Pinkie's Desired Affection

by desolate_account

Pinkie's Desired Affection

Pinkie hadn’t hesitated at all on her way over to the Carousel Boutique. The moment she’d made up her mind to approach Rarity for advice, she’d been on her way out of Sugar Cube Corner’s swinging pink doors. She bounced in typical Pinkie Pie fashion through the streets of Ponyville, right up until her arrival at the fashionista’s place of residence. As she began to enter the boutique’s doors however, she was very suddenly overcome by a faint dread filling the pits of her stomach. She attempted to reason with herself, shaking her head in frustration. The filly scolded herself “Come on Pinkie Pie! Rarity is an amazingly amazing friend who’d be super duper happy to offer some advice. She’s mature and understanding and exactly the one to go to for this sorta thing.” Pinkie took a deep breath, before finally pushing past the shop’s doors. A bell’s jingle resonated through the store, alerting Rarity, wherever she was, that a pony had entered her shop. Each ring of the tiny bell sent a prickle through Pinkie’s spine. Usually, that’d be Pinkie sense telling her today’s a lucky day. Though, that’s more of an itch than a prickle. Rather than Pinkie sense, she’d chalk it up to undue skittishness as a result of the question she had for her unicorn friend.

It felt like an eternity before Rarity made her way into the room. Probably she’d been in the middle of sewing or doing paperwork. Something business related, which had kept her from answering her beck and call as soon as possible. Eventually Rarity did manage to come attend to whoever was waiting for her. She began to rattle off what Pinkie could only assume was a phrase she’d memorized after having repeated time and time again. “Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, please help yourself to- Oh!” Rarity ginned upon seeing her beloved friend. “Pinkie, you should’ve told me you’d be coming. Whatever could I help you with, dear?” Rarity enveloped the pair of red work glasses she’d been wearing in her magic’s azure blue glow. She levitated them up off her snout where they’d been resting, and gently placed them down on the room’s nearest table. Turning to Pinkie, she once more offered a sincere smile to the pink mare. “Forgive my bluntness Miss Pie, but you’re hardly the type to be interested in a new frock without an occasion. So surely there must be another reason you’ve decided to drop by. Not that I mind, it’s always lovely to see a friend.”

Pinkie returned the smile, nodding hard enough to hopefully hide the mildly flustered look plastering her face. “Yesiree!” Pinkie chirped. “I’m in a bit of a sticky pickle and I was hoping you could help me out a bit.”

Rarity chuckled. “Well of course darling, I’d be happy to help in any way I can. Though… I’m surprised you’d come to me. But I suppose I don’t yet know the nature of your problem.”

“Right” Pinkie said, uncharacteristically straight faced. “Right right right… Ummmm.. Oki doki loki, so you know Dashie?”

“Well of course.” Rarity mused. “What of her?”

“You know how we’ve been dating for a while now?” Pinkie’s voice hitched with a thread of embarrassment. Something that seemed out of place on her. It didn’t go unnoticed, for Rarity perked an eyebrow at this.

“Yes, go on.” Pinkie had Rarity’s curiosity before, but now she had her undivided attention. The fashionista had to admit, a bit of romantic gossip was something she almost always had some time for. Though, what with this involving her friends, and the way Pinkie seemed almost unsure if she should continue on or not with the conversation, concern for her friend was starting to beat out her love of a juicy story. “Pinkie, whatever is the matter? You two didn’t have a fight did you?”

“What?! Nonononononono-” Pinkie waved her hooves about. She seemed taken aback by the mere thought that she and Rainbow Dash, the cutest most perfect most funtastic and compatible couple in Equestria could ever fight. Ponies often seemed to underestimate Pinkie’s ability to understand things. Pinkie of course understood that fights were natural between special someponies. But this wasn’t that. Thank Celestia too, Pinkie knew that hardship was likely to befall them eventually. But she absolutely dreaded it. Good thing that wasn’t what she needed help with today. Although… At least it would’ve been less embarrassing to ask about that than this. “Don’t worry Rarity, me and Dashie are doing fine. Really well actually. And ummm….” The words seemed caught in Pinkie’s throat. Though they were really pushing. All it’d take was for Rarity to-

“Come now. You’ve come this far. I promise whatever it is, I’m not gonna judg-”

IWANNAASKIFSHE’DLIKETOHAVESEX” Pinkie cut Rarity off with what was the last thing anypony expected to ever leave the pink pony’s mouth. “Shoot, I really wanted to do that more smoothly.” Pinkie mumbled sourly to herself.

