The Elemental War

by Just_a_guy

Act 7 Anger|Ponyville

Kindness is a trait which can help you get closer to people or help them in need. Fluttershy has pure kindness in her heart to every pony but mostly to her animals. In this Act that kindness is gone. Her element will be filled with hatred and Anger.

It is day 2 and Ponyville was filled with royal guards who were assigned to help defend Ponyville. Animals were surrounding the place trying to protect Ponyville and Fluttershy stayed with them. Fluttershy saw her bear friend shivering scared. Fluttershy heads up to the bear touching his shoulder with her hoof. She asks the bear

"Whats wrong Mister Bear?"

the bear then tells her in his language

"I don't think I can fight well. This is my first time fighting."

Fluttershy smiled a bit and tells him in comfort

"Don't worry. Remember what we trained okay. Then you can fight well."

The bear got better and smiled at Fluttershy. Fluttershy walked towards a Royal guard asking him

"Are you all ready? This could be the time we need to fight Drogon."

The guard replied

"Yes but there is one guard who is apparently sleeping on the Job. We tried to wake him up but nothing worked."

Fluttershy was shocked by this and she walked towards the sleeping guard which was sleeping next to the statue. She yells

"Hey you wake up!! Sleep then you will die with no honor!"

The sleeping guard finally woke up and said to her

"Oh sorry... This happens to me sometimes."

The guard walks to his position to do the right thing.

Fluttershy then sees a big Ship heading towards them. Fluttershy went to the Royal Guards and shouted

"They are here. Remember defeat the enemy and defend me."

The ship then floats on top of Ponyville then some of the tall buildings gets destroyed a bit. Chrysalis is with the assassin looking at the window. The assassin asked Chrysalis

"should I join you your highness?"

then Chrysalis replies

"no. You stay here and watch Drogon."

The assassin agreed and wen't to the medical area. The ship finally stops and Chrysalis exits with all of the other Changelings. Fluttershy ,with her animals, were right in front of her and Fluttershy was surprised to see Chrysalis again and that the Changelings were evil again. Chrysalis said to every pony and to the animals

"I apologize that Drogon can't be here. But I will do what he commands. Hand over the element and we will leave Ponyville alone."

Fluttershy said to her in anger

"I'm sorry my element is not for sale. So pack up your Changelings and leave"

Chrysalis was shocked to see Fluttershy more assertive than last time. Chrysalis responded to her

"you'd rather fight than hand it over. Imagine the animals that we could possibly kill."

Angel Bunny wen't to Fluttershy's ear whispering something at her. Fluttershy then said what Angle told her.

"Angel said to get lost you Insect!!"

Fluttershy shouted at Chrysalis.

This triggered Chrysalis so hard that she said

"no pony calls me an insect. If you will not give us the element then we will get it from you. Changelings attack!!!!"

The Changelings starts charging towards Fluttershy and the Animals. The birds flew towards the changelings and they attacked. The woodpeckers would stab the changelings using their beak. The eagles would push the Changelings head first and the other birds would just surround the changelings.

All Pegasus guards would also join the fight with the Birds and do the best they can to stop the Changelings from getting to Fluttershy. The Changelings had the upper hand from the animals since most of the birds are not their size. All the Pegasus kept fighting and fighting until something happened. Chrysalis unleashed her ultimate magic onto the Pegasus army. It made the Pegasus crash on the dirt injuring them and they're wings in the process.

"Ahhh my wings!! I did not sign up for this"

a guard said to himself. Fluttershy starts Flying up a bit and tells every Animal and surviving Pegasus to fall back. The animals and Pegasus ran (or fly) back to avoid getting hit more. Fluttershy got mad at Chrysalis for hurting her kind. She said to the animals

"Attack when I say so!"

Chrysalis looked at them with an evil smile on her face. The changelings were on the ground getting ready to charge. Chrysalis shouted at Fluttershy

"this is your last chance. Give me the element or perish!"

Then Fluttershy yelled back at her

"never. If you really wan't it, then get over here!"

Chrysalis then looked really mad that Fluttershy didn't comply. 

"Alright. Changelings attack!!"

The Changelings starts running towards The ponies and Animals. Fluttershy then screamed

"Pony Ville Forever!! That means go!!"

The animals went first with Fluttershy and they looked awesome running with each other as if it is part of a scene of a trailer but was never used in the final movie. The ponies at the back followed them screaming. The fight begins.

The Carnivores ,who fought with Fluttershy, started on the offensive by scratching, punching, kicking and biting the Changelings. The Herbivores weren't too aggressive like scratching or biting they just do punches, kicks and push. Sometimes they would trick the Changelings to fight a Carnivores. The Omnivores were a mixture of both but they can be the trickiest ones to hit.

