Dadonequus Discord, But It's The MLP Movie (And still doesn't have Discord)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 15: To Canterlot (Part 1)

With things seemingly ok at this point. You, Tempest, Grubber, and the six hop aboard Celaeno’s ship.

You thought there would have been some awkward tension with so many onboard. Especially since Capper hadn’t been forgiven yet and you didn’t quite know where everyone stood with the pirates. But as it turned out, everything seemed alright.

Capper presented himself at the first opportunity with an apology to the ponies, and a thank you to Rarity herself for what she had done to fix his coat. He seemed rather nervous, but thankfully, he is forgiven even more easily than Tempest was. Then again, that was to be expected at this point.

Then there was that cutie, Skystar, she just seemed to be blown away by every little thing. You had an urge to ask her why that was….But you didn’t want your ear yanked at again. No, you just decide to watch from a distance at her wonderment, at the good tidings among the the ponies and the crew, and Tempest looking into the clouded horizon as she stood at the end of the ship.  Looks like everything was finally set.

Shortly after all this, Celaeno announces the new heading, Canterlot.  It would apparently take a while to get there, so it gave everyone a chance to calm down. Which also gave Fluttershy a chance to finally approach you one on one. Like any good aunt, she wanted to know how you were doing. Fluttershy was worried of course. She wanted to know if you were hurt, how you ended up tangled in all this in the first place, if your healthy, scared, or worried. She just wanted you to know everything was going to be ok.

“Anon, oh my little Anon…” Fluttershy sits down and holds you close, brushing her hoof through your mane “Are you alright?”

You just take in her embrace, cuddling into her  “Of course, Aunt Fluttershy. You know me, always toughing it out.”

Fluttershy lets out a worried chuckle. Of course she found it endearing, but she still feared for you. “Y-you’re always tough and strong. It’s one of the many reasons I’m so proud of you. But Anon, this was all very dangerous. I was so scared that something was going to happen to you. How did you even end up getting captured? I didn’t see you when we were setting up for the festival.”

You chuckle a nervous little chuckle “Oh er, haha. That’s because….y’know…”

Fluttershy gives you a falsely stern look with a smirk “You overslept?”

You sigh and look down, feeling a little shame “Yeah…”

Fluttershy holds you close again, and continues to stroke your mane with her hoof. “It must have been so scary seeing Canterlot under attack. Why didn’t you run back home? Ohhhhh Anon...I…” She sighs, she wanted to say that you shouldn’t have tried fighting Tempest or saving Canterlot on your own. But she also knew Tempest’s reformation wouldn’t have happened without you either. “I...I’m just glad you’re ok.”

You could tell she wanted to say something about you just jumping into the fray. You knew it worried her, but it had to be done…..Even if you did fuck up at the start of it all. “Aunt Fluttershy. I know you wanna tell me that I shouldn’t have tried anything.That it was dangerous and all that. I’m sorry..But I had to do something.”

“I know...I know. You’re always trying to do the right thing.” Fluttershy held you tighter as she slowly started to sob “You’re such a good little gentlecolt. Oh Anon, I was just...When I saw you in that cage. I just...I was willing to do anything to save you. I’m so glad everything turned out ok. I really am, I really did think I’d never be able to hug you again.”

“Aunt Fluttershy…” You just continue to hug as you yourself start to get a few tears. She was so scared for you. You didn’t want her to be upset, but it had to be done. Everything that happened had led to this. But it was over now, you were all together again, and all that was left was stomping the Storm King.

“It’s ok..Really, it’s all already done, isn’t it?” Fluttershy ends her embrace as she wipes her tears away and puts on a smile as strong as she is able to. She didn’t want you to cry or worry, especially now that everything was alright. And she certainly didn’t want to be the cause of it either. If she was going to lift your spirits, she had to lift her own as well. “You did a good job Anon. You really did. We’re all here now, and that’s what’s really important.  I’m….I’m..” She goes back to hugging you with all her might “I’m just so glad you’re ok! I really am!”


As you both embrace each other in a familial embrace. A voice suddenly comes in to interrupt the both of you. “‘Scuse me you two, I don’t want to spoil the moment but there seems to be a lot of tears coming from the both of you. You wouldn’t mind me trying to lighten the mood with some cake, would you?”

Both you and Fluttershy look up to see Capper, standing there with a smirk as he held up two plates with some delicious looking slices of cake on them.

“Capper? O-oh hey!” You’d hate to leave that hug you were having. But the cakes really did look pretty damn good. “That’s pretty cool of you. I’d like some cake please. What about you Aunt Fluttershy?”

