Tempora mutantur

by Tallow and Port

The all powerful dump of ‘how my version of Alicorns work’ information

Why was she such an idiot sometimes!?

Twilight smacked herself in the head, why hadn’t she thought of this before?!

“What ever is the matter, my child?” Smoky enquired, putting down the fairytale he’d been reading to the girls.

“Nothng, nothng, I dust wnted to athk... Whewe do Alicornth come fwom?” She asked.

Smoky Skies blinked a few times before laughing “you’re a curios one, aren’t you? Hmm. Well, I suppose I can tell you this story in replace of a fairytale... A few quadrillion millennium ago, there was no Equus, just an empty void in the vast expanses of space;

“and in that vastness, a spark of consciousness stirred. It had no real knowledge of what it was suddenly doing here... existing all of a sudden, so it did what any self aware thing would do, it explored.

“And as it explored, it came across this void amongst the universe, this... empty pocket of space.

“And it felt sad.

“It didn’t know why it felt sad, it just knew that it felt like there was something missing.

“So it fixed it; floating into the centre of the nothing and compressing itself into a sphere of scorching hot and bubbling magma-like magic and dragging passing meteoroids into it until it had developed a thoroughly condensed shell of rock, steam already rising to condense around the magical shield the being had put up around the lump of dirt surrounding it. But something was still missing.

“Life, The being didn’t know what this word meant, it had merely created it. And so it spread a small piece of magic thinly over the surface of its self made tomb in hopes to encourage this ‘life’ to appear.

“And appear it did. Creatures and plants springing up everywhere, oceans and rivers forming, this ‘life’ it had thought of now becoming real.”

Smoky Skies smiled warmly at his now very attentive children “and then other consciousness woke up and found themselves drawn to the first beings creation, growing so interested in it that they allowed themselves to take on forms closer to the sizes and shapes of an especially interesting group of animals known as ponies.

“They could not fully contain their power, of course, so they always ended up in forms that were slightly taller than the aforementioned creatures, with traits of all three races as a type of side affect.

“They expected to be shunned, as we all know how much earth ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns hate each other, but instead they were hailed as gods for being able to move Celestial bodies and preform unbelievable feats.

“They eventually just adopted the positions of rulers over the different ponies in different places as part of being Alicorns, as they had been so lovingly named, and lived on.

“And when they wish to have children, they merely have to coalesce as much of their magic as they can into a single point, allow it to form its own consciousness and then build its Alicorn form from there.” He finished, leaving the fillies in awe.

“Tho... we’we gods?” Fluttershy piped up.

“Yes, dear, we’re gods.”


It was dusk, the sunlight flooding into the throne room and bathing it in a fiery orange glow when the door creaked open and a little purple filly trotted nervously in.

“What is it, my daughter?” Emerald enquired.

“I just wanted to kno... can Awicowns die?” Twilight replied, acting skittish but being genuinely curious on the inside.

Glimmers laughter filled the room, not dissimilar to the sound of the tolling of a deep, beautiful bell.

“Not in the traditional sense, my dear” she assured the filly.

“Bud what dose dat mean?” The little Alicorn persisted.

She raised an elegant green hoof “it means, child, that we cannot be... killed. We can be sealed in an object with a strong enough spell, and we can be forced to dispel into our original state of giant floating masses of consciousness and driven back into space; but we cannot have that consciousness that is us destroyed completely.

“And even then, usually only a fellow Alicorn can do these deeds, unless there is a truly massive horde of unicorns that wish to destroy us lurking around” she finished, giggling lightly.

Twilight nodded slowly, backing out of the room to head to bed.


“Sweet Shell! Pearl Flower! Oh, it’s so good to see you again after so many centuries!” Emerald gasped in delight “and is this the little princess of the hour I’ve been hearing so much about?”

The evening shadow grey Alicorn with an etherial undulating sky blue mane and tail laughed as she embraced her “we’re happy to see you doing well, too, Emerald.”

