Equestria Girls: Believe in Magic

by Bryan Luna

The Way of the Bow

After what had been an eventful first day Midnight opened her locker and thought about the other girls she'd met. Pinkie she decided was harmless, she could clearly be annoying but she was ultimately harmless. Rainbow Dash on the other hand, Midnight wasn't sure about her.

Brianna had been clear about how Rainbow could be reckless and didn't always show the best judgement, but Midnight just couldn't let the incident at lunch go that easily. While she no longer wanted to hit Rainbow, she couldn't be sure about her despite the cocky athlete's numerous apologies after her return. Midnight also made a mental note to not upset Fluttershy, whatever Fluttershy had said and done in her absence had worked really well.

Midnight snorted as she pulled the last of her books out of her locker and mused to herself about Pinkie. Yes Pinkie was harmless, but the way she could appear out of nowhere bothered Midnight immensely. "Maybe we should just put a bell around her neck." Midnight said to herself not as quietly as she had thought.

"So you met Pinkie Pie then?" A familiar voice asked.

Midnight gasped and spun around to see Squeaks standing there looking at her with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Oh, Squeaks it's you," Said Midnight. "Yeah, I met Pinkie alright. We need to tie a bell around her neck to keep her from sneaking up on everyone."

Squeaks didn't even try to contain her fit of laughter at Midnight's remark as Sapphire joined them while shaking her head.

"We actually got a bell around Pinkie's neck last year for Nightmare Night and it didn't work. She still kept everyone in school off balance during the Pumpkin Ball," Sapphire said. "It didn't make a single sound the whole day or night, not even when she went home that night." Sapphire looked at her sister and sighed. "Come on Squeaks, it's not that funny."

"Y-yes. Yes it is!" Squeaks managed between her squeaky laughs.

"You didn't think it was funny when she surprised you too Squeaks." Sapphire gently reminded her little sister.

Squeaks stopped laughing. "Darn it sis!" She squeaked indignantly causing both Midnight and Sapphire to laugh.

Sapphire looked at Midnight after they'd both calmed down while Squeaks huffed. "So Midnight I hope your first day wasn't troublesome in any way."

"It was fine." Midnight replied flatly. "Until Rainbow made a scene at lunch anyway. And then it got a little rough, but Brianna was very helpful and Rainbow did apologize so it wasn't that bad I guess." Midnight deadpanned as the desire deep inside of her to punch Rainbow started to return.

Sapphire's palm met her face and she sighed. "I'm sorry about that Midnight. Rainbow is very quick to act, but doesn't think very much usually. I'll have to talk to Brianna again too," Sapphire said.

Midnight tilted her head having been made curious by the statement. "What for?" She asked.

Sapphire sighed again. "This isn't the first mess of Rainbow's Brianna has had to clean up. I guess I should have warned you about Rainbow, then you would have been ready for it." Sapphire shook her head.

"And people say Rarity is the dramatic one." Squeaks muttered.

Sapphire giggled in response to Squeaks' statement causing Midnight smile a little. Sapphire was cute when she laughed now that Midnight thought about it. "Wait what?" She thought to herself while her face heated up again. "A-anyway, I need to get going now so I won't be late. My mom will get cheesed if I am. I'll see you two tomorrow."

"Sure thing Midnight." Squeaks replied.

"Alright Midnight, we'll see you tomorrow. Have a nice evening," Sapphire said sweetly.

"Um, yeah thanks. You too," Midnight said more abruptly than she intended. Midnight turned, closed her locker and headed outside where she encountered Sunset, Twilight, Megan and Brianna talking out by the Wondercolt statue. Midnight walked to the statue to wait for Summer's arrival and overheard Brianna and Twilight discussing something.

"So Brianna, what have you got there?" Asked Twilight as stood next to her.

Brianna sighed. "It's a list of candidates to replace Flitter on the archery team."

"What happened?" Midnight asked without thinking, before realizing her gaffe. "Oh sorry, I shouldn't be prying into your business Brianna."

"No, it's fine really." Brianna replied. "Flitter broke her arm in a fall during the winter weather over the weekend. So she won't be able to participate until it's healed which is not going to be anytime soon."

"But she is still on the team right?" Asked Twilight.

Brianna sighed again. "No, she dropped out because of her arm, and because of a conflict with her cheer-leading schedule. So I need to find another girl for the team or we're out of commission for the school year." Brianna scrolled down the list on her phone. "And I don't think any of these girls are going to be able to join us either."

