Shaggy & Scooby-Doo: Equestria Girls

by MetalJrock

The Magic Plan (Part 1)

Within Shaggleford Manor, the residents were quite ready for their weekly festives. A young man wearing a white sweater with green stripes balanced a bunch of pizza boxes, a tower large enough to obscure his features. He ran through the large halls of the mansion he inherited. Running next to him was a brown dog walking on his hindlegs, balancing his own food in his paws, the two of them trying to make it to the living room.

"Alright, Scoob! We got ourselves a little free time. Do you know what that means?" Shaggy shouted in excitement.

"Yeah!" Scooby-Doo laughed.


The two jumped over the sofa and placed all their early morning snacks on the table to the sides of the bowl of remotes. Luckily for the duo, they placed the TV remote in a separate spot to easily reach it. The TV itself was quite large, with speakers of equal size. The two have enjoyed the benefits of their recent surge of money.

Shaggy grabbed the remote and turned on their television. "Like, think about it, Scoob ol' pal! We can watch all our favorite shows all on in a row!"

"Rhe best ray to spend the day!" Scooby agreed.

Shaggy pressed a button and turned on their usual channel, "First up, the Mystery Group/High School Heroes crossover! A bunch of mystery solvers meeting a our favorite group of wacky teenage adventurers!" he nudged the dog's shoulder, "Doesn't that sound cool, buddy?"

Scooby chuckled, "Rit does!"

"Now we just gotta blast the speakers and then--"


Shaggy and Scooby flinched upon hearing the sound of their wall being crashed through. Rolling around the living room was a round robot, waving its metal arms abour frantically, "Nephew Shaggy! Rooby Roo! I have dire news!" shouted the robot.

The boy leaned back and groaned, "Like, what is it Robi? And did you really have to crash into the wall again?"

Robi smiled, "Why yes I did. I just received an emergency message from Uncle Albert!"

Scooby and Shaggy glanced at one another. After his disappearance, Shaggy's Uncle Albert had been giving them transmissions of whatever their nemesis, Dr. Phineas Phibes, had planned. Whenever he called them, it was usually important. "Aw, and like right before the shows... Play the message, Robi."

"Reah. Play it." Scooby repeated.

And then Robi opened his mouth, revealing a projection of an older man in a lab coat, his gray hair in a ponytail. It was Uncle Albert, who began to speak, "Shaggy. Scooby-Doo. The world is in grave danger, My sources have figured out Dr. Phibes' next plan. He's currently planning to harness magic."

"Ragic?" Scooby-Doo asked. "Rit's real?"

The message continued, "With this power source, he could possibly find a way to recreate the nanotech formula he has sought after for so long even without my research. I'm sending you the coordinates of where he's tracked the source now."

Albert finished saying, "Dr. Phibes has tracked the energy to a high school. The two of you must get there and make sure no one gets hurt in the event Phibes' discovery is a success. You must hurry and retrieve it before he does. Good luck."

Robi began to print out a piece of paper with a map design, which Shaggy grabbed. The projected faded, allowing the duo to look at the coordinates without distraction. "Huh, like, whatever Dr. Phibes is looking for, it's in a place called Canterlot City."

"Ruh?" the dog wondered, tilting his head.

"Well, we know what we gotta do, Scoob. We need to head to Canterlot City before Phibes gets what he's looking for." Shaggy said, he and Scooby-Doo walking to the front door, "Robi. Keep an eye on the mansion while we're gone!"

"Wait. Re should rack some Scooby-Snacks!" Scooby suggested.

Shaggy raised a finger, "You're right. It doesn't hurt to have a little boost just in case. Luckily, I already made some spares in the event Phibes planned something." he zoomed into the kitchen and came back with a box of Scooby-Snacks in hand. Scooby also zoomed away and grabbed a bag full of food, "Like, good thinking! It doesn't hurt to have some mid-ride food to be safe too!"

Scooby laughed as they walked out the mansion door. Parked right outside was their old ride, the Mystery Machine. Shaggy got in the driver's seat while Scooby sat next to him. The two buckled up and the boy looked at the paper, "Alright, like, all we have to do is put the coordinates in and take off. Whatever Phibes is after, it can't be good no matter if it's magic or not."

"Ranterlot City, here we come!" Scooby shouted.

"Yep. Let's do it!"

Shaggy pressed a button, letting the upgrades he gave the old van do its thing. The sides and bottom of the Mystery Machine morphed into the shape of a jet. Once the GPS was set, the Mystery Machine took off to the skies, their destination: Canterlot City.

