Danganronpa V.E: Creating Chaos

by Vaatidj

Chapter 2: Unfortunate Seventeen - Trial part 1

Truth Bullets
Monokuma File #2 (The victim is Rarity Belle, the Ultimate Dressmaker. She was killed in the lounge located on the second floor at 11:45 am. Her body has burnt to the point of cutting of magic circulation, but it is undetectable if any other injuries have been inflicted. The severe burning has deformed her body to the point where it is impossible to tell if there are any other significant injuries.)

Mess in the library (While it has been cleaned up since, when Ditzy first went upstairs the library was in a state of utter disaster. It is best to believe that some form of evidence might of been tampered with due to Ditzy cleaning up the library without knowing of the murder beforehoof.)

Ditzy’s account (Ditzy had come upstairs and was the one who discovered the body, but claims that the door was locked at the time. After multiple attempts Bulk Biceps showed up and, after two attempts, managed to bust down the door without issue. That is when the body was discovered.)

Missing fire tool (one of the tools used at the fireplace was not present at the crime scene. Said tool is used to help move around logs in the fireplace. Whether this is a coincidence or has something to do with the crime scene is unknown.)

Locking Mechanism (The door leading to the lounge is strange in that the lock is located on the side facing the hallway. This means that it would have been impossible to lock the door from inside the lounge.)

Magic Circulation (Redheart has revealed that it would have been possible for Rarity to lock the door by use of magic,and the weakening of the spell as her horn burned would have caused it to weaken enough to be broken down. A unicorn’s magic isn’t ended when a pony dies, and unless the horn is burnt or removed won’t stop. This is what causes many curses and shield spells on treasures around the world.)

Suicide theory (Redheart believes, with the fact the lock was located on the hallway side of the door, and since Rarity could have locked the door with her own magic, it is likely that she could have commited suicide to give the tickets to two other ponies in the castle.)

Second floor window (A window was found located behind a bookcase in the second floor library. Rainbow has admitted to having discovered a single window on the second floor, but she had no idea where it was connected to. It was found open after the murder, meaning somepony knew about it.)

Thorax’s account (Thorax was on guard duty with Flash in front of the secret library, taking the shape of the Ultimate Guard himself both before and during the investigation.)

Fluttershy’s account (Fluttershy had been outside sometime either before or while the murder was taking place, and had spotted something relative to a marshmallow stick out in the grass. It’s unlikely it has anything to do with the murder due to its location.)

Used Talisman (One of the scrolls in the secret library was completely blank, meaning that somepony had to have used it. As a unicorn must be present even if used by a earth pony or pegasus, it is likely this was used by Rarity herself.)

Secret library mess (The scrolls typically found in the secret library were scatter on the floor, similar to the mess that Ditzy had cleaned up in the library before discovering the body. It is likely these two things were related.)

Applejack’s account (Applejack heard two ponies talking while she was at breakfast this morning. While she recognized one of the ponies as Rarity, the other pony was a complete mystery to her. They seemed to have been talking about a fiance.)

Redheart’s report (Redheart excitedly explained that there was indeed more damage to Rarity’s body outside of just the burn. Two small, almost invisible stab wounds were found on the back of her neck, which lead to a damaged spine that would paralyzer from the neck down. All blood was burned away with Rarity’s mane, tail, and fur when she was placed into the fireplace. In other words, burning was the cause of death, but she was paralyzed before doing it.)

Flash’s account (Flash was asked by somepony to guard the secret library before the murder, and only asked Thorax because of a changeling’s shapeshifting ability. It would have been impossible to get into the secret library today, meaning they would have had to get in the day before.)

Rarity’s message (A message was found in Rarity’s room during the investigation, asking for her to meet up in front of the dining room. The message mentions a fiance, similar to what Applejack has informed A.K. of when she mentioned the pony Rarity was talking to. While it was thrown away like asked, the anonymous message was found at the top of Rarity’s trash can.)

Trial in session!