"Why not?" Asked Midnight.

"They are all either uninterested, have other after school activities that will get in the way, or both." Brianna huffed in frustration. "It would't be so bad if we had someone that was actually interested honestly. North Star, Wind Runner, and I can easily help any inexperienced team member if we had someone that wanted to join us."

"I see." Midnight replied.

"Now I see why you have such a big problem Brianna," Twilight said sounding worried.

"Don't worry Twilight, I'm not going to try and rope you into it like they did when you were at Crystal Prep. That was one win I'd rather be without from last year's interscholastic games."

Twilight laughed nervously and blushed heavily. "Well at least I was able to hit the target after you talked me through it Brianna. So um, thanks for that," Twilight said while playing with her hair trying and failing to hide her embarrassment.

"You're welcome Twilight, and it's fine. Principal Cinch shouldn't have forced you into the competition. I'm just glad Dean Rosedust took over after Cinch was fired. I've heard things are getting better over there this year." Brianna replied.

"Excuse me Brianna, but I'd like to take Flitter's place on the archery team," Midnight said surprising both Brianna and Twilight.

Brianna looked at Midnight. "Well if you want to Midnight, sure. We have a practice tomorrow weather permitting. And if I may say so, I'm a little surprised that you'd want to join us. Honestly you kind of look more like you belong on the wrestling team. You've got the build for it."

Midnight coughed. "Yeah that's not my thing." Midnight replied feeling a little flustered by Brianna's compliment.

"I get that." Brianna replied. "It's not for everyone after all. So yeah, just meet me in the back field after school tomorrow and we'll see about getting you started. It'll be fun," Brianna said sweetly.

Midnight gave a small smile in reply. Brianna reminded her of Soft Glow, both were sweet and caring and Midnight liked that about both girls.

"Okay, this will be fun." Midnight replied.

Twilight giggled at the exchange between Brianna and Midnight before turning to Megan and Sunset to see what they were up to. As it turned out they were chatting about their weekend plans with their respective girlfriends.

"So Megan what are you planing with Brianna this weekend. Twilight and I are going to see a movie," Said Sunset.

"Well Brianna and I are going to that new pizza place downtown, then we might go and see a movie afterwards, We're not fully sure about that yet." Megan replied.

"Speaking of dinner plans," Said Twilight. "We should figure out where we're going before the movie Sunset. It'll be a nice full date that way."

Brianna giggled. "Let me guess, you read that in a book didn't you Twilight?"

"Hey!" Twilight replied sharply before looking down and blushing heavily. "I don't exactly have much experience with this kind of thing Brianna."

Brianna snickered. "As evidenced by you and Sunset getting together over an allegedly unsolvable math problem two weeks before school started back up. Honestly I think it's cute how you are about the whole thing."

Midnight could only stare in disbelief for a moment. "They started dating over a math problem?"

"A very tough math problem." Brianna replied.

Midnight shrugged. "Everyone has their own methods I guess."

At that moment Sunset decided to chime in. "What can I say, I love smart girls like Twilight. Isn't that right Sparky?"

"Sunset!" Twilight cried. "You're not helping!"

Sunset hummed in though. "Not helping am I? Well it just so happens that I have an idea for this weekend Sparky. How about we meet Megan and Brianna at the pizza place and then we all go to the movies together and make it a double date."

Twilight buried her head in Sunset's shoulder trying to hide. "Come on Twilight, it'll be fun," Sunset said.

"Hmm, I think that will be fun." Brianna squeaked. "Well Megan?" Brianna asked with her eyes sparkling.

"Sure." Megan replied. "It will be nice to have an evening with friends and my girlfriend."

Midnight shook her head and smiled. This situation was definitely interesting.

To spare Twilight farther embarrassment the talk turned back to the next day's archery practice. Unbeknownst to Midnight her mother Summer had pulled up in her car and was looking amused before she decided to send Midnight's sister to get her.

Midnight looked down when she felt a small hand tugging on her pant leg. She looked down to see her little sister Autumn there looking up at her with her big blue eyes. "Midnight," She said in her small voice. "Mom said I should come and get you."

Midnight snorted suspecting what her mother was up to, and while she didn't necessarily like it, she knew she had to play along. "Okay kiddo, so how about you say hi to my friends first," Midnight said with a cold feeling running through her. "Okay, Megan, Brianna, Sunset, Twilight, this is my little sister Autumn. Say hi Autumn."

