What If...? Screwball Had A Harley Quinn Complex

by No1MporXant

Positive Reviews and the trip back home

Finally the Mane 6 + Spike decide that it's time to head home, but before they go, Discord & Screwball insist that they take a short survey to give them a review on how they felt about their experience at the Chaotic Kingdom, they each give a decent review, writing about how they had a good time, and a lot of fun, but as expected they were a little weirded out by how chaotic things were, yet still it was a wonderful experience, Discord & Screwball literally burst(like confetti filled balloons) with joy, then instantly reassemble themselves from the tiny shreds, and they are both happy that the Chaotic Kingdom was a success, the two of them then wish our heroes happy trails.

The Mane 6 + Spike then take out their Passes, and say the word "Tergiversate", then just like before their Passes transform into the Exit leading back to Ponyville, right back at the exact same place they were at when they left in the first place, then our heroes walk through the gate, then Discord & Screwball wishes them all a Happy Tuesday Afternoon, then the gate reverts back into the seven Passes that they originally were, then the Passes float back into the possession of our heroes.

But then Twilight asks in shock "Wait, Did they say Tuesday Afternoon?!", the rest of the Mane 6 & Spike then realize Twilight is right, they then check all of the calendars & clocks in town, they wonder how that's even possible since they know that they've spent at least twenty-four hours in Discord's Amusement Park, so it Should be Wednesday but it's Still Tuesday.

Then Screwball pops out from under Applejack's hat and tells them "Oh Yeah, forgot to mention", she then floats around our heroes upside-down while saying "The Dimension that the Chaotic Kingdom resides in, is not bound by the rules of Time, despite the fact that you spent a whole day & night at the Park, it turns out that you've only been away from Ponyville for a few measly minutes, it's a crafty method we came up with to allow our guests to have lots of fun when they don't have the time, like, if you don't have enough for that desperately needed vacation, you could spend weeks having fun & relaxing in the Chaotic Kingdom in less than the time it would take for you to use the bathroom, heck, you could even stay in the Chaotic Kingdom for fifty years, and you wouldn't age by even a day, then you just return home as if you never even left in the first place".

Twilight then says "That is Incredible!".

Screwball then comes face-to-face with Twilight and says "I Know Right?! Just wait til everyone else in Equestria & Beyond learns about it", then Screwball winds up her torso, then makes like a tornado propelled comet & zips away.

Screwball then multiplies herself, spreads herselves all over Ponyville, sets up advertising booths, and begins handing out Bronze Rank Lifetime Passes to everyone, allowing them all to come to Chaotic Kingdom anytime they want.

Later on Screwball explains to everyone just how the Passes really work, turns out that the Passes start out Bronze Rank, putting lots of limits & restrictions on what you're allowed to do, where you're allowed to go, & how much you're allow to have while in the Park, but as you explore the Chaotic Kingdom, the more places you go to, the more things you do, the more attractions you see, the more merchandise you get, and the more foods you eat, you gain experience points, the more XPs you get, the more you're Passes level up, when they level up enough, they ascend up a higher rank, and the higher the rank, the fewer limitations & restrictions you have to the Amusement Park, the ranks start at Bronze, then go to Silver, then Gold, then Platinum, and finally Diamond, once they reach Diamond Rank, the Passes have no limits & no restrictions to the things that are open to the Public within the Park.

Soon all of Ponyville begins going to the Chaotic Kingdom to have a real good time, even the Royal Princess Sisters attend the Park, naturally they are given Diamond Rank Passes from the start since they are obviously V.I.P.s, with all of the fun & wondrous things the Chaotic Kingdom has to offer, the Ponies' opinions & outlook on Discord start to change, and most of Equestria no longer sees him as the Monster that he was depict as in the history books, and the Chaotic Kingdom Amusement Park becomes a roaring success.