Daring- Do and the Zombie Island Jungle

by Stepany1234

Chapter 5: Decisions

“Are they out there?” Quest asked. The two ponies sat hidden in the broken down house as they waited until the coast was clear.

“I don’t know but we should wait here for a small while. Just until things clear up,” Daring Do said as she walked away from the window.

The small home was dusty and had a staircase that lead to a small attic. The house wasn’t exactly fancy but it was perfect to the two ponies and they had nothing to complain about. The only light was what the moon gave off from outside the windows without curtains. It casted a bluish glow on the ponies and made the spider webs and dust even more visible in the house.

“Maybe I should fly to the volcano real quick and drop this gem in there. Now that I have a chance,” Daring Do said as she thought aloud.

“Wait. Well,” Quest said before regretting that she opened her mouth at all.

“What?” Daring Do asked after hearing the pony mumble.

“Nothing, hurry and go,” Quest said as she turned around. She hid her face to hide that she was scared.

“Quest, are you afraid to stay alone?”

“No, just hurry and fix things,” she said. Daring Do looked around and realized the creepy and scary settings she was about to leave Quest in. All alone.

“No, I can’t go yet. I better stay here with you and read this scroll. You know, to make sure we’re doing everything right. It might take awhile,” Daring Do said.

She acted as if she was oblivious to Quest’s desire to be kept company. Quest smiled to the subtext in Daring Do’s comment and walked over to her.

“Thank you,” She said. Daring Do took her hat off and looked at the pony next to her.

“Sure,” she smiled.

Daring Do stretched out the scroll against the wooden floor and coughed after seeing all the dust that came up. After clearing the air, Daring Do began reading the scroll again. Nothing new really, except now instead of skimming it, she was actually reading it word for word. Quest rubbed her hoof behind her front leg as Daring Do read over the scroll again.

“There really isn’t anything we haven’t already read about. Is there?” Quest asked.

“Not really. Just some fancy words but other than that it’s all the same,” Daring Do said as she continued to read. “Oh, this is new."

“What?” Quest asked.

“After the gem is placed in the heart of the island and swims in the lava of the volcano all shall be restored and the memory of being transformed will be erased,” Daring Do read aloud.

“What?” Quest mumbled softly.

“Well, who knew. That’s good I guess. Nopony will remember being a zombie and everything will go back to normal. Cool,” Daring Do smiled. Quest walked away and began to pace.

“Quest?” Daring Do asked.

“Let’s leave now,” Quest said.

“What?” Daring Do asked.

“Let’s just fly away from this island and never look back. Just forward,” Quest said as she continued to pace.

“What? Why? Don’t you want to help the islanders? What’s the matter with you?” Daring Do asked.

“I don’t care about this island! I never truly have! You’re an adventurer and get to see the world! Just take me with you and leave this place. It won't matter what happens here. You can keep the gem we searched for and then we can just go!” Quest said as she began to reveal her emotions.

“Where’s all this coming from?” Daring Do asked as she walked up to the pony.

“I don’t want to just forget any of this! I don’t want to forget I met an adventurer like you!” Quest said before finally letting the tears stream down her cheeks. They rolled down like tiny streams after holding them back for so long. Daring Do only could stare back at the mare that was inches away from her and emotionally distressed.

“All my life has been is dull and routine. I finally get some adventure and fun in my life and I end up having to forget it all in the end?” Quest said as she began to cry.

“What are you talking about? You won’t forget any of this,” Daring Do said with a smile. “The scroll said that only the ones that became zombies will transform. You and I aren’t zombie ponies, last I checked.”

A sniffle was heard from the pinkish mare as she hung her head low. The tears hit the ground and wet the dusty floor. She held out her left hoof and revealed that behind it was a bite mark.

“W-what is this?” Daring Do asked a bit concerned.

“Daring,” Quest said before clearing her throat to speak clearly.

“No,” Daring Do said as she shook her head and stepped back.

“Daring, listen!” Quest said as the pegasus turned around and shook her head. Her hat sat on the dusty ground by the scroll and gem as she trotted by it.

“No!” Daring Do repeated.

“I was bitten, Daring!” Quest said as she raised her voice. The silence grew louder quickly and felt like it was the longest moment of their lives.

“How?” Daring Do finally said to break the silence. She was obviously upset about the fact but couldn’t fight it.

