Danganronpa V.E: Creating Chaos

by Vaatidj

End of chapter 1

P.O.V. Change: Ditzy Doo

“Well what would you all know,” Monokuma said after we had all casted our votes, the decision unanimously on Trixie, the Ultimate Showpony even voting for herself. “You are all correct! The blackened is none other than Trixie Lulamoon!”

We all looked at the convicted pony in front of all of us, and I couldn’t help but wonder how she was able to keep that smile this entire time. I didn’t understand anything about the last few minutes of the trial, even as A.K. Yearling did her best to explain it to me. She was guilty, yet one look at her would tell you that nothing was wrong. Trixie seemed happy to be guilty of her own crime, and I couldn’t help but ask myself why.

“Trixie is proud of… most of you for your efforts,” The magician said, taking a quick glance at Applejack. “Twilight will be happy to know that everything was not in vane, and that her death will set us all free in time.”

“I don’t understand any of this,” Flash said to himself, before looking to Trixie. “Why are you acting like nothing is wrong with this? You just killed a pony, and the student of the princess no less. Shouldn’t you feel any guilt for what you have done today?”

“Nothing is going to get answered if we treat her like a criminal,” Octavia told Flash sentry as she put a hoof on his shoulder. “If what A.K. said is correct, than this murder wasn’t in cold blood. I don’t want to think about it but… I think she wanted to die.”

Twilight wanted to… how could anypony feel the need to die? Even with the lose of her horn I couldn’t help but a strong will to live from the student. I didn’t want to know if I had been lied to or not, but at the same time I wanted a reason for why this happened. Killing somepony is wrong, and I felt absolutely furious at just how okay Trixie seemed to be feeling about it all. If it wasn’t for my own self-control I probably would have punched her as soon as she had been declared guilty by Monokuma.

“Trixie, please tell us the truth?” A.K. asked the Ultimate Showpony. “I want to know why you did this, both before you met with Twilight and what happened after you started to attack her.”

“I never planned to hide anything from you all,” Trixie responded with a nod. “It might be hard for you all to understand but, me and Twilight met a good amount of time ago. Must have been a year if I’m correct, and attended one of my shows. That pony then proceeded to reveal every single trick and illusion that I have ever come up with in my career, and ruined it,” She took a deep breath, my eyes noticing how tense she seemed to get talking about it. “I didn’t think it was the same pony, especially considering she was the student of Celestia, but Trixie should have known.”

“Preposterous!” Flash shouted at her. “Twilight Sparkle would never do something so foalish and stupid! She is the prize pupil of Celestia, our fair princess.”

“I understand your ideals Flash, but Trixie wouldn’t lie in a situation like this,” The Ultimate Showpony told him, giving him a guilty look. “Of course somepony like the Ultimate Guard would keep their trust in the princess, but wouldn’t you do the same thing to Flam if you had to.”

“Still, the way that you and A.K. mention it, you make me think that Twilight wanted to die,” I said. “Why? What reason did she have to just give up and die all of a sudden?”

“I would assume that answer is obvious to the rest of you,” Trixie stated, and for the first time since she became convicted I saw a look of shame on her face. “Trixie wasn’t able to believe it herself, but Trixie has also never lose her horn. Whether it had been inside of her since the moment Monokuma took away her horn or if it was something that had developed over time, she didn’t feel like she wanted to live without her own magic. She said that Celestia would disown her as a student now that she didn’t have it.”

“I see, that is a common thing among unicorns who have gone through similar situations,” Redheart replied. “Emotional instability is a rather common issue, and I’ve helped plenty of unicorns who have gone through therapy because of such things. Best case scenario is that they can manage through that depression, but I know plenty have also committed suicide due to losing their horn.”

“I had no idea that was common,” I told her, suddenly feeling as if I had done something terribly wrong talking with Twilight. “Do you think any of us made that worse for her?”

“Trixie believes that the talk of her the morning we got our motives caused some of those… feelings,” Trixie told us, seeming rather upset herself. “I was rather jealous about Twilight’s mentor and how powerful she might have been but than she told Trixie to kill her. I almost stopped if Twilight hadn’t thought up our plan.”

“You mean that ‘operation: caged birds’ thing you mentioned at the end of the trial?” A.K. asked her. “I was hoping to ask about that.”

“I can’t tell you everything, as Monokuma would hear it, but Twilight sent me as her messenger to the princess, and the pony to assure you can all survive before she arrives.” Trixie explained, and everyone heard the despicable laugh of Monokuma from his throne.

“Aw, how sweet, to bad it didn’t work out for you,” He said, and guessing from the smirk on Trixie’s face she knew something more than he did. “Now you’ve been caught, and your going to be executed. So much for that plan of yours.”

“Actually, Trixie is more then happy about this outcome,” The Ultimate Showpony revealed, before turning to me and A.K. “This execution will set me free, and in time my stunt will guide you all to freedom. Know that the dead body that might lay on the ground is nothing more than an illusion when the dust settles, and that you should all stay at peace till the time comes. However, if anypony is to kill again, I am putting my faith in you two-”

“Hey, what about me!” Flam shouted, seeming rather insulted as I looked over at him. “Don’t forget that I’m the one who set us back on track.”

“Okay, the three of you,” Trixie corrected, though she didn’t really seem like she wanted to. “I’m putting my faith in the three of you to keep everypony safe until than.”

“Are… are you sure this is going to work?” I asked her, feeling rather scared for what I felt coming in my chest. “You do know that you are going to die right?”

