Tempora mutantur

by Tallow and Port

Life continues

Twilight shivered as the servant applied another stroke of cold ink to her right front leg, curling vines of artwork already adorning her other three legs as she was prepared to be revealed to her parents subjects.

She stared into the mirror apprehensively, a white sheet embroidered with gold thread rested lightly across her back and a golden ring sat at the base of her horn, connected to a smaller ring at the tip of her horn by a silver thread dotted with tiny shards of crystal.

The primary feathers of her wings were wrapped in thin golden chains beaded with lapis lazuli, and her mane was pulled back into a bun, loose strands of hair threaded with red gems.

She would admit it looked amazing on her, but she was still quite nervous about this.

She glanced over at her sisters, noting how they were all similarly dressed up, except for the different colours used, as it seemed important that they wore colours that complimented each other, their hair and their coats; though the ink paintings all remained an obsidian black.

Rarity squealed in adoration as she took in her own appearance, spreading her wings out as far as they could go to show off the jewellery and sheer magnificence of them and Emerald laughed from behind her.

“Oh, you’re going to be the fashionable one, aren’t you” she smiled, her own dressing already having been finished as she just slipped into her golden hoofwear studded with white diamond.

Rarity laughed ‘if only you knew’.


“The six daughters of Queen Emerald Glimmer and King Smoky Skies!” The herald proclaimed, sweeping himself aside to let said foals through so as to begin stating their individual statuses.

“Princess Twilight Sparkle, first born!” Said purple filly waved gracefully, practiced smile firmly in place as she sat down in her little throne next to Emeralds own, bigger seat on the balcony overlooking the main square filled with their subjects.

“Princess Applejack, second born!” The former cowgirl gave an awkward grin and wave as she went to sit on the other side of twilight, wings shuffling nervously.

“Princess Rarity, third born!” The white alicorn swept past him and gave off a dazzling smile for the crowd as she placed herself beside Applejack.

And then the process repeated itself, Twilight growing too bored to really listen anymore, focussing more on the setting sun and wondering about why her cutie mark hadn’t just reappeared back the way it had been, yet.

Could it be that she would get a different one?

No, that’d be impossible... Right?

If she was honest, though, no one had gone back in time quite the way they had, but-.

Could it be possible?

This was something she was going to have to think further on at a later date.


Applejack kicked open the doors to the sixes shared room; a large space with ceiling heigh glass doors along one wall that opened out onto a vast veranda giving them a clear view of the sunrise and moonrise equally, three beds lined up against both walls in between the glass ones and the now open ones the angry country girl stood between and filled with an appropriate amount of children’s toys; and stormed over to her gold sheeted bed.

Rainbow pranced in next, flicking her tail in contempt as she threw off the fancy cloth on her back. Plopping down on her black velvet covered bed, that had a rainbow sheen to it when hit by the morning light, to start trying to lick the ink off her fur.

Rarity and Fluttershy came next, both quietly just going to sit on their respective silk covered beds and relax before Pinkie jumped in happily.

Twilight poked her head in, winced and then promptly shut the door behind her as she slunk to her bed.

“Look... I kno yur mad abowt dis, and pwobabwy in denial... But untiw I find a sowuton, we’re sduck hewe, so why not make de betht of id?” She reasoned, taping her hooves together nervously.

She heard a collection of sighs before Rarity caught her attention.

“I... Ifff-if yoo don mind me athging, darwing... wad cawsed dis to happn?” The white filly managed to strangle out of herself.

Twilight cringed back, ears flat against her head and she hid behind her wings “I wuz onwy tryn to SEE th past, bud de spewl backfiwered.”

“Of orse it did” Applejack muttered, pulling up her blankets and turning onto her side to watch the moon make its slow ascent into the sky.

The former student of Celestia felt terrible for dragging her friends into this, especially Applejack, considering she had the most to lose; it wasn’t everyday you found a bond of family as strong as that of the Apples.

“I wuz dis close to cadching th wolds biggetht cwiminaw, Twi, dis close... but den I wazn’t der anymow, I was here, a fiwy again” Rainbow spoke up, angry expression scrunching up to suppress tears “and ah cowden’t do anyding abowd it.”

Rarity didn’t say anything, merely rolling over so she wouldn’t face the moon, still quite distraught that she hadn’t been able to give Princess Luna that dress.

Pinkie Pie just went to sleep and Flutershy still couldn’t really talk, as she was the youngest amongst them.

Twilight stayed up the longest, wondering why the elements of harmony had actually allowed the spell to backfire... could it be that they had seen that this outcome would lead to more harmony than they could’ve done in their original time? Or did the spell create such a disturbance that even the elements couldn’t control it?


Twilight stared down at the wet sand, horn enveloped in its rich magenta glow as she chose her next move carefully.

She allowed her magic to take hold of a small lump of the grains, lifting it into the air before placing it on top of a tower and shaping it into a spire, grinning triumphantly.

And then it got stomped by Pinkie pie as she fell out of the sky above her, pout clear on her face as she looked back at her wings “man, thewe’s tho much flapping invowved when fwying!”

Twilight groaned, allowing her head to drop into the sand as she viewed her destroyed masterpiece.