What If...? Screwball Had A Harley Quinn Complex

by No1MporXant

Turning the EQG World's Dr. Scarabew Ballentine into a Human variant of Screwball

At some point before the events of the First EQG Movie, during one of their many travels to other dimensions, Discord & Screwball discovered the city of Canterlot, in the Human World featured in the Equestria Girls franchise, and thanks to their chaotic abilities, they don't necessarily transform into Human World Forms unless they want to.

It's here in the Canterlot of This World of Humans that they find Screwball's Human Counterpart, who is still merely Dr. Scarabew Ballentine the Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist due to there being no Chaos Magic Wielding Counterpart of Discord in this Universe, so the Human Dr. Ballentine is basically living the same sad & miserable life that Screwball used to live before she met Discord.

Feeling sympathetic towards Human Dr. Scarabew, Discord & Screwball find a place where she's alone and they appear right before her, this naturally freaks Dr. Ballentine out because she lives in a world Without Magical Creatures, then Discord & Screwball explain to her that they are beings of Chaos from another dimension, and that Screwball is another version of Dr. Ballentine that used to be just like her until she feel in love with Discord and got turned into a being of Chaos, and they want to help Dr. Ballentine live a better & more fulfilling life like Screwball has.

So they teleport Human Dr. Ballentine to the world containing the Chaotic Kingdom amusement park(with Dr. Ballentine still in her Human Form), they then conjure up a crazy machine that is meant to recreate the same event that turned Pony Scarabew Ballentine into Pony Screwball, and transform Human Scarabew Ballentine into a Human Screwball, unfortunately because Human Scarabew was born in a World Without Equestrian Magic as a natural part of it, her body was unable to accept & contain all of that Chaos Magic as a natural part of herself right of the bat.

So in order to be a wielder of Chaos Magic, Human Dr. Ballentine would need a crutch, something to act as a conduit that could contain all of that Chaos Magic, and transfer it into Human Scarabew so that she can become a Human Screwball until a time when she's able to have all of that Chaos Magic become a true part of herself.

Then Pony Screwball comes up with an idea and carves out a special wooden mask in the likeness of Discord, she then places the mask on her Human Counterpart's face, then all of that Chaos Magic is placed within said mask.

So they basically go with a 'Jim Carrey - The Mask Movie Scenario', from now on when Human Dr. Ballentine places on 'the Mask of Discord', she'll be filled with Chaos Magic causing her to transform into a Human version of Screwball, and wield the same powers as her Pony Counterpart but on a less powerful level, at least until there can be a time when she can naturally withstand having such Chaotic Magical Power become a part of herself, and she can become a Full-Powered Human Screwball permanently.

Later that evening in the EQG Human World, Human Dr. Ballentine wakes up in her small apartment on her couch, having believed that she must have dozed off and that all of the events that happened today were all just some crazy dream.

But then she hears a strange voice coming from the weird looking wooden mask on her dresser saying "Oh it was no dream Scarey!".

Of course Dr. Ballentine is taken by shock over seeing the mask & actually hearing a voice coming from it, she then asks "Hoo-who said that?".

The mask then says "It's me, Screwball, you know, the spiral-eyed pony who is actually a Chaos Magic wielding alternate version of You from another dimension, I'm just transmitting my voice through this mask, in order to tell you that what you experienced really Did happen, and from now on when you put on 'The Mask of Discord'(giggles) he really liked that name I gave it, anyways, once you put it on you'll transform into a zany, spiral-eyed human with unbelievable powers, you'll be capable of amazing & hilarious things that no ordinary human could even comprehend".

Dr. Ballentine then says "Are You Insane?!"

Screwball interrupts through the mask replying "Of Course I am, What's your Point?".

Dr. Ballentine responds "I can't just change into someone who is like you, what would others think of me then? I refuse to take part in this little game, and I'm going to get rid of this silly mask of yours".