Deep within the underground was an elder man, he wore lab gear and his hair was slicked down but also sticking up. He tapped his metal hand on the table. "Everything is according to plan, Dr. Trebla." he spoke, his accent thick.

"Are you sure it was necessary building a lair down here, Dr. Phibes?" asked Trebla, adjusting his glasses.

Phineas Phibes grinned, his sharp teeth showing and chin folds revealing themselves. "Of course. The dog and hippie boy would never expect this plan." he raised his metal appendage, "Once I obtain this magic, I shall no longer require Albert's nanotech formula from those two and instead unleash a new power that I shall wield!"

"I see. And how do you plan to find this magic? It's supposedly at a high school." Trebla wondered.

Dr. Phibes smirked, "Do not worry. I have already sent Agents 1 and 2 to get hired as teachers. They shall investigate the school and tell us of where this magic spike is from so we can nab it for ourselves!"

The mad scientist looked at the clipboard, pinned to the center was a photo covered in darts. The picture showed his hated enemies, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, the ones who foiled his plans countless times before. He slammed his real hand on it, "When I get what I'm looking for, they shall be eliminated as well! And I will finally be IMMORTAL!" he loudly declared.

Trebla clapped, "Wonderful speech as always, sir."

"Why thank you." Phibes said.

"Uh, Dr. Phibes." an agent said, wearing a uniform like the rest of the ones the scientisr hired.

"Yes, Agent 3?"

Agent 3 handed Phibes a round device, "It appears Agents 1 and 2 forgot the magic absorber."

When he heard that, Phibes' hairline went up and he scowled. "Those incompetent nincompoops!" he screamed, activating his arm cannon in rage and shot a laser. The beam reflected off the metal and hit Dr. Phibes' rear, "WAH!" he shrieked in pain, rubbing the burn marks found on his backsides.

"Uh, sir. Remember your temper."

Phibes growled and sighed, pressing a button on his forehead, causing his hairline to drop perfectly on top of his head. "Ah, yes. Thank you, Dr. Trebla." he coughed, "Just give it to those dummies. But do not reveal yourself." his glasses fell onto the bridge of his nose ans his arm cannon was activated, "Do you understand?"

"Sir yes sir!"

Agent 3 ran off, leaving Phibes and Trebla to tend to the surveillance monitors. "The only thing that could be worse is if that boy and troublesome dog find out our plan."

Trebla saw an aircraft on the radar and smiled for a faint second then went back to frowning. "Uh, not to rain on your parade, but..."

Phibes groaned and facepalmed, "They arrived there, haven't they?"


The scientist's arm cannon went off and shot a laser, once again reflecting and hitting his backside. "AH!" he screamed.

"So... Agents 1 and 2, was it?" Principal Celestia muttered, glancing upward from her clipboard. Sitting across from her were two men. Both wearing dark suits and black lenses over their eyes. It looked a little too suspicious. Standing behind her was Vice-Principal Luna, who was also examining the resumes.

Agent 2, who was wearing a wizard hat and beard, nodded, "Yep! That's us! I know it's not written, but I'm also a level-10 wizard called Dr. Alcheman."

Agent 1 nudged his partner and whispered, "Why does that matter?"

"Duh! Because we're looking for magic. Who better to find it than a master wizard like me?" Agent 2 responded. His partner replied by smacking him in the back of the head. "Ow! What the heck was that for?!"

"It's for being a moron..." Agent 1 murmured. He cleared his throat and folded his hands, "Er, sorry about that. Sibling rivalry." he lied since they weren't actually siblings, "Anyway, as you can see, we have credible references on our resumes."

Celestia squinted, "...One of them is for Evil Mook College."

Agent 1 waved a hand and lied, "That was a side venture in case things didn't go our way. Now that we have a chance to work legitmately, we're going to take it."

The principal then said, "Why is there a reference for Agent 2 being a wizard here?"

"Because it's super important, duh!" Agent 2 said. "I feel like everyone should know of my powerful status."

"Don't listen to him. He's surprisingly... competent outside of this." Agent 1 growled. It took everything in him to say that, despite knowing his partner long enought to know the exact opposite was true.

"Yep! So what do you say?" Agent 2 asked.

Celestia put down the papers, an unsure look on her features, "So far the creditentials look legitimate. Very well, you shall start next week so you have time to prepare. In the meantime, Vice-Principal Luna will give you a brief tour of the school so you get adjusted."

"Must I?" Luna whispered.