“Before we begin, allow me to restate the rules of this trial, just in case some of you forgot,” Monokuma started from his throne above us all. “Throughout the course of the trial you will all give your arguments and present evidence to try a prove who the blacken is. If, at the end, you manage to find the blacken through popular vote, then only they will receive punishment. However, choose wrong and everyone besides the blacken will get executed, and the blackened will earn the right to leave this castle. Now then, let's get this super mega MLG overhyped trial started!”

“Monokuma, do ah need to walk over and remind you that this ain’t some game?” Applejack asked, but stepped down when she saw the bear’s red eye land on her. “Ya know what? Ah think I’ll just stay over here where ah’m safe.”

“I know we had somewhere to start last time, but this time I have no idea where to start,” I told everyone, my head still trying to piece everything we had talked about together. “There are so many things that we don’t know about the events that took place, and nopony except for the murderer and victim were around at the time.”

“Well, no matter what you think, the most obvious outcome is suicide,” Octavia suggested, instantly getting the attention of everypony in the room. “This is a locked room mystery, and everypony was on the outside of the room. In that case, it is clear that the only possible solution to this is a suicide.”

“What about Ditzy?” Flash asked as he turned to the Ultimate Mail Carrier. “She is the one who discovered the body, and it’s completely possible that she was lying to Bulk Bicep about the door being locked.”

“I keep on telling you all, I had no connection to this murder,” The accused defended. “It’s a coincidence that I was the one who discovered the body, I had absolutely nothing to do with this!”

It’s true, nopony besides from Ditzy was around except for Bulk when the body was discovered. I don’t want to believe that a recently discovered relative is the murderer, but if we are to look into this we must consider the possibility. As long as we are unable to establish that Ditzy is innocent, everypony will believe what Flash is saying. I’m going to have to accuse her, find out how she could have possibly done it before doing what I can to prove otherwise.

“Ditzy, I want you to tell us all your alibi,” I explained to her. “Trust me, the last thing I want to do is suspect you, but an inconsistencies in your alibi need to be cleared up now. Understand?”

Ditzy looked at the floor seeming scared and unsure before looking back at me. “Alright,” She said with a nod. “I’ll explain, but I hopes this makes everything clear to me.”

Non-stop Debate

Truth Bullets: Locking Mechanism, Mess in the library, Monokuma File #2

Ditzy: “Earlier today I met with Rainbow in the library, though it was more of a forced meeting. She planned to kill somepony here and wanted me to have the second ticket. I, of course, said no. A.K. Yearling walked in on us and we chatted for a little bit, and did the same thing later.”

Rainbow: “What happened in the morning doesn’t matter. What happened during the time of murder is what we need to focus on.”

Ditzy: “Well, I went to the library to find something to read, but it was a complete mess. So I picked everything up and decided to go to the lounge to read, but the door was locked from the inside. Bulk showed up, knocked the door down, and we discovered the body.”

I’m going to correct that statement!

“If the door was locked from the inside, then it would have made sense for you to lock the door on your way out,” I explained to everypony. “However, the lock wasn’t actually on the inside of the door like you would expect it to be, but rather the outside.”

“Wait, really?” Bon Bon asked. “If that’s the case, then Ditzy would have been able to just unlock the door and open it. If it was that easy why did Bulk need to bust it down?”

“Actually, I don’t think Bulk is the one who actually busted the door down,” Flam stated. “I’m sure A.K. was going to bring this up next, but not only was the door’s lock on the outside of the room, but it was also not even locked in the first place. Whatever was holding the door together. Was caused by something not related to the door, but rather something related to the room.”

“I’ve busted many door before and that is the first one to ever put up a fight!” Bulk announced. “I felt like there was something off about that, given that the first night here I almost broke the door to my own room!”

“How else could the door be busted down then?” Bon Bon continued to press. “Bulk Bicep was the one who broke it, and he just said that he’s strong enough to break the door to his own room.”

