The Elemental War

by Just_a_guy

Act 6 Greed|Crystal Empire

Generosity is an important thing a person must have in order to have a friend or to make them feel happy. But for greed it is not a good example. Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins which is a man is possessive and doesn't wan't to share anything.

The Crystal Empire was shielded by Shining armor like what he did to Canterlot one time. The place was surrounded by Crystal Guards and Royal Guards sent from Canterlot.

Rarity, Spike and Shining armor were in the castle looking out of the window. enjoying the view. Spike held onto the potion that Twilight and Zecora gave him. Spike said to himself

"I think when he gets here. I will just drink it. I wonder if I transform to the dragon I expected from my fantasies?"

Rarity tells asks Shining Armor

"Do you think the shield can hold of Drogon and his possibly large army?"

Then Shining armor laughed a bit then replied

"Of course! I finally know how to make my shield stronger than before!"

Rarity tells Spike

"My dear Spike you must stay here because I don't want anything happening to you!"

but Spike said to her

"No I can't. We need to fight them because they are coming for the elements. I'm not gonna back out of a fight this time. So no matter what I will fight with you!"

Rarity was scared to loose Spike but Spike had a point. He has backed out in too many fights but this time he won't be scared. Rarity told Spike

"Fine....You can join the fight. Just remember to drink that potion Zacora gave you when the time is right because I don't know how long the effects lasts on you."

Spike then finally smiled of what she said to him.

Shining Armor looks outside and he sees Drogon's ship and on the window was Drogon and Chrysalis. Shining was surprised to see Chrysalis working with Drogon plus he was surprised that Drogon already has 2 elements. Shining heads to Rarity and Spike and gives the bad news

"Drogon is here in his big ship but he has Chrysalis with him. Get ready you two."

Rarity Shining and Spike ran down stairs until they made it towards the scene. They were shocked that the ship was huge than any other ships they have seen before. It was just floating there outside the shield and they didn't move an inch.

Suddenly a voice ,which is enhanced by a speaker, was heard by every pony in the empire (Including Spike). It was Drogons voice and it said

"Crystal empire! we have come for the element of Generosity or the element of greed. Surrender it and we wont attack and possibly destroy the Crystal heart or kill Flurry Heart."

Then Shining responded

"Never! even if you destroy the Crystal heart you won't take the Element or kill my baby. Plus my baby isn't with me or with my Wife!"

Drogon didn't care to know where Flurry Hearth is since he is focusing on his quest. Chrysalis responded instead of Drogon because she Interrupted Drogon

"Fine have it your own way! Changlings attack!!"

Then it happened the Corrupted changelings exits the Ship and charged. Spike looks at the corrupted changelings and says

"The changelings are evil? But how?"

Rarity and Shining were also shocked to see this. Shining said

"Spike it doesn't matter. He is about to steal the Element. Even though Thorax is there you need to fight."

Spike sighed in fear.

The Changelings started hitting the shields as hard as they an with their heads. Drogon watched and said to Chrysalis

"The shield is stronger than before. Lets put some more action!"

Chrysalis nodded. The ship then shows laser guns popping out. The Pilot pulls the trigger and the lasers hit the shield so hard that shining is having a hard time holding the shield. Shining said to both Spike and Rarity

"I cant hold the shield for to long. They are too strong."

Just then rarity had an Idea

"I will give you the signal to open the barrier"

But spike told her

"are you crazy!? we will risk getting attacked immediately."

Rarity tells him

"trust me. I know how to deal this"

Spike believed her. Spike takes out the potion and starts drinking it.

The bottle was empty and spike dropped it making it break. Then Spike felt like he is growing and getting bigger. It finishes and Spike looked like what he fantasies in his Imagination and dreams. Spike was surprised by this

"Oh my goodness. This is what I always dreamed of."

Rarity was also impressed to see the new Spike. Rarity waited for the right time to tell Shining to open the Shield. Drogon and Chrysalis got ready to head down to the Empire when the shield is destroyed. Rarity shouts


and Shining opens the Shield.

Every Changling got inside along with the ship. The ship kept firing lasers at the buildings destroying them at the process. Every Crystal and Royal guard started charging at the changelings and the Changlings did the same thing. Punching started and magic was used. Each Crystal guard charged headfirst at a changeling while some guards who have magic uses it to weaken a changeling. But the changelings have the upper hand since they were stronger.

Each changeling started biting each guard and punches each guard until they die. Spike told Rarity

"Rarity you need to hide since Drogon wants you."

Rarity responded

"You're right. If he wants me he better catch me"

Rarity then ran right back in the castle. Spike and Shining were now fighting side by side. Shining told Spike

"Lets see if you can save us again Spike!"

Spike goes into action with his new self. Spike started giving powerful punches to knock out the Changelings not kill them. Shining uses his magic to weaken and injure changelings. Just then Spike sees thorax standing right in front of him. They both stare at each other waiting. Spike said

"Thorax what happened to you? I taught you changed into good?"

Thorax didn't say a word and just charged already. Thorax charged Spike headfirst on the chest making Spike flying. Spike was able to get to ground and ran back to Thorax punching him on the face. He says to him

"Thorax snap out of it!"

But Thorax hit him back with his hoof.

Thorax puts his hoof on Spikes neck and he says

"Forgive me."

Thorax's horn starts to light up which means he is using his magic. Then the light gets brighter and brighter. Spike shouts to him

"Thorax please don't do this!!"

but Thorax doesn't listen. Then Shining sees Thorax harming Spike so he uses his magic to knock out Thorax. Shining goes to Spike helping him stand up then telling him

"Don't give up. We still need to protect Rarity"

Spike agreed and continued fighting the Changelings and trying to make Thorax snap out of his evil trance. The ship finally stopped moving but still shoots all the buildings. Drogon and Chrysalis got out of the ship and started to battle.

