by ShadowedKnight68


Jacob and Applejack sat in the kitchen holding ice packs to their heads, they had gotten in another fight giving each other pretty bad bruises, eventually they realized their fight was never going to end since they both were equally strong, equally durable, and equally hurt.

Now they both sat across from each other, both not saying a word, and both feeling like idiots for fighting over nothing.

“I'm sorry….” Jacob sighed setting the ice pack down.

“What?” Applejack was surprised, she was about to apologise herself.

“I got all worked up and mad over something really stupid, it's like I can't control my anger anymore…” he hung his head in shame, this is not at all how he wanted an experience with Applejack.

Applejack frowned “I'm sorry too, I got all mad over nothing too, plus it's my anger your having trouble wrangling”.

“I guess we both acted pretty stupid then huh?” He smiled faintly.

She smiled back “ wasn't even something worth getting beat up for” she chuckled “by the way you're a pretty good fighter for somepony who has only been a pony for a day”.

“Heh yeah I don't know how I'm able to control this body so well, you're pretty good at fighting yourself” he smiled.

“Thanks, oh by the way I grabbed something when I went to get Twi” she left the kitchen.

Jacob waited for her to come back curious about what she grabbed, she eventually came back with the hat he left on the table back at Twilight's.

“I know you didn't seem to like wearing it but I just look odd without my hat on” Applejack walked over to him and put the hat on his head.

“Yeah….I guess you're right….” He adjusted the hat and smiled.

That was when Granny Smith walked in “oh hello Applejack, and Applejack” she stopped for a moment before remembering what Applejack had told them after Twilight came back to help the copy.

“Hey, sorry about passing out before I could introduce myself” he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Don't worry about it dear” Granny Smith smiled.

“My names Jacob, I already know your name” he smiled.

“well that makes introductions easy” Granny Smith smiled before noticing the ice packs and bruises “what in tarnation happened to you two?”

Applejack and Jacob looked at each other before they both chuckled nervously “we had a uh...bit of an argument” Jacob smiled embarrassed.

“bit of an argument?” Granny Smith raised her brow.

“Yup...just a tiny one…” Jacob smiled trying to hide his lie.

Granny looked between the two suspicious before nodding and walking out of the kitchen, once she was gone Applejack looked at Jacob.

“You shouldn't lie to Granny Smith” she frowned.

“Hey you've lied to her before, plus it wasn't a very big lie it's fine” he waved his hoof dismissively.

Applejack relented “Fine...I'll let it pass…”.

“So what should we do today? It's been my dream to see this world in person and I'm not gonna let this whole in a different body thing get in the way of that” Jacob smiled, he couldn't stop thinking of all the things he could do now that he was here, all the characters he could meet.

“Well if you're so eager to do something today, then I think I have just the thing for you” Applejack said with a smirk.

“Really? What are we waiting for??” He quickly hopped off the chair and out of the kitchen, Applejack following behind him smirking.

Applejack led Jacob out of the house and towards the trees, Jacob looked around in excitement of where Applejack would be taking him, once they got to a certain spot Applejack stopped walking.

“We're here” she smiled.

Jacob looked around confused, this was just like the rest of the farm “um...I don't get it?”

“You're going to help me buck apples today” Applejack said as she turned to face him.

“What? But I didn't agree to that!” He argued.

“You did say you wanted to do something today, and this is something” Applejack smirked.

“No but I….” He tried to think of anything to help him get out of this but he couldn't, he sighed “fine….”

“Good” she smiled.

“So how many apples to I have to get?” He asked with little interest in his voice.

“All you have to do is fill these buckets up with apples” she pointed towards the four large wooden buckets.

With a huff he walked over to a tree and lightly kicked it “welp looks like I can't buck tre-” just before he could finish his sentence apples fell from the tree into a bucket “what but he-? dammit I'm Applejack! Of course all I have to do is barely touch the damn tree” he gritted his teeth glaring at the tree.

Applejack chuckled “well have fun, I'll be back later” she walked away.

He glared at her till she was out of sight, he then moved the bucket to different trees kicking them making the apples fall into the bucket.

“Ugh this is boring….I should have went back to bed after the fight” he kicked another tree and watched the apples fall.

An idea popped into his head as he went to kick another tree 'Applejack left….so she wouldn't know if I were to leave, I could explore the town and then come back and finish bucking the trees’ he smirked at his idea and galloped towards town.

Jacob looked around town with a large smile on his face, he was in Ponyville and there were ponies everywhere!! It was a dream come true, all the ponies around him smiled and waved, he was surprised they were so friendly to an alien they would have never seen before until he remembered he looked like Applejack.

