The Elemental War

by Just_a_guy

Act 5 Initiation|Somewhere in the Everfree forest

In the ship Drogon and Chrysalis were looking outside thinking of what to do next for the attack. Drogon turned his head to Chrysalis. He tells her

"That was a good plan back there. You are like the brains of this plan. I have something for you to do."

Chrysalis asked what it could be.

"I need you to slay the other wolves because we have no need of them."

"Alright. I never liked them that much anyways"

Chrysalis told Drogon. Drogon said

"Since Shining Armor obviously put a shield on the Crystal empire, I will get the Changlings and make them back to your side. I have a spell that can make them evil and look like themselves when they were evil. They are strong enough to destroy the shield"

Chrysalis responded

"Yes! now I will finally have them back."

After the conversation she then leaves the room to heads to the room of Wolves. While walking she starts having a flashback of when Drogon met her and how she joined him.

Drogons ship was landing at the Everfree forest. When the ship landed the door opened and Drogon came out with some guards protecting him. He walks and sees nature and he says to himself

"this is beautiful. to bad no one will stay here and it will be destroyed."

They kept walking and admiring the nature around them. The assassin then asked Drogon

"Sir are you sure this is a good idea? This might be dangerous since she is a powerful being."

Drogon the responded

"Don't worry I can handle it. All I need is to choose the right words."

They finally reached their destination. In front of them was a cave with some light inside. The light was a torch that was lit nice. Drogon told his people

"Stay here. This is something I must do alone"

everyone agreed. Drogon, with his gauntlet, entered the cave bravely. As he walks inside the cave he sees wolves sleeping and eating meat.

"Wow I cant believe she lives here"

Drogon said to himself in his head. Then He sees Chrysaslis and she was looking at him.

Chrysalis was surprised to see someone that doesn't look like a pony or animal.

"I'm surprised to see an organism like you. Are you here to become food to the wolves?"

Chrysalis asked Drogon. Drogon then replied

"No. I am here for assistance for a plan to keep balance in the universe but in a violent way. I need your help for my quest to get the Elements of harmony."

Chrysalis then laughed so hard that it made Drogon mad. Chrysalis then said "Why would I help you? I only do things myself and I would never help any pony."

Then Drogon said to her "I knew you would say something like that. You leave me no choice."

Drogon pulled out his Gauntlet, with the element of sadness, and activated it. He uses it on Chrysalis to make her weak. Chrysalis falls down weak while the wolves did nothing to help her since their minds were else were. Chrysalis asked him

"What is this sorcery? Now I feel more weak than before."

Drogon told her

"Help me or die Chrysalis!"

then Chrysalis told him to stop.

Chrysalis told Drogon

"I will help you for your quest but first you need to do something for me."

Then Drogon asked her

"What is it that you need your highness?"

Chrysalis then answered

"I feel weak ever since my attempt to try to take over the Crystal Empire. There is an artifact which can regain my strength. It's in the temple of lost Ponies somewhere in the desert. I failed to retrieve the artifact since I am weak. The artifact is a liquid in a container which can make Ponies strong with ultimate power. Retrieve it and I will join you."

Drogon then replied

"I will do it."

Drogon exits the cave and his army saw him, the Assassin asked him

"what did she say?"

then Drogon responded

"We need to go to the temple of lost Ponies then we can go back."

Everyone went back to the ship and they left to find the temple and the Artifact.

They finally reached the temple which looked old and broken. Inside the ship Drogon told his Assassin

"I must go alone because this is something I must do alone."

The Assassin asked him

"why must you do this alone?"

Then Drogon replied

"I don't wan't to loose some of you guys."

The ship then landed and some sand flew away. Drogon got out with his Desert attire, which he made himself during his spare time at the ship, he then walks towards the temple but before entering he sees a female pony wearing a hood. She then takes it off and sees Drogon. She says to him

"You are entering a place of death. Every Pony tried to retrieve the artifact which lies in here but no-pony was ever able to get out alive with the artifact."

Then Drogon told her

"not today. I will be the first person to get it."

She then tells him

"You are a person? Like a different organism I never seen"

Drogon didn't listen but entered the temple.

As he entered the temple he sees 3 doors with writings on them. The first door on the left says It's a trap the second one on the middle says Definitely safe and the third door which says There is nothing here Drogon pondered for exactly 2 minutes then he decides to take the 3rd door since the first 2 could be a trap.

Eventually he was right and because of that he said to himself

"well that was easy"

he then proceeds. Next he sees black fire surrounding the next way to get thew artifact. There was a table with 5 potions with the same color but different sizes. A note was also on the table which says

"In order to get pass the fire of darkness, which cannot be extinguished with normal water, you must choose the correct potion in-order to cross the fire only twice. Here is a hint to choose correctly. 5 are organized from biggest to small but only one size has the right potion. 4 will kill you but one will make you invincible from the fire. One size that people want are what they want. When they are odd they want to be the one which is balanced to them. Through these saying you will find the answer."

Drogon read the paper over and over again until he figured it out. The safe one is the one in the middle.  Drogon drinks it and enters the fire in-order to get to the next room.

He then gets to the last room but the artifact is contained in a glass box. The floor were tiles with no symbols and the walls had holes in them. Drogon said to himself

"I know this!. This is a trick. But I will still run anyways."

Drogon started running and arrows flew beside him. He then made it alive and saw with his very eyes the artifact.

"Finally the artifact which will help Chrysalis get back on her hooves"

Drogon carefully takes of the container and gets the artifact. But then there was a shake which means the temple is collapsing.


Drogon shouted in anger. He then ran as fast as he can while dodging arrows, running towards the fire and going out through the right door. He runs towards the ship and doesn't notice the female pony saying

"Oh my goodness!? You got the artifact!"

The ship leaves and heads back to the Cave. The temple then turns into crumbs of bricks and dust.

Drogon enters the cave and gives the artifact to Chrysalis. She said to herself

"yes!! Now my strength can come back to destroy Cadence and Shining Armor! along with their Baby"

she opens the artifact and drinks the liquid inside it. She now feels strong and invincible than before. Chrysalis then asks Drogon

"Whats the plan now?"

We then go back to the present. Chrysalis enters the room of wolves and looks at them for one last time.

"Forgive me"

she said to the wolves. She slaughtered each wolves using her own magic tearing them apart limb from limb. Blood spreaded everywhere in the room and some guards saw her doing it and walked away. Chrysalis said

"It is done."

The ship landed at the kingdom of the changelings and every changelings were clueless. Thorax saw the ship and looked closer until he sees Chrysalis on the window. Thorax said

"Oh no! defensive position!"

The changelings got ready in their position. The ship landed in the middle of the kingdom and Drogon with Chrysalis got out. Thorax saw them and said

"It's her! attack!"

Chrysalis asked Drogon

"how will you get them to change sides?"

then Drogon answered

"Using these 2 stones."

Then he raised the gauntlet with his hands opened then closed his hands which spread out dark light which only affected the Changeling kingdom. Thorax was knocked out but got back up and when he opened his eyes he saw that his skin was back to his original form. Thorax said

"Oh my goodness!"

The other Changeling woke up and started shouting evilly.

Drogon told Chrysalis

"Since you used to rule them, you can tell them the plan and help them get back to the ship."

Chrysalis agreed.  Every pony and and Drogon entered the ship carrying on with the quest.