Chrysalis starts flying towards Shining with anger for revenge. Shining gets hurt when he gets hit by Chrysalis. Chrysalis says to Shining in anger

"this is what you get for not marrying me"

then Chrysalis started using her magic but Shining punched her face which stopped her using her magic.

"You Idiot you will ruin my beautiful face!"

Shining then hits her with his magic and they both fight at one part of the war. Drogon walks towards the Castle but some Royal and Crystal Guards try to stop him but Drogon has the upper hand since he has 2 of the corrupted Elements. He gets closer and closer but Spike gets in the way and tells him

"Stop right now. Hand over the elements and we won't fight"

but Drogon replied to him

"you're not brave. You are just a child in mask."

This triggered Spike so Spike punched Drogon that Drogon fell to the grown. Drogon tells him

"I gotta say I'm impressed really I am but you are still a child in a mask."

He uses the Gauntlet to weaken Spike and Spike gets weak that he falls to the floor.

Drogon finally enters the castle and heads upstairs. When he gets upstairs he finds Rarity sitting on her Drama chair. Rarity sees him and was shocked to see that he has already got 2 elements. Drogon tells her

"you know I was also a drama guy back in my planet. It's because I feel like I am in a movie which I was Impressed. Drama helped me to know what to say to other people but they are the mean type of drama. Now give me your element and I will spare your life."

Rarity then responds to him after getting of her chair

"never. If you want it you have to come get it you freak"

so they started to fight. Rarity starts by using her Element to form a laser which can hit someone or some pony. Drogon uses his gauntlet to form another laser and both of their lasers hit each other. Since Drogon has 2 elements he gets the upper hand and makes Rarity flying back. When Rarity lands she uses her magic to make her chair lift and uses it to hit Drogon on the head. When she hits Drogon on the head she says to her chair

"sorry chair."

Drogon got back up and ran towards Rarity but rarity punches Drogon in the face so hard results in his mask almost breaking. Drogon got so mad that he strangles Rarity on the neck and knocks her out with one punch. Rarity is now unconscious that Drogon gets her necklace and takes her element.

Drogon places the Element on the Gauntlet then the black aura appeared surrounding the Gauntlet and makes the element gray.

"3 more to go"

Drogon says. Rarity was then transported inside the Gauntlet. As he was walking towards the stairs he was ambushed by a mad Spike who saw everything. Spike stabbed Drogon with a shard of Crystal he found on the chest. Spike says to Drogon

"This is what you deserved. This is what you get for killing rarity and getting her element."

Drogon now feels weak from the big stab. Drogon says to Spike weakly

"You.... You should have gone for the head."

Drogon uses his gauntlet with the 3 elements combined to hit Spike which makes spike flying off the roof. Thorax then sees him in the sky and says to himself

"Oh no you don't"

he flies off to follow Spike.

Drogon is too weak to run that he looks out the window and uses the 3rd element (greed) on the Guards (except Shining) and the effects is that they were distracted by what they see and they go to that item and take it. Sometimes they would fight themselves for the item.

Shining and Chrysalis still fight until it was cut short when Chrysalis knocks him out with a punch and she thinks she killed him. He gets a message from Drogon through an ear piece she got from Drogon. Drogon tells her

"Get you changelings back to the ship and tell the Pilot to get me. Ineed to heal so you will get the next element for me."

Chrysalis obeyed his ordered and brought back the changelings back into the ship. The pilot gets to the Castle window and Drogon jumps towards the ship and got in through a window. Inside the medic took care of Drogon and hires a worker to make him a new mask.

Rarity wakes up in the Gauntlet. She asks himself

"My this place looks too dark. Is there a light switch here?"

Rarity blinks and then she sees her workshop on fire an that she hears a screaming inside. It said


the voice was Sweetie Bell. Rarity rushes inside saying

"Sweetie Belle I will save you!"

Rarity enters the building and sees that all her hard work was destroyed. She says to herself

"No! that fabric was expensive!!!"

She kept going until she sees Sweetie Belle whose hair was on fire. Rarity grabs her and takes her out. Sweetie Belle said to her "I was sleeping untilĀ  mysterious fire appeared."

Then Sweetie Bell passed out. Rarity screamed in horror as she sees her workshop goes into flame and that Sweetie Belle almost died. This was her fear.

Back with Spike. Spike lands at the train station with the Train still at the station. Spike turns back into his normal form. When Spike wakes up he notices he got smaller. He says to himself

"Oh man.. I guess not all wishes can come true. I need to get to Twilight and warn her."

Spike gets on the Train and notices that the driver is gone so he drives the train himself. Thorax sneaks on-top of the train and waits for the right moment to enter. The train starts moving to get to Canterlot. While driving the Train spike hears sounds from on-top of the train.

"Who could that be?"

Spike wondered. Then Thorax enters the train scaring Spike. Thorax starts hitting Spike hard and Spike starts saying

"Thorax stop! This is a spell snap out of it!"

Spike started hitting Thorax back with a shovel a few times until Thorax finally passed out.

5 minutes later Thorax wakes up and wonders what happened. He asks Spike

"Spike what happened?"

then Spike responded

"You were in a spell so I had to hit you in the head to snap you out of it."

Thorax stood up and transformed into his good-self. He said to Spike

"I'm sorry Spike. Would you ever forgive me?"

The Spike said to him

"I forgive you. We need to head to Canterlot and Warn Twilight".

Thorax said

"If it's the only way then we must go."

The sun wen't down and the moon rises. Day one has finished.