“It doesn’t matter, it seems almost indecisive that this is a suicide,” Octavia repeated. “The door was locked and nopony besides from Rarity was inside at the time of death. I can’t say why she would do it, but nonetheless she had to do this to herself.”

I understand what Octavia is thinking, but I don’t think it’s right. Rarity seemed thrilled to get a ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala, so it would make more sense for her to murder somepony. There was something more to that door then we are thinking about, that must is certain. However, that doesn’t matter if we keep thinking this is a suicide. We got to look at something else, something that we don’t truly understand at this current moment.

Non-stop Debate

Truth Bullet: Magic Circulation, Monokuma File #2, Redheart’s Report

Octavia: “The only pony who we know was in the lounge is Rarity, the victim in this case. As it was only possible to lock the door from the outside, then it is far to say this is a suicide.”

Rainbow: “But why the fireplace? Would she have been able to kill herself in there? That would require help if it was the case.”

Flash: “Nopony witnessed this murder in progress, so it’s completely possible for someone else to enter the lounge without notice.”

Octavia: “That still doesn’t matter unless some evidence states it. Even though it seems horrible to say so, the most believable explanation would be suicide.”

I’m going to correct that statement!

“Other then just how painful burning to death is, I’m positive that Rarity didn’t do this to herself,” I started, looking at a rather confused Octavia. “Redheart told us that there was, in fact, one other injury one the body. Two small, almost invisible holes on the back of Rarity’s neck.”

“Are you sure that it was an injury and not a deformation from the rather… excessive burn?” Flash asked me. “It’s possible that it was caused by the skin flaking and starting to disintegrate, which I’m surprised she hadn’t already done mind you.”

“Nope, I’m sure of what I saw,” Redheart replied in a rather proud, and slightly disturbing manner. “Two holes, small enough to easily be mistaken as deformation of the skin, were found on the back of her neck. Now now, please bare in mind that it wasn’t to kill her, which is a rather genius idea mind you, but to paralyze her. If I had enough to I would have gotten an even closer look at it, taken her apart for further analysis. Hehehehe, you wound me Monokuma, you really do for your horrible timing.”

That crazed look was in Redheart’s eyes again, or rather her more natural side was showing to us now. I saw most of the other ponies in the room looking at her in discomfort, knowing that this wasn’t how a nurse should be acting. A dead body should be buried but Redheart seemed more than content with dissecting someone. How many others knew of this behavior? Did her parents even know about this side of her?

“Heheheh, burning the body was soooo genius, but not because of what it did to the wound,” Redheart explained to us. “By doing it all blood would evaporate and no evidence of that single wound be visible. It is so so genius that it would have easily gotten rid of all evidence pointing to such a wound. If I wasn’t here, they would have definitely gotten away with that feat.”

“That’s a rather… unique way to put it, but it’s nonetheless true,” I explained. “Rarity would have needed somepony around if she was to truly go through with this plan. Couldn’t imagine someone so obsessed with elegance would destroy her own beauty, and when she seem to like the idea of having a ticket to the Gala.”

“I see, so somepony else was in the room at the time,” Octavia said, nodding her. “Guess that means it was possible to get in the room, but how did they do it if the room was indeed lock?”

“Simple, they used more unorthodox method of locking the door when things were said and done,” Flam explained. “The most important thing right now is establishing how the killer got in and out of the room. Unless we can in some way do that, all other evidence means nothing.”

“Hold on, before we get to that,” Bon Bon said. “We’re jumping ahead a bit. We’ve established a wound on Rarity’s back, but not the cause of such wound. That’s what we need to focus on at the moment, but I agree that the locked door is important as well.”

I already know what the weapon is that caused the injury, but not everypony in here knows like I do. Better clear that up quickly before somepony makes a false assumption or marks the injury as non-existent.

Non-stop Debate

Truth Bullets: Missing fire tool, Rarity’s message, Redheart’s report, Fluttershy’s account

Bon Bon: “The murder weapon is a vital clue, and ignoring such a clue would be a grave mistake. Let’s focus before going onto how the room was locked.”

