Lightning Burst

by ShadowedKnight68

New Home

The girls were sitting around the Cutie Map table waiting for Twilight to return, Applejack had told the girls what happened when she left the room and that Twilight would meet back up with them, that was a while ago now.

Just then the doors to the room opened and Twilight came walking in smiling brightly, Fluttershy was the first to speak up "is the filly alright?”

"Yes she's fine now” Twilight said with a smile.

"you were gone for a while darling, was she crying that much?” Rarity asked worried for the mental health of the filly.

"No I was actually with the doctor, she calmed down a bit after you girls left so I went to talk with the doctor, I was curious if they had found her parents or legal guardian but they hadn't, in fact they weren't able to find any record of her at all” Twilight explained.

"How could that be possible? She didn't just fall out of the sky” Rainbow Dash said floating in the air with her front legs crossed.

"At the moment we don't have anything on where she came from” Twilight frowned.

"So what should we do?” Fluttershy asked.

"Well after I found out that her parents couldn't be found I kinda decided to well….” Twilight moved out of the way of the door "come in” she smiled as the filly stumbled in slowly looking around at each of them "I decided to be her legal guardian till we find her family”.

The girls all walked over and stood in front of her Twilight then pointed to each of them "this is Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy, they are my friends and they are going to help us find your family”.

Henry looked at each of them 'what kind of names are those?....I guess talking colorful horse names….and how are they going to help me? I'm in some other world’ she thought.

"Do you want to tell us your name? It would be a lot better than calling you the filly…” Twilight smiled down at her.

'shit if I use my name it's gonna sound really out of place, especially for a girl...crap, wait those cutie whatever's match their names maybe that's how how they are named?’

She looked at her mark it was just a black lightning bolt 'um black bolt? Obsidian spark? No those sound like shit!’ she looked at the six mares who were looking at her worriedly "'s Lightning….Burst” she hoped they'd buy it.

The girls smiled "it's good to meet you darling” Rarity said.

Rainbow Dash flew over to her "yeah good to finally know your name, and i bet with a name like that you can fly pretty fast, maybe later we can find out?”

"sugar cube she's still recovering from her accident, she won't be flying for a while” Applejack said walking over to Rainbow Dash.

"Pfft flying will make her feel better” Rainbow Dash smirking as she imagined how fast she could fly.

"Not if she gets hurt trying” Applejack frowned.

"You don't know that she will”.

"And you don't know she wont”.

"I can't fly anyway” Henry piped in, she didn't need this conversation getting in a fight over flying if she can't fly.

"What????” Rainbow Dash cried looking like she'd been slapped across the face.

"What? I don't know how to fly….why is that so shocking?”

"Well because...your a pegasus! All pegasi know how to fly!” Rainbow Dash flew lower to her so they were face to face.

"Well...I don't" Henry looked at her in amusement as Dash tried to think of an answer to this impossibility, a small smile grew on Henrys face, one that went noticed by Twilight and the other girls except Dash.

Rainbow Dash finally gave up with a sigh of defeat before she smiled “I'll have to teach how than".

"What?” Henry looked at her shocked.

"I won't allow you to continue on without knowing how to fly, so I'll teach you how to” Rainbow Dash landed by her "it's gonna be awesome!”

Henry looked at her "how about no….I'm fine with staying on the ground, you can have the sky for yourself” she patted Dash on the chest

"Come on Lightning Burst, I want to show you around the castle so you know where everything is” Twilight said as she picked her up with her magic setting Lighting on her back

Dash just stood there frozen in shock, the other girls followed and giggled at Dash’s shocked expression.

"Cheer up Dash she's still not used to any of this, she probably doesn't even trust you, maybe once she gets to know yah she'll let you teach her?” Applejack closed Rainbow Dash’s open mouth as she walked by.

Dash thought about it and smiled 'than I guess I'll have to make her like me’ she flew after the girls.


"And this is where you will be staying” Twilight said opening the door to a rather large room,Henry looked in at in in awe, they had walked through the entire castle, Twilight showed her each room, and now finally showing her the room she'd stay in.

"It's huge!” She said as she climbed off Twilight back and stumbled in looking at the high up ceiling, the girls all smiled looking at her amazement.

"Well I couldn't give you a small room that would be just cruel” Twilight chuckled.

"Thanks” Henry smiled making her way over to the window, she looked out it seeing the world outside, it really was beautiful, back home she never saw places like this besides in pictures and movies but now she was actually seeing large forests and grassy hills.