'heh I have the perfect disguise to explore the town without having anypony freak out over me’ he looked around for the first place to go. He scanned around himself before stopping when he spotted a grey pegasus with a gold mane and tail flying in the air delivering mail.

A large smile grew across his face 'Derpy! Oh my God yes! I can finally find out what her name is!!’ he galloped over trying to hold back his excitement as he made his way over to her “hey Derpy!” He called waving a hoof to get her attention.

“What?” She looked his direct before crashing into a sign hanging from a building, she fell down onto a cart sending fruits flying through the air like a catapult, the fruits rained down on unsuspecting ponies walking down the road. The ponies attempted to flee from the assault of fruits but weren't fast enough to escape.

Jacob watched all this occur with his mouth wide open in shock “that….that did not go at all how I wanted….” he quickly ran off, he didn't stop running till he didn't see the mess he caused and sighed in relief “well I guess I didn't get to ask her but she seemed to respond to Derpy, so I guess that answers that” as he was talking to himself he failed to notice a pony standing in front of him as he walked into him.

“Oh shit sorry!” Jacob looked up at the stallion he easily recognized as Filthy Rich from a couple of episodes he made an appearance in.

Filthy Rich shook his head after Applejack ran into him “oh nothing to worry about I should have moved when I realized you didn't notice me, but I'm glad we ran into each other because I actually wanted to speak to you about something” he was momentarily surprised at Applejack's choice of words, she rarely used such language.

“Oh well good thing then so what did you want to talk about?” Jacob was trying his best to act like Applejack, Filthy Rich had done business with Applejack so he would probably notice if he didn't act like her, he was hoping whatever he wanted for oak about didn't involve business since he had no clue how Applejack would discuss business.

“I wanted to discuss a new business deal with you” Filthy Rich smiled.

'crap!’ Jacob cursed in his head as he began to sweat from nervousness “um what do you want to discuss…?”

“Well I've been getting a lot more purchase of Zap Apple Jam, but now I've run out of the ones I had so I'll be needing three hundred more jars by tomorrow, will that be a problem?” Filthy Rich was overjoyed about all the sales he's gotten of the jam recently.

“Oh um yeah sure” Jacob wasn't really paying attention to the conversation, he had just spotted Lyra and Bon-Bon, Lyra looked like she was searching for something all while Bon-Bon followed looking annoyed, he really wanted this whole talk to be over with so he could go talk with them.

“Excellent! I'll be at your farm tomorrow then” Filthy smiled.

“Cool yeah cya” he ran off past Filthy Rich not really sure about want they just agreed to.

“Hm must be needed somewhere, busy mare” Filthy chuckled as he walked.

Jacob skidded to a halt by the girls and smiled “what are you two up to?”

“Oh Lyra said she sensed a human was nearby” Bon-bon huffed.

“I'm telling you I sensed one was in town! I don't know where but I can tell I'm getting close” Lyra declared as she dug through a bush.

“A...a human?” Jacob gulped, he forgot about the human obsession Lyra was believed to have, looks like that has been proven.

“They're these bipedal hairless creatures Lyra discovered in an old book she found” Bon-Bon explained.

“Yes! I've been trying to find more evidence of these creatures but I haven't much, but if I find this one! Then all my theories will be proven true!!” Lyra pounced on a rock smiling before lifting up and frowning finding only an ant.

“Oh wow that's cool…” Jacob chuckled before noticed Lyra slowly crawling towards him till her nose bumped his hoof, he took a few steps away.

Lyra slowly stood up squinting at Applejack before walking over to her and sniffing her, she then gasped with wide open eyes “you!”

“Well I got a lot of apple business to attend to so I'll be off” he ran as fast as he could.

“Stop!!” Lyra chased after her.

“No Lyra! Not again!” Bon-Bon chased after Lyra not wanting a repeat of last year.

Jacob looked behind him finding Lyra keeping up with him “Jesus Christ!!” He galloped faster trying to get away, spotting a wooden bucket by a cart he ran towards it and kicked it with his back legs knocking it over, fruits toppled out from the bucket spreading across the floor “what's with all the fruits?!”

Lyra skidded on the ground trying to stop but was unable to stop herself, she stepped a banana making her slide across the road, she slid past Applejack resulting in her making a confused expression, she then slammed into a group of barrels “ugh…” she sat up her eyes spinning. Lyra looked forward and gasped seeing Bon-Bon sliding at her panickily.

