One of those Days...

by Crimson Valor

Chapter 2 (Edited)

A/NSo sorry this took so long to get out, my life is getting in the way. I'll try to push myself to write more. Again BIG thanks to LordGremlin for Pre-reading this. Enjoy.

Chapter 2
One of Those Days…

I woke up from my sleep and had a morning stretch and yawn. ‘God this bed is comfortable…well, as comfortable as pony beds go,’ I thought to myself. I glanced to the clock hanging on the wall opposite me and noticed that it was 6:30 am.

‘Man, that’s pretty early for me.’ I looked to the left of me to see Ruby sleeping soundly and peacefully.

Heh, probably the best sleep she’s gotten since we arrived.’ I softly rubbed behind her ears, being careful to no wake her up, but applying enough pressure for her to know I’m doing it.

I looked at my legs to see if I had any indication to not move them, surprisingly they didn’t seemed that damaged compared to the rest of my body.

I wonder if I could walk.’ I slowly swung my legs over the edge of the bed and put pressure on my feet to see if I could feel anything.

Seem to be working.’ I slowly stood up using the bed as support and got to my full height. I heard some noise behind me and looked to see Ruby looking at me with a confused tilt to her head.

“It’s all right Ruby, just seeing if I can move.” She started to climb off the bed and walked towards me, sitting down in front of me tilting her head.

I slowly moved forwards towards the window to look at the landscape, tripping over myself a few times but catching myself before I fell. I finally managed get to the window and my jaw dropped. Through the window all I could see was white and grey buildings, all competing to be the tallest, all of them looked like they have been cleaned so much the colour had washed off. I then looked off to the distance and saw a very small town.

Who…either we are high up…or they are down low,’ I thought as I caught a view of the mountain in which the biggest, most beautiful castle was situated upon. The view I had screamed sophistication and wealth.

Ok, my life that this is the capital and that is where royalty lives…’ My thoughts got distracted as the sun began to rise over the landscape. I looked on in awe at this beautiful display of red, yellow and orange as it crept over the horizon. Not noticing the door opening with Cadence trotting in.

“Oh, you’re up…wasn’t expecting that yet.” Cadence said with a smile.

“I have to say it wasn’t easy but I managed from the bed to here…and I must say, you have a wonderful view of…where are we?” I asked


“Yeah, lovely view of the sunrise regardless…” I was interrupted by a low growling noise coming from my stomach; I looked at Cadence as she smiled.

“I’ll get breakfast, are pancakes suitable?” she asked.

“Sure, I’ll prepare for the day…by lying on the bed,” I said sadly. Cadence picked up on this.

“I know it’s hard to sit and do nothing, but you need to heal. Besides, if you can walk to the window, you must be getting better,” she said with a reassuring smile and she trotted out the door.

I lay back down onto my bed thinking about this new world ‘So, let’s recap. I get hit by a weird meteorite, I survived somehow, I woke up in some colourful world full of talking ponies that have unicorns, Pegasus and normal variants. Oh and also counting the Alicorn who have both horns and wings…ok, seems like I’m stuck here, so may as well get used to it.’ I was brought out of my thoughts by a knock on the door and Twilight Sparkle walking in.

“Good morning Simon, how’d you sleep?” Twilight asked politely

“Rather well, thanks for asking.” I replied

“That’s good, then.” She looked at me with wide eyes, you know, those eyes that are begging for information. I picked up on this.

“I take it you’re wanting me to answer a few questions?” I asked with a grin plastered on my face

“Yes please, I find you quite interesting, and want to learn more about you and your race.” She replied with a face full of wonder.

“Well ask away, I’ll try to answer the best I can.” She smiled and levitated a quill and notepad in front of her keeping them suspended in mid-air.

“First off, could you tell me about your race?”

“Sure. First, we’re called Humans, or if you’re feeling scientific, Homo sapiens, we live on planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy with one sun and moon. We are a very technologically advanced race with machines running nearly everything, but we weren’t always like that.” I paused to let Twilight catch up with writing and ask any questions, sure enough she did.

“When you say you weren’t always like that, what do you mean?” she asked unsurely.

“Well I don’t know that much, but from what I remember us humans didn’t have technology till later in life. So they relied heavily on gas to power things and animals to do some labour work.”
The question/answer session when on for some time, even as Cadence came in with a tray full of pancakes which I happily devoured as if my life depended on it. As the questions came to an end, I thanked Cadence for the lovely food and turned to Twilight as she flipped the tenth notebook closed and put it on the pile forming on the floor.

“Wow,” I chuckled. “That’s a lot of information there.” I said as I looked at the pile

Twilight looked at the pile and back to me with a smile.
“Thanks again for this information; it’ll prove quite valuable to the princesses.” I was shocked about this.

“Wait, this is going to the princesses? How come?”

“Well, they wanted to come visit you themselves, but are busy at the moment with royal duties, so they asked me to send then information regarding you so they can understand you a bit more.”

“Ah, ok. Any idea when I get to meet these Princesses?”

“They should be free soon, I’ll get Spike to send these when I get back to my room…Oh wait, you haven’t met Spike yet, you want to see him?” Twilight asked

“Sure.” I replied

Twilight then opened the door and stuck her head out; I covered my ears from the onslaught of sound that followed.
“SPIKE, COME MEET THE HUMAN!” I uncovered my ears and checked to see if I had lost my hearing, thank God I didn’t. I then looked up to the door to see a small purple dragon come into view. He looked at me with a confused look and stuck his hand out.

“The name’s Spike.” I took his hand in mine and shook it. “Hey Spike, name’s Simon. I never thought I’d see dragon here, too.”
“Why? Don’t you have dragons where you’re from?” Spike asked.

“Not really, you’re more of a legend than anything else.” I replied

Spike then turned to Twilight.
“Did you want me to send the notes?”
“Yes, please.” She then moved out the way so Spike could see the piles of notes.

“All of them?” Spike said with his mouth agape.

Twilight replied simply, “Yep” Spike shrugged and took a big breath and then released a green flame on the notes. I looked on with shock.

“Did…did he just burn all your notes?” I asked with shock.

Twilight looked at me. “No, he just sent them to the princesses. He has a special link to them so I can send them messages with his fire.” As Twilight finished Spike burped out a note. “Oh and he can receive messages, as well.” Twilight levitated the note to her face and nodded whilst giving it to Spike.

“Looks like the princesses will be coming to visit tomorrow morning,” Twilight said with a smile.

“Well, I’m looking forward to it.” I looked at the clock and it read 7:25 after which I covered my mouth with a hand and yawned. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to hit the hay for now, don’t want to be sleepy when meeting with the Princesses, do I?” Twilight giggled.

“Not really, I’ll see myself out. Good night, Simon.” Twilight walked out the door and shut it with her magic.

“G’night, Twilight.” I looked outside as the sun slowly sunk into the earth and down, slowly drifting off to sleep.