Rainbow Dash flew over and landed by her "you know you can see a lot more from the sky, plus CloudsDale let's you see all over Equestria”.

"CloudsDale? What's that?” Henry asked

"What?!?!” Rainbow Dash yelled.

Henry’s ears folded back "ow ok ok these ears are sensitive”.

"How can you not know about CloudsDale???” Rainbow Dash asked in confusion.

"I just don't….speaking of which where am I right now?” She asked raising her eyebrow.

"Oh oh your in Twilight's castle!” Pinkie said excitedly "what do I win??”

"I got that thank you and I meant where is this castle? Where is this town?” She huffed.

"Ponyville and Equestria?” Twilight said sounding confused "where did you come from?”

'from another world’ she had to think this through in order to not sound suspicious "I don't... remember….”

"What? How can you forget that?” Twilight asked before gasping "you must have amnesia”.

'thank God she figured that out, hopefully I can play this card long enough for me to find a way home’ she put on a sad face "I do…?”

Twilight frowned walking over and nuzzling her "I'm sorry Lightning”.

Henry went stiff, she was feeling odd, she felt the care behind the nuzzling and the sadness, it made her feel bad about lying to Twilight, tears formed in her eyes 'what...what is this?? I never felt this emotional before!’ she shook before she buried her face into Twilight's neck and began crying.

Twilight was surprised but she then sat down and pulled Lighting closer to her and hugged her “it's going to be ok...we'll help you get your memory back” the girls all walked over and joined the embrace.

Henry sobbed uncontrollably 'I’m sorry! I'm sorry….!’ she cried in her thoughts as she sobbed into Twilight's chest.

After a while Henry stopped crying and they all stopped hugging, Twilight looked down at her "feel better?”

Henry nodded rubbed her tears out of her eyes "sorry….I don't usually cry….” She sniffled.

"It's good to cry, if you don't you'll just bottle it up and that will cause more harm” Twilight said as she brushed Lightning's hair out of her face and she smiled up at her.


Henry was laying in her new bed reading a book on Equestria History, Twilight was very excited when she had asked for the book but was also curious why she wanted it, Henry made up the excuse that she just wanted read it, she was lucky Twilight believed her and agreed that he's liked to re-read books herself.

It was pretty interesting stuff actually in it, apparently this world was based around magic, there were alot of mythical creatures that lived in this world but nothing about humans unfortunately.

She also found out that everyone she's met isn't a horse they are actually a pony, she wondered if there were horses but she wasn't able to find anything on them, she did the out however that the land was ruled by two princess sisters named Celestia and Luna, they were pretty much like goddesses from what she read.

The most shocking thing she found out was that Celestia and Luna controlled the sun and moon here, she was finding that this world was vastly different from earth and yet very similar, it wasn't as advanced with technology like earth is but it made up for it with magic, and it appeared to not have as many wars as earth, it was a pretty peaceful world besides some of the creatures that lived in it.

And since this place had so much magic Henry figured there must be a way to return to earth, she just had to find it, though that would require getting to know the world she lived in, she just hoped she wouldn't be found out, these ponies didn't seem to like things pretending to be ponies.

She didn't know what they would do to her if they found out she wasn't actually from this world, maybe banish her far away, or lock her in a dungeon, or even kill her, she was hoping for the other two rather than the latter.

She yawned and blinked a couple times as she continued reading, her eyes kept getting heavier and heavier as she read, eventually her head rested on the bed and she passed out.

Twilight peaked her head into the room and saw Lighting fast asleep won't the book open in front of her, she smiled and walked in quietly, she used her magic to take the book off the bed and moved Lighting so that her head was on a pillow, she then pulled the blanket over her and turned the lights off and left the room.


Henry woke up and stretched, he yawned and rubbed his eyes, his eyes shot open wide as he realized he had hands, smiling he jumped out of bed finding he was himself again “thank God! That dream was insane!” He chuckled as he left his room.

He opened his brothers door finding his bed empty "well well looks like someone finally woke up before their brother” he walked downstairs "Sam? You already awake? I wasn't expecting you to be up before m-” he stopped talking when he saw standing across the room was a copy of himself, only his copy had black eye and a very inhumane smile stretched across his face

Henry looked at his creepy copy and swallowed his suddenly dry throat "who...who the hell are you?!”

His copy's neck snapped to the right sharply and he heard it's neck crack "never looked in a mirror?” It asked, the smile never leaving it's face.

"You aren't me….” Henry kept his eyes on this thing.

"You're right….I'm not a little yellow pony” it bent its head the other direction making another crack.