“I can't stop!” Bon-Bon yelled.

“Oh sh-” Lyra attempted to get up and run but wasn't fast enough to escape Bon-Bon crashing into her.

Jacob stood watching all this unfold “that didn't go as planned either…” he looked around for anypony watching him before whistling as he trotted away 'act pony should think anything of you of you act natural-wait no pony? Did...did I just think that? No no there's no way, I'm just imagining things yeah yeah….’ he continued walking but his mind kept going back to those thoughts, no matter how hard he denied it he knew he did think those words.

Fear filled his thoughts 'what if I start thinking like that more? Am I somehow turning more and more into Applejack? Oh god what if my identity is completely overwritten by Applejack's identity, or even worse an evil version of Applejack….’

“Hey Applejack” Twilight smiled.

Jacob jumped as he was broken out of his thoughts “oh um hey Twilight”.

Twilight raised a brow at her friends odd behavior, she looked Applejack over before stopping on her Cutiemark, it was green apples, she then realized why Applejack was acting so weird “you're Jacob”.

Jacobs eyes went wide “um what? No, we both know I'm-he’s not supposed to be walkin around town Twi” he smiled nervously.

Twilight looked at the Applejack copy with a unamused expression “I know it's you Jacob, your Cutiemark is different from Applejack's”.

Jacob looked at his thigh finding the teen apples, he then looked back at Twilight chuckling nervously “heh heh so it is….”

“Come on” Twilight started walking.

Jacob sighed and followed hanging his head 'dammit….first time in Ponyville and I get in trouble with the princess of friendship…’

Twilight led Jacob back to the castle, she then took him to the library and turned to face him.

Jacob gulped looking at her “i-i know I shouldn't have gone out but I just...really wanted to see the town” he hung his head.

“I can understand being excited about wanting to see new things, but if somepony were to realize you're not Applejack they'd freak out” Twilight explained.

“I know…” he didn't look up at her.

“But...I am happy you were in town, I was actually on my way to go get you” Twilight smiled.

At this Jacob looked up at her “what why?”

“I wanted to know more about your world, it could help me find a way to send you back” Twilight said as she levitated a quill and paper over.

“Really??” He smiled brightly, sure being in Equestria was exciting but he really wanted to be back in his body.

Twilight nodded “now I want you to tell me all about your world and yourself”.

“My world and myself ok” he put a hoof to his chin thinking of where to start a smirk then formed his face “well back on my world I'm considered quite the ladies man, I usually date un ten girls a week” in truth he's never been able to hold a relationship but he wasn't feeling to keen on telling Twilight that.

Twilight looked at her in shock before shaking her head “sorry it's odd hearing Applejack say that”.

“Really?" He smirked walking towards her and nuzzled her “well I have to admit Twi I've been feeling quite fond of you, we could head to the bedroom and cuddle a bit or even go to the farm, I don't really care which”.

Twilight's face went bright red and the paper and quill fell to the floor.

Jacob burst into laughter falling onto his back, kicking his legs in the air, he held his stomach “I can't breathe! Haha!!! Your face!!”

Twilight frowned but was still blushing “that wasn't funny Jacob” she glared.

Jacob sat up snickering “ok ok your right” she poked her nose “boop”.

Twilight scrunched up her nose and looked at it.

“I've always wanted to do that” he smirked.

“Well now that that's out of your system want to sensed my questions?” Twilight levitated the paper and quill back up.

“Ok sure, ask away Twi” he smiled.

“So does your world have Princesses’ like mine?” Twilight got ready to write.

“No we have just one person, but we don't call them princess or prince...or king or queen, we just call them presidents, we've had a lot of presidents I don't really remember how many but it was a lot” he explained.

Twilight wrote down what he said “wow Equestria’s just had Celestia and Luna, who's ruling your world now?”

“Oh I am, yeah back home I'm the current president it's pretty cool, if you ever decide to visit when I go back to my world I'll make sure there's a big party for you” Jacob smiled.

“You? Really?” Twilight looked at him, he didn't seem like the type to rule but this other world was probably far different from her own.

“Oh yeah I'm considered the best president there's ever been, so what's your next question?” He might as well chang some things about his world.

“Oh how different is your world from mine?” She lifted the paper to get ready to write again.

“Well back at my world magic doesn't exist it's more of a legend thing, my world is run by machines and electricity” he replied.

“Wow that's interesting to think about, how do you control the weather or the sun and moon?” She wrote down what he said.