It took a second for that to sink in. Several seconds. Maybe even a minute. Or… minutes really. What pray tell had Pinkie Pie just said? Pinkie Pie as in the Pinkamena Diane Pie had just said she wanted to have sex with Rainbow Dash? Well it was only natural. They were both grown mares. And they’d been an item for a good while now.

Oh Luna’s moon, Rarity had been quiet for too long. Pinkie was waiting for a response to… to whatever that just was. Rarity was sure her cheeks shown rosey through her white coat. What in the name of Celestia’s glorious flowing mane was Rarity supposed to say to that? She quickly ran over a few possible responses in her head. ‘Oh how interesting, why don’t you tell me more?’ Laughable. ‘Thank you for telling me Pinkie Pie, now I’ll… Definitely know that…’ Rarity wasn’t used to being this unsure how to respond to something for this long. ‘...Neat…’ Rarity’s attention (or lack thereof) was finally broken by a pink hoof waving itself in front of her face.

“Hellooo~ Anypony hoommeee?~” Pinkie sing-songed.

Rarity quickly cleared her throat. “I-I’m sorry Pinkie Pie I just… I’m not sure what you want me to say.. Good for you?”

Pinkie shook her head roughly from side to side. Clearly, there was more she had to say. “N-no” Pinkie stuttered. She sounded unsure of herself. The tone of voice was sad to hear on Pinkie Pie. “I love Rainbow a whole whole whole lot! And it’s been super duper uper fun getting to be with her. But I… I’ve been feeling lately like maybe I might kinda want more…?”

Rarity nodded. “I see.. You want to take your relationship to it’s next level.” The initial shock of the situation was fading. She was an adult, as was Pinkie Pie. (Regardless or not of if the latter pony always acted the part.) They could perfectly well have a conversation like this with each other. But of all her friends, Rarity would’ve guessed literally any of them would be having this sort of talk before Pinkie Pie. That said, the unicorn could absolutely understand why Pinkie would come to her out of the five. Fluttershy would’ve been too flustered by the thought of Pinkie and Dash… ahem ‘getting it on’ to offer any real advice. Truth be told, the thought wasn’t keeping itself out of Rarity’s mind either. But she was more than able to push those images aside and compose herself. Applejack would’ve been a fine enough pony to go to for advice. Though Rarity couldn’t help but feel this was a subject matter the farm pony wouldn’t have been able to approach with tact. Twilight would probably be Rarity’s first choice for advice, but she had to admit, she probably knew more on the topic than Ponyville’s resident princess of friendship. And Dash wasn’t an option for self explanatory reasons.

Pinkie Pie perked up a tad. “Yup, you got it. Problem is… I have no clue how to ask her about it.” Pinkie’s ears pinned back a bit upon saying. “What if she’s not ready? Or doesn’t wanna? What if I ask her about it, and it makes things awkward between us? What if-”

Rarity held a hoof up to Pinkie’s rambling lips, effectively shutting her up. “Listen now Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash loves you, does she not?” Pinkie Pie went to answer, but Rarity’s hoof pushed more firmly on her mouth, not allowing her to speak. “No no, rhetorical question sweetie. I’ve seen how she looks at you. She loves you more than all of Equestria. Even if she isn’t ready for that step. After all, it is a pretty big milestone in a relationship. I’m certain it wouldn’t cause any lasting damage to your relationship.”

Pinkie Pie seemed hopeful at this. “You think?” She grinned.

“Most definitely.” Rarity confirmed.

Pinkie began to bounce up in down, as she often does. It was difficult to picture this cute bubbly school filly of a grown mare in any sort of adult situation like the one she was proposing. But it was unfair to judge the book by it’s cover. Pinkie was more than silly songs and party hats after all. She was a pony with needs and wants like anypony else; among those wants was a desire for intimacy with her marefriend. The more Rarity thought about it, the worse she felt about having been stunned to silence. Had any of her other friends come to her for... Well she supposed this was romantic advice of sorts. Had any of her friends Pinkie aside come to her for romantic advice, no matter how adult, Rarity wouldn’t have been so slow on the uptake. After all these years, it would seem sometimes she was still a bit too quick to judge.

