The Elemental War

by Just_a_guy

Act 4 Liars|Appleloosa

There was an old saying that people and ponies must follow to be a good citizen. Honesty is the best policy is important because sometimes being honest can be good and helps reconcile with broken things (not all of them). For liars they are the ones with secrets that they don't want to expose them to others. Apple Jack is both of them for example she lies to both Granny Smith and Filthy Rich but told the truth afterwards.

  Apple Jack is now in Appleloosa with her guards and buffaloes. The place was surrounded by buffaloes while the guards stayed inside to defend Apple Jack and her element. The guards have weapons which consists of sling shots and daggers.
Buffaloes don't need weapons because they are strong enough to handle some damage.

"I need to talk to you"

the Mayor of Appleloosa told Apple Jack.

"What do you need?"

asked Apple Jack.

"I can't believe of what will happen later, what will happen if we lost this battle?"

the guard asked.

"Then let us pray that a miracle could happen"

Apple Jack replied to the guard. Then they saw the ship going down to land.

"Look. It's him"

Apple Jack told every pony. The ship landed near the entrance of Appleloosa and when the door opens Drogon comes out with the Gauntlet in his hands with one element. Apple Jack said

"Oh no!? He got Pinkie Pie. Wait that gauntlet looks familiar"

Apple Jack started to have a flash back days after she was friends with Twilight. And it was before Twilight had wings.Twilight and Apple Jack were at the Library at Pony Ville before it was destroyed. Apple Jack was reading some books while she was having a day off from work. The book she was reading was Ancient artifacts no-pony has ever seen written by Doctor Whooves.

"Thanks for recommending this book to me Twilight, I really am Learning something."

Apple Jack told Twilight in happiness. Twilight replied

"Thanks. Doctor Whooves can go to different universes or dimensions to make more of his re-search. But this book is new so I didn't get the chance to read it. But still I like Doctor Whooves's books about his re-search."

Apple Jack kept reading through the re-search pages until something got her attention. This is what the passage says

"For this artifact I never knew It's origin or it's use since the place I found it was dangerous but it's not a place, it's a space ship. I got there by using my own little ship. The artifact is a gauntlet ,which aren't hooves, with 6 holes which are shaped. The shapes are symbols which looks like the Elements of Harmony but the Elements aren't present since they are back at Canterlot. The Origins are unknown but what I know is that it is made out of Gold. Further Observations of the Gauntlet cannot be made because I heard something which is like walking, I think it was 2 guards. I nearly got caught but I'm lucky to escape. But there was another Interesting artifact I found in the same room. It was a Necklace which is red and the shape is an eye. Again no origins or use of the object is known."

Apple Jack said to Twilight

"Twilight look at this. This gauntlet has holes with the symbols of the Elements of Harmony"

Twilight looked at the picture and was surprised.

"Oh my goodness. Just hope to Celestia no-pony got there hooves on that gauntlet. I think I should warn Princess Celestia"

Twilight responded. Apple Jack responded

"No because I don't think any pony would ever use this Gauntlet since the drawing doesn't look what we are familiar to. Plus it's probably just something to remind the guy something."

Twilight nodded.

We go back to the present and that Drogon was raising his hand.

"Ready? Go!"

Drogon shouted. The army was running towards Appleloosa. Apple Jack then saw the army getting closer and closer but with her very eyes there was a second army which looked different. It was a pack of pony eating Wolves that no one can tame, even Fluttershy can't tame them.

Apple Jack said to the Buffaloes

"Buffaloes defend!"

and they complied.

"Forward my brothers and sisters"

the leader of the Buffaloes told the other Buffaloes. The buffaloes charged towards the enemies and the fight starts. The second army went first because the Wolves are really fast.  The wolves started scratching and biting the buffaloes but the buffaloes bit back and knocking them back.

Some wolves died or injured but the wolves took the upper hand. The wolves surrounded each buffaloes and starts eating the buffaloes one by one.

"Brothers and Sisters fall back"

the leader of the buffalo told to the remaining buffaloes. Every buffalo retreated back to the village while some died in the battlefield. A sheriff asked Apple Jack

"Mam what do we do now?"

then Applejack replied

"We fight as one. For Appleloosa!"

the others shouted the same thing.

The army finally arrived and the fight begins. The guards would punch or kick or use their weapons. Their swords pierce the wolves and the army. They also use their sling shots to injure an eye or a body part. The wolves would just do what they would do when it comes to attacking a prey.

The assassin would use his dagger but no stealth since there was a crowd of those fighting. Drogon was fighting too to get to Apple Jack to get her element and Apple jack used her legs to kick the enemies and punches the enemies and she uses her element to shoot beams of light which can damage the skin a bit.

"Don't give up. Just keep fighting"

Apple Jack told her guards and the Buffaloes. But then Drogon punched Apple Jack so hard that she wen't flying until she crashed in a house in the village.


a guard shouted. The guard looked at Drogon and said to him

"you will pay for that"

. He started punching him but his punches weren't strong enough to at least knock him out. But then Drogon grabbed his throat suffocating him. Drogon then walked to the house and entered the door.

Drogon said to Apple Jack

"Give me the element and I will spare your life."

But Apple Jack replied

"Never, unless you can defeat me in a battle."

Drogon then agreed. Drogon started delivering punches but she grabbed his arm and tried to fight it. She then pulls his arm and punches him back. She then starts kicking him until he starts to feel weak.

"You win"

Drogon said weak. And then he appears dead on the ground. Apple Jack was surprised that she sees him dead on the floor. She said to herself

"I can't believe he is dead. Alright time to get the element off you"

she then got close to the gauntlet until the wall was destroyed by an explosion.


Apple Jack asked herself.

She then sees another Drogon with the gauntlet in his hands glowing.

"What? How?"

Apple Jack asked the other Drogon. Then the Drogon that appears to be dead stand up and transforms back into his real form. It was Queen Chrysalis and she was a part of the plan.

"Grab her"

Drogon told Chrysalis.

"Yes my lord"

She replied. She grabs her and Apple Jack said

"no! Dont do this!"

Drogon ignores her and grabs the element.

"Honesty now turns to Liars"

Drogon says to Apple Jack. When the element was placed on the Gauntlet the dark aura surrounded the gauntlet and turned the element grey. Apple Jack was then sent into the gauntlet

"Nooo!!!! You won't get away with this!"

Apple Jack said to both Drogon and Chrysalis.

In the gauntlet Apple Jack woke up and saw sweet apple archers but no trees. She sees Apple Bloom crying about this and she turned to Apple Jack

"they did this. The bats"

Apple Jack then hugged her crying. This is her fear.

Drogon used the stone to make the guards and buffaloes hate each other and made them slaughter each other. The army wen't back to the ship. Chrysalis asked Drogon

"Well my lord, who is next?"

then Drogon used his necklace then replied


then the ship leaves to go to the crystal empire.