Doctor Hooves: “The weapon had to be small, or at least the part that created the wound had to be. Perhaps a lance or spear from the training yard was used?”

Thorax: “Somepony probably would have noticed a spear, or at least that’s what I think. They most likely used something that was in the lounge, like a pen perhaps?”

Ditzy: “There had to be two holes, so unless there was two pens it wouldn’t be possible. Perhaps the part of the lamp that holds the light bulb? Or maybe one of the fire tools?”

Rainbow: “They wouldn’t leave it at the crime scene you idiots. They probably hid it somewhere we wouldn’t find it.”

No doubt about it!

“Considering what we know of the crime scene, it is probably one of the tools used to maintain the fire,” I announced to the rest of the room. “Besides, one of the fire tools was missing from the rack located in the lounge. Rainbow showed that to me during the start of our investigation.”

“Um, isn’t there supposed to be one more thing over here?” I turned to Rainbow, who was looking at the fire tools located to the left of the fireplace. “Isn’t there supposed to be a thing that, if I remember correctly, pushes around logs that are going to fall out onto the floor?”

“Yeah, I remember that. They do have sharp, pointed ends to them, and they aren’t very big,” Rainbow said as I recalled what she said to me upon discovering the missing fire tool. “It might be possible for somepony to use that as a weapon, but that isn’t what a tool like that is meant to be used for. It’s suppose to be used to maintain the fire present inside of a wooden fireplace.”

“Ah would love to agree, but ya said it was missing,” Applejack pointed out with a look of curiosity on her face. “If it wasn’t in the lounge then where did the killer hide it? Not too many places to hide a fire tool when it has blood on it.”

“Actually, I’m pretty sure that whatever did this would have no blood on it,” Redheart stated. “You see, another genius part of this is the fact that, despite the entry wound being rather small, you can just barely make out that somepony had used the murder weapon to carry Rarity’s body slightly,” My eyes went wide as I heard this, and I was left wonder why she hadn’t brought it up sooner. “If that is true then, hehehe, Rarity was likely shoved into the fireplace when the murderer drove the tiny two pronged pike through her. By that point all the murderer had to do was wait for the blood stained onto it to dry and the lack of a blood trail would be possible.”

“The does slightly clear it up, but ya didn’t answer my question,” Applejack told Redheart, who seemed to feel like her explanation was underappreciated. “Does anypony here know where this missing fire tool could have been? That would make it slightly more believable.”

“Actually there is somepony here who knows, somepony that I’ve been concerned about ever since I spoke to her during the investigation,” I explained to the Ultimate Farmer as I pointed to a certain yellow pegasus. “Fluttershy, you said that you saw something poking out of the grass earlier right? Something that kinda resembled a marshmallow stick?”

“Yes, that’s true, but I didn’t really think that would be relevant,” Fluttershy answered with a nod of her head before telling everypony else what she had found. “A.K. is right, the object reminded me of a marshmallow stick though it didn’t peak my interest enough to check. Besides, the way this discovery is being told is really making this trial more interesting.”

“That… isn’t something I would expect a pony like you to say,” Flash Sentry responded, the rest of the group nodding in reply. His gaze suddenly shifted to Pinkie Pie, who I now noticed had lost her wild hair color. “Though I guess you aren’t the only pony here who has been absurdly quiet.”

“Pinkie doesn’t want anything to do with this trial, so I’m speaking for her,” Bon Bon stated. “She didn’t take this murder incident very well, and doesn’t want anything to do with the trial. She’s speaking, though only to me, and I relay the message to the rest of you.”

“Pinkie, surely you know that this is to be expected of life, right,” Fluttershy stated, and I recognized the tone in her voice from the one she used when telling me about Monokuma’s reason. “No matter how long we live, no matter how long you survive, we all die. If you don’t learn to accept death when you confronted head on, then you might just put yourself in more pain than necessary. Deny death, and you deny the one thing everypony is certain of, understand.”

