What If...? Screwball Had A Harley Quinn Complex

by No1MporXant

Space Pirate Bachelorette Weekend

As part of a special Bachelorette Weekend Getaway, Screwball brings the Mane 6 on a crazy Space-Pirate adventure, where they sail around Space in a star-ship designed to resemble an old-fashioned pirate-ship, and they battle against hordes of alien space-pirates, steal a treasure map, take on a fierce Alien Pirate Admiral & his cut-throat crew, narrowly survive several deadly space anomalies and hostile alien Flora & Fauna, locate the treasure(namely a large chest full of alien valuables), find someway to defeat the Pirate Admiral, and claim the treasure, the Mane 6 discuss what they should do with the treasure, but Screwball knows exactly what to do with it.

The picture then switches to an alien orphanage, in a run down old structure, where the staff tried their best to keep things good, but they were too much in debt, and over a dozen miserable, starving orphans so hungry that they were willing to eat whatever the floor was made of.

Then a loud knocking came at the front door, which causes the door to collapse, Screwball & the Mane 6(still in their Space Pirate outfits) momentarily stare at the collapsed door in silent shock, then they barge in still acting all Pirate-like, this of course frightens everyone in the orphanage, and they all huddle close to each other in startlement.

Then Screwball says to them in a pirate accent "Yarr, we come barrin' a gift for ye poor unfortunate lubbers", she then takes her hind leg & pushes the treasure chest towards the orphanage's residents, the chest then pops open revealing to them the valuables within, somehow Screwball was aware that this orphanage was located in a place where this treasure was an acceptable form of currency, she then says while still in pirate accent "This 'ere booty should cover all of ye debts, and leave ye with more than enough left over to make this salty old flotsam of yers more shipshape than t'ever was before a-ha-ha-ar".

It took the orphanage residents a moment, then they quickly came to understand what Screwball was talking about & intending to do, then the head of the orphanage came up & spoke to them in a strange alien language, but Screwball was able to understand it as giving thanks & gratitude.

Screwball then says in her normal speech "Eh it was nothing really, just wanted to do something unforgettable before I got married to my fiance, (then she takes off her pirate hat & starts spin-waving it around over her head while shouting)Best Bachelorette Weekend Getaway EVER, WOOHOO!!!, (then she walks out saying to the Mane 6)now let's get back to Equestria girls, I have a wedding to be in".

Rarity then quietly says to Applejack "Of all the things we could have done for her bachelorette party, she chose to do This?!".

Applejack replies "Well the important thing is that she had fun before her big day".

Then Rainbow Dash says "Not to mention how Totally Awesome This Was, I mean we got to be Pirates, IN SPACE!!! It just doesn't get much cooler than That!".

Twilight says "I admit it was great to travel across the stars & visit other planets, even though I almost got eaten by that one alien plant".

Pinkie Pie says "Plus it was hilarious how Screwball got all of those meany pirates to sing & dance so that we could make a clean getaway".

Fluttershy says "And giving all of the treasure away to a rundown alien orphanage full of starving orphans, it was the perfect way to end this whole adventure".

Rarity then says "hmm, I suppose you're right, besides, seeing all of those alien attires & environments has given me plenty of ideas for new fashion styles".

Applejack then says "So all & all it was worth it just to make Screwball happy", and the others all agree to that & just leave it there.