the park. They arrived just in time to meet Mr. and Mrs. Cake. “Doctor Whooves! So glad to see you!” Said Mrs. Cake.

“What brings you around the park?” Mr. Cake asked.

“A cure has been found for Derpy, so Dinky thought up the brilliant idea to celebrate her last day as a foal.” Doctor Whooves said.

“Oh, isn’t that precious!” Mrs. Cake cooed. “We just put Pound and Pumpkin in the sandbox. Why doesn’t Derpy join them?”

“Great idea!” Doctor Whooves unstrapped Derpy from her stroller and placed her in the sandbox with Pound and Pumpkin. Dinky went off to play with Pipsqueak and her other school mates while the grown ups all watched.

Both Pound and Pumpkin smiled and gave Derpy a hug. “Wat awe u two pwayin?” Derpy asked.

“We pwayin take da castwe!” Pumpkin replied. “Pound is buiwdin a castwe, and he has to defend it against me. Want to join?”

“No fair! Dat two on one!” Pound protested.

Derpy looked around for another foal to join in their game. She spotted a pegasus foal with black hair, a black mane and tail with silver stripes, and silver eyes playing with a sand bucket in the corner of the sandbox. She crawled over to him.

“Hi! I’m Derpy!” She said.

“I’m Thunderstruck!” The foal replied.

“My fwiends and I awe pwayin a game! Do u want to pway with us?” Derpy asked.

“Sure!” Thunderstruck happily replied. He crawled with Derpy back over to Pound and Pumpkin. Derpy then introduced him.

“Dis is Thunderstruck. He can pway with us.”

Pound smiled. “Otay, u can be on my team Thunderstruck!”

Thunderstruck and Pound both barricaded themselves behind the walls of the sand castle while Derpy and Pumpkin prepared their attack. “Chawge!” Pumpkin shouted. She and Derpy both ran towards the sand castle. Pound and Thunderstruck then started to pelt them both with foam balls and plushies.

Derpy and Pumpkin would catch the objects and throw them back, inching their way forward at the same time. This continued for a while, until Derpy and Pumpkin breached the walls of the sand castle and tackled Pound and Thunderstruck. All four foals rolled around in the sand laughing.

Doctor Whooves, along with Mr. and Mrs. Cake, walked over to check up on them. Doctor Whooves pulled back Derpy’s diaper. “Looks like somepony has sand in their diaper.” Doctor Whooves said playfully. Derpy smiled and blushed. Mr. and Mrs. Cake did the same to Pound and Pumpkin.

“It appears that they all need a changing.” Said Mrs. Cake. Derpy, Pound, and Pumpkin were all changed out of their sand filled diapers and into fresh ones. Pound and Pumpkin then both let out big yawns.

Mr. Cake giggled. “I think these two are ready for a nap. We’d best be heading home.” The two were then strapped into their stroller and given pacifiers as they shut their eyes and fell asleep.

As Derpy and Doctor Whooves waved goodbye to the Cakes, they were approached by two pegasi. The first was a mare with white hair and a silver mane and tail. The other was a stallion who was monochrome black all over. The mare smiled and spoke to Doctor Whooves.

“Hello! I’m Lightning Storm, and this is my husband Rolling Thunder. We both could not help but notice how well our little Thunderstruck was getting along with your daughter.”

Doctor Whooves could not help but giggle. “Actually, she’s not my daughter. She’s my wife whom was turned into a foal following an accidental spell. A cure has been found, and so my actual daughter and I are celebrating Her last day as a foal.”

Lightning Storm and Rolling Thunder just stared at Doctor Whooves blankly.

“Oh dear, where are my manners? I’m Doctor Whooves, this is Derpy, and unicorn filly over there is my daughter Dinky.”

At first, Lighting Storm and Rolling Thunder didn’t know what to think. Then they looked down and saw Derpy and Thunderstruck smiling and bouncing a ball between the two of them. “Well, we’ve seen weirder things happen in this town.” Said Rolling Thunder.

“That is true.” Lightning Storm replied. She then turned to face Doctor Whooves. “Our son and your, um, wife are really getting along. Would you care to join us at the ice cream parlor?”

“Ice cweam!” Derpy shouted as she raised her hooves and bounced on her diaper.

“We would love to.” Doctor Whooves replied. Derpy and Thunderstruck were both strapped into their respective strollers. Doctor Whooves called over Dinky, and soon both families were off to the ice cream parlor.

After arriving at the ice cream parlor, both families were seated in a booth with Derpy and Thunderstruck being put in high chairs. “So, shall we order independently or get something for the whole table?” Doctor Whooves asked.

“How about the sundae deluxe?” Said Rolling Thunder. “It has ten different flavors, hot fudge, bananas, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top.”

“I agree.” Lightning Storm said. “We are celebrating Derpy’s final day as a foal after all.”

“That sounds perfect!” Doctor Whooves placed the order for the sundae deluxe. It took four waiters to carry the thing to their table. They were given individual spoons and bowls to eat it with.

As everypony ate, Derpy and Thunderstruck began talking with one another. “I bet I can eat mowe ice cweam den u!” Thunderstruck said with a smile.

“Nuh uh!” Derpy replied. The two foals then began shoving ice cream into their mouths as fast as they could. A dozen scoops of ice cream later, Derpy was struck with massive brain freeze.

“WAAAAHHH!” Derpy wailed as she held her head.

“Oh no! Shhh! It’s okay Derpy! Just calm down!” Doctor Whooves Comforted Derpy. He gave her a glass of lukewarm water. “Drink this, it will help.” Derpy slowly drank the water, and her brain freeze went away.

“Yay! I win!” Thunderstruck cheered. A loud gurgle emitted from his tummy. “Ohh, to much ice cweam!” There was a loud fart, followed by a bulge in Thunderstruck’s diaper and a foul odor.

“It smells like somepony has a stinky diaper!” Lightning Storm cooed. She took Thunderstruck away to the restroom to be changed. When Lightning Storm came back, she placed Thunderstruck back in his high chair. Thunderstruck looked over at Derpy.

“I sowwy u got da bwain fweeze.” Thunderstruck said apologetically.

“Dat okay, I sowwy you got a tummy ache. Wets call it a tie!” Derpy replied.

“Agweed!” The two foals then broke out giggling.