“Monokuma, this isn’t funny,” Applejack shouted at the bear. “What in tarnations have you done to Fluttershy? This isn’t something a normal pony should be saying!”

“Oh really Applejack, are you denying what you know is true?” Monokuma said in a mocking tone as he looked to the earth pony. “I only told Fluttershy what I believe and nothing more, it was up to her to decide on whether she accepted it as reality or not. Kinda like how you all should accept your own reality, instead of trying to hold onto the lies that you have been so innocently accepted.”

“This isn’t the time for this, we need to move on,” I told everypony, even if I knew they would rather argue about Monokuma’s point of view. “Like or not Applejack, this is what Fluttershy has accepted and we should leave it at that. What is more important is that we now know the object used to paralyze Rarity is the missing fire to-“

Your ruining this symphony!

“As much as I want to agree A.K., there is one main problem with your evidence,” Octavia announced, her sudden resistance coming from out of nowhere. “You see how Fluttershy is. Is it really a good idea to trust that?”

“I understand what you're saying Octavia, but what you're saying is a fallacy. The lack of an item in the lounge has nothing to do Fluttershy’s current behavior,” I told her, even though a small part of me actually wanted to agree with her. I’ve seen enough critics and politics use this kind of fallacy before and I wasn’t falling for it. “Kinda sounds like your grasping at straws right now Octavia.”

“Well, even before that I had an issue with your theory,” Octavia explained, taking a deep breath before continuing. “Even on the account of Fluttershy’s alibi, it is just that and only that. Without actual evidence you can’t make certain that the murderer did, in fact, use the fire tool.”

I had a feeling in my gut, but this wasn’t the moment to rely on it. Octavia is right though, alibis don’t count in a standard trial, so I can’t rely solely on that evidence. Yet I know I have more then just that, and all I have to do is bring it to light. Can’t jump to conclusions right now, need to focus on the issue right in front of me. I need to get Octavia to believe me.

Rebuttal Showdown

Truth Blades: Rarity’s Message, Applejack’s account, Mess in the library, second floor window.

Octavia: “Going off what we already have decided, the murderer somehow got out of the lounge. However, there are no windows in the lounge, which would make it impossible to dispose of a fire maintenance tool there. Even if there was one in the lounge it doesn’t face the courtyard or any other accessible area. Add to the amount of ponies the would have to pass to take the improvised weapon out of the lounge, downstairs, out the door, and then place it in the grass around the courtyard, and it doesn’t seem possible.”


A.K.: “Wait… of course. Octavia, they didn’t need to go outside in order to actually dispose of it outside. They threw it out of a window from the second floor, just not the lounge.”

Octavia: “I would expect an author like you to notice something so obvious Yearling. There are no windows on the second floor, even excluding the lounge. Not the chemistry lab, or the hallways, or the libraries. All lighting on the second floor is from lamps and hanging lights. Hate to say it A.K. Yearling, but I just can’t believe what you are telling me.”

Lets slice your words apart!

“Octavia, I would have never been able to believe it myself if it wasn’t for the answer falling right on top of me, but there is another window on the second floor,” I told her, seeing the shock that quickly filled her eyes. “Hiding behind a bookcase in the library facing in the direction of the courtyard is a window. Rainbow Dash knew of this window before, but had absolutely no idea where it was suppose to connect to, having had the fortune of the bookcase not landing on top of her like I did. However, the important thing to get out of this is the fact that not only does this window face the courtyard, but was open during the investigation.”

“I see, that implies somepony here knows of the hidden window and used it to get rid of the fire maintenance tool,” Flam replied as he nodded in understanding. “If nopony knows about the window’s existence save for Rainbow, who must have seen it outside, they could utilize it as a way of disposing the cause of paralysis. Leaving the window open could either be a mistake, or the murderer thinking nopony would actually find it.”

