My Little Pony: Friendship is Harmony

by XFangHeartX

The Wrath of Queen Tundra, Part 2- Act I

Previously on My Little Pony: Friendship is Harmony, the ponies of Equestria are getting ready to celebrate the arrival of spring, when out of nowhere, an alicorn named Queen Tundra and her Pegasi minions put a halt on the festivities and declares an eternal winter. While Celestia holds her off, the ponies are forced to evacuate the capital, but their ruler is ultimately frozen in a block of ice. Twilight and friends rush to get the Elements of Harmony from the Tree of Harmony with Tempest Shadow going along with them, only to run into a pack of aggressive timberwolves, which makes the situation even more dire when the group realizes the dangers that Queen Tundra may wrought.

Just when they reach the Tree of Harmony and extract the elements, Twilight finds, to her horror, that the Element of Magic has rejected her as a vessel, which leaves only one question: how can our heroes stop Queen Tundra without the elements?


Twilight sat on the floor, gaping in shock, horror, and disbelief as she stared at her respective element while her friends stood around her, just as disbelieving as her.

"You can't use the Element of Magic?!" asked Rarity.

"But...but why?!" Pinkie questioned.

"I...I don't know!" Twilight answered, her eyes beginning to well up with tears.

"Without the Element of Magic, how are all the other elements supposed to work?!" Rainbow Dash asked.

"I...I suppose they can't," Fluttershy answered, worriedly.

"...So this is it, then," Tempest whispered in defeat. "Equestria's doomed...!"

"Now, hold up," Applejack spoke. "We managed to save Equestria without using the Elements of Harmony, before. Who's to say we can't do it again?"

"Applejack's right!" Rarity exclaimed. "I'm sure we can find a way to defeat Queen Tundra without using the Elements of Harmony!"

"...You're right," Twilight said, trying her best to regain her resolve. "We managed to save Equestria without them before...but how are we going to do it, now?"

"...So it's true, then."

The group turned to see, of all ponies, Frostbite and his entourage, entering the cave.

"It's the crazy queen's lackeys!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"I thought that was you, tailing us!" Tempest snarled.

"Get 'em!!" Applejack shouted as she and the others, except for Twilight and Fluttershy, began to charge...but then, out of nowhere, Frostbite and his troop bowed their heads, which stopped the group in their tracks.

"Uh...what are you doing?" Rainbow Dash asked in confusion.

"Surrendering," said Frostbite.

"...Is this some kind of joke?" Tempest asked.

"Please, let me explain," Frostbite said as he stood up. "My friends and I aren't really loyal to Queen Tundra...we only followed you because..." He then heaved a heavy sigh. "...I need your help."

"Our help?" Rarity repeated.

"You're the one who helped that crazy queen freeze our home!" Applejack accused. "Why in the hay should we listen to you?!"

"Now hold on," Tempest said. "...I think we should give him the benefit of a doubt."

"What?!" Rainbow Dash questioned. "Are you serious?!"

"That's what you all did with me, right?" Tempest inquired, causing everypony to glance at each other and, after taking a few moments to contemplate on this, nodded their heads before they looked at Frostbite and his friends.

"Thank you," said Frostbite. "I was...hoping you could help me with saving somepony...somepony who's very special to me."

"Who's that?" Pinkie asked.

"...My twin sister, Velvet Snowfall," Frostbite replied, somberly. "She needs help...and I can't do anything to save her, so I was hoping you guys would, since you've saved Equestria so many times."

"Is Queen Tundra holding her captive?" Twilight asked as she approached him. "Is that why you're following her orders? Because she's using her as leverage?"

"It's...actually more complicated than that," said one of the Pegasus mares on Frostbite's side.

"I'll tell them, Winter Gales," said Frostbite before he looked at Twilight and company. "Queen Tundra isn't holding my sister hostage. Queen my sister."

Twilight and friends all gasped in disbelief.

"Y...your sister?!" Tempest questioned.

"Say WHAAAAAAAAT?!!" Pinkie shouted in shock and rather exaggerated.

"'re a Pegasus!" Fluttershy exclaimed. "And she's an alicorn!"

"There's a very logical explanation for that," said Frostbite. "Velvet wasn't always an alicorn...she used to be a Pegasus, like me." He then sighed as he looked up at the ceiling. "I guess I should start at the beginning."

"Ooh! Story time!" Pinkie exclaimed as she sat in front of Frostbite with that usual goofy grin on her face, to the stallion's confusion.

"Don't mind her," Tempest said. "She's always like that. Anyway, please continue."

"...Right," Frostbite said.


It was winter in Ponyville, once again, and everypony was out and about, despite the cold weather. However, out of everypony there, two little Pegasi foals, a colt and a filly respectively, frolicked among the snowy meadows. The colt had a platinum blonde mane and tail with white streaks and red eyes, so obviously, this was Frostbite when he was little. The filly, on the other hand, had light blue eyes, a teal coat with a wavy, pearly white mane and tail with cyan streaks. The two laughed as they chased each other through the snow until Frostbite playfully tackled her, causing them both to roll along the ground before they ended up hitting a tree, which caused them both to buried in the snow that fell from its branches...and yet, even then, they still laughed.

