Princess Celestia's Most Faithful Headache

by X equals Friendship

Chapter 1

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All in all, it wasn't unusual for Luna to see her sister indulge herself with alcohol.

"Sister? We have another pile for you."

Sure, Luna probably shouldn't be delivering Celestia her mail, it was the duty of the royal attendant, but she could use any opportunity to check on her elder sister.

"Please tell me it's from Cadence complaining about Twilight being friendly with Chrysalis. Please."

Luna smiled unapologetically at her sister, a bottle of wine was levitated from her lips before being thrown to a pile behind her, it wasn't easy to get inebriated as an alicorn, but it looked as if Celestia was determined to try anyway.

"Sadly no. It's from her again, I think this one's thicker though."

Luna said as she dropped the heavy stack of documents on her sister's desk, the title

'The Magitek Theory, draft 75C (pending) by Professor Kokonoe Mercury'

on the first page.

Luna swore she could hear her sister whimper just by looking at it, she lifted the first page and indeed saw it full of words and diagrams from the very beginning.

"Seventy five? Has she really been that many?"

"It's Seventy Five C Luna. She has sent me over THREE HUNDRED revisions IN. TWO. MONTHS!"

Celestia cried in exasperation

"Just how in Equestria does Kokonoe manage to write so much!? And if I don't reply she just sends the next revision faster! The mail service refuses to refuse her service since she's the best costumer they've ever had and now they deliver it to me personally!"

Luna had to refrain herself from chuckling, sad as her sister's hysteria was, it was refreshing to see her not know how to deal with a situation from time to time. And the best part? Celestia had brought this entirely to herself.

It had started as a simple comment she had made when the promising pink haired pegasus with a labcoat had presented her magic theory.

"I'm afraid your study just wouldn't work my little pony, you should try asking a unicorn for advice since they would know better on the practical side of magic, some fields just are meant to some specific ponies."

Perhaps it had been due to the amount of stress her sister had at that time, perhaps it had been due to the amount of projects she had seen at the time, but the slightly rude and dismissive way she had told the pegasus about how her theory wouldn't work has ignited something in her.

And as such, she had begun an open debate to prove the princess she was right.

By sending her investigations straight to her, almost weekly and with every document having a minimum of twenty pages each. The young pegasus has singlehandedly become the biggest headache, and possibly nightmare, the powerful princess of the sun has had in centuries. Luna could swear Celestia couldn't look at a labcoat without having a mild panic spike of the amount of papers she would have to read.

Luna was actually impartial to the mare, her theory was sound if somewhat cynical in the way it analyzed magic as an energy source instead of the emotional receptor they knew it could be. Kokonoe's approach to it was drier, and contradicting to the philosophy of focusing on empathy and understanding to enhance magical abilities, Kokonoe didn't disregard them, she just focused in another aspect.

Celestia could just be somewhat preachy in her stance of magic, way more than Luna ever remembered being, and as such, this made her unable to just disregard everything Kokonoe send her. Call it morbid curiosity if you would, but Luna always awaited the next entry of the mare's theory, if anything, just to see how her sister would react to it.

Maybe she should visit Kokonoe later, to see if she had anything that could catch her eye.

"Oh by the way sister, she also reminded you to cut on your banana ration, something about it all going to your hips?"


Yup, Luna would definitely visit her later.