"Hi," She said sweetly.

Brianna squealed at the site of the little grey girl with exceptionally bright orange hair. "Oh my gosh! You are just sooooo cute Autumn. Hi there, my name is Brianna."

Autumn smiled cutely in reply.

Megan walked up next to Brianna." "Hello Autumn, my name is Megan. It's very nice to meet you."

"Oh aren't you just the cutest little thing." Twilight squealed causing Sunset to smirk.

"Hi there Autumn, I'm Sunset Shimmer, and this is my girlfriend Twilight Sparkle. It's really nice to meet you."

"Well Autumn, what do you say?" Midnight said.

"It's nice to meet you all," Autumn said with a cute little squee.

"So cute." Brianna squealed again. So Autumn, how old are you?"

"Four." Autumn replied.

Brianna gave a quiet "eee" Causing Midnight to give a small smile. "You remind me of my little sister. She is five and she is soooo cute too. And kind of a handful at times."

Midnight laughed. "She is worth it though, isn't she Brianna?"

Brianna nodded in reply. "Yes she is. Your sister did say that your mom was here too, so are you going to introduce us to her too?"

Midnight looked at Brianna and swore she could see sparkles in Brianna's eyes and surrounding her. "Alright, come with me," Midnight said picking up her backpack and leading the four girls over to her mother's car.

When they reached the car a moment later Midnight's mother Summer Ice greeted them. "Hello Midnight, I hope you had a good first day," She said cheerfully.

Midnight restrained herself from rolling her eyes. "Yes mom, it was fine," She said placing her backpack on the ground before opening the backdoor and placing Autumn in her car seat and buckling her in.

"So who are these girls? And What were you all talking about?" Asked Summer.

"There are some of the girls I met today mom. This is Brianna, Megan, Sunset, and Twilight." Midnight replied motioning to each in turn.

"Hello girls, my name is Summer Ice. I hope my daughter hasn't been any trouble today." Summer replied sweetly.

"Mom!" Midnight retorted.

"Hello Mrs. Ice, and no Midnight was fine. She is really nice." Brianna replied. "As for what we were talking about, well Midnight asked to join me on the archery team. It's a really good thing too, we really needed a new member this year."

"Oh, well that sounds like fun. And I am glad to see that Midnight has made some new friends. It has been nice meeting you girls but we really do need to get going. I look forward to getting to talk to you all again at some point."

"Okay, we'll see you later then." Brianna replied. "Now remember Midnight, meet me in the back field after school tomorrow and we'll see about getting you started."

"Got it." Midnight replied as she got into the car and buckled her seat belt.

"See you later girls," Summer said before driving off.

"And speaking of getting going," Sunset said. "We need to get going too Sparky. I get enough razzing from your brother already and I don't want any more."

Twilight giggled. "He only does that because he likes you Sunny."

"Really? Because he sure has a funny way of showing it," Sunset said putting on her helmet before handing Twilight her own. Twilight just rolled her eyes before putting on her helmet and sitting behind Sunset on her bike. Both Sunset and Twilight waved before Sunset took off at a slightly less than breakneck pace.

Brianna shuddered. "I'm really glad you have a truck Megan," Brianna said heading towards said truck.

Megan raised an eyebrow as she moved around to the driver's side and unlocked the doors. "You can ride a horse without batting an eyelash and yet motorcycles scare you. That's a little odd Brianna."

"Horses are living things Megan, I can trust the horse to not fall down that easily Megan." Brianna defended. "Also a horse is a lot more cuddly and sweet, well except that one grey mare in the stable. She is kind of cranky," Brianna said while putting on her seat belt.

Megan laughed as she turned on the truck and put it in gear. "Oh, old Betty isn't that bad Brianna. She just has a lot aches on most days."

"Most days?" Brianna replied skeptically.

"Yes, most days. Other times she is really sweet." Megan replied.

"Every time I'm around her she is a grump Megan." Brianna deadpanned.

Megan simply giggled as she pulled out of the school parking lot and started towards Ribbon's house. They continues on in silence for a few minute before coming to a stop at a traffic light. "So what is you impression of Midnight so far Brianna?" Asked Megan breaking the silence.

