My Little Pony: Friendship is Harmony

by XFangHeartX

The Wrath of Queen Tundra, Part 1- Act 2

Everypony broke out in a full-blown panic as they scattered throughout the streets while Celestia and Queen Tundra continued their battle. Knowing her sister was now preoccupied with her foe, Luna realized it was up to her to make sure everyone evacuated to safety, along with the help of the Royal Guards.

"Hurry, everypony!" Luna called as she pointed to the south. "This way!!"

"You heard Princess Luna! Move it!" shouted one of the guards.

"Make sure all children are with you!!" added another.

As for the Mane 6, they were busy trying to make sure everypony didn't end up getting separated from the crowd and end up lost, including any fillies and colts. Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash were especially keeping a close eye on Spike and their younger sisters.

"Starlight!" Twilight called. "Take Moonlight and hurry to the shelters!"

"Got it!" Starlight answered as she took Moonlight away using her magic and hurried off with the crowd.

"Twilight! No!!" Moonlight cried as she was whisked away, while Twilight looked up at the sky and saw Celestia and Queen Tundra, both colliding with each other with powerful magic. Celestia's horn clashed with Queen Tundra's and the two growled as they tried to force each other back, but then Queen Tundra kicked Celestia in her stomach, sending her back several feet, but the Princess of the Sun managed to stop herself using her wings. Then she fired a sunbeam at Queen Tundra, who dodged to the left before she fire a beam of ice magic at Celestia.

"Twilight, come on!" Spike called.

"I have to go help Princess Celestia!" Twilight answered. "She could be in serious trouble!"

"Forget it!" Rainbow Dash denied. "She can handle herself!!"


Twilight looked up as she heard Celestia's cry of pain and gasped upon seeing her beloved former teacher's right front hoof...frozen in ice, while Queen Tundra gave her a wicked grin.

"Damn you...!" Celestia cursed.

"What's wrong, Celestia?" Queen Tundra asked. "Getting cold hooves?" She then gave a malicious chuckle.

"...Yeah, okay, go help," said Rainbow Dash, and Twilight soon flew to the sky to help her former mentor. However, before she could get close enough, she was quickly blindsided by a white blur, causing her to crash into the ground.

"Twilight!!" Applejack cried.

"Uggh..." Twilight groaned as she stood up and saw Frostbite, glowering down at her, along with several of Tundra's Pegasus minions.

"Well, well," Frostbite said. "Princess Twilight...I've actually been looking for you."

" have?" Twilight asked, nervously.

"Hey!!" Rainbow Dash shouted as she, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity ran to their friend's rescue. "Leave her alone!!"

"No interferences!" Frostbite ordered, and soon, his comrades intercepted the rest of the Mane 6, 3 mares and 2 stallions, respectively.

"Get out of our way!" demanded Rainbow Dash. "Our friend needs help!!"

"Forget it!" shouted a male Pegasus stallion with a spiky navy blue mane and tail with white streaks, a teal coat, and a cutie mark that consisted of snowflakes falling from a cloud.

"Commander Frostbite's orders!" exclaimed a female Pegasus mare with a floral white coat, a curly vanilla mane and tail with peach streaks, and a cutie mark that consisted of icicles.

"You asked for it, then!!" Applejack shouted before she kicked the mare in the face, while Rainbow Dash tackled the stallion with all her might. As for Rarity, she punched a Pegasus mare with a magic mint-colored spiky mane and tail, an azure mist coat, and a cutie mark that was made up of a snowball while Pinkie Pie fired her Confetti Cannon at another mare with a Marian blue coat, an electric blue mane and tail with cyan streaks, and a cutie mark that consisted of a snowboard. Meanwhile, Fluttershy was trying her best to avoid getting into a fight, but it seemed that the other stallion, one with a pine green coat, a white mane and tail with gray streaks, and a cutie mark consisting of a snowy pine tree, growled as he had her cornered. Unfortunately for him, Fluttershy had pretty good reflexes, for when he lunged at her, she ducked down and he ended up crashing into a wall.

"Sorry," Fluttershy apologized, meekly.

However, just when it seemed that the group was free to help Twilight, their enemies got right back up to face them again.

"Uh-oh," Applejack muttered. "I think we got a problem."

"While they're busy," Frostbite said as he stamped his hoof against Twilight's body, "what's say you and I have a little chat, Princess Twilight?"

"I got a better idea!!"

Frostbite turned his head, only to get kicked in the jaw by Tempest, which sent him crashing into a wall.

"Get up!" Tempest cried as she helped Twilight to her hooves, but the Princess of Friendship looked up and watched as Princess Celestia continued to fight off Queen Tundra...with two frozen hooves.

"Princess Celestia!!" Twilight cried.

"Twilight, go!" Celestia shouted. "Hurry and get to the shelters with your friends! I'll be fine, I promise!!"

