Sour Sweet Shorts

by Nico-Stone Rupan

Morning Kisses (Adult Days)

There was a spark in the darkness. A warm, blissful spark. One in which not even the best of dreams could retain their grip against. Sour Sweet's eyes fluttered open. Hovering above her was her husband, his lips softly planted on hers. He parted from her and smiled.

"Good morning, sweetness," Second Person greeted.

Sour breathed deeply and began moving to wake her body up. "You think I'm Sleeping Beauty or something?"

"Sleeping? Not anymore. Beauty? So much yes."

That earned Second his first eye roll of the day. In truth, it was in the morning where he considered his wife the most beautiful. No makeup and all natural. Her long hair an unbridled, sexy mess. The angry "Where's the damn coffee?" look in the eyes.

"And how would you like it if I woke you up by invading your personal space?" Sour asked, pointedly.

"You know I would love it."

Sour nodded. "Tomorrow then. Only I won't use a kiss."

"Oh, really?" Second's mind was already filling up with perverted possibilities. "What would you wake me up with then?"

"Don't ruin the surprise."

"Come on. Care to give me a preview?" He leaned in and whispered softly into her ear, "Right now?"


Before Second could prepare, Sour whipped into position and launched a rapid kick into his chest. His body shot back across the bed and over the edge. He landed face-first on the floor with a loud THUD.

"You awake, dear?" asked a smirking Sour.

"Very much so..." Second groaned in delightful pain.


Sour Sweet slowly opened the door and peeked inside her four-year-old daughter's room. Bitter Honey was still in peaceful slumber. Sour quietly entered, went up to her bedside, and smiled. She wouldn't admit it to her husband, but he wasn't the only one in this family who liked to give morning kisses.

Sour bent down and planted a peck upon Bitter's lips. The little one began to stir and open her eyes. Once she glimpsed her mother, however, Bitter's eyes closed back and her body limped as if she suddenly went back to sleep.

"Bitter, time to get up," Sour announced as she pulled back the cover.

"I'm not awake yet," Bitter said.

Sour put her hands on her hips. "You obviously are."

"No, I'm not. Maybe I need another kiss?"

Sour chuckled and complied. Bitter received another peck.

"Hmm..." Bitter pondered, not moving an inch. "Nope. Still asleep."

"Is that so?"

"Try kissing one more time."

A few moments went by with Bitter awaiting her next kiss. Nothing. She was about to open her eyes to see what the hold up was before she suddenly felt fingers at her sides. That successfully made Bitter's eyes open wide up and mouth begin wailing with laughter.

"This is what you get for being greedy with kisses!" Sour gleefully declared as she mercilessly tickled her daughter.

"Okay, okay!" Bitter managed through her laughs. "I'll get up now! I'll get up!"


There was a pain in the darkness. A quick, unexpected pain. One in which even the best of dreams would be swiftly disregarded in need for investigation. Gilda's eyes shot open. Standing at her bedside was her own four-year-old daughter along with a multitude of certain foil-wrapped chocolates scattered atop the bed.

"Bitter told me that her family gives each other kisses in the morning," Gretchen explained. "Want some more?" she added before chucking another handful at her mother's face.

Gilda groaned. "Wrong kind of kisses, brat." She then couldn't help but smile. "But it's the thought that counts..."