Brianna looked out of the passenger side window and sighed. "Midnight seems really closed off for some reason Megan. And when I found her in the girl's bathroom at lunch I got a good look into her eyes and she seemed, haunted."

"Haunted?" Megan replied while they waited.

Brianna gave an annoyed huff and turned to look at Megan. "Yeah, like she has seen something. Or maybe she went through something that was really bad. Possibly both. I don't know how to say it, but something about Midnight just feels, lonely somehow. I don't like it."

Megan drove the truck forward after the light turned green and sat in thoughtful silence for a while. "That is strange." She finally said as they pulled into the driveway at the house. After shutting off the truck and undoing her seat belt Megan turned and looked at Brianna. "Do you think she needs some help Brianna?"

Brianna unbuckled her seat belt and replied. "I think so, but we can't force it. Midnight needs to come to us when she is ready. Which means we have to figure out how to handle Pinkie until then. I know she means well, but I don't want Midnight to be any worse off about whatever it is. Also we have to realize that it may just be nothing and she is just a little cranky as a rule."

Megan nodded. "I agree with you Brianna; but how do we handle Pinkie?"

Brianna facepalmed. "I have no idea Megan. Pinkie is difficult at the best of times." Brianna replied while opening her door. "If we can get her focused on something else for right now we have a chance."

The pair exited the truck closing and locking the doors with Megan closing her door a little harder than she meant to. She sighed. "Well the welcome party is something we can get Pinkie focused on for now, but what do we do afterward?"

"I'm not sure." Brianna replied walking up to the door and stopping for a moment. "I'm sure that Sapphire will want to talk to me again though."

"Why is that?" Megan asked.

"It's because Rainbow made a scene again. I know she is on the student counsel and all, but she really worries to much sometimes. That said, I can see why she gets worried when this happens. Rainbow does represent the school as an athlete after all." Brianna replied.

It makes sense," Megan said moving to join Brianna at the door. "Well let's figure this out later, I want to get our homework done and get a bath."

Brianna giggled and walked inside with Megan. "So what made you mad Megan?" Asked Brianna.

Megan looked down for a moment. "Rainbow's outburst was uncalled for. I really would like for her to slow down and think for a change."

Brianna snorted, rolled her eyes and said. "And everyone calls Rarity dramatic." She retorted while closing the door behind them. She took a moment to look around and saw Ember sitting at the kitchen table with a disgruntled look on her face. She was glaring at a piece of paper on the table clearly stuck on something.

Fizzy was standing in front of a cupboard looking for something she couldn't seem to find, and Wind Whistler was seen sitting in the living room on the couch.

Brianna walked over to the table. "What's got you stuck Ember?" She asked.

Ember stuck out her tongue and replied. "This stupid math problem. It's really hard; can you help me with it Brianna?" Ember asked with pleading blue eyes.

"Okay Ember," Brianna said sitting down. "Wind Whistler is better to ask for this kind of thing though."

Megan laughed a little while watching the scene thinking of her own sister Molly.

"So how was your day Brianna?" Fizzy asked after closing the cupboard.

Brianna rolled her eyes. "It was interesting. We met a new girl today. Her name is Midnight and she is pretty nice. Everything was going fine, then Rainbow made a scene."

"Again?" Fizzy replied aghast.

Brianna merely nodded in reply.

"She sure did," Megan said. "Thankfully Brianna was able to get Midnight to come back to the lunch room afterward. And Fluttershy managed to straighten Rainbow out for us."

Wind Whistler, Fizzy, and Ember all shuddered at that news. Ember gave a quiet "eep" and said. "Wow, I really don't want to see Fluttershy get mad ever again."

"Indeed," Said Wind Whistler. "She may be quiet most of the time, but had proven to be quite formidable when upset."

"Yeah," Fizzy said.


The next day Midnight exits the school building while quietly grumbling to herself. During the day she had run into one of the other students, a girl Named April Moon and took an immediate disliking to her. April had come off as smug, arrogant, superior, as well as pushy. Midnight just knew she was trouble right away and decided to ask Brianna about her on her way to the back field where she would have her first archery club session.

Even though the weather had made a turn for the better Midnight was still burdened with a sense of unease. "Stupid bitch," She said quietly to herself as she came out to the practice area that Sapphire had directed her to after her encounter with the unpleasant April Moon.

When she finally reached the archery range she stopped, what she saw in that moment shocked her. Brianna was standing on the field alone and in a peculiar stance like Midnight had never seen before.