Despite her reluctance, Twilight tearfully turned and joined her friends while Frostbite and his cohorts pursued them. However, Spike soon stood in their way before he took in a deep breath and blew out a fireball, which scorched the ground enough to cause a smoke screen that blocked Frostbite and his friend's field of vision. By the time it had dissipated, Twilight and friends had vanished from their sight.

"She's gone," said one of the female Pegasi.

"...Let her go, for now," Frostbite said. "She has to come back, eventually. After all..."

THUD!!! The group turned to see Celestia...completely frozen in a block of ice, all except for her face. She grunted as she struggled to get free, to no avail. Queen Tundra chuckled as she landed before the frozen princess while her minions bowed their heads before her.

"I must say," Queen Tundra said, "the frozen look suits you, Celestia...and once I find your sister, as well as Princess Cadance and Princess Twilight Sparkle, I'll freeze them as well. You'll all make perfect ice statues for my collection."

"You won't get away with this," Celestia said. "Twilight and her friends will stop you!"

"Oh, I'd like to see them try," said Queen Tundra. "Frostbite!"

"Yes, Your Radiance," said Frostbite.

"Find where Princess Twilight and her friends have gone," Queen Tundra ordered. "Don't come back until you do."

"Yes, Your Radiance," Frostbite answered before he turned to his troop. "To the skies!"

"Yes, sir!" the Pegasi exclaimed before they all flew off.

"Now," Queen Tundra said as she took a look around Canterlot...most notably at the castle, "I think this place could use some...redecorating."


Meanwhile, deep underground the city of Canterlot, everypony sat, quietly, afraid to even make a single sound for fear of being exposed. The children all hid with their parents, feeling very frightened, while some of the older parents murmured quietly amongst themselves.

"Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do," Rarity said in annoyance. "So much for showing off my spring fashions!"

"That was really scary," said Fluttershy.

"How come everytime we're about to have fun," Pinkie Pie began, "a party pooper has to come and ruin everything?"

"Everypony remain calm," Luna told her subjects. "We won't be staying underground forever."

"I sure hope not," said Bon Bon.

"What are we gonna do?" asked Moonlight.

"I'm not sure, little one," said Luna.

"Well, we sure can't hide down here, forever," Applejack said. "That crazy alicorn and her goons are bound to find us!"

"She's right," said Rainbow Dash. "We gotta go back up there and give 'em a piece of our minds."

"Fighting is not always the answer, Rainbow Dash," said Luna.

"Maybe we can just talk to them?" Fluttershy asked.

"I don't think they're gonna be in a listening mood, Fluttershy," said Starlight.

"There's only one thing to do," Twilight said. "We'll need to go to the Tree of Harmony and get the Elements of Harmony to defeat Queen Tundra."

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Rainbow Dash asked, excitedly. "Does this mean we get to go all rainbow, again?!"

"Looks that way," said Twilight.

"YES!!" Rainbow Dash cheered. "Whoo-hoo!!"

"Starlight," said Twilight. "Can you and Spike stay here and watch Moonlight for me?"

"Of course," said Starlight.

"Spike, make sure everypony stays safe," Twilight said.

"You got it, Twilight!" Spike saluted.

"But Twilight, I wanna go with you," Moonlight said.

"It's too dangerous Moonlight," said Twilight. "You need to stay here with everypony else...but I promise, I'll be back, okay?"

"...Yeah," Moonlight replied. "Okay."

"Good," Twilight answered before she nuzzled her younger adopted sister. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Twilight," Moonlight smiled.

"Be good, Sweetie Belle," Rarity said as she nuzzled Sweetie Belle's face, causing her to laugh.

"I will," she replied.

"I'll be back, Apple Bloom," said Applejack. "Stay with Big Macintosh until I do."

"I sure will, Applejack," said Apple Bloom.

"See ya later, Scoots," said Rainbow Dash as she ruffled Scootaloo's mane. "Try not to get into trouble while I'm gone, hear me?"

"I hear you, Rainbow Dash," Scootaloo nodded.

"Wait," Tempest spoke up. "I'm going, too."

"What?" Twilight asked. "Why?"

"In case you might some extra protection," said Tempest. "Please...let me go with you."

"Tempest, are you sure about that?" Grubber asked.

"...Yes, I'm sure," Tempest replied.

"If you really feel like you want to come," Twilight began, "then I'll allow it."

"Thank you," Tempest said before she looked to Grubber. "And as for you, Grubber...stay here with everypony and make sure they're safe...and THAT is an order."

Grubber's eyes went wide before he saluted his former commander, who smiled and nodded her head.

"Very good," she said before she turned to face Twilight and friends. "Well? What are we waiting for?"

"Right," Twilight nodded. "To the Everfree Forest!"

And with that, the friends snuck out of the underground shelter and began to make their way to the Everfree Forest. As they left, though, they didn't realize that Frostbite happened to notice them as he stood upon a roof, and he soon gave a smirk as he watched them leave.

"So that's where they're going, are they?" the Pegasus stallion asked. "Perfect."