Fluttershy was stronger than before after she drank the potion. She hits harder than before and she seems more serious. The guards were able to fight the Changelings and it was so intense that half of each were knocked out depending on how they fought each other.

Almost all of the Herbivores were knocked out or died by the Changelings since they were like Carnivores. Some changelings actually died by the Carnivores and the Omnivores. Fluttershy is still fighting and she uses her element against the Changelings. Then Chrysalis finally gets to Fluttershy after fighting lots of animals and Guards.

Chrysalis said to Fluttershy

"stay down. Final warning!"

Then Fluttershy looked at her in anger and she said

"I can do this all day"

so Fluttershy attacks first by grabbing Chrysalis and flying while grabbing her. She then punches her which makes her fall down really fast that she landed at Sugar Cube Corner. Chrysalis was injured a bit but no bones were broken. Fluttershy landed at Sugar Cube corner ready to fight. Chrysalis was to weak to fight that she couldn't stand up. Fluttershy said to her while walking towards her

"this is over. This war will end with your death."

Fluttershy uses her element to show a beam of light  heading towards Chrysalis. Chrysalis used her magic to make a beam of light which made her and Fluttershy's beam collide. Chrysalis got the upper hand as her strength came back. Chrysalis's beam made Fluttershy fly till she hits the wall.

Chrysalis finally got up and walked towards Fluttershy. Fluttershy couldn't get up because she was weak on the floor. Chrysalis said to her

"I tried to let you surrender. Because of this decision you have doomed the ponies. In order for Drogons quest to finish. Some of you ponies must die!"

She uses her magic to get the Element on her neck and flees with it. She then goes up to the sky and shouted

"Changelings are mission is done. Head back to the ship!"

The changelings stop hurting the Ponies and Animals. The door of the ship opened and all the Changelings entered with Chrysalis.

A royal guard got so mad that they lost and asked his other guards

"great we lost. Now what?"

But another royal guard told him

"look I think Fluttershy in on the ship!"

The royal guard saw Fluttershy outside the ship and he was surprised. Fluttershy tries to find a way to get inside the ship because the door is locked. She then sees a window which leads inside the ship. She breaks the window entering and she sees the assassin with orange juice for Drogon. The assassin saw her and was frightened that he dropped the Orange Juice.

Fluttershy acted fast by intentionally killing him by breaking his neck.  She the continues to search until she sees 2 of Drogon's guards walking discussing something.  She hides inside a room which she thinks its a good idea. The guards kept walking and Fluttershy was relieved until she realizes that the room was an armor closet where the guards get their armor and that there was one janitor in there to clean the floors. The janitor was surprised that he took  out an emergency button to alert that intruders are inside the ship.

Fluttershy got surprised by the sirens that were played inside the ship that she got out the closet and ran. She kept running until she was caught by the same 2 guards that passed by her. They knocked her out using both of their fists.

Fluttershy wakes up inside a room with only light bulb. She is on a chair tied up so that she can't move. She looks around and she sees nothing but cardboard boxes and shelves filled with old stuff that were never used. She asks herself

"where am I?"

Then after she sees 2 figures coming in through the door. It was Chrysalis and Drogon. Drogon has a bandage on his chest with blood on it and he is still weak. Chrysalis said to Fluttershy

"you will all fail! This is what happens if you don't comply with our needs. You will loose evedrything including your animals."

Fluttershy responded

"you lost everything too when Starlight , Trixie, Thorax and Discord came to your life"

this triggered Chrysalis that she punched Fluttershy so hard on the face that blood came out of her mouth. Drogon held the Element in his hand without the necklace and placed it on his gauntlet. The dark aura appeared again and the element turned gray. Drogon said

"this is anger"

after saying this Fluttershy was sucked into the gauntlet.

The slots on the fingers were complete. There is only 2 sets left, one on the thumb and one on the middle of the hand. The element of Anger can be used on the owner or others, it will give the owner or the one used on strength and will heal them in a few seconds. Drogon used the element on himself which stopped his bleeding and weakening.

Drogon and Chrysalis got out of the room and walked in the hallway. Drogon says to himself

"only 2 more to go, then half of the life in the universe will be wiped out."

Chrysalis asked Drogon

"will I be wiped out of existence Drogon?"

Drogon responded

"just hope."

Fluttershy can only see darkness, she asks herself

"where am I?"

Then when she blinked she sees all her animals being captured in a big truck. She follows the truck until it stopped at a factory. She enters the factory and what she sees is horrible. She sees all the animals being killed, slaughtered and cooked into food. She even sees Angel Bunny going through the process that she screams so loud that she cried on the floor. This is her fear of loosing all of her animals.