The other foreign Alicorn; with a red coat and firey golden mane and tail; smiled as he nudged his daughter forward towards the older Alicorn “say hello to the nice queen, dear.”

The black coated teen with green eyes and fiery orange hair that was yet to grow ethereal shuffled a bit before stepping forward and smiling “hello, I’m Fire Steam.”

“Oh, hello darling! Aren’t you just the most elegant thing?” Glimmer chuckled wryly “far more so than most of my daughters...” before pointing towards an arching doorway “but I’ve got some important business to attend to, would you mind staying with the princesses for a while?”

The 16 year old nodded “sure, I’ll stay with them.”


In a sandy courtyard with a pond shaded by palm trees, the six daughters of Emerald and Smoky lounged around.

A ball of sand dropped onto Twilights head and Rainbow Dash; now at the age of 20, laughed from above “HA! Catch me if you can, Twi!”

Twilight; now 21 years of age and finally as big as she was in her original time along with her sisters, even if she knew that they were going to keep growing; released a put upon sigh before spreading her now truly massive albatross like wings and flapping heavily to rise into the air “you know that as soon as I start to glide I’m going to catch you, right?”

“Please, it doesn’t matter that you can go 600 miles per hour and I can only go 60, what matters is your SKILLS whilst traveling those speeds that will determine if you catch me or not!” Rainbow shouted before buzzing off.

How they could still reach the speeds that the birds their wings represented could go even with their much bigger sizes, only the Pegasi part of Alicorn magic could explain; though it was to be noted that whilst that is the fastest said birds could go, it was the normal speed of the two ponies; as, being Alicorns, their fastest speed was undeterminable due to the fact they were now literally living gods and could basically go as fast as they pleased.

Just as Twilight was sinking into a glide to catch Rainbow with her other four sisters watching, someone cleared their throat.

“Wha-?” She started, turning her head and then promptly crashing into a palm tree and landing in the pond beside it.

As she rose from the deep and shot out of the water, sodden feathers spraying water everywhere until she allowed herself to release a pulse of magic to dry off from deep within her core, she frowned in displeasure at the intruder “you could clearly see I was about to make a critical wing adjustment, so why did you interrupt?”

“I’m sorry, Princess, I actually hadn’t noticed you up there, I was directing it towards princesses Rarity” a teenaged Alicorn replied, having the decency to look apologetic at least.

“Ooo~ where do you come from?” Pinkie Pie asked, fluttering down from where she had previously been pretending to be a bird on the rooftops to stand in front of the smaller mare.

“The north” she replied as she rested a hoof painted in gold against her breast “I’m Fire Steam, by the way.”

“And we are happy to see you, darling, but that does not change the question; what are you doing here?” Rarity interrupted before anything could get out of hoof.

“My parents are in a diplomatic meeting with yours” Fire replied, jumping up to stand posed on a bolder in a corner of the garden shaded by a wall “now, what do young Alicorns who haven’t received their cutie marks yet do around here?”

Rarity frowned as she was reminded of that dreadful fact, to think that it took longer for an Alicorn to receive her cutie mark! It did not help her patience when she also knew that you were raised to king or queen hood after doing so because it showed you were ready for it, she was beginning to pine for those three cut gems missing on her flank “Oh, I wouldn’t know dear, I’m usually far too busy discussing fashion with the nobles to need many distractions.”

“But you’re not with any nobles right now, so what do you do in this time?” Fire pressed on, lowering herself to rest on her stomach atop the rock.

“Right now I am spending some quality time with my sisters before we’re all pulled away to continue our princess duties and learn how to be queens, but if you really wish for more excitement, why don’t you take a flight with Pinkie Pie over there?” Rarity gritted out before ever so eloquently sticking up her snout and flying over the pond to sunbathe next to fluttershy.

“What? Someone wants to fly with me? Yay~!” the aforementioned pink god laughed before scooping the teen up and flying away.