“If that is the case, it is indeed possible to get the weapon outside without being seen,” Octavia concluded as she smiled and looked to me. “Sorry A.K., it just didn’t feel right beforehand, that’s all.”

“Actually, there is one thing that I am a little confused about,” Ditzy said, quickly gaining the attention of the entire room. “All the books on the floor in the library, if they had such confidence that nopony else would find it, then why do such a thing? Seems like an easy way to screw yourself over, even if it was to land the blame on somepony.”

Ditzy was correct, something about that did seem a little strange, even if it was to try and blame another. Usually the murderer tries to throw detectives off by landing the blame on a particular pony, but not so in this case. You prove that pony innocent and even with the messy library you couldn’t convince everypony they are guilty. In that case, why did they leave all the books on the floor? It seems better to try and make suspects impossible to count out instead of trying to blame one.

“Let’s get back to that, we need to discuss how the killer managed to get in and out of the lounge first,” Bon Bon told us. “With the lock on the door designed on the outside, which is absurdly stupid mind you, that would make it impossible to get out from the inside. However, if the door was actually unlocked, how did they manage to lock it?”

“Yeah, no reason discussing the library if we can’t find out how they even created the crime scene,” I replied, looking at Ditzy. “Once we figure that out, we will take a look at the mess in the library.”

Non-stop Debate

Truth Bullets: Used Talisman, Magic Circulation, Locking Mechanism, Mess in the Library

Octavia: “If we are going to figure out the locked room mystery, we should first find out how the room was locked first.”

Bulk Bicep: “The door was unlocked but still couldn’t be open! Maybe somepony broke the door from the inside! Or they had managed to jam the door!

Doctor Hooves: “Perhaps the door was actually locked, but they murderer changed it when nopony was looking.”

Fluttershy: “It would be hard to do that with all the others around. It is more likely that they sealed it from the inside in some manner.”

Flam: “Or maybe lockpicking, which would not require the use of the door’s lock at all.”

No doubt about it!

“Of course, they sealed the door from the inside!” I shouted as the answer finally came to me. “The reason we couldn’t enter until Bulk Bicep busted the door down had nothing to do with the lock, but everything to do with the seal disappearing at that specific moment.”

“I’m intrigued, but that wasn’t the manner of sealing I was talking about,” Fluttershy said in a dull, monotone voice. “Would you mind telling me what you mean by the seal ‘disappearing’?”

“Redheart brought it up when we found out the door’s lock was on the outside of the door,” I explained to everyone, the Ultimate Nurse nodding with a wide smile on her face. “She mentioned how unicorn magic doesn’t fade when the unicorn itself dies, but more importantly was that she mentioned how these curses can be destroyed.”

“Well, that’s the thing about unicorn magic: it doesn’t stop once they are dead. That’s why curses and barriers protecting belongings of the deceased are still active even after the caster has died. Only way to stop it is to burn the horn, which takes a lot longer than you might think.”

“Burning the horn! Of course that’s how it happened!” Doctor Hooves exclaimed as I recounted what was told to me. “It must have been just long enough for Rarity’s horn to burn to the point that magic circulation was cut off! I should have realized that from the start.”

“But was it long enough for the horn to burn to that point?” Thorax asked, quickly getting a response from Redheart.

“Twenty-five minutes is more than enough time for a horn to stop casting magic, and in case you are wondering, cutting it off doesn’t work either,” Redheard explained. “But that poses another problem. Rarity is the only pony here who can cast magic, and if she really did use her horn.”

I looked to Rainbow Dash, then to Ditzy, and finally to the rest of the ponies present. Nopony wanted to answer, and I felt scared to answer myself. I knew what Redheart was trying to tell us all, but after this entire time I didn’t want to think that it was true. I still believe that Rarity was murdered, but if what she had just said was true, than I could only think of one possibility. It was the last one that I wanted to think of, or even admit really.

Did Rarity… kill herself?

Trial Intermission