Pinkie giddily bounced about the room. “Ohhh~ Thank you Rarity! I just knew you were the right pony to ask!” Pinkie tackle hugged the unicorn, who let out a surprised ‘oof’ upon contact. Recovery was quick however, and she was soon hugging the pink earth pony back.

“Of course, happy to help. Now was that all or was there anything else I could help you with today?”

“Nopey-nope.” Pinkie beamed. “That was all. Sorry, I’m sure that was a weird question, huh?”

Rarity smirked. “Well, I must admit it did come out of nowhere. But you were mature about it. On top of that, it was a serious question. What kind of friend would I be were I to not seriously offer the best advice I could?”

Pinkie nodded. She continued nodding and smiling until that nod and smile slowly faded into a head shake and a gentle frown. Another question popped into her head. Maybe even more of a doozy than the first one. Worry crept back into the poor filly’s mind. “Actually uh… Rarity? Could I maybe possibly kinda ask you one more teeny weeny little tiny question?” Pinkie put on her best puppy dog eyes. It was a look that could sway the even the toughest stallions and most jaded of mares. How could anypony resist?

“Of course, darling. What is it?”

Pinkie scrapped at the ground with her hoof. “I don’t have much experience with this type of thing... how do I ask Dashie if she’d wanna... y’know?”

Now that was a more difficult question. Not only that, but it was a more awkward one for Rarity to answer. Simply asking if her worry was warranted was one thing. She wanted Rarity to assure her that Dash wouldn’t be made uncomfortable by the line of questioning. She wanted Rarity to put her mind at ease. This question was a bit more personal. Dear, upon thinking about it, Rarity realized that depending on what she told Pinkie to say, she could be the single pony responsible for getting the party planner laid.

Oh..” Rarity hesitated. “Ummm… be yourself?” That was awful advice. Pinkie wanted some actual input here. Well, what was she supposed to say? Was she supposed to tell Pinkie what she would do if she wanted to convince Rainbow to sleep with her? Rarity thought about it quietly. Pinkie seemed to understand that she wasn’t immediately sure what to say. Which as fine. It was a lot to lay on a friend. “Okay... “ Rarity began. “Perhaps you could ask her over a romantic dinner? Or maybe you could just try to get into the right atmosphere sometime and see where things go from there?” Rarity couldn’t help the blush that was spreading her cheeks. For goodness sake, she was telling Pinkie Pie how to go about seducing Rainbow Dash. “You could perhaps drop hints as to what you want to do and see if she gets the idea? Though, no offense Pinkie Pie, that mare of yours might be a touch too oblivious for that approach.” Rarity listed off a few possible solutions.

Pinkie mulled over the options. The first one seemed alright enough. Though romantic candle lit dinners weren’t really either of their cups of tea. And it wouldn’t feel right to go on a prank date or a casual stroll through the park to lead up to a question like this. Then, Pinkie was only almost sure what Rarity meant by ‘the right atmosphere.’ But she had no clue how she’d manage to get into that atmosphere. Pinkie loved Rainbow, but on the third issue she had to admit Rarity had a point. The pegasus wasn’t stupid or anything. She just had a habit of not taking a hint was all. Which is something that Pinkie Pie herself was occasionally guilty of.

“I don’t know Rarity... “ Pinkie hoofed the ground. “Maybe… I’ll just wait for Dashie to ask me instead.”

“Wait for me ask you what?” It seems while they were lost in conversation, neither Pinkie nor Rarity had heard the shop bell ring for a certain cyan blue pegasus entering the boutique.

Pinkie leapt what was probably an impossible distance up into the air. As a cartoon character would when startled. Typical Pinkie Pie physics, everypony had long since learned not to question it.

“Oooh dear.” Rarity said flatly. “Why don’t I… Give you two some privacy?” And with that, Rarity vanished into another room. Preferably, she’d like to not be within earshot while Rainbow and Pinkie had their very own birds and the bees talk.