Henry looked at it confused before he realized everything started getting bigger and, he looked around confused before realizing with dread that everything wasn't getting bigger, he looked down at his body finding the small filly body again.

He looked back at the double only to freeze, his double was inches from his face, that smile still on its face.

"boo” it said softly.

Henry bolted up the stairs as fast as she could with her hooves, she glanced back and saw it was crawling up the stairs on all fours, its arms and legs moving faster than she's ever seen a person move on their hands and feet.

He stumbled up the rest of the stairs and towards her room, spinning around to close the door she watched as her double jumped at her letting out an inhuman screech, she slammed the door in its face and panted but she never heard a thump of it hitting the door, she hesitantly put her ear against the door to see if she could hear it.

She heard nothing though only silence, she heard a light creak behind her and went as still as a stone, her heart started beating faster as she slowly turned her head around to look behind her.

She was greeted by the things face smiling at her inches from her face, she was began shaking looking into its black soulless eyes, time seemed to slow as they stared at each other, neither moving closer to the other, just sitting there staring.

The double then jumped at her screaming.

Henry jumped up in bed screaming as loud as she could, she thrashed around swinging her hooves to protect herself, as she thrashed around electricity shot out of her body burning the end and walls.

Twilight burst into the room and  saw the electricity shoot outaround her, she rushed over to the screaming filly using her magic to protect herself from the electricity "Lighting! It's ok! It's ok!” She tried to calm her but she obviously couldn't hear her, she wrapped her arms around her trying to get her to calm down, the electricity burned her but she ignored it as she kept telling her she was ok.

After a few minutes Lighting stopped screaming and thrashing, the electricity had reduced to small static sparks as she sat there panting, Twilight looked down at the shaking filly as she just stared off across the room not looking at anything, her eyes were pinpricks.

Twilight lightly brushed her mane, Lighting flinched at first but calmed down and sat there not moving "what happened…?” Twilight asked as she looked down at her.

"Bad….bad dream…..” Henry spoke with a shaking voice, she didn't look at Twilight.

"I'm sorry….” Twilight frowned, they sat there like that for a while, neither of them said a word just sitting there, Twilight continued to try and comfort her and Lighting remained unresponsive, she stopped shaking and leaned into Twilight's embrace after a few minutes.

"Feel better?” Twilight asked

Henry nodded slowly 'what was that dream?...why did I have it?’ she asked in her thoughts but got no reply, she couldn't even tell Twilight about it without revealing she wasn't actually a pony, but maybe she should? It will help not having to lie anymore but how would Twilight look at her if she found out? What if she hated her for lying, want if she threw her out of the castle, or what if she turned her into whatever authority these ponies had.

She shook at the thought and decided to keep the dream and her identity a secret, she sighed this day was already turning out to be horrible much like the day before.

She looked down at Twilight's arms seeing they were burnt slightly from the electricity "your hurt!.... because of me….” Her ears folded back.

Twilight quickly shook her head "no no you had no control, you were scared, it's nothing some healing magic won't fix” she smiled trying to make Lighting feel better.

"I'm sorry….I just keep causing trouble….” She hung her head.

"You don't have control over this….don't blame yourself, hey how about we go into town and see if we can find something to make cheer you up?” She offered looking at her with hope.

Henry just wanted to stay in bed and feel horrible, she was about to turn down the offer when she looked into Twilight's eyes, she was really trying to make her feel better "ok….” She gave in and put on a small smile.

Twilight smiled brightly and picked her up setting her on her back before leaving the room "c'mon spike we're going into town” she called

"Who's spike?” Henry looked at Twilight questioningly.

"What? Did I not tell you about Spike??” She asked looking shocked.

"No” Henry answered still wondering who Spike was.

"Sorry, he's my assistant, he was visiting a friend yesterday so maybe that's why I forgot to mention him” Twilight said while thinking as she walked.

Just then a small purple and green lizard walked into the hall, Henry looked at it in shock "that's a big lizard!” She yelled before covering her mouth, she meant to think that not shout it.

"I'm a dragon” Spike huffed looking at the filly “Twilight who is she?”

"Oh spike meet Lighting Burst, she'll be staying with us for a while” Twilight smiled.

"Oh….ok….” He looked at the filly sitting in the spot he'd normally be in.

Henry stared back at the supposed dragon 'whys he looking at me like that?’

'whys she looking at me like that?’ Spike thought as the two stared at each other.

"Um ok you two let's go” Twilight said walking breaking the strange staring contest, she walked towards the door to leave and spike followed behind her.