Circuitry of the Elements

by Tallow and Port


“What do you want, Silver Chess?” the queen stated, back towards the intruder as the moonlight cast her white fur in its silvery glow.

The middle-aged earth pony smiled, elaborate grey suit accentuating his mint green coat, dark red hair and black rook cutie mark well “nothing directly from your vaults this time, your highness; I merely come to enquire about what you plan to do with this current student of yours? The last one is coming along rather nicely under my care and is excited to potentially gain a sister.”

A frown creases the queens features, not that he could see it, and she took a dainty sip of tea “why do you insist on stealing away my students every time they leave my care, Chess?”

The green pony began to respond when the monarch turned to face him, a strange gleam in her eyes “never mind. I will say this only once… I will not make the same mistake. You will not be getting your hooves on this one.”

Silver Chess chuckled, adjusting his tie “we’ll see about that, Celestia.”
After the door shut and she could no longer hear his hoof steps, Celestia smiled, the glint in her eyes turning mischievous “oh, I have no doubt that you’ll see, my little pony. I just wonder if you’ll be able to accept it.”

Pov change scene change

Twilight flicked her lion-like tail nervously as she waited outside the throne room, cloven hooves creating a melody as she shuffled them to distract herself; what had she done? Had she failed a test? Was there an exam she’d forgotten about happening today? Why’d queen Celestia summon her like this?!

“Relax, Twilight, she probably just wants to give you a new book or something” Spike piped up from beside her, absently sucking on a crystal bead.

“What if I made a mistake in the wiring of that prototype last week? What if she’s planning to pluck each synthetic feather out in front of me before ordering me to put them on and go for a test flight?” the purple unicorn continued to fret.

The little dragon beside her paused in his snack to give her a disturbed look “wow, Twi; I know she’s the queen and all, but I don’t think she’d do that. In fact, are you SURE you should’ve refused that phycological evaluation yesterday?”

The purple unicorn huffed unconcernedly “it was a waste of my time! You’d have me leave half-finished model zen-12 hover skates with their circuitry exposed to attend something that obviously doesn’t affect anything except my self-confidence?”

Spike stared up at her for a few moments before sighing, striding over to sit on one of the many waiting area chairs and pull one of his favourite comics out of a dimensional pocket in his watch.

Twilight shifted on her feet again, shooting smiles of greeting towards passing noble as the seconds ticked by.

Finally, there was a beep, and the door in front of her slid seamlessly into the floor, allowing her access to the room within, and the queens warm voice drifted from beyond the threshold “come in, Twilight; we have much to discuss.”

The young pony swallowed, tentatively stepping inside the sparkling white room decorated with golden illustrations of the sun and thin drapes of cloth in the colours of Celestias mane as curtains; which were currently being drawn back to let her teacher bask in a spot of sunlight.

The sound of her hoof steps echoing throughout the room as Twilight made her way over to her mentors’ side was jarring, and she wondered why she hadn’t just started talking the second she walked in to mask this strange quiet.

“You, uh, wanted to see me; your highness?” she stuttered.
Celestia turned her head and smiled gently at her young student “Yes. Come, sit with me.”

Pov change scene change

The queen spread a wing to indicate Twilight sit beside her, feeling slightly guilty about not having much time to prepare the young pony for what was going to come next.

Once the smaller mare was comfortable beside her, she gave her some tea “I have two presents for you, my faithful student.”

Once her ears perked up, Celestia summoned an ancient tome from her vaults and floated it over to her “I remember you being particularly interested in ancient history last week?”

Purple eyes lit up with delight “oh my stars! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“It is absolutely no bother at all. Though your next gift will be even more important, so before that; is there anything you wish to talk about?” she asked kindly, trying to forestall the inevitable.

“Hmm… When’s my current assignment due?”

‘Of course.’ Celesia thought, rolling her eyes fondly “You know when it’s due, Twilight.”

The student smiled in embarrassment “I know; but I had to check in case you’d changed it or something!”

The sound of trumpets jumped through the windows, then; interrupting any further conversation and causing the queen to smile apologetically “it seems that your second present is ready.”
She rose to her full height and did her best to ignore the guilt pooling in her stomach as she felt her students enquiring stare.

Pov change scene change

The Alicorn led her out onto one of the many pearly balconies over looking the whole city of Canterlot, a place that was usually full of busily working AI helpers and teenagers pulling stunts with the latest hovering technology.


Twilight blinked in confusion when she realised that none of that was happening now, in fact, everypony in the city seemed to be here in the courtyard directly below her and the queen.

Celestia stepped forward proudly and spread her wings to their full extent, glancing sown at her sadly and whispering, “I’m sorry” Before looking back out at the mass of ponies.
“citizens of Canterlot! Nay, Citizens of all Equestria! Here this decree not as an order or statement, but rather the words of an old mare who has seen this young pony’s dedication and beliefs- and found them worthy!”

Pov change scene change

She closed her eyes as she said the last part, not wanting to see the reaction of her faithful young student at this current time “So I hereby decree, from this moment forth, that when my faithful student- Twilight Sparkle- completes her study under me, she will be risen to the title of princess, to become a queen to rule beside me in the future!”

There was silence for a moment, before an uproar of approving cheers, and the distinct sound of her students’ hooves skittering on the ground behind her before she sensed the unicorn fleeing from the balcony.

And she frowned “I’m sorry, my little pony, it was the only way I could think to protect you from the prime minister.”