“O-oh, ummm..Well I am rather hungry. Thank you Mr. Capper” Fluttershy looks up at him with a soft smile as she wipes her eyes.

“Hey hey, just call me Capper. Mister makes me sound like some old guy. Anyway, it’s no problem. You all showed me that the way I was living my life was no way to live it. And your nephew? Heh..” He chuckles as he brings one of the plates down for Fluttershy to grab “He’s a real miracle. But he needs to be careful” He gives you a gentle rub on the head with his free hand “He gets charmed by the ladies a little too easily. I noticed how he’s been looking at hippogriff over there. Gotta play it cool, Anon”

You grumble as you push his hand away “Whatever, I got it. It was just a moment of weakness, that’s all. I’m devoted to my marefriend, isn’t that right Aunt Fluttershy?”

“Of course you are.” Fluttershy says ignorantly as she starts to slowly eat the cake “mmm, this is very good.”

“Is it? Wait…” He didn’t give you the other plate. In fact, he started to eat the cake from it. “What gives, where’s my cake?”

“Cake don’t go to fibbers, Anon” Capper says with a grin

WHAT?! Y-you weren’t fibbing. You’d tear his tail off if you could for that remark. But with Fluttershy nearby, you decide to try the sad approach. Your ears droop as you look up with big sad eyes. “B-but I wanted cake.” Heh, that should get Fluttershy to defend you.

“Capper! Don’t be mean! You shouldn’t offer cake like that if you weren’t intending to give it to him. And he wasn’t fibbing either. He really is devoted to her.” Fluttershy felt irritation towards him, she didn’t like the fact that he made you “upset”.

“Woah woah! Let’s cool our heads for a second. I was just joking. This cake isn’t even for him. Let’s see, where did he...oh.” Capper steps to his side, revealing Grubber, who was standing behind him the entire time. “There we go, he’s the guy to talk to for some cake.”

Grubber was holding up a plate of cake. But it looked different from the ones Fluttershy and Capper were eating. Grubber also had a rather sour expression as he stood there silently.

Capper looked at him and gave him a gentle tap “What’s wrong? There he is. Didn’t you want to thank him? I made it easy like you asked, just go tell him already.”

“I don’t want to anymore. I mean, I know he made Tempest happy. But he still stopped her. That ain’t cool, I don’t think her deserves it.” Grubber says with a huff.

“Come on” Capper gives him a gentle push towards you “You were excited a minute ago. What was it you said? Right…’That Anon, yeah, he’s pretty coo-”

“Alright! Alright! Chill!...ugh.” Grubber pushed at Capper and then shifted his eyes towards you “I think you’re kinda cool, ok? With the lasers, and the awesome entrance you made, and the fact Tempest seems a lot nicer and stuff. Ok?” He growled as he held his slice of cake towards you “I was saving this for when we crushed all you ponies. But whatever, that’s not happening now. And I guess since everyone else is being nice and sweet and stuff. I might as well try it too and see what that’s all about. So here, take it.” He sighs as he eyes the cake he was giving up. To him, it was a huge sacrifice.

“Thanks Grubber….erm…” You take the plate and sigh, if he was gonna try. You might as well apologize for the names you called him “Sorry about calling you retard and stuff.  You’re pretty cool. I mean, I guess Tempest wouldn’t have let you hang if you weren’t.”

“Yeah?....Yeah…” Grubber stood up tall with a smile on his face “Considering how awesome she is, it only makes sense that me being her friend does make me cool. Yo Anon, you’re alright. You deserve that cake.”

You felt pretty good. Sure the guy was an idiot, but he wasn’t so bad after he stopped being a douche. Considering his loyalty towards Tempest, he’d probably make quick friends with Scrappy.

You take the cake, and plop it all into your mouth at once and start to chew. Hrn, it was good….but it tasted kinda off.

Fluttershy giggled a little as she softly scolded you. “Anon...You’re going to get a tummy ache if you eat that fast. I won’t be giving you a belly rub just because you ask either.” She flinches a little at her own words, then doubles back “Well, maybe a little belly rub.”

“It’s alright, I can handle a little cake.” You tell her as you continue to chew and slowly swallow.

“Hold on a sec…” Capper looked over to Grubber, rather confused by his words. “You said you were saving that cake? Uh, for how long exactly?”

“Since Canterlot, duh. That’s where I picked it up.” Grubber answers.

Your eyes go wide...what?! Wait...this was going to get worse...wasn’t it?

