Dadonequus Discord, But It's The MLP Movie (And still doesn't have Discord)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 2: The Battle Against Tempest, And The Truth Revealed.

“See Tempest, told ya somebody was following me.” Grubber points at you with a shaky finger, as if he was trying to shift the subject from something much more important.

This pony, Tempest, she had the most menacing glare you’ve seen from a pony yet. It was, by every definition of the word, pretty damn sexy. But you would not be swayed by her beauty, no, what you truly had a hard time understanding was how she was in the throne room and not what you had originally expected. Was she really the villain? She had a broken horn for christ sakes! How did she get an army?

Tempest herself didn’t even seem to really care about your presence as she spoke to her little companion with calm disdain in her voice, she seemed rather cool and collected for an MLP villain. “But it’s not the princess…” She then looks into your eyes with a piercing glare “So, did you come here to play hero? Because unless you know where Princess Twilight is, I’d suggest you head back out and let yourself be put in a cage. This isn’t a place for children.”

 Twilight? She wanted...wait. You look upon the statue of the princesses. The four….She meant the four princesses? H-holy shit. Those weren’t statues. She turned them to stone?! HOW?! WITH WHAT MAGIC?!

Even more so, if Twilight and the other five escaped, it meant they couldn’t win this fight. This fight against a stupid hornless unicorn.  Well then, it seems any normal means of villain fighting was out the window. Luckily for you, you knew you had a million times the power this pony must have. After you’re done with her, you’ wouldn’t be able to rescue the princesses or find Twilight until tomorrow, not unless you found someone else that could undo all this.

You look at her with an arrogant smirk as you start to walk to the side “This isn’t a place for ponies like you either. As for playing hero? No, I don’t play. Maybe you don’t recognize me, but I’m the legendary hero colt.”

“Ooooh, hey Tempest, he thinks he can take you.” Grubber starts making punching motions at you “Like, he’s making himself to be so bad, but he doesn’t know we’re the baddest. Oh yeah! This is gonna-” But when he looks back at her, she gives him a silent and cold stare and just makes him step back with lost enthusiasm “Y-yeah, I’ll just...let you have this one”

“Look, I’m going to give you ONE chance. Leave, or I’m going to treat you like a 'Hero' ” Tempest tells you. Despite her cool demeanor, she seemed to be antsy about something. Probably just due to Twilight escaping.

You just chuckle and wiggle your eyebrows at her “Like a hero, huh? If I didn’t have one already, I’d take your offer. I wouldn’t mind having an older marefriend. Heheh” Oh yeah, you had this.

“Well…” Tempest’s glare actually broke. Not in anger as you expected, not even taken aback by your advances. No, she just smirks “Out of all the ponies here in Canterlot, it’s a colt who decides to have the guts to try to stop the army of the Storm King. Commendable. So...Do it then, I’ll let you have the first shot.” Tempest raised her chin and beckoned you to step forth. Although she liked your moxy, she didn’t have time to play. She would just wait for you to approach and knock you out in one blow.

But this was good for you too. You didn’t really have time to mess around either. But you don’t rush up at her like she thought you would. Instead, you not only put on your horn, but you also reach into your saddle bag for the cardboard wings. Upon donning both, you came out as the image of the very kind of creature Tempest was looking for.

“Well well…” Tempest looked upon you, with more quiet relief than arrogance. “An Alicorn. You know, when ponies tell you to stay hidden, it’s probably for a good reason. You just made my job a whole lot easier.”

Alicorn? Right, you must have looked like one right now. But what did that matter to her? Well, no time to think about that. You knew you had to make this win as chaotic as possible, and you knew exactly how to do it. “Unless you’re good at bullet hells, then this might actually be the hardest. Hope you don’t play easy mode, because this is gonna be lunatic levels of cool” You fly upwards towards the ceiling as your eyes start to glow green, your pupils turning into targeting reticles as your vision becomes a Heads-Up display.

“Why didn’t you turn him to stone, Tempest?” Grubber asks as he looks straight up at you, wondering what you even meant.

“I told him he could take the first shot. It doesn’t matter, we only need four and he blew his cover. Besides, there’s nothing he can do. Ponies that young aren’t capable of anything dangerous” Tempest said as she stayed calm and cool, but her anticipation was rising. To her, this was the conclusion. She would have what she was looking for after this was over.

Oh, but she was wrong.  Through your eyes, you began to lock on to her with not one, not ten, not one hundred, not even a thousand, but ten thousand times the overwhelming power you planned to use. Overkill? Maybe, but you needed to make this spectacular; not only for the finish, but to scare off her army. “ULTIMATE DEATH RAIN ATTACK!”

Both Grubber and Tempest’s eyes widen as the room glows pink from the hundreds of lasers pouring out of your horn and down towards them. This...This was exhilarating! You couldn’t help but laugh as the entire area around Tempest became drenched in lasers and dust. Ohhhh, yes. You almost forgot what it felt like to use true power like this. Intoxicating really.

After the final laser is fired off and your horn reverts back, you land on the ground to where you once stood to admire your handiwork. You couldn’t quite see the pair yet due to the dust, but it was only a matter of time. All your lasers were targeted at Tempest anyway. It was possible she was turned to dust….that’s fine.

After a moment, you hear a groaning from the dust cloud. Wow, she survived? Must have been the armor.

But it wasn’t her that stepped out of the cloud. It was a now a blackened Grubber wobbling forward. “You’d think pink rain would taste like cake...but it tasted like hurt….goodnight” He fell over, unconscious.

Ok then. He got hit a couple of times...but what about? OH SHIT!