The Mystery Machine flew over the city, Shaggy and Scooby able to get a skyline view. "Like, whoa! This place looks way different from any city we've been to."

"Rit really does." Scooby agreed while munching on the last of the burdgers they packed, "Rhere are we going ragain?'

Shaggy looked at the GPS, "According to Uncle Albert's coordinates, we have to go to a place called Canterlot High. We're gonna have to park where no one can see us though, so buckle up for a landing!"

Setting the jet to autopilot and swiftly descended into a forest behind the school, Shaggy shouted, "Transform!"

Once he did, the Mystery Machine morphed into a quad, able to drive through the grass and dirt covered terrain should they need to make a getaway for whatever reason. The vehicle dropped onto the ground, allowing the duo to unbuckle and finally exit. Scooby yawned and stretched saying, "Rat was a long ride."

"It was, but now we have to be focused." Shaggy stated, the two looking around and getting into battle poses, standing back to back, "Like, Phibes and his agents could be anywhere in the area. We have to careful, ol' buddy. There's no telling what he has planned for us this time." the two turned around surveying the area. Nothing was found.

Scooby growled, then his stomach grumbled. "Rehehehe." he laughed. The two stopped, "Ri guess I'm rungry."

Shaggy smiled, rubbing his own stomach, "Yep. Like, I don't think we packed enough road trip snacks. This is a school too..." he pressed his hands together, "There should a cafeteria. It wouldn't hurt to check it while finding Phibes' goons."

"Reah!" Scooby agreed.

Outside the cafeteria were the billionaire duo, the latter wearing a white shirt with a red stripe and a baseball cap. The two held on to their makeshift bookbags as a quick little disguise to sneak in without gaining attention. Luckily for them the halls were empty enough. "Like there it is, Scoob. The cafeteria. Before we find Phibes' goons, I say we could use a quick mid-lunchtime snack." said the boy.

"Ruh-huh! I'm starving!" Scooby said.

Right around the corner in the hallway were Agents 1 and 2, who were speaking with Vice-Principal Luna, "And that concludes the tour of the school."

Agent 1 shook her hand, "Why thank you, Vice-Principal Luna. We'll be the best influence to the students."

Luna grinned, "I'm sure you are. Just... Uh, please change your wardrobe to be more school appropriate."

"Not until I become the Ultimate Wizard!" Agent 2 decided.

The Vice-Principal rolled her eyes and walked away, "Thank you for your time and good luck." as she distanced herself from them, she muttered, "I must speak to my sister about leaving me with them."

Agents 1 and 2 high-fived, and walked towards the cafeteria, while receiving a transmission from their leader. Agent 1 looked at the wrist communicator, "Did you succeed in entering the school?"

"We did, Dr. Phibes."

"Oh wonderful. Except for the part where you forgot the MAGIC ABSORBER!" the scientist screamed.

Agent 2 peeked in, "Do not fret, Doc Phibes! Dr. Alcheman shall take care of it himself!"

"...Slap him for me, Agent 1." said Phibes in an annoyed tone. The taller agent did as instructed, knocking the black lenses off his partners eyes once his hands collided with his neck.


Phibes grunted, "Ugh. Just keep busy until Agent 5 delivers the item. And if you see that annoying boy and his dog, engage immediately."

The two peeked around the corner, seeing Shaggy and Scooby ready to enter the cafeteria, "Already on it, sir." he said, ending the transmission

"Kaboom!" Agent 2 whispered, tossing his partner his laser blaster while holding his own. "Before you ask, do not question the magical might of Dr. Alcheman!"

Agent 1 rolled his eyes and said, "For once your stupidity actually came through for something."


Shaggy and Scooby-Doo gulped, recognizing those voices. The duo turned around and raised their hands towards the supervillain agents. Shaggy said, "Like hey guys. Fancy meeting you here, huh?"

"Speak! Dr. Alcheman commands you!" Agent 2 ordered. "Why are within these borders?"

"We're, uh, here for the free food?" the boy lied.

"You heard of Dr. Phibes' plan, haven't you?" Agent 1 wondered.

"Ruh... Rhat plan?" Scooby asked with a light shrug. "Re just want free food! Yummy!"

Shaggy frantically nodded, "Yeah, like, do you want some?"

Agent 2 lowered his weapon, "That sounds pretty good actually."

"Now, Scoob!"

Shaggy and Scooby-Doo then bolted down the hallways, leaving a trail of smoke behind them. Behind them were Agents 1 and 2 chasing after them as fast as they could. The two turned around and gulped, doing their best to stay ahead of the goons.