“We don't, nature kinda just does what it does, and the sun actually moved the earth won't gravity while the Earth's gravity hoods the moon, the planet just rotates changing it from day to night” he explained while doing the motions with his hooves.

“Your world sounds so different from mine” Twilight said after she finished writing and set the paper and quill down.

“Heh yeah when I really think about my worlds a lot more...boring” Jacobs eyes flashed red for a second and he rubbed his head from a sudden headache.

“Are you ok?” Twilight walked up to him worried.

“Yeah just a headache...I'll be fine….” He stood up “I think I should he-” he got cut off as the doors to the room opened.

“There you are” Applejack glared at Jacob.

“Oh Applejack” he smiled nervously.

“C'mon, we're going back to the farm" Applejack ordered.

“Um I'll see you later Twi” he walked towards Applejack but looked away from her glare, they both then left the castle, he followed behind her and even though he could see her face he could tell she was mad. They continued walking in silence up until they got back to Sweet Apple Acres.

“Look Applejack I'm sorry about not doing the chores...I just really want to explore town” Jacob tried to defend himself.

“I'm not mad that you didn't do what I asked, I'm mad you went around town making a mess” she turned to face him “Lyra and Bon-Bon told me they were talking with me and Derpy said I called her name causing her to crash into a sign, you've pretended to be me so you could get away with causing messes” she glared.

“What no I didn't do it to get away with causing messes, I just wanted to explore the town and have fun” he tried to explain.

“And how do I know this isn't another one of your lies? Ever since I met you it's all you've down, heck I don't even know if you're actualy good, that could just be another lie” she stomped forward.

Jacob stumbled back but ended up falling to his haunches “no I..I am I swear, I..I'm sorry”.

“I'm sorry but I can't believe you” she turned away heading towards the house.

Jacob sat there watching her leave until she was gone, he hung his head 'I...I have been lying a lot, I lied to Twilight about being president and having girlfriends for no reason, why did I say those things? I couldn't control my thoughts I just immediately started making up things…’

He started walking towards the house hanging his head, reaching a hoof up he went to open the door but stopped 'she won't want me inside…’ he walked towards the barn and found some hay and laid down on it.

Applejack yawned waking up, she got out of bed grabbing she hat and putting it on before leaving her room to start the day, as she was walking down stairs though she remembered want she said to Jacob, he did lie but he seemed genuinely sorry, sighing she went to the guest room to apologise.

But when she opened the door she found the bed empty, confused she looked around the rest of the house but still couldn't find him anywhere, the next option to search was outside “did he get up early to do the chores?” at the thought she smiled if he did do the chores then he was definitely a good pony after all.

She opened the door and what she saw made her smile drop, the wagon, buckets, and barrels were destroyed, all of them lying in pieces, she ran out in panic but the next thing she saw made her heart stop.

The apple trees closets to the house had all their branches broke, the apples from the trees smashed on the ground. The door to the barn then creaked, quickly turning around she spotted the door slightly open, she slowly made her way over and into the barn, she looked around for the culprit that caused all this destruction and her eyes landed on the sleeping form of Jacob, he was sleeping on some hay on the ground but what made her glare was that his hooves were covered in scratches and bruises as well as bits of apples.

She walked up to him and stomped her hoof down hard by his head making him jump up awake.

“What happening??” He spotted Applejack glaring at him “Oh Applejack...look I'm really sorry about lying a there anything I can do to make up fo-” he wasn't able to finish as he was punched in the face sending him to the ground.

“Do you think this is funny?! You think you can just destroy my came and get away with it?!?!” She yelled as she stomped closer to him.

He got back up to his hooves and stumbled back from her “w-what are you talking about??”

“Hrr you destroyed my farm!! Your hooves are covered in scratches and bruises from smashing the wagon, barrels, and buckets, and you have smashed apples all over you from crushing my trees apples!” She snarled as she got closer to him.

“N-no I didn't do that why would I do that??” He pressed himself against the wall of the barn.

“Because I called you out on lying, so you got mad and took revenge by destroy my farm” she towered over the cowering Jacob.

“I-I just came back here and went to sleep last night! That's all” he explained.

“And I should believe you why? You aren't honest, all you do is lie!” She growled before smacking him across the face with her hoof knocking him to the ground, she picked up the hat that fell off his head.

He held his a bruising cheek before looking up at Applejack with fear.

“Get out of here! I don't want to see you anywhere near here again! If I do you'll regret it I swear!” She raised her hoof at him.

Jacob scrambled to his hooves running out of the barn, he stumbled and tripped as he ran out of Sweet Apple Acres.