Suddenly, a black orb with green lightning flies out of the cloud. You try to dodge it, but it smacks your leg. And to your horror, it started to turn to stone. YOU STARTED TO TURN TO STONE!

“I have to admit, I have never seen anyone with powerful magic like that.“ Tempest then steps out of the cloud with a cold hard and expressionless stare “Good try, but you really should have listened.” Good try she says, she only had like one or two dents in her armor.

You were near hyperventilating as you tried to pull your body forward, but you were quickly turning to stone and you had no charges in your horn to neutralize the petrification. Dammit! The first charge was used on this stupid fucking….WAIT!

You quickly tap at your bowtie before becoming completely petrified. The transformation into a bird not only stops the process but entirely reversed it.

Dammit, you couldn’t win this fight. How could you have fucked up?! How did she dodge every laser attack like that!? She couldn’t be that quick!

You made an attempt to escape the castle. But you don’t make it very far before a large bolt of lightning like magic grazes your right wing. You tweet in pain as you start to plummet downwards. But Tempest hops off one of the walls and jumps towards you, catching you before you hit the ground.

She gently puts you down, but presses her hoof right on you and your bowtie. You change back while being in her grip, and you could still feel the pain from whatever shot that magic. In fact, as you slowly turned your head towards her, you could see her broken horn sparkling. Was...Was that her?!

W-what could you do now? Y-you were sunk. The best you could do is bluff..or maybe. “N-ngh, y-you don’t know what you’re doing. M-my dad is Discord y’know..the spirit of chaos.”

“Even if that’s true, it won’t matter once the Storm King arrives. Now….wait..” That’s when she notices it. You had no horn on anymore, she even gave your forehead a quick and gentle press to make sure. And your wings? She looked to the side to see cardboard wings. What was going on? “...What happened to your horn? Your wings?”

But you don’t say anything, you weren’t going to tell her shit. But you could see some desperateness in her eyes as she tried to figure out what happened. But as she did, the truth started to slowly creep up on her. “You’re not an alicorn….” She then looked upon your horn. She had noticed you had put it on your head but thought nothing of it before. She tried taking the necklace off of you, but she couldn’t. There was a powerful spell keeping it from being removed, Discord’s spell of course. She realized that you may have not been an Alicorn, but you had powers and artifacts no one that young should have.

Then suddenly, there was a ringing. A familiar modem like noise...what?

Both you and Tempest look back to see two storm creatures on either side of some potion that was making phone like noises. The creatures themselves looked rather confused on what was going on.

“......” Tempest stays silent as she gives you a quick glance. She could see that her magic blast had coursed through your body enough to keep you stunned. But just in case, she takes your bowtie and leaves you to lay there as she goes to attend to whatever that was. “Well?”

One of the creatures nod nervously as they release the contents of the potion. A cloud is then formed above it as the image of some….weird white furred monkey guy appears on it. “Hello? Hey! Hello! Wow, how long do these things take, huh? Someone’s going to get a really bad flogging for getting me a defective potion, am I right? It is….oh, hey!” He then turns to Tempest with a jovial smile “Tempest! Great to see you, not really feeling it on keeping me waiting but I’m just going to take a guess it was over something important like….my four alicorns?”

Tempest took a breath as she stepped aside, she gave him a dutiful stare as she presented the statues to him.

This guy, he was laughing heartily as he stared at his prize “Ha! That’s amazing! Let’s see, one dumb princess...two dumb princesses...three..and..hmmm.” He then notices you laying on the ground, in pain. “Wow, hold on hold on, don’t tell me. I want to take a guess at this. But that colt right there, he’s like..woah no, wow! Really? Did he honestly try attacking you? And he’s the only one too. Ha! I heard ponies were pathetic, but come on, a colt being the only one brave enough to fight back? Wow, that’s depressing….oh wait, no it’s not! That’s hilarious!” He starts laughing until something else catches his eye….a missing statue “Haha..ha? Woah woah, let’s dial it back here a bit. Tempest, where is my fourth dumb princess?”

“Regrettably, she seemed to have escaped. But I can assure you, we’re already tracking her down.” Tempest says with a bow. Was this guy...the Storm King she mentioned?

“Right yeah, gotcha. see, you don’t have her now, and that’s a big problem. You can’t exactly spread a great brand such as mine unless you have ultimate power to subjugate others. I mean, kudos to you for beating down a colt, great stuff, shows me you’re willing to do what you need to do to win. But without the princess, it doesn’t mean diddly.  I mean, you want your horn back right?” He looks to her, his jovial grin slowly becoming more sinister and his speech becoming more serious.

“Of course” Tempest nearly broke there...her horn? What? What was all this about? “I just need some time, you will have your power.”

“Yeah…” The Storm King looks to the right rather boredly as he spoke in a near sarcastic tone “Time...I getcha. Well, I’m going to be making my way there in ohhhhhh...three days or so. You can do it in three days, can’t you?”

Tempest bows “I will have her before then, This I guarantee.”

Suddenly he goes back to his jovial self “HA! GREAT! Good, no seriously, fantastic. Well Tempest, I gots to go. Got some losers to subjugate before I start heading your way. Can’t get ready for a hostile takeover without a little hype, am I right? Course I’m right. Ciao!” And with that, the magical transmission ends.

Tempest looks back at you, then to the storm guards in front of her. You were barely conscious at this point. But you could hear her telling them to make preparations for a large scale hunt. You could also hear her telling them to make arrangements for you on her airship before you conk out.

This...wasn’t going well for you. Was it?