“What was that all about?” Dash raised an eyebrow at the unicorn’s sudden disappearance.

Pinkie’s cheeks burned a scarlet hue. It didn’t show too well under her pink coat, but Dash was sure to have noticed it. “What brings you here? I thought you said you were gonna be in Cloudsdale today for some Wonderbolt-y business?”

Dash shrugged with a light airy chuckle. “Heh, yeah. That was the plan, but something came up with Spitfire and Misty Fly called in sick. So it was rescheduled. Nothing interesting, just meetings and stuff. As for why I’m *here* at the Carousel Boutique… I ran into Twilight and asked if she’d seen you. She said she saw you heading this way, so I came to check it out.” Dash tapped a hoof to her chin. “Actually Pinkie Pie, why are you here? I mean, Rarity’s cool and all, but I can’t see you stopping by to chat her up about fashion.”

Pinkie offered her best smile, though anxiousness pulled at her gut. Better now than later right? Sure, maybe it would've been a better idea not to kick off this conversation in public, but Pinkie couldn’t see herself working up the courage again any time soon. “A-actually I came to ask Rarity for some advice.” Pinkie spoke.

“Advice?” Rainbow wondered aloud. “On what?”

“I uh…” This was difficult. Pinkie wasn’t used to words being difficult. When you’re a ponies pony like she was, words tended to come naturally. But to be fair, these specific words have never really left her muzzle before.

Pinkie was cute as could be. She was fun and sweet. She was energetic and funny. There were plenty of stallions who’d be more than happy to have her as their special somepony. A few mares as well. But Pinkie herself had only ever experienced attraction like this a couple times before. And It’d never gone beyond a simple filly’s crush. A conversation like this was far removed from her skill set.


“Uh, yes Pinkie?”

Pinkie suddenly became really interested in looking at and studying the floor. “I love you a whole lot, you know? You’re really really super awesome and you make my heart dance and sing like a looooott. You’re cool, and funny and I love hanging out with you and well-” Once more, for the second or third time that day, for maybe only the dozenth time in her life, Pinkie found herself choking on her words.

Rainbow was suddenly somewhat worried. This sounded like a serious conversation they were having. She found herself not often saying it, cause it was kinda embarrassing, but she too loved Pinkie Pie ‘like a looooott.’ And this was starting to sound like a certain talk no happy couple wanted to have. “H-hey Pinkie Pie… Um..”


Rainbow had to run that over a few times in her head. Eventually her wings stopped flapping and she lowered herself to the ground. Surely Pinkie didn’t mean- Rainbow Dash’s face was near pinker than Pinkie Pie’s. “H-hold on Pinkie. Could you maybe repeat that? O-or um… Be more specific… ?” Rainbow felt the obnoxious burn of bashfulness wash over her. She didn’t like being flustered. It was unbefitting somepony her caliber of awesome.

“I came to ask Rarity how to tell you that… Well… She put it like “take our relationship to it’s next level.”"

Oh..” Dash wasn’t sure what to say to that. Thankfully she’d have time to think about it though as they went to go talk somewhere more private. “Why don’t we… Go somewhere a little less conspicuous?”

Pinkie Pie nodded and went to trot out the door. She was caught however by Dash lifting her into her arms and into the air. Pinkie didn’t have time to ask why she needed to be flown before Dash was out the door and soaring into the clouds.

Rarity heard the two leave, and sighed. “Good luck, Pinkie Pie.”

Finally, the two arrived at a lone cloud of Rainbow Dash’s choice. Rainbow lay on her back, allowing Pinkie to rest on top of her to avoid slipping through the fluffy cloud bed on which they rested.

The two lay in absolute silence for a while. That wouldn’t have been so special if one of the two ponies there wasn’t Pinkie Pie. After a couple eons of waiting for somepony to say something, Rainbow was finally the one to break the quiet.

“So…” She began. “You… went and asked Rarity about us… having sex?” That was a painfully blunt way to put it.

“Maaaaaaaayyyybbee-” Pinkie hesitantly admitted.

