Danganronpa V.E: Creating Chaos

by Vaatidj

Chapter 2: Unfortunate Seventeen - Daily Life part 3

Ding dong bing bong

“Good morning everyone, it is currently eight am. That’s right, morning is upon us and I’m sure many of you are thinking about those wonderful tickets. Again, you set another pony free with them as well, so make sure you know that if you are planning murder. With that out of the way, I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic day!”

It was the first time I had woken up to the sound of Monokuma’s voice since the day before Twilight was killed. The night was restless, my thoughts continuing to go to Rainbow Dash, who might have been planning murder as I laid in my bed. I remember dreaming about her doing just that, and despite all my attempts to protest my mouth wouldn’t work. It was like it had been glued shut, and as she was dragged into her execution I found myself woken up. I wanted to think it was just a nightmare, but I knew that wasn’t true.

Bang bang bang

That sound immediately caused myself to forget my worries, instead being replaced by the more direct feeling of fear. If this was anywhere else I would have thought it was merely some guest, but the last time I had heard someone knocking at my door Twilight was found dead. I hopped up and out of bed, making my way to the door in panic and fear. I stumbled a few steps backwards as my body hadn’t completely adjusted from lying down to standing up. I didn’t let that stop me, and as soon as that lightheaded feeling passed I opened the door.

The first thing I could be sure about was that no dead body was found just yet, as the pony before me was smiling happily. However, it was the actual pony who stood there that had made me want to rethink my actions of opening the door. It was Rainbow Dash, and that smile on her face wasn’t one that said ‘I’m happy to see you this morning’. The smile was one that told me she was thinking hard about something, or more specifically thinking of the tickets.

“Rainbow Dash are-” I started to speak, but before I could say anything she grabbed my shoulders.

“No time to explain, you gotta come with me now!” She spoke hastily before dragging me with her out the door and into the entrance hall.

Despite my best attempt to get away Rainbow Dash had a firm grip on me and my body. The next few seconds went by so fast my vision blurred before finding myself upstairs in the library. I didn’t really bother to ask what was going on, as I had pretty easily figured it out at that point. Rainbow quickly checked the two hallways before rushing back to me, grabbing my shoulders and keeping me focused on her eyes.

“Okay, I know what you might be thinking but please just hear me out on this,” She started, and I swallowed some of the spit in my mouth in worry. “Look, we’re both friends, and that gives us a much better reason than any other pony here to get out together. If it was just me, I wouldn’t dare kill somepony but… this could be our chance! Those tickets could be our one and only chance to get out of here alive!”

“Rainbow are you crazy?!” I asked, knowing that she was completely serious about all of this. “Why would you kill anypony? Is getting a chance to join or fly with the wonderbolts really worth putting so many ponies to the axe? I can’t do anything if somepony finds out you did it.”

“That’s why I’m talking to you about this,” She answered. “It would be obvious if I did it, and while ponies know about our friendship they don’t as much about you as I do,” Numerous different ideas ran through my head as she spoke, all of them being ways to try and stop her. “I know you might hate me, but if I getting out of here I’m doing it with you. So if you could please help me-”

“Shut up!” I went with the first option that came to mind, and promptly slapped my fellow pegasus as hard as I could across the muzzle. “Do you hear yourself right now Rainbow? Do you have any idea what the thoughts going through your head are doing to you? This isn’t the pony that I became friends with!”

“Dee, I know that I sound like a lunatic right now but I want you to be safe!” Rainbow replied, clearly not getting what I had just said. “That ticket can get us free, or more importantly it can get you free! You know that I wouldn’t be doing this if you-”

“I’m not going to help!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, something that Rainbow had clearly not anticipated in the slightest. “No, not just that, but I’m not going to accept your offer at all! Go ahead and murder somepony if you so want to, but know that when you ask to give the second ticket to me that I will say no. This isn’t the Rainbow Dash that I know, and if you do go along with this I will sell you out!” I knew how harsh those words were, but I didn’t care at the moment. Anypony else would have backpedalled as soon as they said them, but at this point it was something Rainbow needed to get through her mind. “I’m not coming with you no matter what, got it? I made a promise to protect everypony in this castle so that Twilight’s death would be meaningless, so forget it!”

My voice was hoarse from all that yelling, but if the look of shock and reevaluation on Rainbow said anything, it had worked. I didn’t want to admit it, but I had been preparing for this since the very moment I heard her excitement over the tickets. There were multiple times when the Ultimate Stunt Flyer opened her mouth, but nothing ever came out of them. This is what I was hoping for, no matter how harsh I had sounded. It felt awful, but I had accepted the fact that no matter what I did, no other option would have stopped what I had just to her.

“Oh… I see,” Rainbow Dash looked at the ground as she spoke. Her body language showing just how disappointed she was, though I didn’t know if it was directed at herself or at me. “You know that we are stuck here forever until somepony gets away with murder… right? Nopony else can get us out.”