Screwball replies "I wouldn't do that if I were You-you, not only is this mask virtually indestructible & unable to be destroyed by any conventional or unconventional methods, but if anyone else wears this mask, then They will receive all of those powers I told you about, the problem is that they won't have as much control over themselves, it will give them an alter-ego with little to no psychological inhibitors, depending on who it is that wears this mask will determine just how dangerous they can be".

Dr. Ballentine says "WHAT? Why would you make something like That?!".

Screwball replies "Well this mask is meant for You, despite the fact that you will become crazy anyways, only You will have the most control over yourself when wearing this mask".

Human Scarabew asks "But Why Me? What makes Me so special here?".

Screwball replies "Because You're an Alternate Version of Me, And I know what it was like to be You, the only true difference between us is that I found a way out of my dull, boring & unfulfilling old life, but you don't have Chaos Magic to help you like I did with me, this mask is your ticket to a more fun, more exciting and more fulfilling life, or at least it's a temporary solution until a more permanent method can be found, Trust Me, or in another way Trust Yourself, you'll be much happier if you can change into a Screwball version of yourself, with her in your life, you'll be able to live the kind of life that you've always wanted but couldn't have, you could even live a life like that of a Super Hero if you wanted, well I gotta get going, just remember to have lots of fun, bu-bye".

Then Dr. Ballentine says into the mask "No, wait, hello? Hello?! ah nuts".

Once the conversation is over, the Human Dr. Ballentine takes a long, stern look at the Mask of Discord, she then throws the mask over to the corner of the room and plans to get ready to resume her normal, boring life, but then an impulse comes over her, she then walks over to retrieve the mask, then she decides to just do what her pony-self wanted and get it over with.

When she gets the mask close enough to her face, the mask jumps and suction cups itself to her face, then she feels the mask consuming her entire head, then she spins around like the Tasmanian Devil, finally Dr. Ballentine transforms into a Human version of Screwball, her Light Beige skin is now a Pink-ish Purple, her long Darkish Red Flat Hair is now Dark Purple with White Highlights and is Curly & Poofier, her eyes went from Light Green normal looking to Purple Irises with Pink Spirals, she's now wearing an outfit that is an amalgamation of various types & styles of clothing, including a Green & Yellow Propeller Beanie on her head, as well as a Belt-Sash that has one long strap with five tassels on the end to help it act like an additional hand, and of course her voice has changed from Deep yet Feminine to High & almost Childish, once the transformation is complete, the Human Screwball lightly shouts "The Fuuun has Arriiiiiiived!", then she decides to go out for a night on the town.

Much like her Pony Counterpart, the Human Screwball has chaotic abilities, most of which are based on the Laws of Cartoon Physics, and also has Power Mimicry so that she can perform any kind of Super Power or Special Ability that she's aware of, including the Bonneter Capture ability from Super Mario Odyssey(commenting that she saw this trick done in a video game once), where Screwball just throws her propeller beanie onto someone else's head, or onto an inanimate object, then she gets pulled into whoever or whatever wears her beanie and possesses them, gaining full control over their bodies & abilities.

At first she uses these crazy powers to just run wild & have fun or to stop criminals, but after the events of the first EQG Movie, Unstable Equestrian Magic was brought into the Human World, and began infecting various beings & objects all over Canterlot City, resulting in the birth of several super villains that the Human Mane 6 were unaware of and didn't fight, so the Human Screwball had to use her Chaos Powers to deal with them.

Her adventures were pretty much similar to those of The Mask, specifically the version from the Animated Series based on the Movie by the Same Name, naturally the Mask of Discord sometimes feel into the possession of someone else, and they ended up transforming into a Screwball version of themselves, so it was up to Dr. Ballentine to recover the mask and try to set things right, even without Chaotic Powers Dr. Ballentine still had her wits, and she still had the gymnastic skills she learned from when she was a kid, she even started taking a parkour class in her spare time so that she could be able to evade danger long enough to retrieve the Mask and change into Screwball.

And sometimes she would join the Human Mane 6 on many adventures or slice-of-life situations, and eventually she was able to trust them with her secret identity, anyways enough with the EQG Humans, let's get back to the FiM Ponies.