Brianna was standing with her feet a shoulder's width apart with her left foot out in front like some kind of martial arts pose. Her arms were extended with her hands both out and open instead of being closed fists. Midnight stood mesmerized for a moment before a blindingly fast series of open handed strikes and equally fast kicks that Midnight could barely see. After a few moments of swift movements Brianna stopped and returned to a neutral position before addressing Midnight.

"Hello Midnight, I wasn't expecting you to be early," Brianna said.

Midnight blinked while her brain caught up to her situation. "Uh, yeah. Hi Brianna," Midnight said getting a giggle from the other girl. Midnight shook her head to clear the cobwebs. "So what was that anyway? I've never seen that style before."

Brianna exhaled before turning to face Midnight. "It's called Gentle Fist, which is ironic. Well I think it's ironic anyway." Brianna replied with a smile. "I'm not sure though, I don't always know what is ironic. So what's on your mind Midnight? You look troubled."

Midnight huffed. "I ran into this girl, she was really full of herself and kind of pissed me off."

Brianna sighed. "I see you met our resident trouble maker April Moon Rose then."

Midnight's head started to hurt. "Trouble maker?" She asked.

Brianna nodded and walked over to a bench with a bottle of water sitting on it. After picking up the water and drinking some she looked back to Midnight. "April Moon is a real problem here. She does all kinds of underhanded things and hasn't been caught because she is so manipulative. There are also some very unsettling rumors about her. I don't believe them though, they tend to be a little out there for the most part."

"Out there?" Asked Midnight.

"Yeah, almost all of them are so wild they are easy to dismiss." Brianna replied with a laugh. "Honestly it's been so many things that I never kept track of them. One thing about her is true other than her being a problem though."

Midnight cocked her head. "Oh? What was that?"

"That she blackmails or otherwise tries to pressure girls into dating her. I wouldn't have believed that one if I hadn't watched her try to get with Sunset that way." Brianna replied with a disgusted look on her face.

"Why would she do that? Is Sunset really popular or something?" Midnight asked while scratching her head.

Brianna looked at Midnight with a serious expression all of the sudden. "Midnight I need to have you promise me you won't tell anyone if tell you this. It's kind of important for Sunset's sake."

Midnight looked at Brianna and considered the sincere tone of her voice. "Alright Brianna, I promise I won't tell anyone." Midnight replied. She wasn't sure why Brianna asked her such a thing, but she figured it was to protect Sunset's privacy in some way.

Brianna sighed. "Thank you Midnight, it means a lot to us. The reason April wanted to date Sunset is because Principal Celestia is her mother and Vice Prince Principal Luna is her aunt. And not everyone here at school knows that because they keep things professional so Sunset won't have a hard time."

Midnight's eyes widened. "Yeah that's not something that should get around. There would be all kinds of trouble then."

Brianna nodded. "Yes there would. Sunset is a really good student and a great friend. I don't want her to have to deal with the fallout from that information getting around. Not everyone here is so nice and plenty of people would just make her life hard if they knew that."

Midnight didn't know how to feel about what she'd just been told, but a part of deep down now wanted to make sure this information never got out. She shook off the protective mindset that was bubbling up once again. "Are we going to get started now?" She asked sounding more impatient that she had meant to.

"Well you are a little early, but sure. I very much doubt that Wind Runner and North Star will mind. They are going to be running behind today anyway from what they told me earlier." Brianna replied while walking over to the equipment. Brianna picked up a bow. "Okay Midnight if you'll come over here I can help you get started."

Midnight walked over to Brianna and took the bow she was handed. Midnight then watched Brianna pick up another bow.

"Okay Midnight over here near the targets are the practice arrows we'll be using. They aren't terribly sharp but you can get hurt by them if you're not careful. We'll go over the actual competition arrows we'll be using later on, for now we'll just use these." Brianna pulled an arrow from the rack and moved into and archery stance. "Now what you want to do is focus on the part of the target you want to hit and move your aim to account for the wind when it's needed. Today we don't have that concern. It helps if you breathe in and let it out slowly when you loose the arrow," Brianna said before demonstrating the technique and hitting the target in the center.

Midnight gave a low whistle and removed an arrow from the rack.

Sometime later Midnight had scored some hits on the target, but she had also missed as well. "How do you make this look so easy Brianna?" Groused Midnight.

Brianna giggled in response. "Because I have been doing this since I was ten Midnight."

