Gabby Comes to the Friendship School

by Creativa-Artly01

Chapter 1

It's a quiet and foggy day in Griffonstone when Gallus and Gilda walk through the town together laughing. Gallus is off on a little visit back home, with permission from Twilight Sparkle and Starlight. The two are soon greeted by Gabby. "Hey Gallus," says Gabby with a smile, "how are you doing?"

"I'm doing good," says Gallus, "I'm currently attending Twilight's Friendship School."

"Cool," says Gabby, eyes widening, "Can I go too?"

"Uh, I'll see with Twilight," says Gallus, "how could she say no to you?"

"True," giggles Gabby. She then embraces Gallus in a hug. "Thanks so much, Gallus! You're the best!" she then flies off.

"So," says Gilda, "good luck with that." She then flies off. Gallus then flies back to the Friendship School and talks with Twilight.

"Miss Twilight," he says nervously, "I have a friend that's interested in attending your school. Her name is Gabby. Can she attend?"

"Certainly," responds Twilight.

"Thanks," responds Gallus. He then flies out and flies back to Griffonstone and tells Gabby the good news. "Gabby, you're in. Twilight will be glad to have you." She squeals and embraces him in a hug once again. The two then fly back to the school together.

Once at the school, Gallus takes Gabby into Starlight's office where she gets her room assignment and then he walks her to her room. She ends up in a room with Yona, Silverstream, Ocellus, and a young unicorn mare named Sapphire. "Hi!" says Gabby excitedly. "Nice to meet all of you." Yona and Silverstream shake her claw excitedly, while Ocellus hides behind Sapphire Heart. A few minutes later, Sapphire shakes Gabby's claw and upon seeing this, Ocellus does the same. The girls then hang out together until dinner time.

At dinner, the roomies sit at a table with Gallus and Smoulder. "Hi," says Smoulder to Gabby, "the name is Smoulder. What's yours?"

"The name's Gabby!" says Gabby excitedly. "Nice to meet you, Smoulder."

A few minutes later, Sandbar approaches the table and sits down. "Hey," says Sandbar to Gabby, "you must be the new student Gallus was telling me about earlier. Nice to meet you."

"You too," squeals Gabby, "the name is Gabby and I'm so glad to be here." She then does a loop de loop in the air and lands back down on her seat and begins to eat her meal.

After dinner, all the friends and Gabby go out to the lake together where they hang out until nightfall. When nightfall comes, Gabby, Yona, Silverstream, Ocellus, and Sapphire return to their room and the other students do the same. Once in their room, the students introduce themselves to each other.

"So," says Silverstream, "I'm Silverstream, the niece of Queen Novo and cousin of Skystar. I'm a seapony and a hippogriff. I can change between the two with this crystal around my neck."

"Whoa," says Gabby, "that's so cool!"

"Thanks," says Silverstream.

"Me Yona," says Yona, "and me from YakYakistan."

"So cool!" says Gabby.

"I'm Ocellus," says Ocellus shyly, "and I'm a changeling. I'm also very shy and I love to read."

"That's neat!" says Gabby.

"I'm Sapphire," says Sapphire, "and I love to read, write, paint, draw, you know, get my creativity out there."

"That's cool!" says Gabby. "My turn. My name is Gabby and I've known Gallus forever practically as well as Gilda. I'm very excitable and energetic and am great at humor and several other things as well. I also love to sing even though it's not allowed in my home. I often sing in secret where no griffon can hear me."

"Whoa!" says Silverstream. "That's so cool!"

"Awe, thanks," says Gabby. "I have a feeling we're all going to get along great."

A few hours later, the new friends all fall fast asleep, all the while thinking about the time they're going to spend and the memories they're going to make together at the school. Gabby also can't help but feel she's going to get along here great, especially with Silverstream.