Starlight Over Sunset

by Punk Rock Prom Queen

In Your End Oh!

“Celestia’s flaming clitoris!” Came Starlight Glimmer’s terrified shout. Not a second later the bathroom door of Sunset Shimmer’s apartment burst open revealing a panting Sunset.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” A concerned Sunset questioned. A half-naked Starlight looked up from her seat on the edge of Sunset’s bathtub and pointed emphatically at her bare feet which were stretched out as far away from her body as was physically possible. Sunset raised an eyebrow in response.

“What in Tartarus are these things!?” Starlight gestured with two closed fists. “And why are they so smelly!?”

“They’re called feet Starlight,” Sunset sighed. “We've been over this already and of course you’re going to smell like wet teenager, you’ve been walking around wearing combat boots in ninety-degree weather.”

“I’m not talking about my feet! I’m talking about the creepy tiny fingers attached to them!” Starlight paused in her hysterics as a look of contemplation crossed her face. “And why would I smell like a wet teenager? Shouldn’t I smell like a wet adult?”

Sunset’s palm became thoroughly acquainted with her face. They hit it off surprisingly well. “They’re called toes. They help with balance since humans don’t have tails. Also, we are teenagers, therefore, you’re going to smell like one, a particularly sweaty one at that.”

“But I’m a grown mare,” Starlight whined. “Why are we teenagers here?”

“According to Princess Twilight, the portal turns us into teens in order to sync us to this worlds time stream. Time moves a lot slower here then it does in Equestria so we would be younger if we were born here then on the other side of the mirror.”

“Huh, that makes a surprising amount of sense. Still doesn’t explain why I smell like stale moldy corn chips.”

“Again we’re teenagers raging hormones included. Hormones that end up in our sweat. Hormones that make our sweat particularly tasty to the bacteria that live on our skin. Which they then eat and afterward fart.”

“So my feet smell bad because of bacteria fart,” Starlight deadpanned.

“Exactly. Now if we’re done talking about this hurry up and take your shower so I can get in. I’d also like to stop smelling like bacteria fart.”

“Why don’t you just get in with me? You’re shower’s big enough and it’d save water.”

Sunset’s cheeks turned the same shade of crimson as her hair while her mouth did a rather accurate impression of a fish.

“What?” Starlight questioned with an expression of pure innocence on her face before it morphed to one of understanding. “Oh, this about that whole body image issue you have that we talked about at the diner isn’t it? Like I said before you don’t have to worry, we both have the same parts and your’s are better than mine anyway.”

“I don’t have body image issues!” Sunset half sputtered half shouted. “And stop talking about our parts! It’s weird!”

“Right, because your whole nudity taboo thing isn’t weird at all. I mean you are a pony, we don’t normally wear clothes or have you really gone that native?”

Sunset’s palm went on a second date with her face. There was talk of meeting each other’s parents.

“Just get in the shower,” she groaned through her hand.

“Alright, alright sheesh I still don’t get what the big deal is.”

Sunset turned to leave, but Starlight’s voice speaking up again caused her to pause.

“Quick question before you go.”


Starlight gestured to the lacy teal bra holding her modest chest in place with a closed hand. “What is this thing and how do I get it off?”

An hour and a half later both girls were showered and dressed with Starlight wearing a borrowed set of pajamas. The two teens were now occupying Sunset’s couch and watching one of Sunset’s favorite shows on Streamflix.

“I have a question,” Starlight stated turning away from the screen just as one of the characters stabbed a demon with her enchanted knife. “If magic doesn’t exist naturally in this world why does this show focus so heavily on it?”

“Dunno,” Sunset replied with a shrug. “I think maybe it did at some point, but then it just sort of faded out and became a legend?”

“Huh.” Starlight returned her attention to the screen and the two lapsed into a comfortable silence. After several more minutes of watching human on demon violence, she turned back to Sunset.

“Should the older sister really be fighting right now? I mean demon combat can’t be healthy for her baby.”

Sunset sprayed out the mouthful of Tantrum she had just taken a sip of. Luckily none of the ridiculously sugary soda landed on any of the electronics before her.

“What makes you think she’s pregnant?” She asked after getting her breathing under control.

“Have you seen the size of her teats!?” Starlight gestured at the television with both hands. “They’re huge! I think it’s pretty obvious she’s got a bun cooking in that oven.”

For the third time, that night Sunset’s palm and face got together. They decided to move in with each other.

“They’re not called teats here, they’re breasts and no she’s not pregnant they naturally look like that.”

Starlight looked down at her own chest before casting her gaze over at her friend’s.

“So...We’re not pregnant?”

“What the hell Starlight!? No, we’re not pregnant! What, did you think everyone you saw with big tits was knocked up? We’re all teenagers for fuck’s sake!”

“Hey!” Starlight shot back indignantly. “In my defense, I thought we were all adults. Besides my Pinkie is rather promiscuous and your’s looks like she’s doing some baking without a kitchen oven if you know what I mean.”

“So, what, you just thought we’re all really slutty and don’t know what birth control is?” Sunset growled as she gazed at her guest with narrow eyes.

“What?! No, of course not! I just thought I had shown up at the end of the Human Mating Season! I mean it is the end of Summer after all,” Starlight replied while waving her hands defensively.

“Okay first of all Human’s don’t have a mating season. Secondly, did you think the portal made you preggo or something?”

Starlight shrugged in response. Sunset buried her face in her hands and groaned. Starlight reached over and patted her host on the back.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “But can you really blame me? I mean this is my first time being in a strange new world in an even stranger body after all. You can’t tell me you didn’t think the same things when you first showed up here, can you?”

“Well yeah I was pretty weirded out when I first showed up, but I didn’t think everyone with a decent rack was about to pop out a mini-me.”

“Well excuse me for not knowing anything about Human anatomy or mating habits,” Starlight pouted while crossing her arms just beneath her chest which had the unintended side effect of pushing her mammaries up and together. A side effect which Sunset did her best to ignore even as Starlight leaned closer to her.

“But you could teach me,” she purred.