Sunset Shimmer's Equestrian Friendship Tour

by CapNTilfy

The Castle of Friendship

After she passed through the portal, Sunset Shimmer rode out a wave of dizziness. Don't think I'll ever get used to that. she thought. She immediately went down on all fours, since she's in her Equestrian form. Sunset looked around the castle library, noticing for once that nopony was waiting for her. "Twilight? Hello?" she said as she stepped further away from the portal. Well, she did say she found the book at the Canterlot restricted archives. Maybe Starlight's around here somewhere.

Sunset exited the library and came to a sudden realization. Oh, crap. Without Starlight or Twilight, I have no way of knowing what's where. I'm gonna get lost in this castle! Sunset shook her head. Okay, Sunset. You're more than capable of finding your way around. She cracked her neck, then her knu-wait. She's a pony. Damn forces of habit. she thought as she rolled her eyes. Oh well. Moving on!


After several minutes of aimless wandering, Sunset found herself in yet another hallway that looked exactly the same as the last three freaking hallways. She sighed. This castle needs a map. she thought. I'd teleport out of here, but I don't know where here even is! She felt her frustration rise slowly. "Okay, Sunset, let's not resort to property damage..." she told herself. Hmm. I wonder if the book I use to communicate with Twilight works while I'm in Equestria. Worth a shot, I suppose. She began writing.

Dear Princess Twilight. I just got out of the portal and now I'm totally lost. You're probably waiting for me at the Canterlot Library right now, but all I need are some simple directions to the nearest exit.

Sunset waited for a response. After a few minutes, she gave up and went back to wandering. Gah! I wish I had music or a game to play or something. I'm going to lose my mind trying to navigate this Celestia forsaken castle! She sighed. "When in doubt, teleport out." She closed her eyes and teleported.

Sunset found herself back in the castle's library, right where she started. "Goddammit!" she yelled, her temper getting the better of her. Okay, Sunset, just calm down. You know the saying. "Cooler heads will prevail." Taking a deep breath, Sunset left the library again but in the direction opposite to her first trip down the hall.

Not caring if the book didn't work, Sunset decided to vent her frustrations.

Dear Princess Twilight. This castle needs a map. I wouldn't be surprised if I passed up at least one or two pony skeletons covered in cobwebs. Seriously, how did you and your friends ever manage to navigate this place? Sunset made a sputtering noise and continued her aimless wandering.

Deciding to take her chances, Sunset opened a random door. She was rewarded with brooms and other cleaning supplies falling on top of her. "Gah!" she yelped as they all tumbled on top of her. Grumbling, she used a levitation spell to put all the supplies back in their proper place. I bet I'm not the only one who's made that mistake here. she thought.

Continuing onward in her quest to find her bucking way out of here, she was startled half to death by a sudden party cannon going off. "Holy shit!" she shouted. Must be Pinkie Pie's personal touch. she thought as she tried to catch her breath.

As she was trotting around, she found a room that caught her eye. "Whoa...what is that?"

Sunset found herself gaping at a large table made out of crystal, surrounded by thrones that were emblazoned with the Power Symb- Sunset cut off her train of thought with an irritated roll of her eyes and corrected herself. Emblazoned with the Cutie Marks of Twilight and her friends.

As her curiosity took hold over her, Sunset slowly trotted closer to the giant table. She noticed that there was a smaller throne attached to Twilight's. Sunset smiled. Must be for Spike. Suddenly, the table started glowing, and the surface turned into what looked like a map of Equestria. Wait. This map is too big to just be Equestria. What the hell did I miss while I was gone?! She heard a sort of shimmering noise and saw..."Starlight Glimmer's Cutie Mark? What the fu-" before she could finish that sentence, she heard somepony galloping at a rapid pace. The sound of hooves running on the floor came closer, and closer.

Sunset decided to play it safe and hide. Who knows what would happen next? The galloping slowed to a trot, and in walked...

"Starlight!" said Sunset.

"Ack!" yelped Starlight, badly startled. Once she caught her breath, Starlight smiled widely. "Sunset Shimmer!" The two hugged. "What brings you to Equestria?"

Sunset broke the hug. "Twilight told me she found a long-lost book made by Clover the Clever in the restricted section of the Canterlot Library, but all the pages are blank!"

Starlight blinked. "There's a restricted section in the Canterlot Library? Why didn't anypony tell me?"

Sunset smiled. "Well...there's a bit of a story behind that. You see..."


"...and then my friends and I all got our memories back. The yearbook was a success!"

Starlight stared at Sunset. "Wow...where was I when all that happened?"

"Funny you should say that, Starlight. Wait...what's up with your Cutie Mark?"

Starlight put her hoof to her face. "Oh, right! The map is calling me for a friendship problem!"

Sunset gave Starlight a quizzical look. "A friendship what now?"

Starlight gestured to the table. "This is the Friendship Map. Whenever there's a problem that needs solving that requires a certain pony or ponies, that pony's Cutie Mark will buzz. That means the pony is being called by the map. In this case, it's me." she said, putting her hoof to her chest.

Sunset nodded, listening intently.

"Once the pony gets to the Friendship Map, the Cutie Mark will hover over a location, which is where the friendship problem is. In this case, it's...the School of Friendship?" said Starlight.

Sunset's eyes widened. "Wait. There's a School of Friendship now? I have to come back more often, I've missed a lot."

Starlight smiled. "Well, I can get you caught up on the way. At least this time nothing's at risk of being destroyed."

Sunset laughed. "Never tempt fate, Starlight. Never tempt fate."

Starlight grinned. "Yeah, yeah. I know. But enough about that. I've kept this friendship problem waiting long enough! Follow me!" she said, and they both galloped off to the school.