“All right, enough of your boring crap already!” Monokuma suddenly shouted. “I’m getting rather bored with all of this, so let's get right on to the main event. You see, I have prepared a very special punishment for the Trixie Lulamoon, the Ultimate Showpony.”

“You all know what to do, and do anypony worry about Trixie,” She told us as she walked up to Monokuma. “Show me what you got up your sleeve vermin!”

“Upupupu, eager to get this over with, now that is certainly interesting,” Monokuma said, most likely to himself. “Anyways, let's get this show on the road. It’s punishment time!”

Trixie Lulamoon has been found guilty, time for her punishment!

I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but in a split second Trixie was suddenly pulled away but some sort of metal object. She was than forcefully pulled back into a door, and the wall collapsed to show a giant metal fence standing between us and Trixie, who was now strapped to a wooden pole. The floor around her seemed to change, revealing the layout of a magnificent stage with a banner on the top reading ‘The Final Performance’. It was then that all of us saw Monokuma walk onto stage with a top hat, a match in his hand, and I suddenly found myself looking behind Trixie to see what was going.

As soon as I made out the shape of a large firework strapped to the other side of the pole my eyes went wide. Monokuma struck the match and lit the fuse before running offstage and leaving us to look at Trixie’s final moments. At least that’s what it would’ve felt like if she didn’t still have that smile on her face, which was more than a little smug. The Ultimate Showpony looked me in the eyes, and I finally realized what was going on. Before the fuse ran into firework, and the floor below opened up to show at least a hundred more fireworks underneath her, she said one last thing.

“Mares and Gentlecolts, the great and powerful Trrrixie will now perform her most daring act to date,” She told all of us. “The Castle Despair escape trick.”

With that the fireworks took off, including the one strapped to the pole and Trixie, and started to soar up into the sky. The ceiling opened up above her, and a small opening in the dome of our prison did as well. Everyone's eyes were on the pole Trixie was attached to as the firework lifted her up and into the sky, flying higher and higher until they were mere specks. However, as those fireworks started to go off I saw something else: a lone flicker of light from where Trixie was at that moment. It was than I noticed that her firework went higher, but as it was about to go off seemed to fault and start falling back to the ground.

It gained speed as it fell before crashing into the ground, multiple ponies looking away so they wouldn’t see the body when the dust settled. However, something felt off about the entire thing, and as Monokuma rushed onto the stage yet again I saw something I hadn’t seen since Twilight first defied him. Everyone had expected to see Trixie’s body, bloody and broken from the impact, but the look of rage on Monokuma’s face told me he wasn’t happy. As far as I knew there was only one thing that made the twisted piece of machinery angry, and that was pain and fear.

That’s why, when the floor was finally revealed to us, I wasn’t very surprised when everyone's eyes looked on in shock. The pole was there, resting on the ground, and the faulty firework was laying only a few inches away. However, there was no sign of Trixie’s body anywhere, or even her skeleton. It wasn’t even ash, she had just vanished at some point during the execution, and I hid a smile as I realized what that meant. I looked to A.K. and Flam, both of which knew the same exact thing.

“How… what… this can't be possible!” Monokuma yelled out in disbelief and dissatisfaction. “Everything was perfect! Did I not account for something? Well whatever, guess I’ll just have to find some other way of making this up to him,” He looked to the rest of us. “Well, shows over for now, it’s getting rather late so I suggest you go on and head back to your rooms.”

With that he ran offstage, leaving the rest of us standing there and many of us confused and baffled. I don’t think they understood what just happened, but I finally realized exactly what Trixie had meant by ‘messenger’ and prayed that she was okay. I looked back to A.K. and Flam, who were motioning me to follow them to the platform that had brought us here. I followed them, leaving the others to try and process what they thought had just happened. When the platform started to move A.K. and Flam turned to me.

“I guess it’s time for the three of us to carry our end of the bargain,” A.K. stated. “We can’t count on her getting there and back in a few days, so we have to do as much as possible to keep as many ponies alive as we can.”

“Glad to know we’re on the same page,” Flam said before looking at me, and I nodded in agreement. “I don’t like how Twilight came to the conclusion she did, and I thought that there might be a better way of going about this, but we have to take what we can.”

“Yeah, I feel the same,” I told him before turning to A.K., my eyes not willing to meet hers. “I don’t want to ask this but… how badly was I about to mess up there?”

“Not horribly, but even the smallest mistake can cause horrible consequences,” A.K. explained, walking up to me and lifting my head with her hoof. “It’s no reason to hang your head though, and this isn’t the time to either. You want Twilight’s sacrifice to mean something, than I suggest looking forward and not worrying about every action you take. I’m sure I would have done something similar if the trial was long enough.”

As the platform reach the garden, we looked down to see Twilight’s body still sitting on the ground. We both made our way around it, not wishing to disturb it, and wished each other good night. A.K. was right though, I needed to focus on what was to come, and what I need to hold onto. I’m putting my trust in Trixie, and I need to do everything I can to keep our silent promise. Even if I can’t save everypony, I will save as many as possible. I can’t have my luck turn against me now, cause I now need it the most.


“So, it’s really true than? I can’t understand how two people, one of which killed the other, can still feel a friendship.”

“You heard what she said herself. It was an accident, and both of them were hoping to end the same exact game.”

“How can something like that even exist? What kind of sadistic individual would create a killing game?”

“Human are strange and can show their emotions in ways that are usually wrong, but I know many that are better. I have a feeling that these two are good at heart, even if what they did was wrong.”

“I… guess that’s true. Besides, I doubt anypony who could play the piano would kill somepony for sport…”

Remaining Ponies: 14?

To be Continued...