Dadonequus Discord, But It's The MLP Movie (And still doesn't have Discord)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 20: A Losing Battle.

You could only watch as Tempest rushed towards the Storm King, ready to kick his ass. Surely it shouldn’t be that hard now that he had his attention towards Twilight. But alas, as the Storm King blocked Twilight’s next magical shot, he took a near instant step backwards to dodge Tempest’s incoming flip kick.

“Oh Tempest, nice of you to pull yourself together. But don’t you think two on one is a little unfair?” The Storm King takes a few more steps back as he sneers at Tempest.

“You talk too much…” Tempest rushes him, letting out a quick buck to hoof stomp combo as Twilight reels herself back, not taking a risk of releasing a bolt and accidently hitting Tempest.

But the Storm King was able to dodge each of her attacks with unnatural finesse “Tempest, you’re really disappointing me right now. I can practically see every move you’re gonna throw at me as if it was a memory. And that’s bad, right? I mean, it’s like you’re trying to hit the me from five minutes ago.”

“Shut up!”  Tempest started to get more heated, using her adrenaline to move faster and harder to try to land even one hit. When she’s unable to, she lays on a slower and more obvious jab of her hoof to actually bounce off the Storm King’s block. She jumps back from it and releases a burst from her horn towards him.

“Hah!” The Storm King easily catches the bolt with his claws and holds the magic used to make it as some sort of electrically charged static ball. “Cool…..actually, this gives me an idea.” As the Storm King focuses on the magical ball, he could still sense Tempest coming at him with another attack. He swiftly sidesteps her as he speaks nonchalantly, as if everything didn’t matter to him at all. “Hold on there Tempest, I’ll deal with you in a sec.”

Twilight took her chance once again, and started teleporting at a quick rate into different spots to try to throw off the Storm King as she prepared another blast of magic.

The Storm King however, just revved up like a pitcher “The wind up…” And then, the moment Twilight appeared just in front of him for a near point blank blast, he quickly pitches the ball. “AND THE PITCH!”

Twilight yells in pain as the ball hits her and explodes, sending her straight up through the storm clouds. The Storm King just peers upwards with his hand over his eyes “And that’s the game...hehe”

“TWILIGHT!” You uselessly reach up towards the sky, but it was too late, she was already gone.

“...Well, that happened.” The Storm King puts his hands to his sides as he lets out a sigh “This really isn’t what I had in mind when I said ‘epic’. None of you can even lay a hoof on me….It’s really sad. Oh, speaking of which...”

You hadn’t noticed it, but the Storm King did. Tempest was going for a strike while his back was turned. And as it looked like she was finally going to make a successful set of strikes, the Storm King extended his wings, causing an endless and continuous stream of electricity to catch Tempest in mid air and electrocute her without mercy. She was screaming in pain, but the Storm King cared not as he chastised her “Really? Attacking me while my back is turned? I dunno, Tempest. I think that deserves some punishment. By the way, I have to ask. Do you like your meat medium, well done, or just burnt beyond recognition?”

Tempest was just screaming in pain as the electrical energy from his wings kept her in place as the Storm King began to laugh. He felt so invincible, nothing could stop him now.


You gather up as much of your energy as possible and blindly run at him. To your surprise, he doesn’t seem to notice you as you chomp down on his right leg, causing him to yelp in pain as the stream of electricity finally stops with a burst, sending Tempest backwards and over the balcony’s edge.

“TEMPEST! NO!” You rush over to the edge of the balcony, but it was too late. She was gone, even more than gone. You couldn’t see her down below towards the ground or anywhere else on the balcony. D-did...did she end up in the surrounding storm itself? “TEMPESSST!”

You felt a rabid anger come over you. You couldn’t protect her, you couldn’t stop the Storm King, you couldn’t save Equestria. Dammit! You did everything RIGHT! And still failed. You turned around to face off against the Storm King once more.

But unfortunately for you, his control of the situation and his new found power allowed him from flow from movement to movement without much opposition. In other words, he grabs you by the head just as you turn and raises you upwards as you struggle to try to get away.

“You just don’t know when to you? I’ve won, kid, you’ve lost, it’s over. But you’re not the only one who doesn’t get it, are you?” He looks up in the air, and he could see it. Twilight was using the cover of the storm clouds to try to make another attack. But unbeknownst to her, he could see her through those clouds thanks to his enhanced chaotic eye. The moment she came into range, he threw you at her, like some ragdoll, and sent you both tumbling to the ground. He didn’t even make a comment about it, he just groaned as he rolled his eyes “This is all so….incredibly boring. Like seriously, none of you can touch me. It’s not only really sad, but makes this whole thing boring. How am I supposed to make this all into an award winning play when the main hero is invincible. Bah!...hmmmmm...OH! I KNOW!” The Storm King spreads his wings, and begins to hover ever so slightly “I got it, the perfect way to get everyone’s attention.”

Twilight began to slowly stand, shaking, drained of her stamina after using so much magic and being slapped around like she was nothing. “N-ngh, w-what do you mean by that?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m just gonna blow up this entire city with everyone in it. If that doesn’t cripple this land with fear and dread, then nothing will.”

“W-what?!” Twilight felt her strength return to her as she gave the Storm King a shocked glare “You can’t do that! What about everypony here?! What about your own soldiers?!”

The Storm King shrugged “Not my problem. Maybe if they learned not to be such losers, then this whole thing may have come out just a little different. Ahh well, ciao, enjoy the light show for the last few minutes you got.” And with that, the Storm King flew up high, through the storm clouds to prepare whatever devastating attack he had in mind to turn Canterlot to rubble.