The Elemental War

by Just_a_guy

Act 3 Sadness|Rock Fields

Laughter is an element of the 6 elements of harmony which is possessed by Pinkie Pie the first one to fall. The Rock Fields weren't in good condition back then but now it is like a fortress to defend an important artifact, and that artifact is the Element of Laughter. The rock field now  has walls, guards and more defense traps and weapons. There was a building used to store supplies but in the inside was a trap door which lead to a hidden bunker which was just built.

Pinkie Pie with 3 guards who were highly trained were inside the bunker. The captain entered the bunker with some very bad news

"Pinkie Pie! there is something abnormal in the sky, looks like a ship but it looks futuristic. Could that be him?"

Pinkie Pie then told the captain

"Maybe, get every pony ready. I will join the fight but if its too much for me to handle I will stay in the bunker."

Pinkie Pie with the other guards exits the bunker and looked at the sky.

"It's time to fight as one"

Pinkie Pie said in a serious tone.

"Let us remember this day even if we fail to protect the element"

Pinkie Pie told all her guards. In the Ship Drogon with his army all got to their places

"Remember never give up and help find the element of laughter!"

the army agreed. The ship got closer and closer until it landed outside the wall.

"This is it. Defensive positions"

Pinkie Pie shouted at the Guards.

As the guards got to their positions they readied their weapons. The archers got their bows and arrows ready, they raise them hoping to let go but they need to wait. The ship then opened showing Drogon, the general and Lieutenant with the army exits the ship.

Drogon shouted

"Surrender the element of laughter or suffer the consequences of me and my armies wrath!"

Pinkie Pie looked at Drogon with eyes of anger. She then responded

"Never! We would rather fight!"

Drogon got mad at this

"Army! Charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The army started running towards the fields.

"Ready,  Aim,  Fire!!"

Pinkie Pie shouted to make the Archers fire. The arrows started raining from the sky and a number of soldiers from Drogon's army got injured a bit and started to bleed.

"Don't forget to use shields!"

Drogon told his army. The next wave of arrows rain onto them but they used their shields but for those who didn't listen or were too slow got injured more or died on the battlefield.

The army got closer and closer to the fields, the guards who are defending the outside started to get their spears ready. The army learnt a strategy to stop those with spears. When they were there already the guards start stabbing the enemies but most of them missed because of the strategy.

When the guards stabbed, an enemy would grab the spear and break it making a knife out of it and used it to kill the guards.

"What!!?? okay enter phase 2"

Pinkie Pie told all the guards. The guards took out their swords and charged towards the enemies. The enemies gone prepared with swords. When the 2 factions finally reach each other, they fight with their swords. Every sword met each other violently and some swords make contact with flesh.

The guards feel like they have the upper hand but they were wrong. Drogon and his men finally arrive to the battlefield. Drogon gives powerful punches to the guards that the guards went flying or some could be dead. The Lieutenant uses a spear which can penetrate the skin faster than a normal spear.

The assassin uses a dagger and the art of stealth like a normal assassin to give unsurprising kills to a guard.

"Fine! I'll fight him myself. Captain assist me"

Pinkie Pie ordered the captain.

"Yes Mam!"

the captain agreed. Pinkie Pie runs toward the battlefield and fights the army along with the captain. Punches and Kicks were delivered to the army by Pinkie Pie. Blood spilled every where and bones cracked from both sides from the battle.

Few were gone from both sides and the only ones standing are Pinkie Pie, The captain, Drogon, The Lieutenant, The assassin and a few men and ponies. Pinkie Pie stared battling Drogon and they were both equal. Pinkie Pie punches Drogon that some of her hits were delivered or dodged. Drogon punches Pinkie but again some misses while some given. The captain started fighting the Lieutenant and both were fighting in a violent way.

"You do give a good fight, but I will still beat you and kill you!"

the Lieutenant told the Captain. The captain then replied

"Never trust what you say. Now!!"

a guard stabbed the lieutenant with a sword at the hearth.


Drogon screamed when he saw his Lieutenant die.

"Assassin get the captain!"

Drogon shouted to the assasin. Pinkie Pie kept punching Drogon and uses her element against him. The element shot out a beam of light which hurts Drogon a bit.

"You are good but not good enough"

Drogon told Pinkie Pie. Drogon uses his gauntlet to block her light beam and then Drogon jumped towards Pinkie Pie and gave her a hard punch that she flies to a big rock. Drogon walked to her with the assassin. The assassin took the captain and took out a knife. The knife was on the Captains neck and he was ready to slit Captains throat.

"You wan't this to stop I will make it if you give up your element! Give it to me or your captain dies by the Blade!"

Drogon yelled at Pinkie Pie.

"Don't give your element to him! Just let me die"

the captain told Pinkie Pie. Drogon said

"Make your choice otherwise he will die immediately!"

Pinkie Pie had a hard decision of whether to sacrifice her element to save a life or keep the element and watch a Pony who was close to a friend die in front of her. Pinkie Pie finally made her decision

"Fine I'll give you my element. Just let him go"

Drogon then replied

"Give me the element then I will let him go"

Pinkie Pie agreed. She took of her necklace and surrendered it to Drogon. Drogon then takes the element of the necklace and Puts the element in the Gauntlet. When the element was put on the Gauntlet a glow of blue light appeared then dark aura surrounded Element then it turned gray.

"Now it's no longer the Element of Laughter. It's now the Element of Sadness. Let him go."

The captain was freed from the assassin but then something happened. The element glowed gray and started sucking Pinkie Pie into the Element.

"What is happening! Help me!!!!"

Pinkie Pie panicked. Pinkie Pie is  now inside the gauntlet.


the captain screamed. The captain pulled out his sword

"You will pay for this"

he screamed. He then rushes for the Kill but it failed, the Assasin stabbed the captain on the throat. The captain bleeds and falls on the floor dead. Now time to kill the guards using this.

He then returns to the battle field and finishes of the last of the guards using the element which makes the guards weak with sadness. The guards are all dead and there were no survivors. The assassin asked Drogon

"Will there be anyone to replace the Lieutenant?"

Drogon answered

"Well there is one I grew an interest to this Queen and I believe she can help with my quest for finding the other Elements. Now the Next Element I will find is the Element of Honesty and it's with Apple Jack. The amulet told me that she is in appleloosa with an army. Prepare the ship and set the coordinates to the Queen first then we will go the Appleloosa."

"Yes sir"

the assassin agreed.

Pinkie Pie woke up and everything was black.

"Where am I"

she asked. Then when she blinked she sees ponyville and every pony are sad. Pinkie Pie asked a pony

"Why are you sad? You need to make that frown upside down"

The pony responded

"I am sad because the happiness inside me have faded and parties were outlawed by Celestia and Luna since they say it's stupid"

Pinkie Pay says to her self

"No parties!? This is my worst fear ever!!"

The Gauntlet shows a Ponies greatest Fear which makes the element powerful.

In Canterlot Twilight Sparkle had a feeling. She said

"Oh no! Pinkie Pie lost"

she felt worried for her other friends.

"Celestia Pinkie Pie's element is now with Drogon"

she told Celestia.

"Oh no. I hope who ever is next can defend well"

Celestia responded.

"If the other elements are taken I need to destroy my element"

Twilight said to Celestia. But then Luna told Twilight

"you can't destroy the elements of harmony because they are indestructible ever since me and my sister discovered them, so you have to defend them and use your element against Drogon."

Twilight felt worried. As the sun went down (not fully just an inch) a raid at Appleloosa will begin.