What If...? Screwball Had A Harley Quinn Complex

by No1MporXant

Meet the Parents

Of Course Discord & Screwball's time was not always spent running the Amusement Park, not only did they join the Mane 6 & their friends in many of their adventures & slice-of-life/sit-com exploits, but they would often travel through Space, Time & other Dimensions, wether they went on sight seeing tours, attending/throwing parties, having amazing adventures, defeating evil characters, or just hanging out with friends, they had good times, sometimes they did things solo, sometimes with each other, and sometimes they'd bring company, sometimes they did things with or against alternate versions of themselves from parallel universes, depending on the reality of which dimension.

They also went on romantic dates, but their ideas of romance were pretty peculiar, such as ice skating on the tail of a comet, eating frozen yogurt while soaking in a volcano as if it were a jacuzzi, having a picnic in the middle of a battlefield on a war barren planet in another dimension, but it still made them happy.

However there was the incident of Screwball introducing Discord to her Parents, you can only imagine how shocked(and that's putting it lightly) Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Ballentine were when they saw what had happened to their only daughter, and that her boyfriend was none other than the legendary King of Chaos from tales of Ancient Equestria.

Naturally they put up quite a fuss over this, telling Screwball that she's become a Freak, and even going so far as to call Discord a Monster, but Screwball stood up for both herself & Discord, telling them that Discord is actually a nice, sweet & caring guy who makes her laugh, she also points out those funny faces that he makes.

Screwball then morphs her head into a giant gaping mouth, with dome-shaped teeth that have large gaps between them, a long stretched-out tongue, tentacle-like eyes on the top, and only strands of her hair sticking out of the back of her mouth-head, and letting out a bellowing scream, then she moves her tenticle-like eyes down to the bottom of her mouth-head and giggles while using her stretched-out tongue to lick her eyeballs, then she engulfs her mouth-head into her torso, then her normal head pops back out.

And she tells her parents that Discord makes her happy, something that she hasn't felt since her foalhood, and that That should be enough for them, and that they were going to have to get used to having a Chaos Powered Freak for a Daughter, and Not treat Discord so terribly.

So despite getting off to a bumpy start, Screwball's Parents became more accepting of what happened to their daughter, and eventually Discord grew on them(I think).