by ShadowedKnight68


Half a year has passed since Michael arrived in Equestria, after running from royalty, running from towns ponies, and eventually finding peace, she's finally relaxing. Celestia and Luna told all the ponies that Michael would now be a welcomed resident of their world, she spent time living in the castle but eventually moved into Ponyville mainly to continue trying to return home.

Though she hasn't had much luck since getting a machine to work in a world that had nothing like it was near impossible, so she spent a lot of time helping out around town, she still felt bad about stealing food and was trying to make up for it.

Michael was looking through some boxes in her attic trying to find a scarf, winter was coming, and she did not like the cold, rarity made her a scarf a while ago along with other clothes Michael hid away out of embarrassment and was now regretting it "dang it....I'm gonna have to get over the fact I'm a girl and I'll have to wear feminine clothing sooner or later..." As she pushed a box out of the way she found something she hadn't seen in a long time, the drone from her home sat dusty in front of her.

She blew some dust off it and smiled faintly "been a while buddy, sorry I couldn't get you to work, so we both could get home....this world just doesn't have the technology..." She sighed before noticing her scarf lying in top of the drone, she grabbed it and wrapped it around her neck "maybe one day..." She walked towards the stairs but took one last glance at the drone before leaving.

"So you really aren't going to miss your home?" Luna asked Michael as they sat at a table, the two had actually become good friends and would regularly spend time together.

Michael she took a bite out of a sandwich with gems in it, she found out if she mixes gems with normal food she could eat it "of course I'm gonna miss it but....I gotta face the facts, I don't have any way to get the drone to work, magic seems to only keep it up and running for a few seconds but it shot enough to get a message through, plus now that I'm not being hunted Equestria's not that bad if a place" she smiled.

Luna smiled "I am glad you have found contentment my friend".

"Thanks Luna, I'm glad I did too" Michael smiled while looking up at the sky watching the clouds float by, she could be happy here.