"Velvet and I were inseparable when we were young...we always played outside in the snow, together."

In a house, while a white Pegasus mare with a mint green mane and tail and holly berries for a cutie mark walked into the kitchen to prepare lunch for her two kids, Frostbite sat in the living room, reading a book while Velvet sat in front of the window, watching the snowflakes fall gently to the ground with a wistful smile on her face, which caused her brother to smile at her before he went back to reading.

"My sister always had a fascination for winter...she always thought it was a beautiful season. Even after winter was over, she still seemed to obsess over it."

In the Ponyville Schoolhouse, during a spring day, many young ponies sat at their desks while Velvet stood in front of them with a cooler next to her, and the words "Show and Tell" were written on the chalkboard behind her. Frostbite, who was sitting amongst his classmates, smiled at her, which caused her to smile back before she reached inside the cooler and brought out a tiny snowman, which caused the class to blink in confusion.

"Unfortunately...not everypony shared her sentiment."

That's when one earth pony colt stood up and pointed his hoof at her while laughing, mockingly.

"Stupid filly! What are you doing, bringing a snowman to school in spring?!"

"Well...I just thought that-" Velvet started, only for an apple to get thrown at her face, which caused her yelp as she dropped her snowman...which instantly melted on the floor into a puddle.

"Velvet Snowfall!" the teacher exclaimed. "You clean this mess up, this instant!"

"But it wasn't my fault!" Velvet argued, while the other children continued their cruel laughing.

"Hey!" Frostbite shouted. "Stop laughing at her! It's not funny!!"

But the class still laughed while Velvet begrudgingly mopped up her melted snowman...tears of humiliation forming in her eyes.

"Even after we started growing up, everypony else still bullied her."

Velvet, now at least in her early teens, walked along the snowy trail as she looked up at the sky in fascination as the snowflakes fell. Her flanks now carried a cutie mark that consisted of a snowflake with a heart in the middle, symbolizing her love for winter. As she walked, however, she was suddenly hit in the face with a snowball, causing her to cry out in surprise as she almost stumbled. That's when she heard laughter coming from nearby before she groaned and turned to see the same earth pony that bullied her back when she was going to school, along with 2 other ponies, a stallion and a mare respectively.

"Well, well," said the ringleader. "If it isn't the dumb pony who think it's winter, everyday?"

"Knock it off!" Velvet shouted.

"'Knock it off!'" the ringleader parroted, mockingly, which caused him and his friends to laugh at Velvet.

"I mean it!" the Pegasus mare barked. "Leave me alone! We're not kids in school, anymore! Can't you grow up?!"

"Us, grow up?" repeated the earth pony mare. "Says the one who thinks that it's okay to show off a snowman during spring!"

"Or make snow clouds in the summer!" added the other stallion. "Seriously, how dumb are you?!"

"I'm not dumb!" Velvet argued. "I winter a lot, okay?!" She then sighed before she turned to leave, only for the ringleader to get in her way. "H-hey!"

"Where do you think you're going?" asked the ringleader. "We aren't done with you, yet."

His two lackeys chuckled in a malicious manner, which caused Velvet to whimper with nervousness before she tried to fly away, only for the earth pony mare to grab her tail and pull her to the ground. Then, the two stallions proceeded to pummel her with their hooves, which caused her to scream in pain. At that moment, Frostbite appeared, coming to look for his sister after she failed to come home.

"FROSTBITE!!!" Velvet cried as she was getting beaten. "HELP ME!!!"

Frostbite gasped as he saw his sister getting viciously stomped on before he charged at the bullies with the utmost fury.

"GET AWAY FROM MY SISTER, YOU BUNCH OF BASTARDS!!!" he yelled, causing the bullies to finally cease their attack before they turned and ran away. Frostbite panted as he glared after the trio, then looked down at his sister, who was covered in bruises and hoofprints, and she even got a black eye.

"Velvet?" Frostbite asked as he helped her to her hooves. "Are you okay?"

Velvet sniffled as she looked at her twin brother, then wrapped her hooves around him as she began to sob, which prompted Frostbite to hug her back.

"...What did I ever do to them?" she asked.

"...I'm sorry, Velvet," whispered Frostbite. "So very sorry."

And with that, Velvet continued to cry in her brother's hooves...wondering why everypony was so cruel, just because she loved one particular season more than the other three.

"Eventually, our Mom passed away...and Velvet wasn't the same, since then."

Frostbite, now at his present age, walked out of the house and looked up at a dark cloud...where he could see his sister, sitting upon it, hanging her head sullenly.

"Velvet!" Frostbite called. "Please come in the house! You've been out for four days, now!"

But Velvet didn't even look at him, which prompted Frostbite to fly up and sit on the cloud next to her. Even then, though, she still didn't acknowledge. She just sat there, her eyes void of any joy. Frostbite sighed as he gently pulled his sister into a hug and nuzzled her face, but even then, she still didn't react.

"Despite everything...despite my support...Velvet really felt like she was all alone in the world."