“Earlier when we were running. I pushed you out of the way and that exact moment the zombie bit me. I kicked him in the face once afterwards and then again to get him to run off. Daring,” Quest said as her legs began to shake. The mare was scared and it was no use hiding it, anypony would be. Daring Do couldn’t lie and say it was going to be okay, or that nothing bad was going to happen. She only could hug the scared pony and comfort her the best way she could.

“I don’t wanna change, Daring. I don’t wanna forget,” Quest said as she cried. Daring Do couldn’t speak as she was both furious and sad for her friend.

“Daring,” Quest finally said after a small moment of crying.

“What?” Daring Do replied.

“Will you take some piece of me with you out to your adventures? Even after I forgot, after I change,” Quest asked. Daring Do smiled.

“I just met you and I’m already making promises I intend to keep. Of course I will,” she answered.

“So after you make everything better, which I know you will. You’ll keep your promise? Even after I forget who you are? Even after I forget this entire night?” Quest asked. Daring Do was silent and her throat began to choke up and the fact that she wanted to cry was causing her to grow even angrier.

“Yeah,” she said in almost a whispered tone. She gulped but the lump in her throat wouldn’t go away. Quest nuzzled Daring Do and only managed to make the situation even more difficult for her.

“Out of all the years I’ve lived on this island. You made it all worth wild, Daring Do,” Quest said before feeling herself slowly fall asleep.

Daring Do placed one hoof around the mare and held her closer for the short seconds she had left. Her anger showed as her lip quivered, fighting any tears that wanted to come out at all. They slipped out slightly after hearing Quest begin to squirm and grumble. Daring Do squeezed her tightly, as if holding onto her would keep her from slipping away. It was no use. She knew what was happening. She let go of the mare and saw her hit the ground as she began to change. Daring Do backed away and watched her begin to change right before her eyes. She shook her head and ran to grab her supplies. She grabbed her hat and placed both the gem and the scroll inside. As she placed the hat back on her head, she saw the zombies reach outside the house and the anger inside Daring Do grew. She flew through the weak wooden roof and dived towards the zombies. Brutally kicking and beating every single one she saw. Tears streaming down her face didn’t help as she continued to attack every single one of them. Not even caring that they were simple earth ponies who had no control of their actions. She stopped and panted as she watched more come her way.

“You want me? Come on!” She shouted. The pony was boiled to the top and enraged from what had to happen to her friend. Quest still remained in the house as Daring Do continued to waste time. Dawn had reached it’s point and the sun began to slowly peak over the horizon. The grey blindness didn’t even bother the angered pony. Another brutal kick to the face and more tears streamed down her face. She landed on the ground to catch her breath and saw that no matter how many times she brought the zombies down, they kept getting back up. She knew that this was only her taking her anger out on the monsters but she couldn’t stop.

“You made it all worth wild, Daring Do,” echoed the voice in the pegasus’s head. Her eyes weakened and she remembered the promise she made. To bring everything back to normal.

“I have to! She might forget me and our incredible adventure but I can't let this go any further,” Daring Do told herself as she looked at the volcano in the distance. Her launch to the sky shot a gust of wind to the zombies as Daring Do shot towards the volcano. At incredible speed she flew to the volcano. She reached the ground by the mountain and took her hat off and dropped it all on the grass after grabbing the gem. She left her hat and the scroll behind after darting up towards the top of the volcano. Instead of taking the chance of simply tossing it in, Daring Do flew inside the volcano and flew at quick speed to reach the lava. The heat was unbearable and soot covered her face and shirt as she continued to go deeper and deeper into the volcano. Finally she saw the lava and came to a complete halt. The heat was incredibly hot and so she finally looked at the Gem in her hooves. She closed her eyes and kissed the gem before letting it fall into the heart of the island. She sighed and saw the lava bubble before finally calming down. Daring Do shot up towards the sky and raced to exit the volcano and breath fresh, cool air. However, she was receiving more of a boost than she asked for. A large amount of pressured air shot out of the volcano and shot Daring Do out like a bullet. The pony went high in the sky before finally gliding towards the ground. The air wasn’t on her side and so she landed roughly and slowly began to loose consciousness. She fought to keep her eyes open but couldn’t any longer and finally just fell asleep against the rough floor of the jungle.