“Actually, that isn’t true,” I knew that there was probably some risk involved tell anypony about what really happened during the execution, but if I was going to convince her than I needed to do it now. “Rainbow, there is something that A.K., Flam, and I have been keeping a secret, but I need you to promise that you won’t tell anyone about it,” Rainbow crossed her hooves over her heart in an X, and despite some resistance in the back of my mind I spilt the truth. “Trixie… actually escaped her execution. That’s why Monokuma was so upset afterward, and why Thorax was brought here as a ‘replacement’. That’s why Trixie acted the way she did at the end of the trial, and she is heading to get Celestia or somepony who can break us free.”

The library fell silent, neither of us willing to speak as I let the idea run through Rainbow’s head. She had turned her head away from me, not letting me see what she was thinking I right now. The first thing I imagined would have been shock, but Rainbow’s constant shuffling of her hooves told me that wasn’t correct. After a couple more attempts to read it I finally came to the conclusion she was deep in thought, and I didn’t know if that was good or bad. Knowing what could happen I braced myself for any anger or hate she might feel towards me.

“Are… are you sure that Trixie didn’t just say that to get out hopes up?” Rainbow asked.

“I know that it’s a long shot, but I put my faith in her for a reason,” I responded, doing my best to look serious. “It’s hard to say, but I’ve accepted the fact that not everypony is going to get outta here. As long as Monokuma is around we have to play his game, no matter how hard it will be in the end. Trixie understood that, and Twilight must have know as well, and that is why I’m going to trust her.”

“Well if that’s what you think… okay than Dee,” Rainbow finally gave in. “I’m sorry for trying to turn us into killers, and I promise not to do that again. If you are going to put your faith in that showpony, I will too.”

“Thanks Rainbow Dash.” I smiled as I heard her say that, knowing from past experience that it was absolutely sincere.

“However, about the entire Daring Do thing,” That worry which had faded from my mind suddenly rushed back into the front. “Dee, I know you were just trying to protect her, and since you two are friends I can understand it. However, after looking over every Daring Do book in the library, I’ve come to the conclusion that-“

“Daring Do and I are the exact same pony,” Our gazes switched to the door, watching the figure of A.K. Yearling as she walked her way over to us. “I’ve been pretty confident you two knew for some time now, so I figured there was no reason to keep it hidden from you. Honestly the entire thing feels less like a dramatic reveal and more like a cliche by this point.”

“Yeah, I’m with you there,” Rainbow agreed, shrugging as she lifted off into the air. “I swear I’ve heard this entire thing at least once or twice before, but whatever. That doesn’t change the fact that this is awesome! Are you wearing all of your stuff underneath that cloak?”

“Whoa, let’s not go that far yet,” A.K… Daring? A.K Yearling? Ah what the heck, the Ultimate Author stopped Rainbow as she attempted to remove the cape around her body. “Look, according to everypony else and Monokuma I’m A.K. Yearling, so even in private I would prefer if you called me that. That might just be a pen name but last thing I want is for everypony to know I’m Daring Do.”

Something switched in my head as I heard her say that. It made sense that her author name was the pen name, but there was a part of me who believed that Daring Do was a name she gave herself for writing the book. That wasn’t what was bothering me though, but instead it was the all to familiar last name. Having read many of the books I’ve never really considered how interesting her name was Daring Do and not something else, but a certain possibility quickly came to my brain.

“Hey, um, A.K.?” As it was her wish I called her by her pen name, though what I was going to ask had nothing to do with that name. “So your entire name, and I mean your real name, is Daring Do. Was any part of that changed when you wrote the book? Is your last name really Do?”

“Yeah,” She answered, her head tilted slightly in confusion. “What is so strange about that? Everypony has a last name, though most don’t us it for one reason or another.”

“Well that’s perfectly fine and all but, that isn’t the only pony here with the last name Do,” I told her, something which made her eyes go wide. “It could be a complete coincidence but… my name isn’t just Ditzy. My full name is Ditzy Do, and my last name is spelled exactly the same as yours.”

She didn’t answer, giving me the first look of shock on her face since I had first met her. Without a word she turned around and started making back to the door, only turning around to say one last thing.

“Perhaps it’s best that… you don’t tell anyone about that too,” She said before she started to closing the door. “Coincidence or not, I think that would also make us look rather suspicious.”

After A.K. left I chatted with Rainbow a little bit before we went our separate ways. There was a part of me which still worried for Rainbow, but I couldn’t act like her mother and watch everything she does. After a quick and uneventful breakfast I made my way back to my room. I didn’t have anything of severe importance at the current moment, so I had the rest of the day to relax. Guess it would be a good idea to go ahead and hang out with somepony, that way I won’t be bored for the rest of the day.