by TheMajorTechie

The past never dies.

Lisa sighed, idly staring into the distance as the sun began to lower over the horizon. The near-cloudless sky was painted full of brilliant oranges and yellows, a chill breeze whistling through the streets as people went about.

What was my old life? She whispered, still gazing towards the sky from the building's siding, What about Equestria?

The bustle of the place had since died down, with fewer and fewer people roaming past the girl on the streets. Lisa shut her eyes, leaning her head against the rough brick siding. Faraway, she heard the creak of a door shutting, its echo carried through the day-end air. It seemed almost as if the city of Mountain View itself was winding down. Every movement seemed to slow, every sound grew softer. Within minutes, the girl fell asleep once more.

Twilight Sparkle opened her eyes to yet again find herself in her library. The familiar, heavy scent of books and papers wafted through the air as the alicorn stood. "Oh. Another dream?" Twilight murmured, glancing about the place she had called home. "Girls? Hello?"

The mare was met with complete and utter silence. For a brief moment, it appeared almost as if the surroundings had blinked, shifting abruptly to an entirely different form before reverting just as quickly to its original state. A faint buzzing droned on overhead, much to Twilight's dismay. "Spike?" She shouted into the depths of the place, "Are you there?"

She smiled to herself. Of course they aren't here. Why would they? She turned her gaze towards the dreaded door that she had previously seen her friends disappear through. After all, it's only a dream... I'll see them soon, wouldn't I?

The faint buzzing had since grown much more audible, as if whatever it was emitting it had grown much closer than before. At the same time, the mare blinked, staring towards the light fixture. Was it this bright before? Twilight took a step, jumping back in surprise as the ground before her vanished, leaving nothing but a blank, blazingly-white spot. One by one, individual items disappeared into flashes of light, the frequency growing ever higher until all that was left was the mare herself.

Twilight stood on a plane of blank, squinting as she shielded herself with a wing from the absurdly bright light that came from all around. Absolutely nothing occurred. Absolutely nothing appeared. It was all empty, a world devoid of everything but light. Yet, at the same time, the buzzing noise from before had since returned, blasting to a monstrous roar, and sounding straight through the mare's bones and ricocheting through her skull. Between the blinding brightness of her surroundings and the deafening noise from all around, it took nearly all of the mare's strength to simply stand.

However, just as abruptly as it began, everything stopped. The light vanished with a flash of static, the noise silencing to an inaudible whirr. Cautiously, Twilight lowered her wings, still braced for the sudden return of the sensory overload from before. To her surprise, though, there was... nothing. Whereas before there was brilliantly blinding light, there was now omnipotent void. For the second time in a row, absolutely nothing happened.

Suddenly, with a rush of colors and sensations, the illusion dematerialized, fading away within seconds as light once again filled Twilight's eyes. Not from the blank canvas of nothingness, but from a scene; an experience. Shortly after, she noticed that she was once again human. Though, her surroundings felt almost entirely alien to her. Almost. The jingle of bells caught her ears.

"Hey, Lisa." A man with a greying beard greeted, wandering into the room Twilight, Lisa, now stood in. "How's the prototype going?"

The girl froze, a glint of familiarity shining from the man's eyes. She felt herself move unconsciously, finding herself unable to control her movements.

"Hi there, Prof!" Lisa felt herself speak, "It's almost done. I just need a bit more time to tweak it, then I can show you. Alright?"

The Professor shook his head, the bells at the end of his red hat jingling as he did so. "No, no. It's fine. Take your time, Lisa. Your friend Samantha took the day off for today. Don't you want to as well? All the other kids are out on Christmas break enjoying the snow, y'know."

Lisa's eyes turned back towards a wall of monitors, some displaying endless lines of text scrolling infinitely downwards, some covered with nearly-finished models, and still others filled with miscellaneous content. She felt herself shake her head. "I'm good." She replied, "I wanna finish this thing up to show Samantha when she gets back. Is that okay?"

"Fine then. Do you want some hot chocolate while you're at it?"

The girl nodded. "Yeah. Thanks." She turned back to the monitor array for a brief moment, before refocusing on teh conversation. "I think I should probably be able to finish what I'm working on in a couple hours, and then I'll go chill with Sam."

The Professor nodded as Lisa once again turned back to her work. He stalked up behind the girl, the red hat in hand before suddenly plopping it atop Lisa's head.

"Hey!" Lisa jokingly chided, knocking the hat away with a free hand, "Stop it!"

"Ha! Okay then, I'll stop. Anyways, Merry Christmas!" The Professor chuckled, bending down to grab the hat from the floor. A moment and the jingle of bells later, and he was gone.

Lisa felt her body turn towards the door. She wanted to leap from her seat, to chase after this 'Professor' that she continuously found herself talking to moments ago. Yet she couldn't.

It's still only a dream, right? The girl thought, her fingers flying across the keyboard almost entirely by themselves.

From behind her unwavering eyes, Lisa watched herself type line after line into the machine. The vague air of familiarity had since grown much stronger than before, and as the girl continued to watch herself type, she-- Twilight Sparkle, gasped.

For the first time ever, the mare watched her own creation.

Char0 {
NAME == "Twilight_Sparkle"
GENDER == "f"
AGE == "preset_adult1"
INITIAL_OCCUPATION == "preset_adult1"
MODEL == "bookhorse_0"
UponConnection {
MergeMemoryStore(preset_adult1, USER)