Grubber shrugged “I mean, it just tasted so good that I had to save a slice for later. But I tell you, those ponies scream over anything. One of them smacked into me and I dropped it, someone even stepped on it while they were running in fear. But hey, five second rule, right? It was ok, it was fine, like, totally. After I pressed it and molded it back to looking delicious, I kept in on my shirt pocket near my armpit for easy grabbing later. It’s been there for a couple of days but it still tastes pretty good I bet.”

Both Capper and Fluttershy cringe hard when they realized the cake was tainted pretty bad.

You yourself could taste it….essence of B.O.

And stepped on?! SERIOUSLY?!

You started to wobble, and feel sick. You wanted to spit it out right there and then. But dammit, you didn’t want to make a scene.

“So, whatcha think, Anon? Pretty radical stuff, right?” Grubber asked. He wanted to know if you enjoyed it to really see if the gift of giving really gave good feelings like he heard.

Capper could see your struggling. He improvised a plan as he grabbed Grubber by the back and turned him around as he leaned down to whisper to him “Yo hey! Can’t be that strong with your words”

Grubber looked at him, confused “Why not? That’s good cake.”

“No question. But it’s not about asking for approval. Just let Anon come to his own conclusion. Trust me, it feels even better when they just tell you what they think without you asking for it.” Capper assures him as he tilts his head towards Fluttershy, as if he was signaling something.

“Really? Huh...I guess that makes sense” Grubber said as he pondered on it.

While Capper talked with looked towards Fluttershy with eyes that began to tear up. The taste was getting worse! What are you going to do?! You wanted to spit it out but you didn’t want to upset the little pincushion.

Fluttershy noticed that Capper may have turned Grubber around on purpose. She looks around and notices a water bucket nearby. She quickly grabs it and holds it towards your face as she nodded towards Grubber, and then the bucket.

You look over at Grubber first. He did seem to be preoccupied. Fine! Ok! Who knows where else this cake has been! You quickly spit up the cake into the bucket as Fluttershy throws the bucket overboard.

Grubber’s attention is immediately called upon as he looks over to you, confused. “Woah, what was that noise?”

Fluttershy started to falsely cough cute little gags and groans. “Oh erm...ngh...It’s me. Sorry, I’m not used to all this...erm…..Flying?”

Grubber stops for a moment to ponder that, then shrugs “That makes sense. So Anon, erm...Nope, won’t ask, just g-”

You interrupt him, you just wanted to get this over with already. “It was fantastic! Best cake ever!”

“Yeah, it really was. I mean,eventually I’m gonna make a cake as good as that but just the fact you enjoyed it...You a gift…” A meek little smile started to form on his face as he did a little kick “I feel pretty ok...It kinda feels good to make others happy.”

“It always does!” Fluttershy says with a happy smile, glad to see Grubber in higher spirits despite the fact the cake itself was terrible. “Why, I always feel very good whenever I help my friends or throw a little picnic party for all the cute woodland animals.”

“Mhmm, thanks Grubber. Really, you’re awesome.” You say, just to bring it home.

“Well duh! I already knew that. No one can handle all of this” Grubber started to point to all of his body “And considering what I did, that makes me even better. I’m talking super awesome. You’re so lucky I’m on your side now, or else there’d be a whole lot of trou-”

“Hey” Capper cuts him off “Don’t be like that. Anon went through a lot of trouble to get this all together….Besides, without me he’d still be in a cage.” Capper snickered, then raised his paws to stop anyone from saying anything else “Just kidding, it really was a team effort sort of thing.  Truth be told, I think everybody here made this all happen. And…” Capper looks up with a chuckle “And now were going to go stomp the Storm King. Wow, I really hope that goes smoothly.Nah…” He looks back at you and Fluttershy with a confident smirk “It’s gonna be fine. Won’t take that many lives to pull this off.”

Fluttershy nods, with a determined expression “There’s no need to worry. We’ve all handled somepony like the Storm King before. And now with even more of us? We’re sure to win! We’ll save everypony, and all the animals, and put an end to that meanie of a king!.”

Grubber made a fist and brought it to the flat of his other palm “Yeah! I mean, he used to be the big boss to me. But if all he was doing was using Tempest, then he’s gotta answer to me. I bet he doesn’t even like cake.”

Oh yeah, you really wanted to take a crack at him yourself. This was big. The biggest venture you’ve ever been a part in since you tried to reform Chrysalis. You had to be careful not to get ahead of yourself lest you fall in the same trap you did when you fought Tempest. But boy oh boy, you were itching for a fight. “I want my own shot at him, I’m gonna show him the real power of chaos!”

All of you give a cheer. Oh yeah! Victory was at hand.

Shortly after, Celaeno makes an announcement for everyone to meet at the center of the ship. It seemed there was planning to be done.