“Well… This is kinda… A big deal, right? I mean… That’s like… A big step right?” Rainbow was doing her best with this. She wasn’t great with so called ‘mushy stuff.’ Though truthfully, she wasn’t entirely sure if this counted as mushy stuff. This stuff was kind of in a league of its own. Either way it was awkward and Dash wasn’t the best at talking about it.

“Yepperoni.” Pinkie said. Not much input. But it seemed Dash was taking the lead on this conversation.

“W-well… Um… Why’d you feel the need to ask Rarity about it? Honestly, it’s kinda mortifyingly embarrassing to think about Rarity knowing about this. Why not just come to me?”

Pinkie wasn’t sure how well Dash would take to her basically saying ‘I was afraid to ask you.’ Even if that was the case. Would that hurt the pegasus? Or was it understandable? Pinkie had no idea, because she’s never done this before. Pinkie's nerves were comforted however by the sound of Dash’s heartbeat against her ear. And the softness of her chest fluff, which Pinkie had happily taken to burying her nose into. “I didn’t know how to bring it up was all… I thought Rarity maybe knew more about this stuff than me.”

“Makes sense I guess…”

Silence washed over them once more. It wasn’t necessarily an uncomfortable silence. Nor was is a peaceful one. The best word to describe it, was a thoughtful silence. It was a nice day out. And as high as they were in the clouds, there wasn’t any sound to hear but their own breath and the distant laughter of school ponies somewhere far below. They were alone to think. Think about their relationship and how it’d be going these past many months. Remarkably well actually. When the two had announced their togetherness, their friends were nothing but supportive. Though a few outside ponies had apparently predicted the two not lasting very long. That had so far proved very much not the case. Rainbow Dash looked down at the pony on top of her. It was odd, Dash was honestly not the type of pony to get wrapped up in romance and touchy feely stuff. But one look at Pinkie Pie, and it was like that facet of her personality had never existed at all. The wind blew gently around them. A small gust of wind went by, sending a light shiver up the earth pony’s back. Rainbow Dash took notice, and brought a wing around her filly to warm her.

In time, Rainbow Dash once more spoke up. “Once we take that step… We’re serious, right?”

Pinkie hummed. “Well… Yeah I guess. Do you want to do this seriously, Dashie?”

“It’s a little scary..” Dash admitted.

“Rainbow Dash? Scared? You’re the toughest coolest most unscardiest mare around, and you know it.” Pinkie nudged Rainbow’s muzzle with her own. Their noses booped together in a way that always sent Rainbow’s heart soaring. It gave her a perfect view of the large baby blue puppy eyes belonging to Pinkie Pie. Not long ago, somepony had asked Dash what her favorite color was. She’d immediately said blue. Naturally, the pony in question had shrugged the answer off as Dash being an egotist, in typical Rainbow Dash style. But little did they know the reason she loved that color were these eyes in front of her.

Rainbow’s face heated up, as the realization of her decision hit her. “H-hey Pinkie Pie?” She mumbled. Her cheeks were aflame.

“Yes, Rainbow Dash?” Pinkie returned.

“If you want to...I-I guess.. I'd be more than happy to take that step with you.”

Pinkie nearly fell off the cloud she jumped so much. “Wait?! You mean it?? You’d really for reals wanna do that with me?”

Rainbow was blushing. But if her genuine little smile was any indication, she was more happy than sheepish. “Sure. I love you Pinks.”

Pinkie hugged into Rainbow harder than she had been before. Her hugs were always like weaponized love. They were tight and strangling, but they were so loving you couldn’t help but suck it up and take it. Pinkie placed a small kiss on Dash’s snout.

“Hey Dashie?”

“Yes Pinkie?”

“I’m looking forward to tonight.”

It had been hours since Pinkie had stopped by. Truth be told, Rarity was so focused on sewing a new line of hers, that she’d nearly forgotten all about Pinkie and her dilemma. That was until she felt a chill run through her body. Never until then had she considered the possibility of a ‘Rarity sense’ to rival Pinkie's Pinkie sense. Surly she had nothing of the sort. Or so she thought, until a tingle in her spine and her sharp intuition told her that at that very moment two friends of hers were ‘having some fun.

“Oh dear me..” Rarity sighed. “Well done Pinkie Pie.”