The boy and the dog sharply turned the corner. "Like, we need to find a place to hide like now!"

"Rut where?!" Scooby wondered.

"I don't know, Scoob! They're actually keeping up with us!" Shaggy screamed, narrowly dodging a laser being shot at them. "We gotta act fast, pal!"

Scooby ducked from another laser, "Rah!" he screamed, once he raised his head, he looked to see a slightly open locker. "Rover there!" the two stopped and slammed it open when the goons were close enough to them, hitting Agent 1 in the face, causing him to halt. Agent 2 stopped and glanced over to his partner.

"Ah!" groaned Agent 1.

Agent 2 scowled, "You may have injured my partner, but you cannot harm Dr. Alcheman-- Huh?"

Shaggy and Scooby vanished from their line of sight. Confused, the agents began a search for their leader's enemies.

Seven friends and a purple dog sitting in a bookbag were all sitting in the band room with the school day over. Whenever they could, they tended to stick together. During and after school especially. Now that they had some free time, they decided to chat about some recent events circuling around.

Once they were all sitting down, Sunset Shimmer spoke first, "So did you hear about the new teachers?"

"Oh I did. I even saw them. Have you seen what they were wearing? It looked quite tasteless." Rarity answered. "Especially the one with the wizard clothes. Even Trixie did it better."

"They kinda look like undercover agents or something." Rainbow Dash added. "It'd be a pretty cool twist if they were."

Twilight raised a finger, "I severely doubt they're agents of any kind Rainbow. Maybe they're just lab teachers."

"Whoever they are, I hope they're not always grumpy like Mr. Cranky pants." Pinkie Pie said.

"I'm sure they'll be cool, Pinkie." Rainbow assured.

"Fer once I really it ain't nothin'. Last thing we need is more craziness in our lives." Applejack stated.

Fluttershy nodded in agreement, "Absolutely."

"I don't see what's so crazy. Ever since we got back from Camp Everfree things have been fine." Spike recalled. "Y'know minus the whole thing with the geodes."

"Thankfully." Sunset leaned on the wall.

"So... What are we doing after this?" Twilight asked.

"Wanna go grab a snack at Sugarcube Corner?" Pinkie suggested.

Rainbow nodded, "Heck yeah! A cold smoothie sounds pretty nice actually. Let's go!"

“Let’s hide in there!” Shaggy said. Scooby nodded in agreement. The two kicked opened the doors.


Shaggy and Scooby closed the doors of the first room they passed. In the blink of an eye, they grabbed some random pieces of wooden boards and looked at one another before sighing in relief, "Woo. Like that was a close one..." panted Shaggy.

They drooped onto the floor and wiped the sweat off their faces, clearly worn out from their escape. "Reah." he exhaled, "Ropefully they don't rind us yet."


The billionaires raised their heads, and spotted seven girls and dog all looking at them. Each of them clearly confused over their sudden presence. Shaggy awkwardly waved, "Uh, hi... Like sorry, to uh, barge in on whatever's going on here."

Applejack put her hands on her hips, "Who in tarnation are ya?"

Fluttershy gulped, wondering if the strangers were dangerous. "A-Are you going to hurt us?"

"Re won't." Scooby promised.

The boy rubbed the back of his head, "Like, we're actually here to save you I think. It's like kind of a long story you won't believe probably. So we'll make with the getaway."

Rainbow folded her arms, "Spill the beans then. Or we'll get Principle Celestia."

"Re're here to rind ragic." Scooby-Doo answered.

"...I didn't understand half of that." Twilight said.

Shaggy waved a hand, "The two of us are here to stop a supervillain from stealing magic, which was tracked all the way here. Crazy I know, but you girls have to get out of here before his agents find us in here." he bit his nails.

Sunset walked forward and grabbed the boy's palm and Shaggy asked, "Like, what on Earth are you doing?" after asking, Sunset's eyes began to glow for a brief moment before she let go Shaggy, "Whoa, that was kinda freaky."

Unknown to them, Sunset used her magic to see everything. Their adventures, the mysteries, everything. The girl closed her eyes and exhaled, "They're telling the truth. Someone's trying to steal all the magic found here."

The girls gasped and Pinkie screamed, "WHAT?!"

"Rou know about the ragic?" Scooby asked.

"So, like, it's actually a thing?" Shaggy wondered.

The Rainbooms glanced at the geodes strapped to their necks, with Sunset answering, "More than you think."