"Then who taught you how to do this?" Midnight asked.

"Megan." Brianna replied.

"I should have seen that one coming." Midnight deadpanned.

"Probably," Brianna said with a smile.

The two girls bantered back and forth with Brianna imparting more of what she had learned over her years of archery practice and the occasional competition with Midnight listening and trying her best to follow Brianna's advice with decidedly mixed results.

Unbeknownst to them Sapphire had come out to the practice field to watch Midnight's practice session. As Midnight drew back the bowstring and took aim Sapphire decided to cheer her on to encourage her. "Come on Midnight! You can do it!" Sapphire cheered causing Midnight's head to snap around in her direction as she released the bowstring missing the target by a wide margin.

"Damn it." Midnight swore under her breath.

Brianna gave Sapphire a bemused look. "Sapphire I know you're trying to help Midnight out, but we need silence so she can focus. Okay?"

"Sorry Brianna." Sapphire replied sheepishly.

Midnight saw the cute blush on Sapphire's face and shook her head. "Don't think about how cute she is, just don't think about it." Midnight told herself. She concentrated hard pushing down her thoughts and feelings about Sapphire and loosed the arrow from her bow hitting the target dead center.

Both Sapphire and Brianna's jaws went slack as they stared in disbelief at what had just happened.

"Wow," Brianna said shocked. "Midnight that was amazing.

"Way to go Midnight!" Sapphire squealed.

"That was quite a shot alright. Well done Midnight." Brianna concurred.

"So Midnight, how has your day gone?" Asked Sapphire.

Brianna sighed. "She told me that she ran into April Moon while she was on her way to practice today."

Sapphire cocked her head and looked at Midnight. "Is that true Midnight? I hope she didn't cause you any trouble."

Midnight grumbled to herself for a moment before replying. "Yes I did. And she was a total bitch about it too." Midnight said flatly. "She even had the nerve to turn up her nose at me when she walked off."

Sapphire facepalmed and sighed. "Well all I can do is just say to stay away from her Midnight. She simply lives to cause problems for anyone she can."

Brianna nodded. "No kidding. She even tried to blackmail Sapphire once."

"WHAT? Why would she do that?" Midnight demanded squeezing the bow in her hand harder than she had been a moment ago.

"It's because I'm on the student counsel and she wanted to use that for her own purposes. I reminded her that her attempts to do so would land her in Vice Principal Luna's office and probably end in expulsion from school." Sapphire replied plainly. "She backed off after that and wouldn't come anywhere near me afterward."

Midnight felt her rage rising at this information and looked down at her fingers when she realized that she had drawn blood from her palm. What she saw caused her to freeze and panic. Her fingers had once again transformed into claws like they had so many years ago. She dropped in the bow she was holding and rushed back inside shouting. "I have to go."

Both Sapphire and Brianna blinked in confusion at Midnight's sudden departure with Sapphire saying. "Maybe I should go after her and see what this is about." She started to leave, but stopped when she felt Brianna's hand on her shoulder. Sapphire looked at Brianna who just shook her head.

"No Sapphire, it's best we leave Midnight alone for now. Especially after the stunt Rainbow pulled yesterday," Brianna said.

"I'm worried about her Brianna. Her hand was bleeding for goodness sake." Sapphire retorted.

Brianna's eyes softened. "I know Sapphire, I'm worried about her too." Brianna sighed. "But we can't help her right now. And we certainly don't want to do anything that will cause her to push us away. We really can't help her then."

"Alright, I get it Brianna." Sapphire replied with a sense of resignation. Brianna had always been good at reading other for as long as Sapphire had known her and gave sound advice very often. Still something in Sapphire couldn't help but keep her distance in a begrudging fashion at the moment.


Midnight had quickly ducked into an unoccupied girl's bathroom after dashing back into the school and just as quickly locked herself into a stall and began taking deep breaths trying to calm down and get her fingers to return to normal. Midnight felt confused as well, why was she being so protective of Sapphire in the first place? After a few moments more her thoughts also drifted towards Brianna.

Brianna was a sweet girl and Midnight felt some kind of connection to her. She looked down at hand at that moment and saw her fingers had returned to normal. She cursed silently at the damage that she had caused to herself and dreaded having to explain her hand to her mother. Midnight shook her head and exited the stall going to the sink to clean up her hand. This was going to be a long week she told herself.